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tv   News  RT  December 27, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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this is. the. wiki leaks casts further down from the a.b.c. w.'s final report on the alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of duma last year releasing internal documents that suggest a cover up may have taken place. the russian military state to be out of unguarded missile system entered combat duty. and well people are killed in a plane crash in kazakhstan dozens more are being treated in hospital. alone here watching r.t. international i'm resigned a lot could welcome to the program. now wiki leaks has published
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a 4th batch of internal documents from the international chemical weapons watchdog on an alleged chlorine attack in the syrian city of duma last year shadi edwards daschle has the story. so what he makes has released its latest cache from the o.p.c. dubey on the alleged chemical attack in duma in april 28th now this 4th backs of documents present some inconsistency is within the probe one of which suggests that o.p.c. w. members met with toxicologists to decipher whether or not there was a connection between symptoms of the alleged victims and the chlorine exposure well the experts in the field concluded that there was no correlation but that conclusion was admitted from the final report with respect to the consistency of the observed and reported symptoms of the alleged victims with possible exposure to chlorine gas similar the experts were conclusive in those statements but there was no correlation between symptoms and color and exposure while another document in question is mainly connected to why the west blames the syrian government for the
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alleged attack in syria that previously expired the wiki leaks organization all regarding those 2 gas cylinders that were found on the scene of the incident some reports suggest that they were manually place there others suggesting they were dropped from a considerable height from an airplane or perhaps a helicopter of some sorts however in the latest documents reveal today of an e-mail exchange from the 27th and 28 the february of this year between fact finding mission members well they claim that the a.p.c. w. altered all traces of that recent information to be completely admitted from the report and removed from the secure registry of the organization get this document out of documents registry archives and please remove all trace of its deliberate storage with documents registry archives well allegedly within that very same e-mail exchange they claim that the chief of company of the o.p.c. w. has suggested that he justified his actions to remove that information from those
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documents because he claimed that the registry archive is not instructed to deal with any known routine missions whatsoever. but before any real evidence was presented the united kingdom the us and all nato allies had already pointed the finger at the syrian government and used this alleged chemical attack as a justification to launch their own military intervention throughout the form of an air strike on syrian military targets of course we contacted the a.p.c. w. for information regarding these allegations but they get to respond to us former m i 5 or certainly marshawn believes the latest leaks raise questions about the work of the. whole pile of experts apparently had their experts findings buried by senior management at the o p c w now this is concerning because the a.p.c. w. is a global organization funded by countries around the world all of them to try and impartially assess if chemical weapons may have been used what we're seeing here now is that
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they're not doing this impartially they are doing it very possibly to fit a preconceived political agenda to attack a country that is a problem if they can be trusted in something such as duma where there is a civil war waging at the time how can we trust them with other findings as well there are some very serious questions that need to be put to the the good face to good practice and the impartiality of the people for any country internationally can take them at their words. another headline news rushes add on guard hypersonic mist artist i'm entered combat duty this friday defense ministry officials have been briefing the media about the weapon which they say is capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear warheads. sure does this through the go postal of today the strategic missile system on guard entered combat duty i congratulate us on this achievement which is important for the country and the armed forces. russia's defense minister may sound a little bit tumble but don't get mistaken this is a moment you might be tempted to hope the story crushes cutting edge avin guard
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hypersonic missile system is now officially deployed for combat duty said a gay shade who reported about that to president vladimir putin it is only so far about one regiment unclear when or even other russian arms parts will be upgraded the evan guard is a hypersonic glider that is said to be able to penetrate any those existing and prospective defenses let's take a look at some of the key features all of these truly revolutionary weaponry the often god hypersonic vehicle can fly it up to 20 times the speed of sound an i.c.b.m. will take it to an altitude of several dozen kilometers from where it can dive head 1st back to earth a top speed with ak crop like maneuverability dodging and missile defenses in contrast when other existing ballistic missiles reenter the atmosphere they fly at a preset trajectory making the targets for a.b.m. systems last month russia showcased its truly top notch weaponry of unguarded mysel
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system to a team of u.s. military inspector is really unprecedented move they explained it was an attempt to revitalize the key new start treaty nuclear arms reduction agreement the only one left between russia and america it expires next february and theories are it may not be extended to american experts had a unique access to evan guard myself system for 2 whole days it is unclear so far how or if it influences washington's position this is what weidner putin had to say about russia's advanced weaponry and. when usually when ukraine is to assume that today there is a unique situation in a new and contemporary history other countries now have to catch us up no other country in the world has a hypersonic weapon nobody has a hypersonic weapon with a coast to coast range that used russia's successful development and tests of
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really advanced weapons caused quite a stir in washington where it was 1st announced last year but moscow ease retreat in all the time that it is only looking for better relations with america especially in the field of strategic cooperation. our security analyst and former u.k. army officer chance to bridge explain what might be behind this display of military might. this is an important part of strategic deterrence in terms of having the capability to overcome u.s. anti-ballistic missile systems and let's not forget the actual genesis if you like of this project is having got project came pretty much in that 2002 decision by george w. bush to end the antiballistic missile treaty and i think about time russia and other countries and indeed many us experts and crucially many from the u.s. military establishment warned that ending that a.b.m. treaty would actually then provoke this kind of arms race that would lead to the
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result we're in today and america perhaps considered that from a technological perspective it would win the arms race but today's announcement and indeed the development of this system shows that as we've seen many times in the past that america can't rely solely looking into the future on its having a technological advantage that would compensate for its poor strategic and in this case political and strategic decisions. a passenger plane crashed on friday morning shortly after takeoff from almaty airport in kazakstan killing 12 people dozens are injured including children. which is you know i should just let folks strong jolt of the left wing literally 2nd plate to the plane began to rock back and forth like a boat i began to tighten my belt panic and already began the children had started crying when the plane began to go down and look at it was clear that would definitely go into the ground so i braced myself for impact then the sewing caved
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in it's you know the mergence the door was open so we jumped on the wing and began slipping because it was icy we helped each other to get down. he was. going to green you. could be going to the $100.00 took up to do you. believe you did not primarily medupi a beginner it only because i wanted. to. see . it is. that. you knew it was the only thing. you did that you can simply look at the receiver just as. not. as a shows it was a bore if. you would use your perception a. look at those pictures and realize what a tragedy it is for kazakstan only
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a few days before new year's eve but if there is a case in which the words good news could be appropriate after a plane crash this is the one because right now we already understand that the doctors have confirmed that the majority of the people who were on board survived which means that this couldn't have been a nose dive from a high altitude what actually happened was that this back their flight took off from the airport in almaty which is the biggest city in kazakstan it was still dark there about 20 minutes past 7 but then quickly started losing altitude then it is. hit a concrete barrier before crashing into a small building this was just a 2 story building i can tell you that almost like i said it's the biggest city it's a big metropolitan area the airport is not that far from it so there are suburban areas residential areas surrounding the airport so this is apparently where the
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plane and it up the captain of the aircraft is among the dead what about the plane itself well this is a medium sized twin turbo short range regional jet it's called focker 100 it was produced by a dutch company before it went bankrupt up until 1997 but this particular plane was 23 years old so was one of the final ones to be produced by that company it's still that widely operated by 2 major airlines in australia for example as a regional jet by quantas and virgin it's also being operated by an iranian airline and back air this was actually the only type of aircraft that they have and while this is a big company in kazakstan it is the 2nd most popular domestic airline that people use there for domestic flights to the onus now on the catholic authorities of coast to establish exactly what happened what if they don't so clearly grounded all
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flights by that type of aircraft and like i said just because its fleet only consists of this particular aircraft now they're out of operation for how long right now we don't know many people are still in critical condition so the doctors are fighting for their lives the president promised that those responsible for the crash will definitely be punished i can tell you that this particular airline was going through some financial difficulties lately but previous the no incidents with its aircraft had led to any kind of fatalities. speaking to my colleague. earlier in the studio that has like authorities are considering 2 possible reasons for the tragedy either pilot error or a technical malfunction geoffrey thomas from an on ratings dot com gave us his thoughts on what might have gone wrong. early indications point to 2 possible causes one is that as we can see snow sleet snow everywhere it was very very
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cold icing conditions and it may well have been that the plane was not correctly d.-i still not be arsed at all and if there's a build up of ice on the wing as soon as the plane takes off you're going to have a situation where you get the lift over the top of the wing the air over the top of the wing is disturbed therefore you lose lift and the plane or you reach now 2 to 40 feet and then crash back to earth. and the other thing we but there's a possibility there was an engine problem we know the aircraft reached takeoff speed of about 175 miles an hour and then quickly let's speak quickly to within a 2nd or 2 of takeoff back to 140 and that's when all the data was last. possible engine problem possible icing problem on the wings. turkey
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kids seem to be launching a military intervention in libya we'll have that story and more after this short break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. same here i can use to smash someone's head is the same hammer i can use to build the my home but that's a human choosing what to do with that that's me expressing my values for the tool and that's what we need to do with artificial intelligence as well. taxes are not going to do it you have to go right to the root of things as assets
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and debts at the balance sheet balance sheets is what they should talk about and that's where we can be clever because taxation is the dumb way of trying to get the wealth back from the from the wealthy. welcome back libya is internationally recognized government has officially requested military assistance from turkey as it attempts to stave off an offensive by the warlords. the president has said that lawmakers will decide in early january whether to deploy troops to the water own country. we would go to a place where we were invited to go we would not go to
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a place we are not invited to go to at the moment since there is such an invitation we were. the 1st thing we will hopefully do as soon as the parliament resumes is to present the military deployment god willing on the 8th or 9th of january whichever we will pass this in our parliament and we will be responding to the invitation. libya was plunged into chaos in the wake of the 2011 uprising and the subsequent crippling of its then leader moammar gadhafi by u.s. backed rebels the country is currently being forced over by 2 rival administrations the un backed government in the capital and a government based in tobruk in the east the renegade general forces have been closing in on tripoli in recent months however both the united states and the arab league voice their opposition to a turkish military intervention. this interference will only prolong the confrontation and increase the suffering of the people of libya it will also hinder international diplomatic efforts aimed at a peaceful settlement of the libyan crisis president donald j.
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trump spoke with president abdel fatah has sisu of egypt regarding we'd be at the leaders rejected for an exploitation agreed that parties must take urgent steps to resolve the conflict before leiby and sluice control to for an actor. mark almond is the director of the crisis research institute and he told us why he believes turkey is poised to intervene militarily in the libyan conflict. libya in some ways as a proxy conflict between these rivals for domination in the middle east but also turkey not only has problems with these allies to the west like egypt and saudis in the americas. in libya it also has problems with some of its nato allies greece and prosser particular turkey in a sense is saying you've rejected us we can show that we can do all that all could to you so libya in some ways is a kind of conflict where there are also some local reasons why after in the tripoli government directly childless from the capital government in east face it controls oil and gas but if you want to buy
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a market you have to pay the money into tripoli thank you so long as the tripoli government controls the international bank account of libya it may not control much territory but it does as it were control the cash but these outside forces who are nominally allied to each other are also at each other's throats struggling for influence over after all very oil and gas rich country. now in other news this hour mexico claims it's observed a heightened number of police and security agents around its embassy in the city of the paths in bolivia describing it as a siege it also says it's going to file a complaint against libya's interim government at the international court of justice in the hague. start will start we are addressing the entire international community because not even join the worst moments of the military coups of the 19 seventies and 19 eighties was the integrity of mexican embassy buildings all residences ever put at risk. the mexican foreign ministry codes and there are number of security agents started to increase and choose day and comes after the
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country gave refuge to a group of politicians loyal to alstead president evo morales bolivia's foreign minister have a says it was the mexican ambassador who requested more security she also says mexico will have to retract the accusations. i considered illegal file a suit because no one can file a lawsuit based on untruth lector presumptions from the mexican foreign ministry. a political analyst we spoke to believes that libya's new government is trying to put pressure on anyone to support super morale as every country is bound to protect i respect every diplomatic representation in every country the assumption very clear under international law so that so inspect go it's great where he was breaking the law they did not because they are trying to put pressure on a new country that would support evo morales that's the point of the garment.
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to be or prevent people from bill o'reilly supporters not only can we with next election but any possibility of moral lives going about big trickle supported morality because we are on the say we're all related relation with the most what is really a democracy morality is stopped being a precedent because we could have our makes the call he's against that entirely. meanwhile the rebellious rural province in central bolivia is continuing to take a stand against the interim government which is as illegitimate. i'm. down to only those 50 needles the police injured so many erected so many after the coup because that's why as many as 400 were injured and between 141500 arrested.
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but i kept what i saw from analysis to have some unity and agreement and i was rather than just receiving suggestion the surviving candidates appointed for about i'm going to have to i was watching a grassroots give some names like i mean and then have our official candidate out to be our representative and president of the multinational states and let us have models of. the. cabinet. and to chat about it because the rule of law must be extended to every corner of our country we cannot allow our public with the knowledge territory the union polices need the legal constitution. to. come.
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closer and down the police will not and to the tropical fruits bomba will stand up and confront them we're not going to sit around with our arms crossed . we're not going to leave people on their own over christmas and new year because it will be standing firm we'll be ready for any conflict that comes our way. cochabamba. the resistance. regions. and they've established it's gonna me defend it it's only me i missed this right we . us who in bolivia who governments are not only unpopular in chip body it's unpopular across libya because it is not repeat 99.9 percent of libya it only represents one stratum the leats cross a levy by. other regions there is still resistance
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a lot of repression this repression read the resistance. is thirsty to invade and occupy as of right now the morning police and military have no control. so turning. 18 lawmakers have been arrested in montenegro over a brawl that broke out in parliament on friday tempers flared during a vote on so-called freedom of religion all which could allow the government to seize church property in the balkan nation proceso be an opposition politicians trying to disrupt the session and several bottles were thrown in the chamber the prime minister of montenegro has condemned the violence. from got on to you better and i have given guarantees and assurances that this law does not have any hidden agenda that it is a law any civilized and democratic society needs that it does not endanger any
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montenegran metropolitan it or any religious facility governed by the montenegrin metropolitan it nor questions the status of any priest what we all together emphasized is that dialogue is necessary that we have had dialogues so far but in their estimation insufficient will go together but we have not had that true dialogue so far and we are now asking that some parts of this law that are formulated as they are now which absolutely do not bring peace to montenegro but on exactly and unhappiness among people and what the government should do is to postpone the suggested law or some parts until after christmas let's not quarrel around christmas. and this was the scene outside parliament in podhoretz or before that bill was voted through the plans of cause widespread anger among serbian orthodox christians who make up 70 percent of the population in montenegro and across the border in serbia crowds have been voicing their solidarity with christians in montenegro we spoke with international affairs commentator mark
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a gas it he explained why the move to nationalize church buildings is so unpopular . priests and nuns and monks are on the streets for the 1st time in their lives this is really good attempt to leave them without hoping to make priests and nuns and bishops wets as in their own churches in their own ministries because now a bureaucrat in the central capsule would decide who it belongs to those people a sudden be told it's not this the politicians are telling them without the benefit of any right whatsoever this is absolutely scandalous and if you go if it succeeds here it could it's a very bad lessons the rest of the world in terms of release of freedom this is the heart of europe which souci about and the e.u. is entirely silent we're going what's going on is the bunch of politicians at the top of the political tree in the ways that they have a right they have taken at home so as to attack their ideological rival which happens to be the the church of that country. well that is your day for now i'm right on a lot could not be back here with the rest of the team in about 30 minutes time with more news from around the world see them.
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in a world of big partisan movies mockers and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. you may go is like the child in the room it's impulsivity it's not a system it's us versus them it it's fear the prefrontal cortex it's empathy it's compassion it's thinking about the future in terms of what we do today that's where
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we need to make art. visions based from from the prefrontal cortex unfortunately when we eat the modern diet of our planet or when we watch the news or we spend too much time online we lock in to be a make believe we lock in to the child in the room and we're not able to make good decisions. today there are good tennis and bad attitudes the bad news in yemen the united states deems to be the good. word in syria the cia and the us military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up right away military windows funding an army was there's no. because there's always
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a small. really good. hello and welcome to cross talk or all things considered i'm peter lavelle the washington consensus led by the united states says the liberal world order must be defended at almost all costs said differently the foreign policy blob demands the post cold war you know polar moment preserved but alas it would seem the multipolar world has already arrived.
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cross talking of multipolar world i'm joined by my guest james detritus in washington he's a former u.s. diplomat. and former advisor to the u.s. senate republican leadership also in washington brian becker he is the director of the answer coalition as well as host of loud and clear daily new show on radio right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate james let me go to you 1st i'm the reason i want to do this program at the end of the year is because we tend to look at events in a micro fashion you know what's going on in this country that country trump administration brags that you know which of course we do in the news media but i sometimes think that we love we missed the very big very big pictures of what's going on and the major changes that are happening around the globe and and the international system and this whole idea of multipolar world which is kind of foreboding to talk about in western media because by default it means the west loses something and somebody else gains something is that one of the reasons they
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don't like to talk about the coming of a multi-polar world go ahead james i think it is peter i mean look you're right i think a multi polar world is a de facto reality now unfortunately that is the last thing that the establishment in washington wants to admit that they are committed still to this unit polar notion that emerge with the end of the 1st cold war in the early 1990 s. the idea of the united states is the unique power the only really legitimate great power and the other ones have no alternative but to accommodate themselves to the wishes and diktats from washington and even when that policy has visibly failed for example and ukraine or in syria or and in other places that they are committed you know for example nordstrom to we're still trying to sabotage that even though it's quite clear to me that that attempt has and has failed that they cannot let go of this notion that.


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