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tv   News  RT  December 29, 2019 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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putin calls donald trump to thank him for information that helped full a nuclear terrorist plot in st petersburg. and in the stories that shaped the week a passenger plane crash in kazakhstan kills 12 people on the dozens injured plus. u.s. presidential candidate michael bloomberg a poll of johnson's on his team used prison labor to promote the billionaire's election campaign. you're watching the weekly here on our 2 international armors on the welcome to the program now a lot of putin has personally thank donald trump for a tip off from u.s.
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intelligence that helped intercept a terror plot in st petersburg medina kitchen of a reports russia's federal security service detain 2 people that were allegedly planning to carry out terrorist attacks in the city of st petersburg now according to the security service these people in question were planning terrorist attacks in crowded places during the new year celebrations it was also reported that avid and shedding light on some of their intentions was also found the scene well they were being detained russian federal security service a mage's these a rest on the 27th of december following information that was received from their american colleagues now some may say that it was a significant step in the relationships between the 2 countries and in a telephone conversation the russian president vladimir putin thanked his american counterpart die. for this piece of data that help prevent these attacks they
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prevented what could have been a tragic catastrophe as the city of san petersburg russia's northen capital is packed with people during new year holidays so this piece of information how to prevent a horrible situation indeed both presidents discussed a range of pressuring issues they agreed to continue cooperation in the fight against terrorism actually last time they spoke was in july and in person they mad back in june at the g. 20 summit in japan at the time the meeting was said to be quite long and productive so it seems that both sides trying to keep the line of contact open respect chris for the former head of the counterterrorism security office uses the case highlights the need for cross border intelligence sharing. what it does as well is that we live in such an interconnected world now that intelligent sources
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the us of obviously go are also dealing with people and planning incidents in. and i think we're going to see more of this because because of the use of internet telephones these interconnected groups able to strike anywhere across the world you can only hope that countries work together not only against terrorism but the bigger thing actually possibly even bigger than terrorism is organized crime because organized criminals are wreaking havoc across the world at the moment we've seen people murdered in london and other countries recently a lot to do with drugs and of course this is this is a big problem for all companies. now today some stories that shape the week kazakstan this held a day of mourning for the 12 people killed in a plane crash on friday dozens more were injured in the tragedy including children
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the aircraft lost altitude just after takeoff from the country's largest city on mattie on a domestic flight it clipped a concrete barrier and crashed into a building in a residential area investigators are looking at 3 possible causes of the tragedy a pilot error a technical malfunction and bad weather here's how events unfolded. sure . sure. here's a. bit of a pick a new. car to give you the freedom summer a look at a recent river just last. night where as the shows it was a war of the peregrine it's a report he would consider the perception it will see. not . like google didn't mention
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a dog abuser. even had no memory mcgivney going to have. any. issues he knew i should just play i thought strong jolt and the left wing literally seconds later the plane began to rock back and forth like both i began to tighten my belt panic doret a big gun that children had started crying when the plane began to go dollars ok it was clear that would definitely go into crash which i braced myself for the impact then the sewing caved in the mergence the door was open so we jumped on the wing and the can slip in because it was icy we helped each other to get down. a little you. well geoffrey thomas from airline ratings dot com gave us his thoughts on what might have gone wrong. early indications point to 2 possible causes one
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is that as we can see snow snow everywhere it was very very cold icing conditions and it may well have been that the plane was not correctly d.i.i. still not be arsed at all and if there's a build up of ice on the wing. as soon as the plane takes off you're going to have a situation where you get the lift over the top of the wing the air over the top of the wing is disturbed therefore you lose lift the plane or you reach now 2 to 40 feet and then crash back to earth. and the other thing we but there's a possibility there was an engine problem we know the aircraft reached takeoff speed of about 175 miles an hour and then quickly that speak quickly to within a 2nd or 2 of takeoff back to 148 and that's when all the data was lost. so awesome the engine problem possible icing problem on the wings.
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us democratic presidential hopeful michael bloomberg has apologized for the use of prison labor by his campaign team female inmates were recruited to call up voters although bloomberg himself denies he knew what was happening we only learned about this when the reporter called us but as soon as we discovered which friend a subcontractor had done this we immediately ended our relationship with the company and the people who hired them imagine being so rich you have people who have people who have prisoners to do stuff for you agence being so rich you don't even bother to check what you are spending millions of dollars on. rita rating we sad indeed when we learn a vendor of a vendor of a vendor used prison labor we did know about it and we never would have allowed it we don't believe in this practice and we immediately stop working with pro com and
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the people who hired them so so how do you do it pay someone to pay someone to tell them mike bloomberg is a big spender he was last to do in the presidential race and he has already outspent all the other democrat candidates on campaign advertising i mean the guy has so much money he doesn't seem to have the time to check what he spent a good dog but there's credit michael bloomberg did promise america more work just to. get ahead. for president jobs creator. problems. right america more jobs even if you don't particularly want them what makes it much much worse is that many of the prisons in the states a private run for profit and there are laws that force people to work so if you are in a jail and you are told to work you have to you'll be punished sometimes they pay you
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as much as $20.00 a month that's right $20.00 a month now here's the irony mike bloomberg billionaire one of the richest people in america was essentially paying for what is a slave labor to cool people apparently tell them that he's a good guy wait the bloomberg is he was paying someone to pay someone to tell everyone what a good guy he is trump says he wants to run the nation like he's running is business god help us. everybody says stuff that comes back to bite them but when billionaires do it it's generally an order of magnitude. it gets. worse the further you dig when he launched his campaign his media bloomberg news sent out a letter thousands of its journalists pledging to uphold its principle of not investigating its own or this is the sort of person mike is mike bloomberg started
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as a middle class kid to work his way through college and built a business from a single room to a global entity creating tens of thousands of good paying jobs along the way. there . you probably shouldn't but he didn't let me continue he became richer year after year he made really a selling bank is ludicrous the priced products all gadgets the same bankers who threw unbridled greed set off the 2000 a 5 actual crash the province tens of millions of people of homes of life savings and jobs. michael bloomberg for president. michael bloomberg is ranked number 9 in the world on the forbes rich list but investigative journalist a friend of believes that does not necessarily make him a good candidate for president. really shouldn't be acceptable for anybody liberal
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or conservative to use prison labor it's forced labor. is a multi-billionaire is worth $50000000000.00 he's made his money by you know not paying attention to things like that. he's not concerned about the little guy and which i guess becomes you know if you're if you're supposedly a democrat you're concerned about the. enormous big problem i think it's going to hurt him a lot i don't know where people get the idea that the great savior for democrats in the race to get stroppy has almost no poll support all the money. traditionally done that well running for office it's. you know you got to have money to run for president but when you have that much money i think that most people are pretty suspicious motets running for office. 2 people have been killed
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in a texas shoot saying we'll have that story. is like the child in the room it's impulsivity it's narcissism it's us versus them it's fear the prefrontal cortex is empathy it's compassion it's thinking about the future in terms of what we do today that's where we need to make our decisions based from from the prefrontal cortex unfortunately when we eat the modern diet of our planet or when we watch the news or we spend too much time online we lock in to be a make believe we lock in to the child in the room and we're not able to make good he says.
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wow i'm feeling it 2020 should be a whopper. of . a gunman opened fire inside a church in texas on sunday killing one person and seriously injuring another the shooter was killed in return fire from 2 members of the congregation the incident happened during a service in the town of white settlement the local chief of police has praised the 2 church guys who took out the attack. so today at approximately 11 50 am a government in or the west freeway church of christ what's on the texas during
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a church service deployment reports indicated that the man in the church and part of weapon a couple of members of the church returned bar. striking the suspect who died at the scene project where the person shot by the suspect died a local hospital and a 2nd person or is has lath threatening injuries injuries well just before the texas shooting a few hours before in fact a machete attack on a synagogue in new york state left 5 people injured 2 of them in critical condition donald trump expressed support for the victims and urged americans to quote fight the evil scourge of anti semitism. the attack happened during a hand a capacity police arrested a suspect soon after the instant and a counterterrorism unit is monitoring the situation and police have now named the suspect as grafton thomas aged $37.00 he has been charged with attempted murder
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although the motive remains unclear the new york state governor has called it an act of domestic terrorism. this is why i won't. buy you hate it is mass violence. semitism. medicare's in the area. completely unacceptable. in the specially during this time of peace and we don't understand you know what the motivation is for all this is just pure hatred well this follows a spike in hate crimes against jews in the region there have been 7 anti semitic instance in new york city this week alone and less than a month ago shooting at a kosher supermarket in jersey city left for dead the israeli prime minister has condemned the latest incident so israel strongly condemns the latest surge of
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anti-semitism and the brutal attack in the middle of hanukkah holiday at the white house the monsey new york we send our wishes of recovery to the wounded we will cooperate in every way with the local authorities to help eradicate this phenomenon we offer this help to every country or political analyst olivier graph of it says the rise in anti semitic instance could encourage immigration to israel. i think that it's a global problem all over the world especially in europe though also in america where the jewish communities they were settled when the jews are in trouble all over the world. is the only place safe place to be now of course we can rely on those allegations of our government to prevent such attacks but if the situation is getting worse and worse. is of course the place to be for jules was in danger too as the case. is 70 years ago it is still the case.
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ukraine and the self-proclaimed people's republics in the east of the country have completed a prisoner swap president selenski was a kiev airport to meet 76 people released by the breakaway regions it goes down of has more on this story. well we do have some official figures finally we do know for a fact that more than a 100 people to part in this war in the swap in total for instance we do know that has sent some 61 people former prisoners to the territories of the self-proclaimed and peoples republics and those breakaway regions in turn have sent 76 of their former prisoners back to kiev now this whole thing was only possible because of the normandy for all of the latest round of the normandy for talks when vladimir putin for the 1st time met the ukrainian president for them as lenski
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under german chancellor angela merkel and the french president a manual necron being there as well this was one of the one of the things one of the agreements that they reached during that meeting in paris now this war has seen there have been a few hitches and if you said backs of to this what for instance we do know that at least 2 people 2 persons refused to take part in. he refused to go back from donetsk and lugansk republics regions for one reason or another also all saw 5 former members of burke could police unit an elite police unit that took part in dispersing the protests the protests the modern uprising back in back when it happened they were part of this war too and they didn't go well with some people because some people in ukraine the share a rather radical stance the rather radical view look on what's going on on the
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war and so on and what happened on the my done and they share not just animosity but pure hatred towards former birchard members so yesterday there was a court hearing in kiruv in the ukrainian capital on the fate of the of of those 5 persons now they were released which effectively that's why that's how it became possible for them to become part of the swap and those more radically inclined individuals they they didn't take it well that you showed up at the courts at the courts doors they clashed with the police chanting slogans like death to burkhard and so on and so forth but so far it looks that the prisoners will put overall has been a success which is a major step for the wall for the sides for the currently warring sides. now it is something of a tradition for the holiday season for world leaders heads of state and major organizations to deliver annual greetings they usually wrap up the passing year and
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generally express hope for a prosperous and happy future but it seems this time there are a few peculiar messages around saskia taylor explains. christmas the time of year when people gather together to celebrate the bonds of friendship and family as a side note also a very awkward period for the brits have to regular engage an eye contact except well wishes and feign merriment all at the same time sorry this is not my weekly therapy session but anyway we've all grown tired of repeating the same old merry christmas and in a bid to keep good old yuletide going and make it all trendy in 21st century all the world over people are getting creative with the traditional greeting sometimes though they know how to best put it misjudged the mood while some gingerbread houses we do so i get to go with them $35.00 jet merry christmas to christian soldiers and to those celebrating around the world i'm a big fan of gingerbread but one in the shape of an f.
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$35.00 jet which are regularly used to conduct strikes over gaza just hours after the i.d.f. admitted that a raid in the gaza strip can now and members of a single family was a mistake i think i'll give it a miss as apparently will many others yes nothing says merry christmas like a freaking war machine or your missing you some gingerbread bombs to drop on some gingerbread palestinians maybe the i.d.f. had a brainstorm session with donald trump because his festive wishes also struck a somber tone i think someone forgot to tell him that joy is a contractual obligation in december on behalf of the entire from family we wish everyone a joyous merry christmas can you blame him it's the end of the year world todd poor thing couldn't even hide the fact he was reading off a prompter though he does have other things on his plate i suppose like his possible removal from office even is usually bellicose tweets have been a bit like cluster of late no caps lock no explanation marks kind of thing also
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jumping in head fast to the whirlpool of christmas for parts us customs and border protection they congratulated santa for not scaling any walls sorry chimneys this year. and applying for his visa on time like you'd expect it went down like a sack of presents hundreds of kids in texas are spending christmas eve taking care of each other freezing cold insufficient food water medical attention hygiene resources no contact with their parents many as young as one who brought gifts for these kids. he missed the stop and across the pond things want much better queen elizabeth the 2nd film test 67th christmas speech you think after all these years she'd have it down pat but it's been a tough year for poor queenie what with prince andrew clearly not being a natural in t.v. interviews perry marrying an american divorcee said divorcée crying on t.v. about being bullied by the very people who pay the heating bill at buckingham palace harry saying that he and william are fighting harry being
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a climate activists while jetting around a private jets her story not my weekly therapy session so instead of the usual merry christmas one and all they got this and return filled. with small steps can make a world of difference. a very legal way of defining being on the brink of a constitutional crisis our fingers crossed hoping your son didn't spend nights sweating away with a convicted sex offender and then the icing sugar on top of the your blog the un decided to pick the day christ was born to talk about how motherhood is a real chore which will apparently leave you poor bond employed and most likely gender discriminated against i wonder if mary and joseph consider these downsides as the road to bethlehem so yeah it's tough to know how to wish people while at this time of year but i don't want to miss out on the fun so mary day the christ was born but only if you recognize christ i'm not forcing anything on you so let's just say it's a winter holiday if the time winter doesn't offend this is
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a safe space after all totally up to you how you want to celebrate this day or not your call. well that is the weekly will be back here at the top of the hour with another round up see that. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. high salacious community. are you going the right way or are you being. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the
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depths. or a maybe in the shallows. taxes are not going to do it you have to go right to the root of things it's assets and debts at the balance sheet balance sheets that's what they should talk about and that's where we can be clever because taxation is the dumb why of trying to get the wealth back from the from the wealthy. it is a long held tradition on cross talk to take stock of the year that is about to pass we have a look at what moved us what changed and what gave us concern us 2019 the good the bad and the of. today there are good terrorists and bad attitudes the bad news in yemen the united states deems to be a threat the good those who work in syria the cia and the u.s.
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military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up right away military windows funding an army of death squads there's no posts anymore because there's always a small people willing to cut this. profit. business what in the hell we. know cause it looks. you know. the. people's needs both because people with. nothing down it's because. i love to be down it because it's me it's me i do not see this because of me how
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i knew i wasn't gone because he meets me option i did not do not because he needs to. not sit down because it makes. yeah. i know i don't think i'm. tied down. this is a story from gonna about people who just enough to dumps. my name is sucky. i'm an old social media as the jackson. seems to be i'm joined by c.s. screwed by using a wall quote i'm a trainee teacher so what's. the use of.
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well thanks who currently. on plans. for africa. plans from. now for the simple. truth is to. stop until. the night tsiskaridze fox i.c.c. and hamas and i used to teach to make any very easy and also to move squat drugs used to all case will come to school on time and if the opposite. sex. isn't.
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that the. 2. events. in. the fact. this self-styled percy jackson come some of the lightning but he is a unique public servant he's a village schoolteacher a career he chose over joining the army. percy is convinced the teaching is in hans by dunce and he's just launched his own foundation. the already plans to spread his message far beyond gonna person he wants to bring done into every classroom in the world.
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and this is. she's the. we are in my house and she said those are some i thought i counted and she has the. right to sue from where. this is very farms. mining to show who. is is if he's good. for. these things. throughout filth it's only.


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