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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  December 24, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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her rivals on protesters let me play that for a moment oh no that's right they learned by watching us here in the u.s. i mean who could forget where all those patriotic all american apple pie folks at the federal bureau of investigation surprise details about an assassination plot on occupy protesters and. so much make sense now they're just following their neighbors in response to the guardian an r.c.m.p. spokesperson declined to comment on the specifics of the documents and instead told the newspaper that quote while planning the raid police took into account the remote location and the unpredictable nature of what we could face the remote location what makes it easier for you to sneak them when the government chooses to meet protestors with violence it's time to ask yourself a bat's a government worth fighting for and believing in as you start watching the hawks.
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as. to. what it's like you know that i got. well i'm on the watching the hawks i am tyrone been terrible before we get to canada and snipers and everything else let us 1st now go to the death of japs jeffrey epstein which is quickly becoming the story that wouldn't die and thank goodness it keeps getting deeper uglier and even more bizarre my friends despite recent claims that the surveillance footage of epstein 1st suicide attempt had conveniently disappeared much like john f. kennedy's brain disappeared from the national archives know it's true it did assist in. us attorneys jason swore gold and marine komi yes as in james coldly as she
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says daughter of unknowns that they haven't found the missing footage or to emerge as rachel blood as the story. the same federal prosecutors who claim critical surveillance footage of jeffrey epstein was missing now say it has apparently been found after the news went viral according to court documents prosecutors claim the staff at the metropolitan correctional center in new york did in fact preserve the footage that students reported suicide attempt on july 23rd they say they are in the process of changing the footage from the jail and they plan to make it available for the defense counsel's review at the united states attorney's office as soon as possible the senators requested by the lawyers for obscene cellmate at the time a former police officer charged in a quadruple homicide they argue the video from the surveillance cameras is crucial in their case because it shows the cellmate saving epstein's life when he attempted to hang himself speculation over the footage and its whereabouts has only served to
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add fuel to the fire of questions and concerns surrounding epstein's death famous past august dr michael baden who was hired by a student's brother to investigate said mark epstein now lives in fear and he wants to know if that's suicide or if it's homicide because if it's a homicide then his life may also be in danger meanwhile new details are coming to light about epstein's close friend john looper now a famous model scout who is accused of drugging and abusing aspiring models and providing a never ending supply of underage girls to abstain all eyes are now on the former miami boutique firm and c 2 which was founded by bruno and financed by epstein with many noting that a modeling agency provided the perfect pipeline of young beautiful girls in search of a high stakes career the accusations against shawn the for no have been public for decades now he seems to have avoided the law altogether and he reportedly flood decide. america just days after epstein's death in washington rachel watson's r
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t. so that was the latest on jeopardy epstein but now i want to bring it back to what i talked about at the top of the show which is the fact that the royal mounted police were actually contemplating using slavers against the native american native americans in the indigenous people in canada when they were protesting one of the major pipelines machel gas pipelines being built across that country i open now with mr perry read an activist and statesman a man who's well known man has been has been on the side of the protesters for the pretty much the bulk of your life and i will and i don't want to have you want to get that perspective because you know whether it's can of the united states or anywhere else around the world i think when you hear stories about law enforcement agencies plotting to use lethal force against peaceful protesters that that should raise our concerns. it's nothing nothing more alarming then when
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a specially in america or in democratic countries where constitutionally protected norms rights values under assault by those who sanction to serve and protect and we know that there is some usually here and the use these look like this they usually employed against people who will pull is usually employed against people who people call them usually employed. sanctioned by governments and usually on behalf of some cooperate for profit interests and that's what we see in these indigenous folks not only in canada what look at the most in their own government in brazil in the amazon rain forest those who are trying to protect them lanes so yes we should be alone we should definitely and you know it really this is again one of those things i think you hit the nail on the head it hits all 4 of those categories as you just described it. it's comical in the fact
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that it's not comical the actions but it's comical that you just see that same repeated thing over and over and over again you know i mean look the united states and canada have how long ugly history when it comes to dealing with minority and or indigenous activism and protests the spokesperson for the. tribe up there fred fried of houston told the guardian quote in our experience since 1st contact the royal canadian mounted police have been created by the federal government to dispose that's indigenous peoples of their lands they have proven that they are there harassment of the people to support coastal gas link in invading our territories perry is this similar to the creation of u.s. law enforcement agencies and their treatment of native americans in the early days of this country and the freed slaves later on this and there is no greater connection the legacy of slavery in this country has all the types of
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footprints that show that law enforcement was created was sanctioned was paid for by cessna's those who disenfranchised those who dispossessed of its own who were already there and oftentimes we get into the uncomfortable uncomfortable conversation about these real palestine and we see those same characteristics being practiced now and i know when you mention the history of slavery in this country in the creation of the. what we what we noticed is that those same characteristics he had 242 years later of being employed to movements like the occupy movement here in america we need to police. ferguson protesters who have been taught to get it. after ferguson if you notice a least 6 or 7 of those high profile protesters it was who who have photographed the pics is in uprising. i now day it is not
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a coincidence at least according to activists in this country who have examined and who have had to make preparations through not getting on social media through the the education on this information campaign this is problematic and these disinfo metion campaigns you know that go industries for example they're your friends while you know when we look at georgia pacific's of the world and the like. they are the ones who are behind these colonialization oppressions of poor people or people who are already on those lines gentrification even though that's a term its use now is a form of this same type of displacement and dispossession and a lot of times the law enforcement and you know those who are there larger several are the protectors there of a bear the long arm of the displacement of the jump for creation of that one you know if we if we if they won't come off peacefully we will force them up we can buy
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them off we will force them off and seen that tell us again and you mention that forcing them on so i really simply put it then is placed in the context of these folks are the ones who you trusted in washington d.c. we were we were taught officer friendly and the office a friendly program was to condition folks throughout their growth so that when the police are exacting these efforts on behalf of corporations we will be less resistant of course of course you've buried as a subgroup and you've been you've been fighting the good fight you've been an activist for a bulk of your life you know in your opinion what form of activism has been the most of fact of creating change and how has law enforcement worked against that method when it was proven that ok this actually works. well i'm going to answer a question and i hate to to boil it down to one particular means of
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fighting this but it's education. in america and slavery but the key was not to allow the slaves to read education is the worst enemy to a dispossession. campaign. the more people know the more dangerous they are and that is one reason why we have so much entertainment in this country why tribalism taking the form of having a favorite in a failed team. is is so popular why we have reality t.v. shows in and why we do a whole lot of singing and dancing. that is the most non threatening to go one to possess all in that you are all that you have and all that you may own so it is a sad commentary on the democratic nation and as we continue to foster democracy
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all over the globe these are taught and learned tools and methodology implied by those in power perry i want to thank you so much for coming on i'm educating my audience because that's the most important thing and you all every time you come on you're always here to educate someone thank you much indeed and you. are just going to be a cork watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on our social media be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast which is all variable on spotify apple music and everywhere you listen to your favorite or not so for us coming up we talk military spending the 2020 n.b.a. and yes space force base force but for those advocate and political consultant wiley topic and then bernie sanders he's adding another worldly element to all election platform states to be watchable.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confront let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only personally. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. but there's. no room light of. my limited role more than i was. imprisoned by the regime love my life. case to grab some media attention and it's a shooting in
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a 16 year old's 16 birthday party. so i think the police tell a lot of pressure. close the case. for. just. it's like. you know so far they are all for them to she wouldn't want to speak with all of the machine of because i was standing right next to. me for is because you've got to keep in mind the one thing you know you're 1617 years old so. you could lose monday night is clung to his fear of them both of them to. pull food . for more than just. the truth.
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well my brother nobody really asked for it but we got it. is. space force yes on friday of last week the brand name in chief u.s. president donald trump put pen to paper and sign the massive democrat republican indorsed military spending bill that now gives the united states war department 7 $138000000000.00 of your tax dollars and i'm talking of course about the 2020 national defense authorization act or the n.b.a. and it wasn't just the have to price tag of the bill but the actual bill itself that came in and over $3400.00 pages yes $3400.00 pages of a bill that is the size of our annual blueprint for military spending policy priorities and operating standards as delivered to the president donald trump by our congress and the men and women in it and located within these wonderful pages
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as a candyland of military spending including making a brand new branch of the us military machine space spores at the signing secretary defense mark s s per meant to we are at the dawn of a new era for an agent armed forces space has become so important to our way of life our economy and our national security that we must be prepared as a nation to protect it from hostile actions. i wonder a passport was the guy who watched starship troopers not one too many times and always chewed at the end not really getting it probably was earlier i was joined by veterans advocate and political consultant rory riley topping and i asked her what in the bill jumps out to her now that it has been signed into existence. well i think it's important to note that the legislation is almost 3500 pages long and even though we've had some time to digest it as you just said the members who
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voted on it only had 19 hours from the time that it was finalized to the time that they voted on it so i'm not sure that our congressional members know entirely everything that they're. noting on there some of the things that jumped out as you noted is the funding of the space force i think that that remains a questionable concept to have a successful branch of the military that's one of the main things that's in there to other things as over $70000000000.00 authorized for contingency operations overseas and in light of the afghanistan papers that came out just very recently i think that's a very high dollar amount that people should be paying more attention to use. was the 70000000 or 70000000000. 1000000000 wow that's a massive amount of money especially and great to point out to the entire in terms of tying that into what we just found out would be a papers and as you mentioned $3000.00 over 3400 pages
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long you know i know for a fact i know fact that not every single congress person or even president trump actually read. you know in your expertise what is it that actually should be like what we spend 70000000000 on potential wars overseas what should be in this act at the end of the. well 2 so just as a little bit of background before i answer that question a lot of the things that are in this act are standard reauthorization and there are certain things in terms of how military bases function where the funding is reauthorized every year so what should be contained not necessarily in the legislation but in the process i would say is a more vigorous oversight of those numbers oftentimes because they are standard reauthorization that take place every year people don't pay a lot of attention they circle back with say we're going to reauthorize this what
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do you need and they're not doing a very scrupulous review of those numbers so i think in terms of what should be in here is we should have more. it's ific numbers that are based on members of the congress doing a more searching inquiry instead of just continuously arising money there are some things that get stuck in here where they end up reauthorizing programs that people aren't necessarily utilizing aren't the best use of funds so again i would say in terms of what should be in here is an overhaul to the process not necessarily just specific things that need to be in the legislation itself i couldn't agree with you more nothing gets under my skin more and should get under us taxpayers more than that kind of rubber stamp procedure we've seen over the years with not just you know defense spending and the m.d.a. but a lot of other bills in congress which is kind of like well we do this every year why take a look at it will just keep adding and adding and adding in the letting the numbers climb when you look at the prime spending we spend military spending we spend more
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than the next 7 countries combined that includes china russia north korea all of them that's that's an insane amount of defense spending when you really think about it in the global scale i mean why do you think we've gone so nuts in terms of just funneling money into the military without any kind of check and balance. well i think for starters the united states has always kind of righted itself on its military might and that's part of what we saw you know again going back to the afghanistan papers rather than admitting defeat in military conflicts we have people who present inaccurate information who aren't being honest and straightforward with taxpayers and with citizens so when people are very trusting of those who are providing this information and perhaps they shouldn't be they are basing these numbers off of things that perhaps they should be again united talked about this the other week when the afghanistan papers came out that you know we
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need to have a just a more critical look at i think not just defense spending but defense operations as well so again just just circling back to that i think one of the other challenges with this amount of money is it's basically intangible to the average american citizen on the one hand it's the end of the year it's the holidays people are paying close attention to these spending bills in the specifics that are in them but also when you put that number out there again it's 700 $38000000000.00 the average person can't grasp just how much money that really is that is such an astronomical amount and i think if we perhaps had some more conversations about just how much money that really is and get people to understand more than maybe they would demand more accountability of our members of congress and the department of defense in terms of how we allocate that money and how it's spent you mentioned space force earlier and i kind of want to. know we're getting there 6 branch of the
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military you know kind of against that i want to ask you and kind of explore that more why it why are you looking about saying we don't need it 6 or another branch of the military you know what should we do in terms of this idea of suddenly weaponize in space or at least some in our military into space which i personally riggers a little at this point in time i don't think we're very. well yeah i am basically with you in that. i think that it's a little bit nuts because in addition to the actual militarization of space which as you just said we're not there yet there are numerous administrative costs that go with that for every branch of the military in addition to you know the actual substantive military operations that they're working on they also have to have administrative staff they have to have physical locations where that staff is housed where they perform their work they have to have a payroll staff a janitorial staff all of these things which you know individually don't sound like a lot but that add up so number one i'm
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a bit skeptical of the need for all of these additional administrative costs and number 2 i also think this is preliminary we're not seeing lots of space combat at this point in time so on the one hand yes we want to be prepared but on the other it doesn't really seem to be an issue that we need to be prepared for so if you look at military history for many years when airplanes 1st started to be used to the military the u.s. army had a division of. flight and then after world war 2 when it became clear that this was something that was going to take off no pun intended they made the air force as its own branch of the military but it was only after they had a demonstrated need and they had also built up the necessary infrastructure as part of an existing branch of the government so i think in the same way we could it be using the air force for example to look into this to do research to see if it's necessary be to use their existing infrastructure and see to lay the groundwork if it gets to that point and again where we are right now i personally don't see the
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need and i'm not sure that even going forward that we're going to be having lots of combat and space feels kind of more like a really fancy kind of care and you know i want to put this in here not just for trump's campaign but for all look see i voted for space forces and that kind of thing i want to ask you. this is something that always kind of a. people have to understand is military spending today really about national security and national defense for the united states or is it really kind of more about empire and the military industrial congressional complex as we've been talking about feels like they might wrap with the idea that every dollar we spend on the military is going to help soldiers in going to help veterans but really this is more about lobbyists and contractors and the whole kind of complex that's been built up around the idea of defense. well i think it's a little bit of both and lobbyists know very well that national security is
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something that gets citizens attention and it's a way for them to fearmonger and so when you say you our national security is at risk i mean 911 happened 18 years ago but it's still fresh in a lot of people's minds and i think up until that point national security wasn't something that people really thought too deeply about that they didn't take as seriously as we hadn't been attacked on our home soil but in a post 911 world i think that that climate for a lobbyist to to use national security to obtain other means for funding some of these initiatives that's something that resonate resonates with with voters they they do get scared at the thought of getting attacked on home soil again so yes national security is a part of it i don't want to say completely that it's not we need to give credit where credit is due how ever i think you raise a more important point that a lot of this is just things that are rubber stamps year after year with empire
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building and things of that nature in mind and if that wasn't the case then we wouldn't have things like the afghanistan papers that are showing the military is lying to us if it was truly our national security they would be able to be truthful about what was happening in the fact that they were serving national security objectives in their operations you know i could have sort of. an excellent. observations on the rory riley topping always a pleasure having you on thank you so much for informing our viewers have a wonderful holidays. you too thank you. the 2020 u.s. presidential elections have been a political carnival of epic proportions so far my friends from camel heiresses mean girl flame out to joe biden spire aside corn pops stories the president trumps recent lamont's as grade mails to south bend mayor pete booted judges campaign long channeling of patrick bateman american psycho fame it's been quite the ride so it should come as no surprise that bernie sanders the stepped up in ad
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a full disclosure to his campaign platform yes on a recent joe rogan podcast the medical medicare for all wielding senator out of vermont and now it's the listeners that his wife jane has demanded that if he is elected president he must disclose any and all government information about unidentified flying objects i like that good for you bernie all right that is our show for you today and remember everyone in this world we are not told that we love the not tell you all i love you i am i robot to keep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and that. lead
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don't know nobody. feels 11 pm here in moscow in our headlines tonight the antithesis of justice. saudi arabia. the investigation into the murder of journalists. where the guardian newspaper is forced to correct an article $28.00 seen it misleadingly claim russia had been plotting to smuggle. the victorian embassy loved . concerns over security and political correctness for a christmas cheer to the west this is listening.


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