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tv   News  RT  January 2, 2020 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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we dared to ask. join me every day on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to yes. i'm sure. i'll see you then. turkey's parliament approves a bill to deploy troops to libya in order to be embattled un recognized government in tripoli reaction coming in. the top u.n. rights experts say the united states whistleblower chelsea mumming for refusing to testify against wiki leaks founder julian assange. to. police in hong kong make hundreds of arrests on new year's day as an estimated
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1000000 people turned out for the 1st big beijing protest 2020. live from moscow to the world this is r.t. international my names you know me hello and welcome. the turkish parliament has voted to block the un recognized government in libya giving a green light to a troop deployment their president urged on donald trump really discuss the development in a phone call lawmakers approved the motion during an emergency session on thursday libya has been in a state of war since protests in 2011 and the ousting of the country's leader moammar gadhafi in recent months the u.n. backed government has been losing ground to the rival administration of general harley for huffed are who leads the libyan national army the government of national accord formally requested military aid from last month but general have terrorist
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forces currently control most of libya's territory including crucial oil and gas resources. well the arab league believes that the point of turkish troops will further escalate the conflict in libya neighboring egypt has also strongly condemned the decision saying it would hold turkey fully responsible for any negative repercussions or. more. he knows at this emergency station took place this afternoon in and we did see opposition from the main opposition party and their major concern is really that of tensions in libya and that is a concern that's being expressed here across the region that number one we could see the libyan situation becoming more and more inflated and at the same time tensions trickling over elsewhere into the region now the initial mandate we understand is that ships will be sent for a period of one year of course saying that this deployment is vital for turkey for
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her interests in libya and also her interests in the eastern mediterranean last month and agreement was signed between and libya and according to the turkish president in that agreement he was requested by the tripoli prime minister fires to send such troops the government has been. embroiled in fighting with the military command of police i have talked and he's national now they've been unable to reach the city of tripoli but there has been particularly in recent weeks a lot of fighting the capital. but we welcome onto the program the. political analyst felt that t r t world news channel good to see you what is turkey's goal here and her likely is it that deploying turkish troops to libya will actually exacerbate the violence in the country. when everyone looks at libya people are thinking gas and oil eastern
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mediterranean but this deal this maritime deal with libya signed november 27th is so much more than just discovering oil and gas in the eastern mediterranean it's protecting turkey's national security and its sovereignty for years greece and greek cypriots other rivals have been encroaching on turkey's turkey's rights in the eastern mediterranean and this deal basically this whole thing this encroachments and exception of the eastern mediterranean by protecting this maritime deal that was signed with the g.n.a.t. we know that there's tremendous pressure now on the d.n.a. says the deal has been signed up dissolved sense of on tripoli and this troop deployment will be important now what kind of powers that were a little bit you said what kind of size is it going to be will it be enough do you think to ensure a huff towards the feet which is what turkey i suggest was. what turkey doesn't
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want defeat or at least turkey's not going there to combat at least not initially i expect a small the point probably a very immediate deployment of around 200 marines there as a advise in this training role the turkish defense minister stated that we don't plan on sending any combatant troops. the vice president has even hinted hops are stops all offensive we may rethink a deployment but that kind this seems a little a little farther away now as the situation is quite dire in tripoli's so i expect a very immediate deployment of $200.00 marines there to serve as a stopgap at least raise the cost of hopped hours of fence of tripoli knowing that there is a turkish presence knowing that if any of them are harmed there would be a much greater retaliation from making the hop star and his alan a think twice before. bombing tripoli so i think what bearing on this island you
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know the french are up and we just are the turkish public do you think you said going to be supportive of this decision particularly if turkish lives are lost in libya. i think the turkish public understands that this is a national interest we saw about 64 percent of parliament today backed this deployment bill it passed with receiving $325.00 out of $509.00 votes so a very comfortable margin in parliament and i think many people understand the significance of this deal while the opposition was saying what business do we have in libya turkey sees its rivals very close to half or so if its rivals are there in libya turkey has more of a right to be in libya this is very important from a national security aspect and from an economical aspect with the oil and gas so the public awareness is growing regarding this libyan operation and i expect more and more support as the situation unfolds in the public does understand what
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exactly doing in libya and how important it is to national interests just something you mentioned that we have about 30 seconds use to what extent it is actually using this move to gain greater rights in the eastern med is it seeking to challenge. that was agreed upon by egypt on cyprus in any way. it's definitely going to challenge these maritime boundaries of this maritime deal challenges the boundaries because turkey has a 800 kilometer mediterranean coast and 4300 kilometer mediterranean coast the 2nd biggest in the med and what this greek map this greek cypriot map that's been leaked to the media basically imprisons turkey in coastal waters in this is unacceptable for the ad wanted ministration and by the turkish public thanks for your time a very happy new year to you as well thanks for coming on the program use of political level is the t.r.t. world. a senior u.n.
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official launch this scathing attack on the united states over its ongoing detention of whistleblower chelsea melting saying her treatment to torture special needles milter made the claim in a letter to the u.s. government which was written in november but has only just come to light. the practice of coercive diprivan of liberty for civil contempt involves the intentional infliction of progressively severe mental and emotional suffering for the purposes of coercion and intimidation at the order of judicial authorities such deprivation of liberty does not constitute a circumscribed sanction for a specific offense but an open ended progressively severe measure of coercion for filling all the constitutive elements of torture or other cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. jolting manning was a u.s. military intelligence analyst who was arrested in 2010 for supplying plus
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a fight information to wiki leaks she was convicted in 2013 and sentenced to 35 years in prison president obama commuted her sentence just before he left office but she was arrested again last year for declining to testify against wiki leaks publisher julian assange global affairs l.o.'s patrick henningsen say's the un letter will be a boost for supporters of both mauling while lawyer and activist kevin zeese explain to us how the law is being used to coerce molly. in a grand jury which is a secret process before someone is indicted or you before a prosecutions occurring to determine whether someone should be prosecuted this is a power of the court to coerce someone into testifying now this law can all allow a person in the united states to be held for the length of the grand jury in order to coerce them to testify before the grand jury and no longer serves the purpose it was intended to serve it's now become a weapon of prosecutors it was initially designed to protect people who are being
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investigated the reason they're kept secret because it trying to protect people being investigated before they were indicted so you don't know that they're being investigated but in the longer serves our purpose and now serves the purpose of being a tool for prosecutors that's abused and i think chelsea manning is a victim of that abuse the report by niels meltzer does give an additional layer of legitimacy to the case of manning and to really back up all of the think that manning supporters that it's functionaries have been saying now for over 6 more listening that this is unjust that this is unfair they're trying to create something new this is the whole point of coerced trying to coerce manning to come up with something that the o.j. can use to make a real case against the sunday shows you how flimsy this is this is the degree degradation of the justice system in the united states and also in the u.k.
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as well in the case of the songes more like more resembles a banana republic style facade of a state judicial apparatus this is all part of a campaign to reframe to reframe julian songe and weekly leaks as if from a journalist and a publication to being a cyber criminal in a hostile foreign intelligence agency the entire case all the indictments against dishonor are based on that we frame in principle. and they are trying to get chelsea manning to give them something to actually make that marriage work and she's not she's not volunteering anything and this is frustrating the u.s. system tremendously. much better. behind bars in a british prison after being dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy where he'd spent the previous 7 years taylor of his story. few buildings in the walls have. as much scrutiny as this one here at the door and. in
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those 4 walls for 7 years possibly the most famous was a pro who time to get a song. until age 2948 world was sensationally dropped out by british authorities. for the wiki leaks founder this was a huge the trial by the latin american country that had sheltered him since 2012 aquittal said the relations had soured with the songe and his bad behavior trick of them opening the door to the police and revoking his asylum but it's worth noting that just a bit acquittals bank account got an almighty boost with a $4200000000.00 loan from the i.m.f. where the u.s. has huge voting rights a staunch is currently sitting in belmarsh prison in the country's capital so if to
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meet sentence but jumping bail in 2012 but many are saying that what he's been handed is a death sentence because over 60 doctors wrote an open government saying that he might die in prison britain for its part denies any wrongdoing the allegations mr son she was subjected to torture on foreign debt and hold false the u.k. is committed to upholding the rule of. law and ensuring that no one is ever bought it but long to its defense rings hollow in light of reports by many organizations including the web which claims that as a scientist health continues to deteriorate authorities are simply standing idly by the blatant and sustained arbitrariness shown by both the judiciary and the government in this case suggest an alarming departure from the u.k.'s commitment to human rights and the rule of law unless the u.k. urgently changes course and alleviates the inhuman situation mr songes continued
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exposure to arbitrariness and abuse may soon end up costing him his life but as sanchez battle for his wellbeing is not only fight on his hands ever since wiki leaks exposed gross misconduct by the us government washington has been pushing for his extradition on espionage charges giving him a helping hand the british government despite international outcry the u.k. home secretary signed a us extradition request putting us on that one step closer towards being charged for publishing classified information and conspiring to hide from the computer the 18 charges that washington has put forward could carry a maximum sentence of 175 years behind bars the reaction all over the wild people are crying foul they say that this is not a case about punishing a crime but of silencing for us julian or singled out for special treatment for one
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reason only here's the truth he's such an innocent important man is because he is a freedom fighter however much you dislike. his case is the most important for me give you freedom this is just. miss rule of law and operation. thank you. washington's bid to get asylum stateside was also helped by not the european country sweden the scandinavian nation was investigating a rape allegation against the whistleblower and would have been within its rights to request his extradition to face trial since that case predated the u.s. request london would have been obliged to send a stange to stockholm fast but sweden has now closed that investigation conveniently removing the final obstacle for the americans funny how it all wiped out
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a songes extradition hearing is set for fabry 2020 but in light of these recent tons of advance fears are growing that does little chance of play this close to sure you know what and of course what news that the united nations special report or tortures. corrupts and how in stress that the entire system in the u.k. including the judiciary and the media has to call in when it comes to julian. you know before you call course earlier this year this was a confirmation that what neil smelters said seems to be true that julian. just lots of what journalists fear a trial into while one always hopes that may lead to justice and will prevail u.s. authorities have rather spared a kind wired for a start so it might well turn out that when a country is dirty secrets are at risk of being exposed just as it is
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a word that's up for interpretation so as to tailor r.t. and. now it appears the u.s. is getting the new year off to a confrontational start sending fresh warnings to around washington claims it has evidence to rome is planning attacks against americans and the u.s. military is gearing up for a preemptive strike let's get some more details from marty's killer in new york so what's triggered the alarm bells this time. well we have u.s. secretary of defense mark asper and he was making one of his regular statements and in his statement on behalf of the u.s. military and department of defense he basically cited a recent attacks on u.s. personnel and said that another strike against iran or against iranian aligned forces could be in the works this is what he said. the game has changed we're
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prepared to do what is necessary to defend our personnel in order interests in our partners in the region now on tuesday a crowd of protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in baghdad in response to the usa said it would deploy $750.00 more u.s. troops to the middle east furthermore $100.00 u.s. marines were moved from kuwait to protect the embassy in a show of force we had the united states helicopters flying over the compound firing flares as kind of a warning at protesters and we've also heard now this was in response to the embassy unrest came 6 in the aftermath of a u.s. strike against forces in iraq in syria and these forces that were hit these were. backed by iran they were hit 25 people were killed dozens were injured in the aftermath of this strike we had protests at the u.s.
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embassy in baghdad and the latest development is we have donald trump on twitter making statements regarding the possibility of a strike against iran and making clear that these statements are intended as a threat this is donald trump on twitter iran will be held fully responsible for knowledge most with damage and if any of our facilities they will pay a very big protests this is not the warning it is the threat happy new year. now it seems like this pattern of escalating tension between the united states and iran is going to continue into the new year so bring us right up to date caleb maupin from new york thank you. and the news continues in like 2 seconds keep it here.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. theory dramatic development that only. exists i
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don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical. to sit down and talk. 21 minutes into the program welcome back hong kong saw in the new year with more violent protests the crowds according to rally organizers who put the turnout more than a 1000000 there were run 400 arrests with police blaming radical protesters for causing the trouble.
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hong kong samos rioters recklessly volatilized public facilities in several areas the authorities moved to the rally early after the clashes are up that washington has supported the protests from the outset but hong kong based political scientist joseph chang thinks it's more to do with building wider political leverage against beijing. united states the hope of we will support hong kong but don't know its from administration most likely the hong kong issue will be as human rights issues in china as bargaining chips to exert pressure on china people would like to see a normal nice asian process a reconciliation process but the parents. and the hong kong government have
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maintained their stand and they have to make any concessions to the protesters and to do with democracy in. the sputnik news agency has a not started shutting down and its bureau in the a stony and capital tell it now after dozens of its employees resigned saying they fear criminal prosecution artie's medina across the story for us. this but i think agency published a statement under fast tanny's saying that he thought that staff and those still on the air had terminated. their labor contracts and resigned fearing possible criminal prosecution now the sputnik agency in the stoniest controlled by the russian state media organization that i.c.c. avoid unfortunately experience dictates that despite the apparent absurdity of the government's threats criminal prosecution of journalists is a reality in today's europe last month a telling
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a story to us towards that staff members could be prosecuted due to the european sanctions against russia and if that would have happened they would be facing up to 5 years behind bars now moscow sees this demand as an obvious attempt to silence the russian president commented on the situation he offered support to the journalists who work for the agency. you do a lot of the terms to stop your activity can go unnoticed i'm very surprised because russia is always accused of all evils including pressure on independent media and they do this they accuse us of this is cynical government measures such as restrictions can't work because you will hold those who want to do schooled between our countries we can't allow it you must try to work in those countries that are scared of your information the is done in government continues to insist that it is not doing anything wrong with the country's foreign minister said that
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targeting sputnik was about enforcing e.u. sanctions and in our town is stalling and officials also froze the assets and asks . to vacate the offices that they were ranting by the end of february now or meekest on the us said that they plan to appeal to a number of international organizations we consider the action. to be. such international organizations as the un the council of europe. are demanding. unprecedented case of violation of freedom of speech in recent years and measures to ensure the right of journalists to carry out the professional activities and concerns about this situation have been forced by a number of european officials in particular the representative on freedom of the media cold to refrain from against journalists meanwhile.
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the websites will not be completely shut down it was reported that the website will continue its work as it will be reorganized in a way that avoids permanent pressure from the estonian authorities. or let's bring you some world news and brief new year's eve was marred for many in the french city of stroudsburg were numerous cars were torched police did not disclose how many pixels were destroyed but it's thought to be more than the. last year local media say it's become a kind of new year tradition. military chief has been killed in a helicopter crash near the capital taipei 13 minutes after takeoff the black hawk helicopter disappeared from radar and came down in a mountainous area the defense ministry says 7 others also died it's not yet known why the aircraft got into difficulty but an earth force general told reporters that
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the helicopters condition was not. indonesia is struggling with the worst flooding the country has seen in years at least 20 people killed in the jakarta region since heavy monsoon rain started. if i can with a temporary shelter many buildings are damaged remain covered with flood water. on the target for this news hour time in just a 2nd for some great programs on. the 2nd sea in just over 30. kamchatka is a peninsula in the russian east one of the nation's least densely populated regions . there are no roads in north become chad and sponsor scattered villages can only be reached by l.
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by dogs. there is a dog sled race and it's different from others in this race professional athletes team up with working dogs that polkadot every day of their lives however the prize money they compete for is on a par with the world's most prestigious races the winner gets roughly $47000.00. court put in the world of his leadership and only if the. medical use downs to the loony clause league are good cardio the road crossing come chance to go is
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2100 kilometers long and it's a record claim as the world's longest dog sled race. they'll be $25.00 stages every day they'll be all start on the finish. line and. 15 sleds line up at the very 1st and most important start. since there was. because of your sister. and your money you have got beat
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you are. one of the favorites to win the race is the reigning champion valentino lefkofsky known as deal i need to be the natural wonka like you would have a daughter. who. sort of where right you up and down the wonderful you know the mom with them i'm still of them with you and i don't. know about going to walk or so i mean you know. mostly. just because a machine that used to put the approaches you thought would only look at us. and you thought you'd know i hope he goes and you know. it's my family doesn't have enough fuel. but i'm going to you know if i'm out of the seeing about 5 of them with i'm not how do you want to go if you don't pay me or. they. just got us.


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