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wave of us targeting the north stream. germany. free europe the energy project will be completed. as the state of britain's national health service is brought into sharp focus we talk to hospital users about the crisis in the n.h.s. . so much people. here know doctors. and informants for the u.k.'s domestic counterintelligence service and. to kill torture.
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in the name of national security. one minute 2 pm here in moscow this monday december the 23rd very warm welcome to our 2 international i'm you know neal. following sanctions on russia's nord stream to the european gas pipeline by the united states foreign minister circular for off a spoken saying there is no doubt the project will be completed when the states so it will be finished despite all these threats i am convinced that 1st of all the europeans understand their commercial interests in terms of ensuring long term energy security secondly of course they were humiliated and the words we heard from the german side show that our european partners still have their self respect. nord
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stream 2 is a gas pipeline being built from russia to germany through the baltic sea i dove 1000 kilometers long it will be capable of transferring 55000000000 cubic meters of gas per year and would supply almost $30000000.00 arseholes eager to the reports now on how europe has defied washington to get affordable russian fuel washington has weaponized sanctions it's official along with spending on nukes the army and cyber sanctions in the u.s. 2020 military budget it started in mission for the year the elimination of one of russia's gas trees into europe currently under construction in the united states commends all our european partners who have taken a strong stand against north stream 2 and we commend others to do the same germany is totally controlled by russia because they were getting from 60 to 70 percent of
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their energy from russia and a new pipeline this pipeline if completed. would make europe even more dependent on russian energy we don't want your energy supplies to be defended and. to be fair washington has been backed into a corner here it's been our thing and puffing over the project for years dishing out threats and blackmail but to no avail the threat of sanctions has seen key european contractor all seize hold its operations nevertheless in an admittedly rare act of disobedience to the u.s. europe has been on russia's side determined to have the pipeline built as a matter of principle the e.u. opposes the imposition of sanctions against you companies conducting legitimate business people is a good federal government is against extraterritorial sanctions we don't approve of this practice we oppose especially extraterritorial sanctions that his german and european companies. washington has decided that even the closest nato allies don't
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deserve mercy if the us geo political and commercial ambitions are at stake why well it's easy follow the money russia doesn't ask much for its gas and nord stream too will be europe's cheapest way of getting the blue fuel and that's in stark contrast to the alternative 6 washington is trying to force feed on its treasured allies across the atlantic shale gas because really there's only one economy that has to be strong uncle sam's even at the expense of its nato partners and the made in america stamp may be fancy but the markup for the freedom brand makes the whole affair outright economically stupid for the e.u. also washington's been trying to convince brussels that tightening its belt and enjoying a bit extra economic stress is well worth it because it's all for
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a good cause supporting a nother european friends. the need ukraine which had been left out of the pipeline deal will keep working together to stop the nord stream to project that undermines your creates economic and strategic security we do not want our european friends to fall prey to the kind of political and economic manipulation russia has attempted in ukraine since it cast off its soviet shackles it would create another tool for the kremlin to use russia's energy resources to divide europe and undermine and destabilize ukraine it was almost like russia listened because hours before sanctions hit north stream 2 construction mosco in kiev shook hands on a gas transit deal so europe all out winds from the pipeline both economically and geopolitically seeing russia and ukraine finally touch base again and this statement by the u.s. envoy to germany hasn't aged well at all currently there is
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a lot of talk in germany about doing more for europe and we believe that when it comes to north stream 2 we have taken an extremely pro european position washington's crocodile tears are not fooling anyone anymore trying to maintain a compassionate face pretending it's acting in the best of intentions only to have itself exposed as a super bully rolling out one creative plot after the other of forcing its will on friend and foe alike nord stream spokesperson told r.t. that completing the project is essential for european energy security and that work will be finished as soon as possible from the alternative for germany party. a journalist and former businessman both say the us has once again demonstrated its wish to keep russia and europe away from each other. america doesn't have to be part of every deal that is made on the planet and there are important of course our most important and i germany on the other hand i have no problem whatsoever
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to quote the allies under pressure which is not sort of an act of friendship but i believe that the americans were hoping that their pressure would work along the way at some earlier point and now they don't they realize the europeans are very firm they want to complete north korean too they want to have the cheaper russian gas delivered to europe and only now are they taking actions because they realize that the game is lost and now they're putting on sanctions to make it difficult for russia and the europeans to close the deal u.s. interests that dog maintain a rift between western europe and russia because they need in the future more than even more than in the present they need to do have a close ally and did a highly disciplined approach you would drop atlantic western europe at their site
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the interests of the us is geared it will not work that way because europe is not strong enough to or compete as a power of its own with us china russia but on the other hand is too strong to simply full the u.s. to everywhere they want to go. on historic day for russia this monday there really a section of the crimean bridge which connects mainland russia with crimea has been officially open and it just happened some minutes ago where putin was on board a train for the maidan crossing alice now in the city of. let's cross live now to the upper trenker who is there for us as well yet quite a feat of engineering this it's the longest bridge in europe it's not fully completed and a presidential seal of approval today. hey there you know and while i can tell you that the railway station in simferopol the
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capital of crimea the one that i used to arrive at as a little good to go to the seaside didn't see a single passenger train from mainland russia for more than 5 years because there was an old train route from moscow to crimea but it goes through ukraine and because of the kiev blockade of the peninsula it was shut down well up of course crimea do want an alternative and now they finally got it what crimea is do want is they want to travel to russia to see their relatives also they want the prices for goods to be cheaper now when it comes to hall day makers some people can't afford a plane ticket to the peninsula well now they can use the train i can tell you that the russian president just came out of the white blue train hopefully you can see it behind my shoulder over there and this was the 1st train to cross the
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bridge now that's not really a train where people that people could buy tickets for but there's another one that just departed from st petersburg and actually you can just think of it it will take more than 40 hours to cross the entire european part of russia before that train bound force of asa paul from st petersburg will reach this bridge then of course it will have to ride all through crimea set off the ball is in a bit of a different direction but just for a moment let's go back to talking about the bridge itself for you to understand how much of an engineering technological marvel it is i can tell you that the effort that was put in by the construction workers it was so big they had to endure 10000. hours of rough seas but for some other facts about the bridge have a look at this little clip.
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the people were cheering the crowd that you can see behind my shoulder of course for them there is a lot to celebrate i can tell you that tens of thousands of tickets of already been solved and of course that is explained by the high demand that i mentioned there will be another train that will be departing the russian capital very soon and
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trains from all other cities are still to come so it will get very busy just wait for the holiday season to begin and you'll see it all yeah thanks very much oh you're just an astonishing feats of engineering the thanks for bringing us right all the dates the last day. ok still to come on the program we hear horror britain's treasured national health service is in crisis and struggling to meet patients needs we delve deeper into that story and plenty more in your moments. with homes in which to. put themselves on a long. they did accept the reject. so when you were the president and she.
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wanted. to go on to the press this is what the 3 of them will be good. interested always in the water. the democrats in their client friends in the corporate media clamor to have trump in peach for months now they are determined to slow walk it a winning strategy and the dangers of historical revisionism. twas the night before christmas and all over the world people are mining back on seeking individual sovereignty and obama just when you think.
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let's start back in the u.k. where a woman died after waiting 6 hours for an ambulance on a freezing pavement in wales she broke her foot outside her home but the next day she died after going into cardiac arrest the ambulance service explained that they lay by saying that it's not only be welsh but the entire national health service that's under pressure. we are sorry that our response took longer than we would have liked on this occasion lengthy waits for an ambulance or a sign of pressures across the whole unscheduled care system not just in wales but across the u.k. . shadi edwards dusty joins us live now from london this of course a real tragedy for the family involved but also exposes a much wider crisis in the n.h.s. tell us more. well of course we are hearing story upon story about the crisis in
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the n.h.s. but this one really has shocked the nation so woman has died after breaking her foot just outside her home in wales but later she died in hospital after having cardiac arrest she waited though for 6 hours for an ambulance service despite neighbors running around her trying to keep her warm as possible she had to wait for a long amount of time here's the father's account of what happened. is just not right that she was waiting all those hours to call her little old us that they were dealing with a heavy influx of calls and that they'd be with us soon as possible when there was still hour later we called again this time we were told they were doing their best but they didn't know when they would get to her so as you just heard there the call handler told those people calling the 9 $99.00 services that they would be there as soon as possible despite that they had to wait 6 hours they also said it wasn't the state of the welsh and it just but the entirety of the united kingdom's national
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health service but as we know the british state funded health care system really has come under fire as of late there's many many allegations against it the hospitals are woefully understaffed and woefully under equipped as well plus of course cuts of the n.h.s. has really become a complete epidemic within the n.h.s. service leading to very lengthy waiting times but as we know this tragic incident in wales is just one of several incidents.
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well the n.h.s. has long been held as a beacon of british society of course it's been in operation since 1948 but we also many people outside the london hospital well that's full swell on the crisis in the n.h.s. . it's been 6 hours just waiting in the hospital just to get a couple stitches on this thing is for my husband last night we had to wait in the embassy was not dead when we called he said to the minimum to always wait and he had to drive himself to the hospital a couple in the next $29.00. and they were there within minutes there are never had a prob the saying is a worry too much people. this is not true it doesn't look like it when you come into the hospital you see the doctors will be looking out and about what happens is the ambient people can't leave the patient until. they get seen so i think that's part of reason why it takes
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a long new car for each interval and if you've got a call from a viewer in population adding to the existing population every year and you're not building new hospitals you're not building new doctors for agrees a cold word carney well this is of course the only scandal the n.h.s. has found itself as of late of course we understand that during post trade tales n.h.s. has become a topic of conversation now during the election period of course which was just ended last week we know the opposition leader jeremy corbett most challenging boris johnson accusing him of being on the path to selling off the n.h.s. . we've now got evidence that under boris johnson the n.h.s. is on the table and will be up for sale he tried to cover it up in a secret and this is the reality yes above down to go see
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a chanst n.h.s. is for sale. but truth be told as of issues that the n.h.s. faces of course the more obvious like cuts to services but also an aging population a growing population evolving health care needs but of course one of the biggest factors has to be the increase on the reliance and privatizing action within the n.h.s. service so as you can see the n.h.s. system and crisis is not dialing down and time soon talking us through that story from london r t's shouting edward. murder kidnap torture are no permit for informants working for m i 5 the u.k.'s domestic security service. tribunals explain that otherwise it would be impossible for them to maintain their cover if no prosecution authorities made aware when such a case occurs then de facto the informant has been given carte blanche to act as they like so agents and informants are permitted to commit crimes when it's in the
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interest of national security however the new judgment doesn't detail the types of crimes a lot does not confer absolute immunity announcing the decision lord just to sing the case raises one of the most profound issues which can face a democratic society governed by the rule of law where prime minister boris johnson plans to strengthen u.k. law and bring it into line with the us the measures are supposed to a country of terror activities as well as anti espionage missions former british intelligence officer on the believes the government is doing it to crack down on whistleblowers on the. i think this new ruling from the invest 3 powers tribunals does actually implied the m i 5 can pick and choose whether or not to allow any of the agents in the field to get in on any sort of crime up to and including murder and torture and kidnapping and this is a very legal gray area and i thought if they because they're governed by
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a parliamentary out called the security service act 1909 m i 5 does not have an explicit provision like that under the laws governing it so what this tribunal is trying to establish was how far they could go in justifying what their field agents could do and it still remains a gray area so the reason for this ruling is nothing to do with the what the 5 agents get up to in the field i think this reflects a great concern of the government which is to update the official secrecy laws and they are doing this to bring it in line with the american laws which are much more draconian to crackdown on whistleblowers and activists. with the auto industry apparently in crisis even major manufacturing regions are having to rethink their future don't the german carmaker that owns were seized and want one region in the country not to rely on the industry anymore. it is clear that bardhan burton berg would certainly be well advised not to rely solely on the
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automotive industry for the next 100 years in terms of prosperity and industrial added value. so major automobile companies have been on huge job cuts on it will be happening in the near future some 70000 jobs are at risk with experts calling it the biggest crisis since the invention of the automobile the people comes us from shift to electric vehicle technology. has more for us. with the new year just around the corner many people would like to leave behind 2019 and look into a new start for some germans that would in the out all industry hopes of a prosperous and positive 2019 will be dashed with unemployment and our surfing the internet for a new job the reason topped out all manufacturers in the country would be cutting jobs starting the new year the companies made the announcement last month saying they will reduce the number of employees in the next day kate starting in 2020 the
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move has been described as the biggest crisis since the invention of the deal sadie's benz will be slashing 10000 jobs worldwide but the most significant one is audi it will be slashing 10 percent of its workforce world wide that means one and every 6 german workers will be losing their jobs audi must become lean and fit for the future which means that some job profiles will no longer be needed and new ones will be created and old but in the name of the new e.u. green policy which aims to ensure that european citizens will stop using anything that contributes to c o 2 emissions transport should become dressed to kill or less polluting especially in cities the combination of measures should address submissions congestion and improved public transport the green shift in europe is encouraging manufacturers to
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provide more electric engines and audi is doing exactly that but in needs to find the money and what better way. cutting jobs but with all the advantages that come with electric engines critics say that there are many obstacles in the way of becoming sealed to neutral in. the electric engine is not environmentally friendly mainly because of the batteries which require a red minerals and have a high mining cost to the environment the transition to electric engines will not happen we cannot give up on the internal combustion engine it looks like the old image of industry builds those electric coast to fill a year requirements to decrease c o 2 emissions of their entire income freight the only known way right now to decrease pollution is to have a diesel engine with more efficient performance and less exhaust gases there is room for improvement over the traditional engine and that should be our goal to meet their target in developing electric engines out all makers plan to reduce the
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cost and firing employees worldwide not only the traditional manufacturing positions but management as well the development tools c o $2.00 neutral mobility rick was large investments part of this program is to reduce stuff costs by around $1400000000.00 euros by the end of 2022 sure the shift to greenfield calls will create new positions but what it be enough to cover those that are cuts out the shift to election mobility will create 2000 new jobs lot bad but in order to create those jobs there are cutting $9500.00 others it is unclear where the shift towards green energy will be as profitable as the out all industry once was but politicians and companies are trying to reassure the public that the changes are for the best but damage is done for many germans this holiday season will not be the same if we have a crash in the car industry i mean german economy as
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a whole will crumble that's the situation but all those climate paranoia is not only impacting. in the car industry also other industries industries which are heavily relying on energy are heavily damaged and of course there relocate their facilities in other countries where energy is more cheaper and they don't have as much money as much as such regulations there's come completely in realistic policies i mean there's no logic in it it's just panic the german government is trying. to rescue the role just an international effort that's ridiculous you cannot rescue to roll one percent of the world's population that's ridiculous. that's how they start of the week in news headlines are shaping up for nothing unusual just off camera is busy putting together all the latest updates for you hope you'll join me for them in just over 30 live from moscow this is our
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international. yes. well. let me get. this last. little. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person if there is. no
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. this is a stick up for the open water bottle found in the stomach of the fish the brand is
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spawns of the coca-cola company. which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litterbugs they're throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this ways the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. on the. mountains of ways only grow. welcome to max kaiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension account. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. you watch kaiser report.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle but democrats in their pliant friends in the corporate media clamor to have trump in peach for months now they are determined to slow walk it a winning strategy and the dangers of historical revisionism. across talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow dimitri bobbitt she's a political analyst and editor at me internet media project and in nicosia we crossed alex christian for oh he is director and writer for the duran dot com. and.


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