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wiki leaks cast further doubt on the final report by chemical weapons watchdog. on an alleged attack an experience that you do last year policing internal documents that suggest a cover up to me have taken place. families of americans killed or injured in afghanistan by the taliban that suit u.s. contractors for allegedly funding the terror. and we aspire to or gas in clashes on the 59th weekend of yellow vests and terror.
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you're watching our to international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned 4 pm welcome to the program. wiki leaks has released a 4th batch of documents from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons that casts further doubt on its report on allegations of a chemical attack in the syrian city of duma last year they revealed the o.p.c. w chose to ignore evidence that contradicts its conclusion that the attack came from the air are too smart guys to fix up the story talks ecologist pharmacologist and bio analytical chemist walk into the u.p.c. w u b c w shows them a video of an alleged chemical attack and ask them what sort of symptoms they see could they tell what gas it was the specialists look at the video and agree on one and the rest is classified or was classified. it was agreed among all present that the key takeaway message from the meeting was that the symptoms
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observed were inconsistent with exposure to chlorine and no other obvious candidate chemical causing the symptoms could be identified another day another leak another embarrassment and another blow to the u.p.c. w.'s credibility they knew they knew the rebel video was questionable didn't find any nerve agent any chlorine in quantities sufficient to indicate a chemical attack nothing but they wouldn't admit it we know of at least one person at the u.p.c. w.'s very selective about what gets saved and what gets deleted please get this document out of documents registry archives and please remove all traces of those deliberate storage with documents registry archives that was from sebastian brar france's representative to the u.p.c. w in that e-mail he demands the deletion of a technical report which concluded that the gas canisters most likely were dropped
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from the air by acids aircraft but placed at the scene obviously placed by someone staged. but tried not just to exclude certain from asian but beriah completely expunged from their own all call it. that is not there is not a scientific method is it people don't just bury or delete and actually delete all traces of a report that is the smoking gun of a cover up and now we see the capture and the politicization of the a.b.c. w. what's really encouraging though is we have people within the organization all willing to try and get the truth. is out of it steps here in terms of p.r. and diplomacy in the past they've been a quiet organization remember they've won the nobel prize professionally getting on with their work but they appear to have been subverted and led astray if you like and they're going into this uncharted waters where now i think from a p.r. perspective they're finding it difficult to cope and in the past if the past 3
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leaks because this is a 4th leak now of documents if the past 3 leaks are guard they will isolate the new pos simply double down and be in denial as indeed is the whole pretty much of the western especially u.s. u.k. media in not actually investigating your knowledge and the truth that is now actually seeming to be emerging as not enough time to run through everything that the u.p.c. w. edited out every corner they cut every piece of evidence they twisted to make asaad look guilty and like excluding all but one of their investigators who went to syria for writing the report they're leading contradictory witness testimony classifying and keeping secret victims toxicology reports bringing in american intelligence agents to lecture chemists 2 dozen employees suspected professionalism fraud or even foul play according to leaked e-mails but the boss he stuck to his guns weren't some of these. new. discussion.
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unprofessional. reached by the fire. you know disagrees with him the 1st director general of the o.p.c. w. who has cosigned an open letter calling on the organization to let people who they've gagged speak out with every week the story gets bigger more scandalous which may not be the impression you get on t.v. or in the big big has it's all obesity w defends its report and hits back at whistleblowers many of the people writing these are they're scared there's only so much that they're allowed to write many editors and many journalists aren't even aware of the propaganda so what will take place is they will be told. or no this is this is all just rubbish you do this
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spelling counts a call and maybe some are aware that they are they are dubious and they're not to be trusted i think there's probably too much risk involved in them shouldn't listen we shouldn't be trusting them why should that took place in new zealand team takes place of many organizations where you go at it is you know possibly senior reporters where you know they go and work in these think tank release you know that cultivating relationships with us department officials or heads of different political organizations and i think what not stars do is. you know it becomes a conflict of interest this is the new p.c. w. it is no longer about 5 didn't the truth establishments what happened molecule by molecule now it picks which molecule to show and which to hide now the u.p.c. w. synthesisers chemical guilt literally out of thin air we've asked the o.p.c. w. to confirm whether the revelations are indeed true so far they have not responded.
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filibustering 3 girls have gathered in paris for a 59 weekend a protest they've joined forces with those condemning the government's pension reform plans across live now to charlotte david he was in paris 1st charlotte what the situation right now. well it's the 59th week of protests by the jle asian ones out every saturday to show their discontentment with the french government and what they see as being policies for the richer they gauge the poor they've also been joined by protest of those against the pension reforms at the moment in frogs these the reforms that the french government is trying to put through some reforms that would see some food chichi different pension systems joining down into one universal system too to give you a sense jacqueline of the crimes that we've got here you might be able to see i
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simply ghana's and this protest crowd heading back towards god to norwich is about a kilometer away they are in fact also in front of vs well so far this is being a generally calm protest but as you can see there is a sense of tension here we have already seen tear gas being deployed by the police in a bit to try and control the protesters they seem to be some sort of a verbal agreement between the police and the protesters before the police threw in some tear gas grenades trying to spurs those crowds now we also know that this comes amidst what is now a public transport strike that is being in to its 4th week full weeks of transport in paris not completely at a standstill but a very close to being so and this now is the longest public strength in sports right in front since 1995 the shows the strength of in fact those
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who work for the public transport when the stand that. they've been able to raise something like over a 1000000 euros to try and pay for those who want to remain on strike as so that they can do that at the same time as obviously being able to feed their families you get a sense of just how sick this crowd is now here in paris and the people how happy they are about so many different elements here in front of this also something to point out this isn't just about public transport we have seen strikes from teachers from firefighters from the police even though we heard in the last 24 hours the ovo 1000 doctors in france have given their resignation from their administrative positions these are administrative positions within hospitals often work they did for free and they resign from these posts in protest the what they see is a huge underfunding of french hospitals they say that the whole system is close to
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collapse of the urge the government to give them more money they say what's been offered by the government hasn't been enough and they're now taking this extraordinary action to try and get some there from the government you may have to hear it seems like it's a bit of a party right now they're all singing together at this is a very serious protest 59 weeks the alabaster and of course join now by those protests against the pension reforms here in fronts charla devinsky bringing us the latest from the paris protests thank you. a lawsuit has been filed in the u.s. against military contractors who allegedly pay protection money to the taliban in afghanistan and has more. ever since 911 the u.s. government has been working to criminalize prosecute and sanction those who fund terrorism however there's a recent lawsuit that seems to hit pretty close to home
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a new lawsuit alleges that some u.s. companies operating in afghanistan contracting with the u.s. military have been paying out large amounts of protection cash to the taliban now the lawsuit is filed on behalf of those who have lost relatives in afghanistan this is how the lawyer representing those family members explained the legal action the antiterrorism aren't complaint alleges that 8 launch multinational corporations most of which are american regularly paid protection payments to the taleban including conny network which was designed to boost the company's profits by redirects and fines way from the room business interests we believe plaintiffs boule the consequences and the scale of the payouts was quite staggering between 20 and 40 percent of all funds for major projects in afghanistan and up lining the pockets of insurgents now 2 of the firms that are named in the papers the da i
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global and louis berger 'd group they received roughly $1000000000.00 in development aid between 20072009 now one of the companies named in the case says it's very proud of the work that it did in afghanistan a spokesman for black and veatch said he's competed from a direct use of u.s. government agencies and was proud of his projects in afghanistan earlier this month congress released a report regarding the war in afghanistan in which u.s. military officials revealed some hard truths about the u.s. campaign. what are we trying to do here we didn't have the foggiest notion of what we were undertaking there is a fundamental gap of funder standing in the front and over stated objectives and over lines in the military and the lack of funds or standing of the resources necessary so this latest case adds to the overall picture of billions wasted
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and pointless loss of life in what has been the longest war that the united states has ever waged we've asked the companies named in the lawsuit and the u.s. state department to comment on the story of us how far they have not gotten back to us you know iraq war veteran sergio could cheriton told us the case highlights the deep was in u.s. policy in afghanistan. in order to make money for contracting companies they don't care they will they will bid the contract they'll take the contract and then on the ground once you get the money then you figure out how you go about it afghan war papers i think they they say things pretty clearly number one there was no mission we have not control the country at all so the taleban and al-qaeda and whoever else is in there islamic state which is actually a minority basically the funding and the money gets funneled down that way this is where the issue goes back to actually going back to the perpetrators
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of the war and the conflict and not just you can blame contractors for a lot of things for sure but they're also they get these contracts and they they get to operate. libya's internationally recognized government has officially requested military assistance from turkey as it attempts to stave off an offensive by the warlord khalifa haftar the turkish president has lawmakers will decide in early january whether to deploy troops to the war torn country. although it didn't. we would go to a place where we were invited to go we would not go to a place we are not invited to go to at the moment since there is such an invitation we were sworn to it the 1st thing we will hopefully do as soon as the parliament resumes is to present the military deployment god willing on the 8th or 9th of january whichever we will pass is in our parliament and we will be responding to
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the invitation. libya was plunged into chaos in the wake of the 2011 uprising and the subsequent killing of its then leader moammar gadhafi by u.s. backed rebels the country is currently being fought over by 2 rival administrations the one backed government in the capital and a government based in tobruk east renegade general khalifa haftar us forces have been closing in on trial. however both the united states and the arab league have wished their opposition to a turkish military intervention. this interference will only prolong the confrontation and increase the suffering of the people of libya it will also hinder international diplomatic efforts aimed at a peaceful settlement of the libyan crisis president donald j. trump spoke with president. of egypt regarding we'd be at the leaders rejected for an exploitation agreed that part is must take urgent steps to resolve the conflict before leiby and sluice control to for an act like all men the director of the crisis research institute told us why he believes turkey is poised to intervene in
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the libyan conflict. libya in some ways is a proxy conflict between these rivals for domination in the middle east but also turkey not only has problems with these allies to the west like egypt and the saudis in the americas. in libya it also has problems with some of its nato allies greece and france a particular turkey in a sense is saying you've rejected us we can show that we can be rather awkward to you so libya in some ways is a kind of conflict where there are also some local reasons why after on the trip the government backed each other through the capital government in east face the problem it controls the oil and gas but if you want to buy it from the world you have to pay the money into tripoli thank you so long as the tripoli government controls the international bank account of libya it may not control much territory but it does as it were control the cash but these outside forces will nominally allied to each other are also at each other's throats struggling for influence over
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after all very oral and gas rich country. at least 90 people have reportedly been killed at a security checkpoint in the somali capital a truck filled with explosives blew up near a tax collection point most of the victims were university students so this is one of the most deadly in years somalia is no stranger to such assaults not only by al qaeda linked group al-shabaab no one has yet claimed responsibility for saturday's bombing. still to come young muslims work to build community ties in london by making presents for children and families in need that story and more after the break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that.
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i am. led. to.
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talk about this christmas a group of young muslims in london made presents for children in hospitals and from less well off families it's all part of a drive to improve cultural links between communities has the story. 1st worst it's a time of families coming together and people putting their feet up and relaxing if only for just a few days however it can also be a tough time of the year for many in the u.k. both personally and financially and for that reason many people here also try to make an effort to help their fellow citizens in this festive period one such initiative also seeks to strengthen ties between culturally different communities we thought. why should anyone in christmas especially children be deprived of this festive feeling so by providing them with the gifts we can try and. you know lessen
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their pain by drawing a big smile on their faces this initiative has been put together by the foundation shia muslim youth group based in north london it's all about coming together with other like minded people and wrapping presents to be handed out to families in need as well as in local hospitals and to children in foster homes the organizers say it's a part of their faith to reach out to others particularly those in need the campaign was called gifts will messenger highlighting the intimate relationship between islam's mohammed and christianity jesus at the end of the day we hope that we can build bridges to become a positive i said to society in london. one local priest is enthused by the message of unity that this event sends and i think it's just. call of the muslims the time they respond to those with compassion and with mercy and for me that's an important issue that if those are the qualities of god then you
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try and replicate those qualities of god so to see this is just wonderful news in that there are some people for whom. compassion mercy general beneficence all these things. are important it is a time of rising tensions. in the walled in hate crime on the rise it's also important to show that those issues don't represent the whole picture beside the all the. transgender physics teacher in the u.k. could be kicked off a union committee over alleged turns to be hayden faces a barrage of criticism after wearing a top that said trans women are men for respects her own gender less than the rest of us respect her gender pathetically confused person. the sooner your idiocy in discriminatory behavior is closed down or you'll continue to be
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known platforms the better what's a clown. how do you as a trans flack on your profile and say such transformed scenes get educated. who can wear the t. shirt back in july other member and organized by the campaign group called fair play for women profit didn't go down well with some who complained to the general secretary of the committee she is part of they said she was propagating hate speech against the trans community could now face disciplinary action and lose her seat on the trade union congress committee even though it is sticking to her view that trans people are biologically attached to the sex they were born as we spoke to trans advocate jordan evans who says he views are too controversial for some in the community. i do agree with debbie on a number of things but we don't see eye to eye on everything in regards to this it's why any activist does what they do is to send a message and in debbie's case she wanted to send a message that trans women do often tend to have x.y.
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chromosomes myself included and it is a message that tends to be very controversial in trance or comes to actually in my opinion a greater issue with cancel culture as a whole this is something that we need to have a conversation about not just as a community but as a collective demographic as a generation because there is no end to cancell culture right now there is no. time for redemption no opportunity to actually. from what you've done you have done something wrong and now you must be punished if this goes through and she is severely punished for saying what she has done in the trance monikers a very important part of who i am it's a very important part of my journey i'm a woman with x.y. chromosomes most of the time they tend to exists on social media circles and they have their own followings they lash out at people like debbie because they see her
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approach and they react accordingly they don't resemble people you necessarily see on social media but there are definitely people who exist solely to keep us down. deadly forest fires in the australian state of new south wales have been raging for almost 2 months now firefighters are gearing up for hotter drier and when their conditions next week at the temperature expected to reach 45 degrees celsius amid all of this the country's government has just launched an expensive ad campaign designed to boost tourism having some to wonder about its priorities.
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of us to me. to live their lives if you just need some space now for. tourism australia should be under investigation for false advertising thought i'd has no hope for the current mines offshore prisons smoke show cities the bush was on fire and the car was a bleached deer australia probably not the best time to run a tourism anyway kumi when you have
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a science based climate plan. brits walking into australia out to seeing the kylie minogue tourism ad. that's our wrap up of the day's top news for now but don't forget you can always find us on many of your favorite social media platforms like twitter and facebook for up tonight reports. please. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be rich . but you'd like to be prosperous like the 43 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of the house. question all. the world is driven by driven shaped by the curse of those great.
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the day there's thinks. we dare to ask. the few today there are good dentists and bad evidence the bad news in yemen the united states deems to be a threat the looked at those award in syria the cia and the us military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up the right way military windows funding an army of death squads there's no phones anymore because there's always
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a small car of people for a really good that's good for profit. oh no business no money no you know. it is out now because. you know and you know what you know wolf. people's newsgroup who both because people with. nothing is down it's because. i love to be down it because it's b.s. mean i do not think it's because he needs me happy i knew i wasn't down because he meets me how can i do that because he needs to be popular because i do not sit down because it makes me happy.
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yeah. i am. kind of i think. i am. this is a story from going about people who just love to don's 'd. my name is sucking percy i'm old media this is jackson wanted us in sr i'm joined by she is screwed by using a wall quote i'm a trainee teacher so what's. good. is you who come on. it's all thanks who currently. exists. on class.
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athletics. club as home. for simply. going to school. soccer teams. the night tsiskaridze fox i see that hamas and i used to teach to make any very easy and also to make squads used to all case will come to school on time and if the opposite. sex. since. the global. events.


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