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think. nothing comes. close home. now for the simple. truth is to. stop until. the nights the scrutiny i see sleep and loss and i used to teach to make it a very easy and also to move squat drugs used to all case will come to school on time and if the opposite. sex. to me means. it's
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who the fuck. this self-styled percy jackson comes some of the lightning but he is a unique public servant he's a village schoolteacher the career he chose over joining the army. percy is convinced the teaching is in hans by dunce and he's just launched his own foundation. the already plans to spread his message far beyond gonna person he wants to bring into every classroom in the world. and this is that she stays. behind my house and she says i thought that i counted. and she has the. wire tissue from where.
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and this is very funny. money too so cool. is if he's good. for. both ends of things. throughout filth it's own. he's. happy. to leave. you. 2 guys from different school
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and. bread from dirt or there are going to. do. as i learned to love interaction with case. this. you know these. things. this is my school right. this is the school it is full bore grades me. this is my school. mikey's it's coming meets me i want to come in. and as i'm dive pretend that obviously you know how i did this doj and then i'll see. this my thoughts could also on my kids always know full. you know.
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he's going to be. telling some. it was like me tree. and to me and from my point of view. and he. doesn't think teachers should always demand discipline from their students wife a big making noise and jumping around a good teacher should organize the crowd become its leader. students to channel their energy creatively.
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so. after school she goes to help his cousin in neighboring village. they make stationery supplies and educational props for the school. lease to. keep. the love. i used to come here. to. give more ideas. to. make. our lives to come. out what. makes. the boy trucks. yeah. i remember.
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that on the right in front of you however when i bought a new movie. i did. get to. go see. ya. johnson and see. that it.
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is already out the school cafeteria. the school cafeteria for me is preparing for his class. size book. because the classes are overcrowded 3 students have to share each desk. at this school. all the.
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jim percy is vo if the school can't afford to equip its classrooms he can at least make the classes more entertaining and we're trying to walk that. kid. who i've thought i his approach is simple if you can dance instead of explaining then you should dance. oh i gather what i think. by. the guy in the t. shirt bearing the word director is pussy school friend he helps him make instagram
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videos. and you. know they're discussing percy's next post. on this. and they're not proud at that. instagram is an important part of the foundation it's how the world gets to him of percy's dance philosophy to. visit our in news in the. queue. to get. ugly.
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the drain was in forced a change of plan in. my shoes. because of. the. when i'm shooting if you. please. all of.
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these instagram pages only just starting to gain popularity he already has almost 19 and follow us. inevitably brings haters to. not going to do it you have to go right to the root of things it's. the balance sheet balance sheets is what they should talk about and that's where we can be clever because the dumb why of trying to get the world back from the from the wealthy. this is a water bottle found in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell can. schumer's there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing us
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away industries should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. as soon as cool sets in their plastic. day when you special projects funding me. on i'm your best bet is the end of a footy team but for now the mountains of waste only grow while. as he has been trying to an instagram down song. he accepts the challenge.
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to keep this part of it although for us on a social media no means you out who's who would dislike you you know that morning dislike me more using more she beats me more to mall full throttle. takes us to the house where he grew up and where his my. mother and siblings still
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live. don't you want to know. what. fun. there's margret out yeah or do you think. this is my i'll go for broke. i say. just. because. france not. this is my small. and it's been no
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quiet time i came yes always use is out a whole range will. die down before i know it. and i think of the coming small small you know so very small time. for you because then they have you had those 2 got to make up. a. bit as. he shows us his room. because my room that. i made it to where we do. not say yes i said cross you know i believe in god.
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to be in front of my doors or whatever. that's there might sound system i want to. know and i'll be using it i used to whenever i want to do is did you. say i don't like to go to bed i like to be instrumental then getting out of what i want to step in my skills more. making a mountain. out of that look. i . didn't he. shared. with the life music and. when.
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he could let that he could let this is that. it keeps. i want to be back their way in chad. i love. doing. that because you know. the afternoon percy holds the children's dance clubs in the courtyard of his home. or already a finely tuned. played before. this stuff is for local festivals. so
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prince is already an artist. they play football. a lot to garnish because whereby you possibly going to. play football even though it's. money between dallas and football because it's also a form of german asked a question and also from the boys or from off to monastic so we. which means you. know dallas and some of my case isn't all the know how to. do for the army or to go in there. to get out to make some question as i saw you.
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put boys there from fresh air and making a lot of money out of it and people want to train today due to con so i didn't see pete. today is that last run through in school before the folk dance contest. because he takes charge. folk dancing is still prominent in goanna
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it's even a part of the school curriculum. getting . through as very inspiring it is down to a score or so deep and it's easier to follow when relaxing. is down to score. and it's a one off injury does. this does this chord. and i said roy i doubt this is a phone my dad comes in is that was easier to conform means to show godrej and it's dress and as
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a bit our air missiles as. much to us such as keep the beasts on is very interesting thus i was used to going to. shows for in use. the frog signifies that cut on an easier world in the flag. for the cloud police in the fall when going for her. is down to scorn. is there a collision on downs my 6. month before buying good news in the eastern part of gonna. be up and be with this song i check the same as before and after the committee right. choice signifies confusion. it's to symbolize this community and our album and it selves.
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there for. some with this unity. ticket. is. another day at school but it's quite chilly outside. that's why i eat her breakfast in the hallway. this is. wrong. that. 7 there. prince is getting ready for school to see. his mother has been busy with his little brother so
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breakfast isn't ready yet. he'll eat when he gets to school. the school depends on donations from students so the principal leaves a plastic basin in the classroom for coins donations are always accompanied by a dance. hit in this part of gun on saturday is the day of the dead. it's the day on which people bury and pray for their dead. when someone close dies it's not just a family matter but a socially significant event. for example wakes here look more like fashion parties all kinds of important issues a result of gatherings like this. it is
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a speciality. to be mourned. down in space and nobody in the do it. and i describe how sad. this is how the sadness of death gradually transforms into a celebration of life. chief . coming out along with. going to. last. i do from dropping. them on down as a linguist and their money. and as you can see this is pretty easy and cheap. and then down.
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and he's no money down. to the king and his entourage leave the commoners keep on dancing. just don't symbolizes a simple message. a loved one has gone to a better place should be celebrated. saturday night. with the funeral dance is over it's time to go clubbing percy and his friends set out to relax after the working week. and of course. everyone is dumping. and when you move to change you are now seeing. played with the finale and i sent.
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a very yeah down to the cost. so what this one went to be used. to eat.
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the i'm a girl is like the child in the room it's impulsivity it's narcissism it's us versus them it it's fear the prefrontal cortex is empathy it's compassion it's thinking about the future in terms of what we do today that's where we need to make our decisions based from from the prefrontal cortex unfortunately when we eat the modern diet of our planet or when we watch the news or we spend too much time online we lock in to be a make believe we lock in to the child in the room and we're not able to make good decisions. institutions need to. be put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be present and. want. to do it to be
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close that's what before 3 of them or can't be good. interested always in the waters. there should be. brothers. goulard of them so. my name is drawn more than i was for the imprisoned brothers for issue love my life . case to grab some media attention i mean it's a shooting in a 16 year old's 16 birthday party so so i think the police just held a lot of pressure. to close the case. for a. i mean just it's like somebody goes.
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you know so far that wrong for them to shorten one of these with the search and all of the shooting because i was standing right next to. me for is because you got to keep in mind they wanted you 1617 years old so. you could lose 1. 102 spears. who flew. former this close. very good slow noble truth. logo for those of course you're filming the tsunami coverage through the series of books so. when was she going to go oh.
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this is a load. of the. wiki leaks cast further down on the final report by chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w n n alleged attack in the syrian city of dumont last year internal documents that suggest a cover up may have taken place. police fired tear gas in clashes on the 59th weekend. in paris. and families of americans killed or injured in afghanistan by the taliban suing us contractors for allegedly funding the terror. a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at our church here in moscow
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thanks for joining us this hour.


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