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don't. need to be discreet. we. fight back fight back. promising. increased recycling and collection targets. is objective. to do me. the. strategy
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a good nova. is a. good. place and. there. is. a call. from all. says.
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so but. the collect. the. politicos. we. just. don't like it the. e.u. scheme for a deposit system. system new book. is
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used the moral. says. get to the top value more no pretty. good the year of a. fair . if you. ever they do to. predict.
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a version. before judging the actions let's take a little trip. and for good to be turned 20. we travel to tanzania a country in east africa known for its incredible landscapes unspoiled beaches and the best so far is in africa. however what this promotional film does not specify is that tanzania is also the incredible land of coca-cola. here everyone waits for red and white buses who looks alongside reginald white wolf
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and in the playgrounds children play around red and white the logo is everywhere so off for a while you would stop noticing it. the good news is that in this country you can still find coke bottles made out of reusable glass but this will soon be over. to the american company is doing in tanzania what it did in the united states 50 years ago replacing the glass bottles with plastic ones. and. that's what is going on behind these walls inside one of the 4 coca-cola factories and zinnia. all guide is james. the manager of the new production line
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a production line which only makes plastic bottles today they're producing bottles of phantom one of the numerous brands inside the coca-cola group. everything is automated and the equipment is brand new and the bottles of filth behind this window. and this. by. the 3rd. just to get under their pocketbook or to their lawn mower.
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$86340.00 bottles in 2 and a half hours that a lot of plastic we did the calculations that 10 bottles a 2nd and that's only on mom production line in one of the factories in the country . 5 years ago this factory only fabricated glass bottles but on the day of our visit the production line for glass bottles is almost at a complete standstill. because they want to go the extra week apart from plastic allowed to be where you are doing it but the trick apart from those who are really really in terms of prosthetics that don't stop us it's good to look good for. the aesthetic perhaps but the choice of plastic is essentially unless you glass bottles they are strictly open very tunnels . but. i don't care about their talk i'm only kidding.
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what our guide is trying to say is that plastic doesn't seem to be a problem for the environment in tanzania so it's come back to business to see everyone know i think as a business perspective so he clicked both of us to. defend the cycle. now that our factory visit is finished we can finally show you the wonders of the unforgettable tanzania. unforgettable town that only. here are the real results of coca cola's famous recycling business and just by looking at the waste collectors we were told about it's clear that the recycling business is 1st and foremost a potty economy. that. is
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you'll be a reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a mate in the shallows. burgers
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cereal i do go wrong a lot of them saw. my limited role more than i was sentenced to die in prison by the regime of my life. take a stick grab some media attention and it's a shooting in a 16 year old's 16 birthday party found citing the place to tell a lot of pressure chill close to kids. for years i think just running it's like i couldn't believe those hired. me out so far they are all more than the sure don't want peace be with us that's all of the issues because i was standing right next to. me for is because you got to keep in mind more than doing those 1617 years old so.
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this could lose one booze and loses plunder it does appear that both literally you know the whole food really. formal it is close to. the other goldstone know the truth. it is a long held tradition on cross talk to take stock of the year that is about to pass we have a look at what moved us what changed us and what gave us concern 2019 the good the bad and the of. which. is 50 years old and has 3 children that she is raising by herself. still.
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to feed her family she collects plastic on the beach. but not the best a half hour south of her going to clamber over how to stop the little cup and to play when you get off the last one ball or noticeable enough for the bit like them about an accident you know your mil enough. evidentially sonny is also leaving its mark in tanzania. by working 8 hours a day much i can collect up to 20 kilos of bottles at $250.00 shillings a keynote that's $0.10 she earns less than 2 year olds and that's on a good day. to
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miss someone you don't want them in there i mean after morning when i would buy the reason i asked to get to sit at the scope of the human mind to the young guy that was going to affect him this year because you have been told by the need to share as a citizen but it would seem they are going to be there because the money and then you keep on the tips are going to come up. why the price is down electrical such as in the country and. too much plastic and too many people like mata who collect empty bottles just to scrape by. to bear witness to the most unsustainable side of this savage recycling economy we had. the largest tape in the land dollar salaam the economic capital of the country
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. every time a truck arrives to unload waste it's the same frenzy. they get you out. but not the full gonna get some ice and that was why i got my he's going to. lose stuff unions who are his and i pinned. down you know it's going to depend as a job but with gordon i was a tough. you know joe. you know i sure got gasoline. and so they resort to using their batons to dig through other people's waste you john you know but tell me what you got an actual. would you tell one of us and what
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i did and then get on and go. by asking my name is i am a lawyer 0 to us here. at h. the model moon has already spent 2 years rifling through waste in search of plastic that's more than enough to know that there is only one move to the recycling business here need the strongest make it. can all go where it resides don't go out . so much oh i don't buy it no doubt or know much. more active than about no not at all. it's time to clean the windscreen and head elsewhere. we go to need to people who dictate the new. or on the new market for recycled
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plastic. we find them in the suburbs of dar es salaam. these are the companies who buy plastic bottles this one is the largest in the country. before coming here we never would have been magine filming anything quite like this . a mountain of empty plastic bottles that you have to climb with 70 kilograms on your head. at 1st we are almost fascinated by this blue mountain and the incessant coming and
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going of climbers all smaller than their loads. but then we talk to the workers. yeah but actually it was our. enemy to me. that night. and i'm. not going to get it in the sand throughout the middle of your course that's likely. at the foot of the mountain these workers begin their final sorting session they put the colored bottles and plastic bags to one side. they put the clear bottles into large bags these bottles then go through these machines to be reduced to small pieces before they can be. recycled. and.
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until very recently the company exported this plastic to china the largest buyer of recycled plastic in the world this is the side manager is about to explain to us. yesterday when i was working and asking to collectors it's only surprise when a few months ago and right the way down the wise saying that be my tool by this time we strolled away to save them back in the east i don't think they ready to explode because does not know if you know my kid so what did you do when you couldn't export to china oh i keep on buying we buy and we buy you but you see the money thing this is because you couldn't sell to time oh yeah so it's accumulates. in 2017 china announced that it no longer wanted to be the world's largest rubbish
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bin and that they would stop importing used plastic from january 28th. this decision add to the collapse of the recycled plastic market our precarious business and an economy that rests entirely on the backs of the most vulnerable. back at the coca-cola headquarters we speak to michael goldsman the vice president of the company again. true little ticket because it messed up the year. that says. if. there's a down does that mean we don't. have a fake us govt was if you. says the measure.
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you know as you would expect. the misa. list. yeah. yeah yeah. see. he was at the. city north. to. see. them going called fail meant a nose will be. deceived routine and it. under
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the fair. told. us. that the economy circular economy. business. too. no. easy. day.
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and dark. day on talk of the clay. if. you're involved in the race out there. don't. act.
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t.s.a. . don't pay. it. is only more time you do the. same. no to put a value. in value or appraiser v. v. and. while the. best your own do sort of plastic it all
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may on class rican system for you a problem. do you really did. supposing me on that i don't. agree on a trend. towards i need. it to suit me for we for all of in your doesn't know what i mean that's for the terror. doesn't. class the members all of the system. here the system does. your own. clique you put it where you teasing. you.
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you know. why do you do plastic. cowboy and. mate. if in a fast you don't. trust the system for sure i collect the money with coca-cola you can still taste the feeling in plastic bottles 0 waste does not mean 0 plastic and the promise of a circular economy is very far away to conclude our investigation a single statistic will suffice during the length of this film nearly 13000000 bottles of plastic been sold by the coca-cola group throughout the world.
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taxes are not going to do it you have to go right to the root of things it's. the balance sheet balance sheets is what they should talk about and that's where we can be clever because taxation is the dumb one of trying to get the wealth back from the from the wealthy. my newest sarkozy. has to just say don't see it's a. good. thing when you know we've got to get it out. because it's proofs of the new. deal they're nice to speak to us and i. you don't succeed to make it very very easy
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no suits me school on drugs used to people. who. know. who cooks who falls who comes because who calls you really he's trying to fit in music but. i love to dance because he makes me copy i love to dance because he meets me in copy play and moved from the area. and when he moved to. be on dialysis it's because his spot on my ass. loves to go. public on. i doubt. but others see through it i do the room lardo
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in the room. my name is drawn more than i was for this to die in prison by the regime of my life. take a stick grab some media attention and it's a shooting in a 16 year olds to 16 birthday party. so i think the police tell a lot of pressure choose to close the case. for you. just bunk it's like i couldn't believe those higher. you know so far they are all for the sure don't want peace be with us that's all the shooter because i will stay right next to. me for hours before you go if you don't mind one soon those 1617 years old so. this could lose mondays and i just wonder if the spirit of truth. who food really.
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for more than just cars during world goldstone now the truth. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. for her the 1st not a month. to go to get the loosened up who thinks how close you can get to the shredder and get rid of it fantastic but here oh let me alone i am saying good riddance to the cast that i have been to
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a lot of what i want to. do . but even pitching calls donald trump to thank him for information which helped prevent terrorist attacks on saying petersburg during the new year holiday. in stores it showed the week 12 people were killed after a passenger plane crashed moments after takeoff new kinds of stands largest city el monte dozens more are being treated in hospital. as the wealthiest us presidential candidates multi-billionaire michael bloomberg apologizes after his team use prison life to promote his election campaign.
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could even face joining as you watch in the weekly here on a.


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