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a mockery of justice a u.n. official saudi arabia over the handling of the murder investigation. in the country of. concerns over security climate change and political correctness put a damper on christmas cheer. the brazilian comedy on netflix christians there over the depiction of a gay jesus we get reaction. out of a holiday for many many christians around the world if you don't like.
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the 24th welcome to world news from international firsts u.n. officials announced the saudi arabia's punishments of those involved in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi calling it a mockery of justice 5 people have been sentenced to death and 3 others to jail time the u.n. appointed rights investigator believes the people actually behind the journalists have been left untouched by the spokes person for the u.n. secretary general also stressed the importance of a further probe. the secretary general continues to stress the need for an independent and impartial investigation into the murder to ensure a full examination of any can accountability for human rights violations committed in the case to moka showed he was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul in turkey in october 28th where he was then murdered a u.n. report suggests his death was a spate planned execution but the saudis insist it was the result of
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a rogue operation caleb maupin looks at how the death of the journalist who lived worked in the united states affected washington's relations with its top arms customer. the assassination of jamal khashoggi shocked the world and drew massive condemnation a saudi court recently sentenced 5 people to death and 3 more to jail over that killing however if you thought that this ruling would draw a line under the case think again this is what the washington post workers showed you worked had to say the complete lack of transparency on the saudi government's refusal to cooperate with the independent investigate says suggests that this was merely a sham trial now immediately after the killing last october many pointed a finger directly at the saudi monarchy among them are u.s. senators austria the netherlands denmark and finland immediately banned the sales of weapons to the saudi monarchy however donald trump immediately ruled out any
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such ban in the united states and he made no secret about his reasons but as to whether or not we should stop $110000000000.00 from being spent in this country knowing they have 4 or 5 alternatives 2 very good alternatives that would not be acceptable today for the past 2 years democrats and republicans have called for the u.s. flow of arms to saudi arabia to stop those same arms have been used to lay waste to yemen since 2015.
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but now it seems the battle to stop those arms exports is over on friday donald trump was presented with a congressional defense spending bill by the us congress and that bill contained no anti saudi measures some democrats are furious votes this would be a pool tonight that instead of seizing the opportunity and illegal u.s. participation in the horrific saudi led bombings of yemen congress will continue to fund trump's unconstitutional will the blame game is now in full swing with congressman denying that they capitulated by letting the bill pass i wasn't caving i was fighting to the last conceivable minute the u.s. can talk all it wants about human rights and condemn the pointless slaughter of civilians abroad however when it comes to the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia the deep financial and military interests are just
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too important to sidestep and it's almost musing that the saudi regime thinks that it would be a good public relations move to send inspired low level participants to death in a secretive process that just continues to make them look like a very backwards state where justice is not served you know the house and senate have now repeatedly voted in multiple votes in amendments to and in bipartisan fashion to end the u.s. involvement in this horrific horrific war in yemen democrats could have very easily negotiate. arthur and said if this provision was not in that they would have voted it down and they chose not to do that i think trumps covering for the saudi regime is starting to look very peculiar i think even to number of his supporters some of his more very far right wing republican supporters in congress and have gone
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together with progressive democrats on this issue. from festive markets with armed guards to claims of sanitizing santa to avoid offense it seems that for some in western countries christmas just isn't quite the same anymore here's our tease peter out of. christmas in europe what a wonderful time of the year christmas markets in full swing perfect for those last minute gifts the smell of sweet treats teasing your nostrils and on an evening walking in a movie in the lift streets perhaps not cold with a special someone to keep you from the wind to chill not a care in the world but goodwill to all bought in recent times that's also come with increased security travel warnings and with some traditions now deemed woke what could be called the whole whole whole marginalization of the christmas period the terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in germany you should be
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vigilant and follow the advice of local authorities security is of course our mounted all major of then send christmas markets on different terror attacks on the market in strasbourg last year and here in berlin and 2016 are still fresh in the memory. you can run them up this festively as you like but these balls in the bar is there to try and stop christmas markets becoming a target again. this also beat a number of questions raised over the inclusive ity of some christmas traditions with one person being publicly shamed for saying father christmas instead of sunset . i've just been shamed on a facebook group for using the name father christmas and told that santa is now
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seen as gender neutral it's a common trope in the press to say christmas is being done away with and this year it does seem quite difficult to do christmas without upsetting someone a good chunk of people polled say they boxed a gender neutral sun to christianity is pretty central to the christmas celebration for christ after all it's in the name the one school in the u.k. decided to change the words to the carol away in a manger from little lord jesus to baby boy jesus prompting a pro from parents and national newspapers alike saying this was inclusive it's gone too far in france there's a ban on the titty scenes under their religious imagery laws the mayor of bessie is rebels and faced backlash wants the go to seasonal salutation only really in north
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america happy holidays is the right way to wish people well we're told with merry christmas deemed inappropriate by some even if you avoid the causing offense minefield you can still fall down on the environmental impact of christmas 57 percent of those polled here in germany said they would i the limit that you solve all abundant entirely christmas lights over environmental concerns if you prefer a real christmas tree good luck finding one in some parts of the usa where over the last 5 years christmas tree shortages have been reported with changes in temperature and rainfall cited among the reasons there's even been advice published over how to correctly argue with your climate change denying relatives over the christmas period what do people in europe those think of christmas 29 teens. do and don't. want to. just
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a spirit of christmas the question is whether tradition is not the same as tradition. i think it should just be what is always been and that's a big. think that would be wonderful just to have a female presence as a father christmas i'm big on tradition so i think there's always been santa i don't think there's any. population christmas means something religious. with a merry christmas for me i think happy holidays is fine i think everybody should celebrate his own hole of. friends. their own and wishing you all very happy holidays in the hope that gender neutral sun brings you a sense of security. from his largest
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telecoms company and its former chief executive being found guilty of moral housman following a series of staff suicides during the 2000 france telecom which has since been renamed orange had recently been privatized it was being restructured at the time the process caused thousands of job cuts and thousands more employees were placed in different roles which were often described as degrading as a result of the stress caused by the 19 workers took their own lives of course now ordered orange to pay a 75000 euro fine and sentenced the former c.e.o. as well as 2 other former executives to time in prison we heard from some of the victims' relatives. we are satisfied and happy 1st and foremost because according to the extraction the letter as it were read out to us by the court what happened is we recognize as wrong this is a reprehensible never wanted to be of the. guilty verdict has been the decision we expected you. very important for the victims to be heard i'm very grateful to my
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lawyers and to everyone who supported us highly significant up until now. has not been recognised as a crime and punished at the judicial level. was significant in that it was the 1st time a french quarter found a corporation guilty of institutional heris mint but a lawyer for the company's former chief executive says he intends to appeal. says more about interpersonal harris meant by a board in relation to an employee. decision is completely and reasonable it has no legal basis. to. debate in the headlines for most of the given it seems that christmas is not off the hook either activist and i would add to the favorite seasonal pastime ice skating and more specifically the ice rinks which pop up at this time of year explains. with the festive season in full swing what could be more typical of a winter wonderland than an ice skating rink across the world thousands of
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temporary ones are directed every year and for many skittering across the ice is a magical experience but it seems not everyone is in or in the future of rinks could be seen ice as a traditional ice rink has become the latest battleground for climate change french city wren has canceled its one citing concerns over the carbon footprint needed to maintain it in a few years it is not certain that there will still be snow at christmas but it is certain that there will no longer be an open air ice rink this is good news for the planet's meanwhile in bordeaux rising costs financially and environmentally mean the outdoor skating rink was cancelled for the 3rd year running the outdoor skating rink is absolutely not in she with the times keeping an outdoor ice rink cold consumes a lot of electricity open for a little. over a month the city hall skating rink cost $70000.00 euros france's 1st indoor ice
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skating rink opened in paris an $876.00 it was an immediate hit and the idea has remained popular ever since but now with concerns about climate change is it time for us to rethink some of our traditions we asked people here in paris has this popular activity weighs up against the cost to the environment since i just sort of it's a tradition to have an open air skating ring like this it's magical it brings christmas spirit and there's not much snow it's good to have very much the national kona coffee depends when it's cold enough and it's possible. but where it's not cold enough it doesn't have to be. you know we've seen many changes in the climate so i think it's very good very good of some parts a citizen of france to do that but i agree the thais rings are not good for. what
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this is on the whole winter it's not true that bad fear not they isn't often said that could keep everyone happy and it's in the most unlikely of places mexico in a bid to keep a winter feel to the holidays an eco friendly artificial ice rink has been installed and with options like that it seems that there is no longer a reason to skate around the issue charlotte even ski. paris america's brand new military space force has got china alarmed as r.t. reports among our stories.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back a new brazilian t.v. comedy has outraged christians in the country after putting a satirical and apparently offensive twist on the story of jesus's life the netflix film depicts christ as a gay man who'd like to party. i . want you. over $2000000.00 have now signed an online petition calling for the show to be pulled from netflix they also want an apology from the producers of the offense it's caused but the brazilian comedy group behind the production is not backing down as the petition against his picks up steam we celebrate the success of yet another one of god's creations our christmas special the 1st temptation of
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christ remains ever more powerful what we call the views of radio and t.v. host karen turk and media analyst lionel. i don't know what this brazilian comedy troupe is thinking with offending the audience that they're going after it's just wrong it's a scary sing christmas is to score a singer major religion for a fact and it's just making a joke 2 out of a really sacred holiday for many catholics and medic christians around the world 1st and foremost what this is the greatest marketing ploy to take some 2nd rate 2 bit comedy and now elevate it internationally look if you don't like something go watch it people can talk turn off the t.v. but it's another thing that the people are speaking through of this petition and they feel that it's wrong and they don't want to air and on netflix and you know what let netflix polit since the beginning of time since galileo there have been people who have dared to take on certain things which proved to be most problematic in the mad here to defend the idea when it here is to defend the idea of expression
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and that's it and i can sit there and i can write down why this is blasphemous and it's true whatever you think it's terrific but we not only going to have a sharlee go again do we learn from this i'm all for letting people see this so long as netflix and the makers of this particular tour de force can look me in the on and say they will consider making a joke about muhammad or abraham or any other religion i think that really what needs to happen is we need to start to have respect for religions but the reality is that the people have spoken and they want this thing taken down the best way to kill and quell than just dilute any kind of negative idea that you don't like is to be indifferent to it i think that they should have had a little more tact and putting this thing out about christmas now should have the
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respect for the religion for the people that have spoken in this country and a respect for tradition you know it's christmas. united states newly formed space forces causing concern in china which says it sees the new military unit as a direct threat to peace. the relevant u.s. actions are a serious violation of the international consensus on the peaceful use of outer space undermine global strategic balance and stability impose a direct threat to outer space peace and security we are deeply concerned about it and resolutely opposed to it in the outer space security. is the security for itself only. lot of things happening in space. great space is the world's newest we're fighting the space force will help us deter aggression and control the ultimate high ground. of space forces the 1st new military service in the u.s. in 7 decades it will be made up of about $16000.00 air force and civilian personnel
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and initial funding is around $40000000.00 but that figure is expected to grow to several 1000000000 in the future its mission is to protect u.s. assets such as satellites used for communication and surveillance but sara flounders from the antiwar international action center says it's more about washington weapon i think space. here is really a star wars on steroids you could say that's being proposed by. president trump in this new legislation he part of the largest u.s. military budget and when you look at trump statements it's not only to place weapons in space in his to domineer. this is a direct threat and so dangerous act there is an escalation and deliberate intentional escalation of threats against china a new enemy has created a new threat when you could compare the militarization of space in the 800 u.s.
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bases around the world no one country house auction going to the aircraft carriers or glow no wonder our country has gone and now to the place more weapons and space funding for the space force was confirmed on friday when president trump signed off the $738000000000.00 annual u.s. military budget that is what in the hawks are to follow the money trail. we spend more than the next 7 countries come and that includes trying to rush of north korea all of them that's that's an insane amount of defense spending when you really think about it in our global scale. i mean why do you think we've gone so nuts in terms of just funneling money into the military without any kind of check and balance just circling back to that i think one of the other challenges with this amount of money is it's basically intangible to the average american citizen on the
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$1.00 hand it's the end of the year it's the holidays people are paying close attention to these spending bills in the specifics that are in them but also when you put that number out there again it's $738000000000.00 the average person can't grasp just how much money that really is that is such an astronomical amount and i think if we perhaps had some some more conversations about just how much money that really is and get people to understand more then maybe they would demand more accountability of our members of congress and the department of defense in terms of how we allocate that money and how it's spent. a. couple of other stories the decision by china to shut down an online fundraising powerful for protested on the spot demonstrators he said the goal is to draw the attention of the international community to the government's illegal actions to
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freeze the funds as they put it on this bridge by protests since march over and i would draw an extradition bill that would allow the transfer of criminal suspects to the mainland china. india's new citizenship role continues to cause unrest in the country at least 46 protesters have been arrested during demonstrations in new delhi the amendments in titles not muslim migrants from afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan the indian citizenship if they enter the country before 2050 critics say it discriminates against muslims. many people especially in old age is fear an influx of new comers. as wildfires rage across waves of australia one of the country's most iconic animals is in serious danger firefighters are doing their best to rescue koalas they've also been providing them with water in one of the flame fire started a month ago and of so far killed 9 people and destroyed 2 and a half 1000 buildings in southwest australia. germany parliament embroiled in a debate over migrants yet again the green party suggesting that refugee children
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should be brought to germany from cramped conditions in greece but it's an idea that isn't being widely supported in the government 1st of all get the children out around 4000 children just on the islands lots of girls lots of friends are little people it is a requirement of humanity to help quickly the children can and must be helped in the fastest and most effective way on site i do not understand the helplessness of the greek and european authorities here. now in the years since the start of the migrant crisis germany's received over $1800000.00 claims for asylum half a 1000000 of those were children the figures show that only 35 percent of adult refugees in the country had so far managed to find a job with many relying on state benefits greece though can only barely manage the stream of refugees that it's been forced to accept over the years in the country's
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largest camps spread over locations on 5 violence they were meant to house around 7000 migrants but now they're crammed with 40000 people human rights watch says the conditions there are unsafe for women and children and call on the government to take action athens says other e.u. countries should do more to share the burden of the migrant crisis and accept more people well talking all the demands by germany's green party political analyst told us that coherent long term solutions were needed instead of one time christmas office. is a crisis of countries not prepared to live up to their self i mean commitment they signed international of treaties. opposition pollute politicians before christmas can say whatever he wants because it doesn't have to erect consequences the government prefers to keep working on a coherent european multilateral solution and that any unilateral actions like
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let's take a number of kids is understandable but the question of why only children. camps why not also from their own or from jordan so we have to develop something like who here in systems based on the rule of law and principles and not just at heart fueling as of today you know if you are humanitarian because it's christmas and therefore i do something and to morrow i have other concerns this is not useful and it also doesn't fix the problem. because you're also news for this hour thanks for watching i'll have you next update after imprisoned tells the story of another death row survivor wrongly jailed as a teenager for shooting at a party after witnesses admitted being coerced into giving evidence. i've played. player.
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playing. floor. player. playing.
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oh. and a very warm welcome to you you're watching us inside. this is this is a stick from a water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad was there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry shouldn't be blamed for all
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this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. that's. a special projects funded. on the disease. but for now the mountains of waste only grow while. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. that you'd like to be closer that's right before create the more can't be good. i'm interested in the waters at the college. there should be.


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