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tv   News  RT  December 27, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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breaking news to tell you about 1st big wiki leaks today casting further doubt on the o.p.c. w.'s final report on alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of dubai last year releasing an old war internal documents that strongly suggest a cover up of. the russian military state of the art of on guard a missile system meant as 2 to go details about that. and that starts the day 12 killed there's a passenger plane crash because it starts just moments after takeoff dozens more are being treated in hospital tonight.
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by their just go this friday december 27th live from the art international world news center kevin and with you thanks for your company so the top breaking news i mentioned at the top we're going to start with wiki leaks has published a 4th of internal documents from the international chemical weapons watchdog concerning an alleged chlorine attack you may recall in the syrian city of duma last year the release appears to lend credence to claims that senior o.p.c. w. officials deliberately left critical details out of the organizations final report let's get more of this go to london showed it was dashes across it. tell us a bit more about the latest leak what's in these internal documents and what's the impression what's coming out of it. so what he makes has released its latest cash from the a.p.c. the on the alleged chemical attack in april 28th but it really points to what they consider all cover up absolutely now this 4th batches of documents. some
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inconsistency is within the probe one of which suggests that o.p.c. w. members met with toxicologist to decipher whether or not there was a connection between symptoms of the alleged victims and the chlorine exposure well the experts in the field concluded that there was no correlation but that conclusion was admitted from the final report. with respect to the consistency of the observed and reported symptoms of the alleged victims with possible exposure to chlorine gas or similar the experts were conclusive in those statements but there was no correlation between symptoms and cloran exposure. well another document in question is mainly connected to why the west blames the syrian government for this alleged chemical weapons attack of course previously expired wiki leaks regarding those 2 cason is found at the scene of the incident are really up for conflicting reports at this moment in time the leaks suggest that they were manually placed there rather than being dropped from
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a considerable height from a helicopter and the latest documents today reveal 6 it email exchange on the 27th and 28th of february of this year between fact finding mission members they claim that the chief of the o.p.c. ordered all traces of that information to be completely removed from the secure registry office of the organization. get this document out of documents registry archives and please remove all trace of its deliberate storage with documents registry archives. well just to mention though the chief of the cabinet of the i.p.c. dudley has justified his remit reasonings from removing that information from those critical documents he says that they're specifically instructed not to deal with anyone on routine mission details and that is why they were not in that final file but before any real evidence was presented the united kingdom the u.s.
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and all nato allies had already pointed the finger at the syrian government and used this alleged chemical attack as a justification to launch their own military intervention throughout the form of an air strike on syrian military targets but of course these documents today revealed by wiki leaks suggest serious inconsistency is within the final report suggesting a propaganda exercise a false operation and indeed a cover up showed it was does 2 things for those could have you from a. forum of 5 or so joining us alone either and this has been dragging on for so long april 28th when this all kicked off the been so many claims so many counter claims no we've got senior could have to read it is quite complicated senior official ordering the deletion of an engineer's report from the documents registry agencies saying this is wrong get a bit confused it's not used for normal routine missions is the norm so ward what do we glean from the. what i glean from that is this is this is
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a very conscious cover up at a very high level of the o.p.c. now the question is from whom where they're getting at all it is to bury this inconvenient information that does not fit with the western narrative that they western agenda to provide a pretext for nato to go and bomb the syrian armed forces that is the key question here and as these documents continue to emerge and i have no doubt that more will emerge from these brave whistle blows from your p.c. w. that may provide a pointer to exactly who was ordering him to do what and when but the o.p.c. did lose issued its final report ok this is going on now do they have a reverse the decision change the decision to file a report as the owner of. sony in my experience it's unheard of for any sort of governmental organization or independent organization to reverse its official findings however it depends on the weight of information that is going to come out and i doubt if we're going to get an apology from the countries that does
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immediately go in and start bombing syria based on falsified and lying report that pointed the finger of blame at the syrian government for an alleged chemical attack apparently never happened all talk about in a minute maybe what did happen there but let's remind ourselves by it was harrowing pictures of those people suffering their eyes streaming the water being poured on them allegedly because of very close but some of the experts who reviewed those photos i don't believe that they said no it doesn't look to us like it is chlorine . i suppose it could have been some other chemical but anyway either which way if it's a chemical it's a chemical does it matter what chemical it was or is the relevance of it. of course there's relevance in it because if you know what chemical it is then you might be able to try and narrow down the field of suspects for those who might have so why haven't they found out exactly what it was is a whole pile of experts went to the scene to work it out they got there pretty quickly didn't. they did indeed but a whole pile of experts apparently had their expert findings buried by senior
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management at the o p c w now this is concerning because the a.b.c. w. is a global organization funded by countries around the world all of them to try and impartially assess if chemical weapons may have been used what we're seeing here now is that they're not doing this impartially they are doing it very possibly to fit a preconceived political agenda to attack a country now that is a problem the course the 2nd point on that is that the o.p.c. w. is indeed the same organization that conveniently came up and pointed the finger at russia for carrying out the novacek attacks against the scrip ols last year in the u.k. now if they can be trusted in something such as duma where there is a civil war waging at the time how can we trust them with other findings as well there are some very serious questions that need to be put to the the good face the good practice and the impartiality of the me before any country internationally can take them at their word so on to the final report so we've got 30 seconds left what do you think did go on in duma without getting into too much for conspiracy theory . i don't think we need to be conspiratorial or talk but i do think
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a siri would postulate that these canisters were put down by hand it was reported they were dropped from the syrian air force but it appears they were put down by hand and that information was what was buried what was destroyed what was taken as the archives and was not included in the final report this is why this whistleblower is putting very important information out into the public domain and these to get more coverage internationally. i mean marshawn 4 or 5 agent thank you very much for giving assure thoughts on the. now next russia story we are on guard hypersonic missile system entered combat duty friday fred's ministry officials have been briefing the media brother weapon which they say is capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear warheads. to do the strategic missile system are on guard duty. i congratulate us on this achievement which is important for the country and the armed forces. russia's defense minister may sound
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a little bit tumble but don't get mistaken this is a moment you might be tempted to hope the story crushes cutting edge evan guard hypersonic missile system is now officially deployed for combat duty so gay shakoor reported about that to president vladimir putin it is only so far about one regiment unclear when or even other russian arms parts will be upgraded the evan guard is a hypersonic glider that is said to be able to penetrate any those existing and prospective defenses let's take a look at some of the key features of these truly revolutionary weaponry the often god hypersonic vehicle can fly it up to 20 times the speed of sound an i.c.b.m. will take it to an altitude of several dozen kilometers from where it can dive head 1st back to earth a top speed with ak crop like maneuverability dodging and missile defenses in
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contrast when other existing ballistic missiles reenter the atmosphere they fly at a preset trajectory making the targets for a.b.m. systems last month russia showcased its truly top notch weaponry of unguarded mysel system to a team of u.s. military inspector is really unprecedented move they explained it was an attempt to revitalize the key new start treaty nuclear arms reduction agreement the only one left between russia and america it expires next february and theories are it may not be extended to american experts had a unique access to evan guard my cell system for 2 whole days it is unclear so far how or if it influences washington's position this is what widely reported had to say about russia's advanced weaponry was he when you should you know when you can issue to us in their shoes today there is a unique situation in a new and contempt. history other countries now have to catch up no other country
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in the world has a hypersonic weapon nobody has a hypersonic weapon with a coast to coast range that used russia's successful development and tests of really advanced weapons caused quite a stir in washington when it was 1st announced last year but moscow ease retreating all the time that it is only looking for better relations with america especially in the field of strategic cooperation. that starts the day to day a passenger plane came down crush shortly after taking off from almighty airport in kazakhstan killing 12 people small 4 scenes the dozens are injured including children are in hospital tonight. but you. could really you. could be going to the moon to do good but do you. believe you did not know numerically would you keep going to any good clue how did
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. you. see. it is. this. was the only thing you did. and then you did this summer look at the reason they were just as risk. as the shows it was a border of the poor. can use their perception to. look at those pictures and we realize what a tragedy it is for kazakstan only a few days before new year's eve but if there is a case in which the words good news could be appropriate after a plane crash this is the one because right now we already understand that the doctors have confirmed that the majority of the people who were on board survived which means that this couldn't have been a nose dive from a high altitude what actually happened was that this back air flight took
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call from the airport in almaty which is the biggest city in kazakhstan it was still dark there about 20 minutes past 7 but then quickly started losing altitude then it hit a concrete barrier before crashing into a small building this was just a 2 story building i can tell you that almost like i said it's the biggest city it's a big metropolitan area the airport is not that far from it so there are suburban areas residential areas surrounding the airport so this is apparently where the plane and it up the captain of the aircraft is among the dead what about the plane itself well this is an. medium sized twin turbo fan short range regional jet it's called focker 100 it was produced by a dutch company before it went bankrupt up until 1997 but this particular plane was 23 years old so was one of the final ones to be produced by that company and still
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the widely operated by 2 major airlines in australia for example as a regional jet by quantas and virgin it's also being operated by an iranian airline and back air this was actually the only type of aircraft that they have and while this is a big company in kazakstan it is the 2nd most popular domestic airline that people use there for domestic flights to the onus now on the catholic authorities of coast to establish exactly what happened what if they don't so clearly grounded all flights by that type of aircraft and like i said just because its fleet only consists of this particular aircraft now they're out of operation for how long right now we don't know many people are still in critical condition so the doctors are fighting for their lives the president promised that those responsible for the crash will definitely be punished i can tell you that this particular airline was
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going through some financial difficulties lately but previous the no incidents with 'd its aircraft had led to any kind of fatalities. classic authorities are considering 2 possible reasons for the tragedy either pilot error or this any stage technical malfunction geoffrey thomas from airlines rating dot com gave us his thoughts on what could have gone wrong here. early indications point to possible causes one is that as we can see snowy snow everywhere it was very very cold icing conditions and it may well have been that the plane was not correctly d.-i still not do ya asked at all and if there's a build up of ice on the wing as soon as the plane takes off you're going to have a situation where you lift over the top of the wing the air over the top of the wing is disturbed therefore you lose lift and the plane or you reach now 2 to 40
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feet and then crash back to earth. and the other thing we but there's a possibility there was an engine problem we know the aircraft reached takeoff speed of about 175 miles an hour and then quickly let's speak quickly to within a 2nd or 2 of takeoff back to 148 and that's when all the data was lost. so possible engine problem possible icing problem on the wings. started sasha 6 think under 17 minutes past the hour this friday here in moscow hi there thanks for watching us coming up in a show of unity in the gulf a man as iran china and russia conduct and precedented to joint naval drills big set up there are a lot of pictures to show just one of the stories we've got for you when the back. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to
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a guest on the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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again around china and russia have started joint naval exercises in the indian ocean in the gulf of oman friday the 1st footage of said drills which will last for days and will include antiterrorism anti piracy training but with the region having experienced extreme tensions of late between iran and the us this past year many believe in fact there's more to the drills than meets the eye. was. coming naval drills are aimed at deepening exchange and corporation among the neighbors of the 3 countries and disclosed the 3 sides strong will and capabilities to jointly maintain world peace and maritime security while actively building a maritime community with a shared future. this isn't just
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a military exercise it's a it's a political statement the strait of hormuz is the world's most important oil artery a 5th of vodka or oil flows through it 21 percent of global supply every day it's a crazy amount and as with oil the strait is highly flammable we begin with this dramatic escalation of tension between iran and the west for serious provocation tonight in the strait of hormuz after iran seized a british tanker iran seizing control of a british oil tanker u.k. is accusing iranian boats of trying to intercept a british oil tanker and they seem to be no end to this escalation washington and everyone with a warship or regiment to spare seem to be rushing into the persian gulf i mean wasn't the nicest neighborhood to begin with what with saudi arabia and iran mortal enemies facing off across that tiniest of channels. and when it seemed like things
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couldn't get worse they did. the attack was launched from the north and was in question a response of by iran and made all the calls for deescalation iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world center g supply having failed at max pressure secretary poland players turning to max to seek blaming iran won't end disgust or right at the edge of the precipice cooler heads prevailed things calmed down somewhat everyone's fingers still in the trigger but it's more a diplomatic battle now for example trump still pressing on with his sanctions trying to force iran to abide by a nuclear deal that trump himself pulled out of big protest in iran as well helped
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along by washington. the exercise is officially unrelated to this crisis it's an anti pirate an anti terror drill it's also a very clever move by iran pressured and threatened as it is by america the run decided to cool who has some friends apparently for a friendly sale together china and russia the 2nd and 3rd most powerful militaries in the world as i said pretty clever. in wide ranging interview with iran's chief foreign policy adviser spoken defiantly about how the country is coping under the strain of those u.s. sanctions it's only in full later this hour for to see more of. russia is a strategic partner our relations are very dynamic developing is a bilateral regional and international partnership currently there are no relations
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between iran and us iran's representatives will not negotiate with the americans until the us rejoins the p 5 plus one group we've been living under u.s. sanctions for 40 years now from time to time they would ease the sanctions then crank them up again however iran has learned to adapt to get around the sanctions you'll need more than just sanctions to subdue such a big and powerful nation as a wrong it has sea and land borders with a total length of more than 8000 kilometers and it borders on 15 countries we have already experienced all kinds of sanctions both before and after the war with iraq we know how to run our country despite any american sanctions. libya's internationally recognized governments officially requested military assistance from turkey as it attempts to try to stave off an offensive by the warlord after the turkish president has said that indeed lawmakers will decide in early january whether or not to deploy troops to that water on country. we would
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go to a place where we were invited to go or we would not go to a place we are not invited to go to at the moment since there is such an invitation we were sworn to the 1st thing we will hopefully do as soon as the parliament resumes is to present the military deployment below god willing on the 8th or 9th of january whichever we will pass this in our parliament and we will be responding to the invitation. was plunged into chaos in the wake of the 2011 uprising the subsequent killing of its their leader moammar gadhafi by u.s. backed rebels the crisis stricken country is currently being fought over by 2 rival administrations the un backed government in tripoli and a government based into broke in the east general have tell us forces have been closing in on the capital in recent months causing concern to many but both the united states and the arab league have voiced their opposition to a turkish military intervention. this interference will only prolong the confrontation and increase the suffering of the people of libya it will also hinder international diplomatic efforts aimed at
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a peaceful settlement of the libyan crisis president donald j. trump spoke with president abdel fatah has says egypt regarding we'd be at the leaders rejected for an exploitation agreed that parties must take urgent steps to resolve the conflict before leiby and sluice control to foreign actors like i was the director of the crisis research institute he told us why he believes turkey is poised to intervene militarily in the libyan conflict. libya in some ways is a proxy conflict between these rivals for domination in the middle east but also turkey not only has problems with these allies to the west like egypt and saudi in the emirates. in libya it also has problems with some of its nato allies greece and prosser particular turkey in a sense is saying you which actually does we can show that we can do to you so libya in some ways is a kind of conflict whether also some local reasons why after on the trip the government cracked each other sort of the castro government in east i suppose it controls the oil and gas but if you want to buy it from the world market you have
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to pay the money into tripoli thank you so long as the tripoli government controls the international bank account of libya it may not control much territory but it does as it were control the cash but these outside forces will nominally allied to each other are also at each other's throats struggling for influence over after all very oil and gas rich country well that's a snapshot of some of the many stories of coverage for you tonight if you want to find more keep in touch on the breaking news today r.t.l. camara social media here in moscow is kevin i would say thank you for watching this program enjoy our next shows in your part of the world and best seasons greetings to you she is still celebrating. the washington consensus led by the united states says the liberal world order must be defended at almost all costs said differently the foreign policy bloc demands
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the post cold war you know polar moment to be preserved but alas it would seem. is already arrived. this is a sticker from the water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers. they're the bad ones they're the litterbugs are throwing us away and astri should be a boy and for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. until she lost. demand. for some their classes kristie taken away entirely stay in your own hands at a special projects funded. also agree on i knew that that is the end of a footy club for now the mountains of waste only grow higher.
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today we are joined by dr ali akbar velayati chief foreign policy adviser to the supreme leader of iran. we are happy to have you with us. thank you so much i'm happy to be a guest on your channel so let's start with the official visit of president rouhani to japan. and i'm sure you were the want to welcome him when he got back home. could you tell us about the importance of the visit to japan given the current situation in the region to help any. relations between iran and japan have deep historical diplomatic relations between the 2 countries are established about 19 years ago over our relationship with the land of the rising sun has always been good. we are both asian countries which means we have much in common we historically our relations have been based on political economic and cultural tie
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we've had positive cooperation across all 3 areas even when an impact was imposed on iranian oil during the leadership and how many. at the time since world tank it's iran and much of store oil in the face of sanctions and used by the u.k. and other western nations to support always be remembered by the iranian people with us today we have noticed agreements with but we are proud as armories let us. american crush on the question of developing his comic corporation over the road to . look. for 30. dollars richer i don't really want to go. to concerts service where there are could you tell us about these proposals. i don't have any information on that but i do know that the most recent round of talks in japan was not much different to the one before naturally each side of the negotiation process makes various proposals to the other side and ways to promote trade between the 2
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countries as i said japan is under pressure from the west and has been ever since the end of world war 2 following their victory the us started to put pressure on japan which had already suffered greatly from america's nuclear bombing and state iran and japan are anxious to step up corporation pressure and sanctions imposed by the us i don't have any detailed information about the course of the negotiating process or any 2 proposals presented by president rouhani and prime minister. looks like proposals put forward by the 2 sides serve the interests of both iran and japan see any difference between them being that japan is under american pressure we hope that the land of the rising sun used pendants in its foreign policy and ceased being one of us satellites states japan has the strength to do china and russia have managed to establish friendly relations with iran by pressure from america and the. president.
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several american media outlets have written about secret negotiations between tehran and washington media to project power i'm on. other news organizations talked about the possibility of a gradual easing of sanctions. to recommit to j.c. is that true. of all the speculation is just hearsay. spread by the mass media is based on expectations and does not reflect the real state of affairs currently there are no relations between iran and he way as the office of the americans unilaterally withdrew from p 5 plus one to. the american side effect really violated the nuclear deal signed between iran and the p 5 plus one countries. iran's representatives on not negotiating with the americans until the us rejoins the p 5 plus one group. this is the only acceptable form out from.


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