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tv   Interview  RT  December 27, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EST

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just foreign policy adviser to the supreme leader of iran. we're happy to have you with us steve thank you so much i'm happy to be a guest on your channel. look let's start with the official visit of president rouhani to japan. and i'm sure you were the want to welcome him when he got back home. could you tell us about the importance of the visit to japan given the current situation in the region that you're putting. your money you know to the relations between iran and japan have deep historical realist diplomatic relations between the 2 countries are established about 90 years ago over our relationship with the land of the rising sun has always been good. we are both asian countries which means we have much in common we historically our relations have been based on political economic and cultural tie we've had positive cooperation across all 3 areas even when an impact was imposed on iranian oil during the leadership and how
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many. at the time since the fall tank its iran and much of star oil in the face of sanctions and used by the u.k. and other western nations to support will always be remembered by the iranian people with us today we have noticed agreements with but we are the proud. american pressure on the question of developing here on a corporation of the road for the. film and then for 30. 3 of the 20 submitted by exchanging harper's which i don't believe you heard. the concept of service where there are can you tell us about these proposals of the. i don't have any information on that but i do know that the most recent round of talks in japan was not much different to the one before naturally each side of the negotiation process makes various proposals to the other side and ways to promote trade between the 2 countries and as i said japan is under pressure from the. and
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has been ever since the end of world war 2 following their victory the us started to put pressure on japan which had already suffered greatly from america's nuclear bombing today iran and japan are anxious to step up corporation despite the pressure and sanctions imposed by the us i don't have any detailed information about the course of the negotiating process and mutual proposals presented by president rouhani and prime minister. looks like the proposals put forward by the 2 sides serve the interests of both iran and japan see any difference between them being that japan is under american pressure we hope that the land of the rising sun which used to be more independent in its foreign policy and ceased being one of the us satellite states japan has the strength to do china and russia have managed to establish friendly relations with iran spite of pressure from america and the. president. several american media outlets have written about secret negotiations
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between terror out of washington media to project power i'm on. other news organizations talked about the possibility of a gradual easing of sanctions. to recommit to j.c. is that true. of all the speculation is just hearsay spread by the mass media is based on expectations and does not reflect the real state of affairs currently there are no relations between iran and the way. the office of the americans unilaterally withdrew from p 5 plus one. the american side effect really violated the nuclear deal signed between iran and the p 5 plus one countries. iran's representatives on not negotiating with the americans until the us rejoins the p 5 plus one group. this is the only acceptable form of the multilateral negotiations that involves the west and the talks have to focus on the j.c. . publishers are free to agree to negotiations before the sanctions are lifted
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which. no of course not that's when the islamic republic of iran has explicitly stated that we will not be holding any meetings all negotiations with us officials under existing conditions. the us with. the international atomic energy agency accuse iran of carrying out nuclear tests or facility known as the audi a 8. its iraq has to have responded to the i.a.e.a. zinke already on the matter why is the sort of us impossible. we believe that the i.a.e.a. should resist us zionist propaganda these accusations of 1st voiced by benjamin netanyahu and they are totally unfounded we have become used to this kind of rhetoric coming from mr netanyahu. now and again he does the international community which is meaningless statement is his words have been mocked by top level
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officials across the globe if the new i.a.e.a. secretary general wishes to take a decision against a wrong he needs to rely on solid facts in every house instead of trusting breeders . which there were always accusations of baseless. though there are more different brigade in the us pressure on iran which is cause economic problems for the people of iraq many people believe that the us administration has succeeded in turning a rainy assistance against the governments of the islamic republic are not these sentiments could be seen at the mass protests. as. do you think your trip ministration has succeeded in winning in. the i don't think the fact that the americans are introducing sanctions against us is not new or that we've been living on tour sanctions for 40 years now from time to time they would ease the sanctions then crank them up you can however iran has learned to adapt to get around the sanctions so you'll need more than just sanctions to see you searching. big and
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powerful nation as a wrong. way to. the poor my country has a large territory it has sea and land borders with a total length more than 8000 kilometers and it borders on 15 a country we have already experienced all kinds of sanctions before going through for an off to the war with iraq. and how we know how to run our country and despite any american sanctions. there more than i'd like to ask you about a special make use of a financial transaction instead actually i don't only do you still have it with you europe has given us nothing except promises. from our european colleagues we heard encouraging rhetoric and their practical steps to pull their obligations for. the only made statements and waste of time they haven't actually done anything except express their solidarity with iran as for the nuclear program european countries specifically germany france and u.k. to the line of u.s. policy doing whatever washington tells and. they've shown no independent in their
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decision and yes instead is the proposed mechanism for financial transactions however no practical steps he made. and nothing is being done at this time. what message are you now trying to convey to the europeans. we urge them to renounce their policy of subordination to the united states they have to be independent europe is an independent entity and a political alliance it doesn't befit europe with its status especially countries such as germany france and the u.k. to quietly follow the policy imposed by the us and do washington's bidding. if europe wants to command respect and care role in the region if you want to start good relations with iran and iran's allies has to pursue its own independent policy . and if europe decides to follow america's leader then it will undoubtedly. go to if you're opposed to fulfill its obligations before you make the 5th step of
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scaling back a commitment sort of a nuclear deal what will iran do. we will continue on the path we have chosen. if a european counterparts do not on other obligations under the nuclear deal we will have no reason to on are. doing so as decided iran will keep scaling back its obligations under the nuclear deal. of the u.s. house of representatives has initiated an impeachment inquiry against president donald trump is what's your take on the hot issues and you think the u.s. senate will uphold the impeachment. what do we find it baffling that the american people. can even tolerate someone like drama he doesn't stand by what he says no one need to friends not enemies of us can predict how trump stance will shift the next day he does not respect the commitments that his country's undertaken and he does not respect the country as all of this is put even american diplomats across the world in a difficult position they should have challenged him
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a long time ago the u.s. senate is now of course run by a republican majority so the process again strong might not produce the desired result but the very fact that impeachment proceedings were launched in the house of representatives signifies that public sentiment well but the majority of american people. their elected representatives is that trump is unfit to be u.s. president and the since he was sworn into office he has done nothing good for america the only thing he has achieved is creating profound distrust of us in the international arena. let's talk about the developments in lebanon and it's been 2 months since the protests erupted across the country now has india has been asked by the president to form a new government. what do you think of his a point of view in your. home as we expected the lebanese people have shown themselves to be open or why is a level headed the lebanese have managed to solve their problems fast there were of course some provocations from the enemies of lebanon but the lebanese people in the
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representatives who managed to bring the anti lebanese project crashing down and fall the plot hatched against their country their victory took the form of a new prime minister coming to power and he is now to form a government the new prime minister was supported by 69 lebanese members of parliament and now the country will have a new prime minister who can calmly and amicably work together with parliament speaker not to bury the lebanese president michel i will lebanon will continue moving forward free of any obstacles mr saad hariri did not security officer prime minister and now lebanon has a new prime minister with a new start mr has santiago is a university professor and wise man we hope that with god's will he will form a government and carry out the will of the lebanese people who do support us and they have as the new head of the lebanese government. yes of course we welcome past sunday absent point and we respect any choice made by the lebanese people ignore
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the public decision and the will of lebanon's represented fully respected by a wrong it makes no difference to watch who will become prime minister of lebanon or speaker of parliament or any member of parliament of the islamic republic of iran will respect the will of the lebanese people. where some believe that our side of the obvious iran's appointee in lebanon and agents of hezbollah and ally of tehran on a person close to the lebanese to its own forces friendly to iran is not true the. group but you don't let's look at it this way mr has some good times with the lebanese ruling of the iran is also in good times and the lebanese release so here is the mr has done is close to wrong because iran has good relations with lebanon in the us and they want to need this closeness is not limited to ron we wish the lebanese people and the lebanese government all the best mr diaz has managed to secure the support charities lebanese parliament and it didn't meet attentions of protests in the streets. alone where we were spec the decision made by the lebanese
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parliament was beyond our relations with lebanon our comprehensive and based on the principle of it were neutral respects or the quality of a noninterference in respect to mr bush we will treat any elected lebanese leader with respect for the. over the although has india has been elected on interested with forming a new lebanese government protests have continued 11 and us and its supporters have sought hurry are still blocking the roads of lebanese cities. it is important to meet the legitimate demands of the lebanese people and as long as lebanon has freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly which it does its people should be given the right to freely express their opinion however since mr d. absa lection some process is connected to a number of other countries especially at saudi arabia and israel have been pushing the lebanese to take to the street this. but the numbers will start to gradually to
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end and the true lebanese who care for their country will gradually get back to their daily lives especially once the new government is in place do that in the air and god willing they will see their demands met. just. for the rich.
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a love he dies because he makes me and copy playing moved from the area. and when you go to jail it's reality. even beyond that as a thief because it's box office not a love cigar was leaked to the public on the. i go. there often protests continued in iraq as well. do you believe the iraqis have legitimate demands that should be met. do you think that protests in iraq are being driven by the u.s. and israel. yes exactly we support iraq's peaceful protesters who want breaking the country's laws as the sheer spiritual leader ayatollah sistani says the iraqi people have
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a natural right to peaceful nonviolent assembly. they've been through a lot in recent decades during saddam hussein's reign and often times. and now they've got their freedom and it's only natural that they have some that just summit tomorrow. any newly appointed iraqi government should be meeting the demands of the iraqi people and working on resolving their issues with. their integrations that iraq's parliament has counted as for the prime minister mr mohammed al sistani seems to be one of the we don't know yet whether he'll win a vote of confidence in parliament leave the government however there is evidence that now it's a monster of the iraqi people to finally be respected. this will happen once a rock has a new government it is wise and mature a government the focus is iraq's national interests acts according to people's expectations and responds to their legitimate demands. to that it was just a ransom. you just mentioned. this well we don't support any candidates
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for prime minister in iraq we will only support. and we don't have a particular opinion regarding any of the existing capital was the iraqi people have the right to choose their government the lawmakers get their majority to any count whether it's mr mohammad al sistani or anyone else they can run the respect their decision. we believe that iraq's parliament should focus on the needs of its people here who wants their likes and your prime minister in the way the law. should give uranian iraqi officials discussing the recent developments in iraq that if they don't have the iranian officials visited iraq recently in view of the reported visit or something should go is to iraq does so like money and. iranians have been enjoying unrestricted access to each other's countries ordinary citizens and officials they frequently travel across the border in holidays such as
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commemorating the most of them saying. you don't often see that happen between countries but you are considering how strong our ties have been such a meter of visits and nothing out of the ordinary however we aren't taking any steps to impose iran's opinion on iraqi officials for us it is the utmost importance the rockies get their demands met a man at. a u.s. military base in iraq was recently hit by a rocket attack. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei accused iran of pushing its iraqi allies to strike american targets in the country because we've really behind those incidents because this president. the u.s. secretary of state as well as president trump making groundless accusations here still mr pompei doesn't even bother backing up his words with any other of the he insists that we make u.s. interests and military bases in iraq our target is this is not true we respect every decision of the iraqi people and to against the american troops in iraq the
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u.s. built its military bases there without considering the opinion of the iraqi people we hope to see the day when the americans leave and stop meddling in its internal affairs what. you asked for the strikes on the u.s. military bases in iraq these incidents reflect the people's opinion towards the u.s. presence in the country rocket attacks on the u.s. military bases and nothing out of the citizens are not happy with the american military bases in that region which is to be expected since the presence of u.s. troops is a negative things here so what does the u.s. expect is why the building the military bases they don't have the right to do that what about the it is absolutely normal to say that the iraqis respond by launching rockets or fix this has nothing to do with iraq. that the u.s. forces have been deployed in syria is owed. what is your take on. this stealing the oil that they are feel they are no different to thieves break into a house to steal the profits that is trump's where he is
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a looter feature of international standing he's stealing syrian oil against the will of the syrian people and we hope that the illegal presence of the us forces in syria will soon be over the syrian people will speak and put an end to the situation may the iran with iran help syria get ready for us to acknowledge iran because waster. iran has been supportive of the syrian people from the very start of this conflict and that hasn't changed we've been providing a large amount of aid to syria and the syrian government has been able to restore its position with the help that we are ready to do all we can to help drive u.s. forces out of the country whenever this year and government decides to also help. the show on monday in israel consider a late night show me rate in syria as they have done many times before me how. are they trying to target iranian troops. to. be in.
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i can say from experience that all of these military crimes committed by israel on syrian soil will not remain on the punished. people if syria and lebanon will strike back. people's a very patient that would eventually israel will have to pay for its crimes. and we hope that the resistance will survive all these american and israeli bombings. i'm sure that the resistance fighters will make israel action that. israel has experienced retribution in the past when lebanon struck back every time israel can talk to my friends. this will not change. israel cannot keep terrorizing the region forever with impunity. the nations of the region have made sure i can now withstand israel's aggression that we believe that syria and lebanon will be able to resist and strike back.
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to some israeli generals made open threats to iran and its troops in syria. have been heard saying that they would turn syria into a vietnam for iranian military. how would you comment so you don't be to that is totally tone with. these empty threats they went to are iran is a powerful state and israel does not dare attack the wrong they dare not attack as . if they attack lebanon hezbollah will burn israel to the ground imagine what would happen if they attacked a wrong israel is not capable of going through with this these statements and nothing but propaganda. a military operation as the launch of a new world in a syrian province of evil if you support. the original plan was for the syrian government to liberate it live and make it free of terrorism. over the past few years syrian troops that cleared most of syria's territory from terrorists and there are 3 they will do the same in. this area of strategic importance to be
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cleared of terrorism if you so just like aleppo not the syrian cities before. the. let's not talk about iran's relations with saudi arabia and the gulf cooperation council. by months foreign minister yourself when are we in a to visit to say our mission. is excellent in the law we has been foreign minister of amman for over 30 years now if you drop this time relations between iran and amman have been developing consistently our countries enjoy a long history of friendly relations as to saudi arabia and other countries in the region as if they wish to build their relations with iran within the framework of international law and we welcome that if saudi arabia wishes to build friendly relations we will reciprocate we would advice saudi arabia to pay attention to the lessons as there are precedents from states in the region take into account the just subtle issues with dealing with iran if saudi arabia decides to pursue an
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aggressive policy towards iran and this will backfire however i would like to emphasize that friendly relations is our priority as long as saudi arabia or friends are crossing the line however should saudi arabia prefer it's going to seen us aggressive policies in iraq lebanon syria and yemen it will have to face the resistance of iran and its out. requests from saudi arabia and the united states have recently repeated iraq is a show of blaming iran for bombing the facilities could you comment on this. this is a lie yemen has claimed responsibility for this attack yemen has been in a state of war for a long time. and if saudi arabia bombs yemen it is only natural for yemen to strike back and said these are baseless allegations recently u.n. secretary general made a statement that there is no evidence of iran's involvement in this incident in this point. what is your assessment of iran russia relations given all this back.
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country some very very good relationships russia is a strategic partner this is confirmed both by the supreme leader and president rouhani in iran and by president putin. our relations are very dynamic and developing is a bilateral regional and international partnership. with this kind of relationship between 2 countries is rare and should be treasured. by the senior adviser to the supreme leader in its national affairs dr kelly on sequel thank you very much for talking to us today. i'd also like to thank our viewers if you have. them as you come. to washington consensus led by the united states so as the liberal world order must be defended at almost all costs said differently the foreign policy blog demands the post cold war you know polar moment to be preserved but alas it would seem
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multi-polar world has already arrived. this is a sticker from the water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones. you know the litter box for throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has promised to reuse the plastic. that's. their plastic a 60. day when you special projects funded we. all know that is the end of it for the team but for now the mountains of moist only grow.
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is like the child in the room it's impulsivity it's narcissism it's us versus them it's fear the prefrontal cortex is empathy it's compassion it's thinking about the future in terms of what we do today that's where we need to make our decisions based from from the prefrontal cortex unfortunately when we eat the modern diet of our planet or when we watch the news or we spend too much time online we lock in to be a make believe we lock in to the child in the room and we're not able to make good decisions.
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my name is sucking on. this jack see or that our seats are. over the border. is. when you know we've got. to close these proofs the movement still. sees. good spots and i use that down sixty's to make it a day easier and also to meet school on drugs used to office. people. who comes before the school close because who comes during his child to fit life in music that. i love who dies because he makes me copy a love he dies because he makes me copy plane flew from. and when you go to. the beyond i think it's
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because it's bought off my ass my mother loved her and. i think. that i doubt. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. isolation full community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us
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in the depths. aura maybe in the shallows. a passenger planes crashed in kazakhstan in central asia killing 12 the back half flight came down for help to takeoff with 98 on board. after a year of tension with the united states allies iran russia and china hold joint terror drills in the gulf of amman. rights activists are calling on the defense ministry to compensate service personnel were expelled from the military because of their sexuality we hear reaction. we need to recognize the real pain suffering. was subjected to these men and we hear this all the time from various groups that we should treat people in the past as idiots because they were less in lights and those.


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