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tv   News  RT  December 31, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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moscow brings in the new year and a new decade fireworks bright lights and cheering crowds in the streets of russia's capital welcome 2020. and as our review of the key news events shake 2900 continues we shed some light on the impeachment saga. meanwhile hundreds attempt to storm the u.s. embassy in baghdad after last week's deadly american airstrikes on iraq diplomatic staff including the ambassador importantly been evacuated from the compound.
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life from moscow where it's just passed through in the morning now you're watching international a big happy new year to you from all of us here. in our new decade has indeed begun here in moscow we entered 2023 hours ago and the celebration is in full swing but what you're seeing behind me right now a light pictures from london so let's take a look at how it was done in other parts of the world as well. well to see how moscow born in the new decade here's our correspondent there right
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in the heart of the russian capital. i'm quite literally standing underneath the fire was in the ferry center i've got to basel is right behind you can hear the crowds going wild and then to my boy i've got this tower i'm just a couple of moments ago we had the much anticipated 12 midnight chimes from the tower that's the most famous clock tower within the kremlin's walls and it's really become the face the symbol of new year here and russia so 2020 is officially upon us just now you saw on your screens of course the spectacular fireworks display that was just erupting right in front of my eyes over the river must be an all across the night's sky they launched this year a record 35000 solvers from 11 locations were actually right next to one of the locations and that was all of course to ensure that we had the most spectacular the race unbeatable performance of night and color and of sounds that no one down here
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was left disappointed and if the reaction of that crowd just below us is anything to go by it all lived up to the hype the people and are out in force today that way from spock is that singing that dancing the hugging strange as i can see there of course popping champagne not even the rain could dampen this crowd spirit and unfortunately yes we did have rain we do woman december and $133.00 yes and it was so dire in fact the local authorities had to bring in some artificial snow for some of the decorations in the sun to the way it's very clear that all these party goers are going to be out and about well into the early hours of the morning that could we would be round soaking up the atmosphere and taking advantage of everything that is on offer in my goodness is there a lot from carousels to concepts from ice skating to food markets and daunte sauce and all the while the beaver to stroll through a fairy tale mosque that's been decked out with dazzling decorations and light
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displays. nothing of course more dazzling than the tree in front of the kremlin at the far end of red square towers above us this year at 22 meters high it's weighed down by an astonishing 3 and a half 1000 decorations and to top it all off the house overlooking 3 kilometers of light snaking the way all the way up to the start at the top and it's precisely this magical fiber that moscow has at this time of year that brings in on average 5000000 people to the capital in the holiday week many of them do of course choose to flood into the epicenter that is red square and you really can't blame them because a russian saying goes that if you see in the new year here on red square you're in for a year of good luck and who would want to pass up on that i would have met those somehow probably opted for coziness and walked over a party along the kremlin walls and i'll be at home gathered with family and friends thinking champagne glasses feasting on traditional new year's dishes and of
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course exchanging gifts and tonight all across russia children will be looking out their windows and awaiting eagerly a visit from jet models who is russia's father christmas here in moscow one of the last to welcome 2020 with open arms russia has 11 time zones across her vast territory in the far east things appropriately winding down but not here hit the parties are just getting started so from myself from the thousands of revelers here in the very beating heart of mother russia welcome to a new year welcome to a new decade let's hope these twenty's are as roaring as the last. well now that we're firmly in 2020 let's take a moment to look back at some of the key news events that shaped 2019.
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so let's take a look at what else dominated headlines during 2019 all topics the streets of rage disrupt in chief and miracles happen let's look at the top one 1st streets of rage what are we seeing yellow vests hong-kong back in america of course as protests street protests gripped cities all over the world chief among them potentially is paris in fact the whole of france it seems was affected by a kind of yellow fever so let's take a look here. there you have it on themselves the other bestiality bensky reports now on the protest movement that shook things up every weekend last year. as 29000 winds up in front since that time move reflection was a good g.a.a. what gifts did it bring well there were plenty from the government but many seemed to go down like a lead balloon and people took to the streets time and time again. yes
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we all know the french all famous for striking protesting but in 2019 it felt like that there was something picking at old wounds its theme of a year with home going protests and into professional strikes throughout the year one protest movement. every saturday without fail the yellow vests took to the streets. a movement in 2018 but it left that small cone 2019 the yellow vests one to
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change in the social fabric in france they've charged to the streets in anger of what they see as being a hugely unequal country with a growing divide between the rich and the poor mccaughan had given them concessions but they were rejected week after week the yellow vests and the police clashed thousands on both sides injured. then you may want the climate strikes led by phone says use they took to the streets to decry the country more so doing enough to join the freud a city just strikes president michael was incensed and demanded that they take that
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action elsewhere. every friday to save the planet is burning that's nice but that is not the problem people should go protest in poland help me move those i cannot push forward. and of course ending the year has been the big one and nationwide strike against pension reform. the public transport strike has brought most of the country to a standstill i don't know what sparked it was the plan was to merge 42 different pension schemes into a universal points based system and if you know anything about the french use to mess with that we're toying with it so as 2002 was too close there was only one
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question to ask those who take into the streets would not call me after all the unwanted gifts he presented to the french this year be all full the christmas is naughty or nice list he is a naughty child the bastard sure and i hope he will not have any presents from father christmas i think that it's father with 3 who is coming to see him i know i think someone should tell my craw on that father christmas doesn't exist at all as if he was a child i am not sure that he would have a lot of presents this year because he has not been very wise he did not listen to his people. no t.v. no t.v. it's not nice to see you i think that he will be deprived of gifts this year and also next year. well now we can take a look at one of the other news events from the year that was 2019 year old trump making the headlines he's even take a look at that disrupts in chief. he has even been impatient which doesn't
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seem to be bothering him too much much as the scream doesn't bother me too much. to both explains how the house of representatives vote in favor of peach may not have had the effect that democratic party wanted president dr slamming house speaker nancy pelosi says of going to lay she's ready to return the same sort of story to the surface yet so are you sick and tired of it yet every single day there's a fresh delusion of stories about donald trump and his impeachment not just in the usa but around the world increasingly it seems like the u.s. public is suffering from what could be described as impeachment fatigue. so why are people getting bored and tired over something that could be
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a dramatic saga of the democrats attempt to bring down the american president well it could be that donald trump has already been investigated and exonerated over russia collusion a rise to mr speaker. to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america talking about a president who fired the f.b.i. director who was investigating the president for his connections to russian involvement in the presidential election the public breathed a sigh of relief thought it was all over but then it got going again it didn't work with russia so now it's ukraine this week the president has admitted to asking the president ukraine to take actions which would benefit him politically therefore today i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry now once the ukraine stuff got going it got to be
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a little bit long winded the witnesses repeated the same facts over and over and over again and democrats warned that it could be a long process but there is no limit on the number of the senate. or not a president no limit to the number of times the house can vote to impeach or not a president if the senate doesn't vote to convict trump or tries to monkey with his trial he could of course be retried in the new senate should he win reelection and repeating yourself over and over again is a sure fire way of becoming popular no one is above the law and that includes the president of the united states in pietschmann is the way we establish that this man will not be permitted to break the law over and over without consequences if we don't reckon with president trump's persistent transgressions the very foundation.
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of this great republic is at risk now polls show the us public would prefer congress actually address some of the problems facing the country not spend their time squabbling with the white house though to set times of democrats petty politics and basis we chant what i'm hearing out in the street with most people is they're kind of tired they're kind of worn out they're kind of bored your folks and they really want to move on unless there's something new and amazing we know the end game there how did you tune in for the last hearing of the impeachment extravaganza mainstream media seems to give the impression that the whole country is watching the impeachment hearings but in reality they aren't viewership of the 1st impeachment hearing was roughly 13800000 do the math that's about 5 percent of the u.s. public now when richard nixon was facing impeachment hearings decades ago roughly 71 percent of american citizens tuned in big difference so we decided to talk to
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new yorkers and see how excited they are about the impeachment process referring to i don't look at the more because this is a real thing i know i'm not i think it's an important story and you get a personal moment of our history of wasting valuable time nothing is getting done i don't need to go through every single process out so i try to watch some of it on the drudge but then again i've been watching bits and pieces and this sense of surrounding information about it it's enough for ready it's not going anywhere and nothing is going to come out of this with the president's going to be removed and you know people want the country to get on with the business at hand that needs to be address and i'm pretty sure it's bogus as 2020 rolls around americans are unsure of what the new year will bring however one thing does seem to be pretty clear there will be plenty of congressional hearings and senate debates on capitol hill
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whether the u.s. public is interested in them or. not caleb oppen r.t. new york well now we can go to one of the more sort of feel good stories from the air which is in miracles happen and let's take a look at it field of dreams here's one from last year that was an inspiration it's about professionalism bravery and also a bit of luck that's when a bird strike caused a ural allan's flight to crash land in a cornfield outside moscow terrifying of course but everyone on board survived.
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i don't already have a. look at the surface to live up. there was no panic on board even though the landing was rough the pilot did a great job she landed the plane really captures to tell us please how do you feel now did you her to well. you know it's better than if i was there lying on the field so everything is rather good the landing was good the file is did a great job landed the plane on its belly everything is fine. up to reach to call the engines became unstable 1st the left one and then the right
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one. we usually simulate these situations when one or 2 engines out despite all i want to know that the plane was going down i realized that we didn't have much time just one or 2 minutes to make a decision. while $29.00 t. was a year of extraordinary variety both good and bad and all video agency ruptly was right across everything. it was good it was.
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it doesn't really feel like we're being impeached now it's the news of today hundreds of iraqis have demonstrated their i go outside the us embassy in baghdad threatening to storm the compound will be back with that story after this short break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world the politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you than.
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anyone else seems wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape out just to come out to. and in detroit because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. is. wow i'm feeling it 2020 should be a whopper. now
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turning to some headline news hundreds of iraqis have attempted to storm the u.s. embassy in baghdad with some of the protesters starting a fire there reportedly demanding its closure most american forces exit the country iraq's popular mobilization forces say around 2 dozen people have been injured at rallies in and around the compound the nation's prime minister has urged the assembled crowd to leave the embassy warning of a tough response if they don't then rest comes after american bombing raids in iraq and syria cope 25 of the week out. i. know it was a. coup was to i were us president donald trump has already laid the blame on iran promising it will pay a very big price for the attack on the embassy in washington has decided to
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redeploy $100.00 marines from kuwait to reinforce the embassy the u.s. central command says the additional marines were requested by the state department and the deployment has been approved by iraqi security forces. earlier my colleague union and we'll discuss the situation with our middle east correspondent paula slater and michelle greenstein from r.t. america. paulette let's go to you 1st the protests there they show little signs of relenting what do we know about today's over full circle at this stage they show no sign of dissipating we know and we've received reports that the american embassy staff including the ambassador have been evacuated from the compound but these reports come as we continue to hear that iraqi security forces are firing tear gas on the crowds to try and get them to disperse now many of the people there who are attending one of several syllables that was organized on tuesday for some of the victims of sunday's american airstrikes and it does as you mentioned the situation at the moment is far from being under control earlier the american ambassador was
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summoned for an explanation of the american strikes that targeted some 5 sites belonging to the cutter hizbullah armed group now this is a group that emerged after the american invasion of iraq in recent times it has repeatedly been involved in attacks against american forces it is also one of the main shia groups that has been fighting islamic state in syria and in iraq now according to the americans the sunday air strike was carried out in retaliation for . a bomb attack on its base in quetta cook during which one american contractor was killed as of yet there's been no confirmation for that attack but the pentagon insists that the hizbollah group was behind it now the iraqi prime minister has slammed these strikes closely on what happened yesterday was a clear aggression it was not right and we tried to stop it but the u.s. insisted and very unfortunately this thing happened i said this was
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a very dangerous matter and to discuss it to face to face with the responsible parties not only by phone but he said the decision has been made and i am informing you of this now the protests began on sunday night after the american strikes when hundreds of people took to the streets of baghdad condemning the americans and at the same time expressing support for the militia they burnt american and israeli flags and were chanting slogans such as down with america and no 2 america ok well let's cross to michele greene who is in washington d.c. for some of the reaction from the u.s. michelle what have we been hearing there well for one thing we have u.s. president donald trump insisting that iran is orchestrating this attack on the on the embassy in baghdad we also have senator marco rubio who doubted the theory that the u.s. in any way brought this attack on the embassy upon themselves take a listen room killed an american contractor wounding many we strongly responded in
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ways we'll know iran is orchestrating an attack on the u.s. embassy in iraq they will be held fully responsible in addition we expect iraq to use its forces to see. iran is directly responsible for orchestrating the storming of the u.s. embassy in iraq and must be held accountable for it and the safety of every american serving there now we also have the state department special representative for iran brian hoke emphasizing that sunday's air strike was just a. offensive action take a listen one of the things that we want to emphasize is that this was a defensive action that was designed to protect american forces and american citizens in iraq we're also working on the mission of restoring to terence against iranian aggression now in terms of a response from the u.s. press we have the washington post bureau chief for iraq to syria and lebanon explained to her readers that the embassy had been stormed not by the iraqi people but by qatar even has been lost supporters and we also had c.n.n.
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anchor jake tapper retreat and analysis by former national security advisor to the top administration john bolton in which he declared the demonstrations as a sign of iranian control over militia groups not a sign of a rocky anti americanism and this is all of course despite the crowd outside the embassy shouting down down usa. well that is your update for now i'll be back here with the rest of the team at the top of the out to bring you more news from around the world happy new year. i'm going to fulfill the repeated purposes ok probably to the people and come on you know we've all pots. beautifully written pretty. much.
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now you want to 1st. know. all the. big. good politicians to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want. to go right to cross the sea like the full story in the morning can't be good. i'm interested
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always in the winds in the. first city. on this edition of crossfire we answer questions sent to us by you the viewers we received quite a few questions here we do our best to answer some of them. this is broadcast around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century i've been sworn and i'm christiane washington we have a special shout focusing on crypto currency has what we have. as political turmoil rocked government and paid currency crisis our citizens trying to cut down dig into the details but one thing up while we had the chance to catch up with legendary
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laughter and stop hiding out rockers back to discuss the state of the world's most popular. and well we didn't look at the positive growth of cryptocurrency not everyone is on board all of singapore because he spoke with investor and author jim rogers to discuss his skepticism over the growing class. thanks for being with us today a lot to get to so we begin. over the span of the past few years we have seen turmoil grip several parts of the globe from hong kong where months of unrest have shaken what was a previously financial haven in east asia to iran and venezuela were saying have taken a toll on the economies of those nations and because of the rise of the upheaval in those countries we've also seen a boom in between mining and the use of crypto currencies in order to circumvent financial issues jeffrey tucker of the american institute of economic research and christy i recently joined bridge aboard ceremony as they are going to analyze how global unrest may have been beneficial for
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a growing cryptocurrency sector. and you know we have to remember that krypto was born in this exactly this kind of unrest it was 2008 when the white papers were these 2009 january 2009 when the big coin was released to the world there's a lot of incredulity of the time but smart people got in on it and you know 5 years later started looking pretty awesome now here is love and years later later yes it is now a safe haven for the world and you need you need that. you know we've needed it for a 100 years ever since the governments around the world took over the banking system and put in question whether or not we really own our deposits we need some independent of wealth and i think because as is becoming that that decline another crypto currency is also you mentioned venezuela there are many many different crypto currencies that are being used there and there are now thousands of them and they're all fungible one with another each other it's a wonderful technology and.


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