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tv   News  RT  January 7, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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because. iran classifies the u.s. armed forces other terrorist organization in response to the killing of tehran's top commander that as huge crowds gathered for the funeral of kasim soleimani meanwhile u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi announces a resolution to curb donald trump's ability to attack a broad even though similar restriction was removed from the defense bill passed by congress last month. that made putin meets the syrian president in damascus and the middle east braces for further instability. and a new gangster film the gentleman father of debate over racism and censorship give us their views. could tell you some of the most foul and disgusting racist language
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this was a movie about gangsters and it guess what really gangsters don't speak in politically correct balanced way is. 9 from moscow news headquarters where it's just past 2 in the morning you're watching r t international welcome to the program. the president trump has backed down on a threat to destroy iran's cultural sites the u.s. leader caused global alarm with a series of tweets on saturday which he said key iranian land boss could be targeted if the country 6 revenge for the assassination of his top general kasim sort of money but on tuesday trump said washington will obey international law. we are according to various laws supposed to be very careful with their cultural heritage and you know what if that's what the law is i what i like to obey the law i mean while the iranian parliament has unanimously passed
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a bill designating the u.s. armed forces as a terrorist organization. this for those who did this is when this the perpetrators of this crime. justice on the money with the pentagon and then military. as terrorists must be shot meanwhile the body of major general sort of money has been taken back to his hometown for burial and it's reported dozens of people were crushed to death in the huge crowds that had gathered at that with hundreds injured. meanwhile the iranian foreign minister has accused washington of violating un agreements after he was denied a u.s. visa which means he cannot address the u.n. later this week and the democrats are still angry with him for failing to seek congressional approval for his actions in the middle east he's kind of more pain has more promise decision to kill iran's top general isn't exactly bringing peace
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and stability to the middle east as the world is on edge waiting to see how bad the fallout will be democrats have spoken up however the objection of the democrats isn't that trying to kill gossips all the money but that he did it without their permission the operation against solo money in iraq was conducted without specific authorization and any advance notification or consultation with congress there is usually a congressional consulting process it's both constitutionally required we see a gradual march to military action directly or indirectly with iran that has not been authorized by congress but they did actually have a chance to stop trump the recent $738000000000.00 defense spending bill could have included amendments that tied trump's hands and mandated he not carry out any attacks against iran. no federal funds may be used for any use of military force in
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or against iran unless congress has a declared war or be enacted specific statutory authorization for such use of military force if the president wants to attack iran he needs to come to congress for authorization i proly support this amendment prohibits in the use of any funds for war with iran without congressional authorization and number of progressive voices did speak out but they got outvoted the bill was passed any member who voted for the national defense authorization act a blank check can't now expressed dismay that trump may have launched another war in the middle east my amendment which has stripped would have cut off funding for any offensive attack against iran including gates officials like salim army now democrats in congress are looking to pass a resolution that would not start but only limit trumps actions when it comes to iraq and no surprise there because in the aftermath of solomon is killing democrats
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seemed to echo trump's claim that it was indeed an awful person who has served to be shot down so the money was a murderer responsible for the deaths of thousands including hundreds of americans general salim army was a violent man. who died a violent death toll money was a bad guy there's no question about that a notorious terrorist. no one should shed a tear over his death he deserved to be brought to justice he deserved to be brought to justice for his crime this seems to be the outlook of the democratic party it's ok to kill the top general of a foreign country and put the country on the brink of war you just have to ask permission 1st they don't sound as much like coolheaded but rather like noxious bureaucrats waving the rule book and from space demanding proper procedure one of the 1st repercussions of the assassination came on sunday when iraqi lawmakers voted to expel foreign forces from their country the us secretary of state
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meanwhile has rejected claims that sort of money was in iraq on a diplomatic mission zarif statement. his 1st statement that is so money was traveling to baghdad on a diplomatic mission anybody here believe that. is there any history that would indicate that it was remotely possible that this kind gentleman this diplomat of great order cost him still the money had traveled to baghdad for the idea of conducting a peace mission i think maybe reporters like this one and that's fantastic. we know that wasn't true we not only know the history we know in that moment that was not true serif is a propagandist of the 1st order. however the iraqi prime minister disagrees. with. you i was about to meet silly money at 830 on friday morning on the day of his death he was carrying a message to me from the illini inside reply to the saudi message that we sent to the arena earlier reporting green it's we're going to do this coalition of tensions
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in iraq and in the region. where we discuss the latest developments with mohammed circle he's the u.n. representative for iraq based youth organization called just. the united states army and the power i wouldn't find them we don't find them useful in our country in my country we don't find them useful because 1st of all they haven't protected our borders when ice is invaded iraq they haven't protected our economy they haven't protected our oil so if the u.s. wanted to escape this this is an act of war and as an act of terrorism iran have the right to to to define the fanatic defined state as a terrorist state can be counted as act of terrorism because be committed in a sovereign country and you are. nearby civilian airport targeting well both of them were civilian that time because they travel through baghdad international airport we leave they have changed again or they have changed
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the rules of the game and this is a clear violation of a human right and a clear act of terrorism. on meanwhile glad to meet putin has paid an unexpected visit to syria for talks with president bashar assad they discussed the volatile situation now unfolding in the middle east artie's roman culture of reports. this is let me have putin's 1st visit to syria since the year it's wednesday 17 and his arrival is there it comes amid tensions in the middle east following the killing off a top iranian military official in iraq after arrival according to vladimir putin's spokesperson he visited the russian command center in damascus where he held a meeting with president bashar assad and also received a state of affairs reports from the military about what's going on in the rest of the country now in a meeting with bashar assad lot of mir putin. that's a long way and significant steps have been made to establishing the country's
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territorial integrity as well as statehood meanwhile president of syria bashar. thanked the russian military for establishing in his country and of course for their fight against terrorism alone wednesday vladimir putin will be holding another top level meeting but this time the president in turkey will be formally launching the new turks stream pipeline and also discussing the fallout from major general sort of death will be closely following those developments of course right here on r.t. . now the latest a movie by the british directed guy ritchie has been getting some less than stellar reviews with critics branding the picture as racist and out of touch the gentleman has so far only been released in 4 countries with the rest of the world getting to see it in 2 months time but here's a look at what is already getting people angry. this really will be no yeah.
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every imaginable demographic gets their moment to be targeted and denigrated the only thing the gentleman finds worth celebrating is the masculinity. a less forgivable blast from the past however it is a deuce confidence train of racially based humor running throughout richard's original script making flat punch lines of multiple aging characters. just a shame that guy ritchie falls back on his bad habits casual racism i don't know lynn and lack of female characters are problematic but still very tiny. and i'm being absolutely sincere much rather watch cats than the angry racist masses that is the gentle. well we put this up for debate with plato commentary to
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david vance and social activist we just. this is a sort of bygone break movie a sort of muscular reassertion of the we can say what we like it's our country and we don't give a damn what anybody thinks he can tell us about our most foul and disgusting racist language this was a movie about gangsters and hey guess what really gangsters don't speak in politically correct balanced ways that's not what gangsters do when we see movies like this is the following day when those racial epithets are repeated on the should treat give cause for concern that. movie makers like guy should have a broader social conscience and responsibility. producing the arjen they do if you want to see a margin to reassess them then that's fine you go and see it if we go to see
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a gangster movie you know we're not expecting to. find high philosophy we're not expecting to experienced work culture that's just reality i think is outdated these outmoded and he's not reflecting the kind of future which is of a more inclusive sense of britishness nationalism you know here we are in 2020 and what we're experiencing over this movie is just an early flutter of walk culture of the perpetually offended black panthers one of the most successful movies in the world and it's successful economically for a reason i think i'm not in favor of any artistic ban law and the law i do think there should be greater diversity in the production and creative rooms quite amusing that you just referenced black panther and you went on then to talk about diversity if i recall the black panther movie successfully there wasn't a huge amount of diversity in not so if you want equality and i do then i think we
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have to have the fundamental right. to all opinions of all sorts heard saying and understood. france's president emanuel mccrum continues to face mounting pressure from public sector workers and trade unions as the country's longest strike in over 3 decades and to as yet another week anger over the government's proposed pension reforms has been boiling over in paris and other major cities bringing public transportation hospitals and schools to a standstill in the capital protesters targeted a major financial institution they say stands to benefit from the new pension scheme that as the government handed a new round of talks on tuesday in a bid to end the standoff. while the festive season is over in many parts of the world millions of worshippers have been filling churches from the balkans to the middle east for orthodox christmas.
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the. well still to come in the program we'll be looking back at some of the defining events from $2900.00.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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let's continue our look back at 2900 more of the events that mocked those last 12 months. we have divided this review of the year into a few different categories so let's take a look at this 1st one disrupt in chief donald trump a dominating the headlines nia that was stirring up politics both at home and abroad and he also found himself as the butt of many jokes in the mainstream media and on late night shows but as well as being on the receiving end the president also dished out his own bobs takes a look at who got the last laugh. what should be the golden rule of anyone who wants to sound or look funny i don't mind
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a bit of comedy in my work so what is it repeats the same george teutonic that's. ok so what then happened to the gods of comedy in 2019 because they joked about or mocked the same person 102 times as you can see most of america is good. with the. lakes. orange picked out of refrigerator is actually the most accurate way trump has ever described himself. you know like sometimes like you know the way we try to get our steps and he's trying to reach a certain number of lies on his fitbit every single day you know he's like oh i haven't had my 10000 yet my dad was from germany yes 10000 i'm not really have 10000 i know the law. you know what i actually just bumped into a blog post titled 6 ways to handle trump's impeachment during holiday
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dinners hasn't gone that bad time for another comedy extract. the everyone flew here for the holidays and i mean even more happy that they did it their impeaching try well they did it teaching trump we please talk about politics instead. oh you mean. definitely get impeached and then definitely getting reelected i'm good. yes it has well while some americans will probably be happy to mock or go on about donald trump until the end of time there are others who are sick of it and these folks gotta love a new feature on netflix a button that allows you to skip donald trump jokes now that's what i call innovation although seth meyers who came up with the idea didn't think people would use it. anyway what about the president he couldn't just sit in the corner and cry right well jokes by trump's previous essers never really crossed the line
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causing exactly the right amount of modest giggling but the differences between bush and mccain may be just too vast. i mean mccain is bush's running mate hasn't the man suffered enough and with that i just have 2 more words to say. obama. the and 29 tango donald trump took it to a whole new level the ha ha's from his jokes were meant to slap his opponents hard bread and butter have been. specially raised by the jacksons to remain calm under any condition which will be very important because they've already received subpoenas to appear in adam shifts basement on thursday debbie dingell that's a real beauty she calls me up this is this thing that's ever happened thank you so much she would be so thrilled he's looking to. thank you so much.
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i said that's ok don't worry about. it he's working. and as a true twitter troll he began to make good use of means. so what then everyone happy happy new year t.v. shows can save plenty of time on planning just fill up air time with have that fall in the white house be like for at least another year the president can keep on taking aim at rivals by fully mastering mean making and be proud of his razor sharp humor and just in case the public's now got a butt to skip jokes about the maggot man. bring it on. well now let's take a look at this 2nd category woring got world $29000.00 was also
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a year of hostility from the trade war between washington and beijing to a wave of terror attacks around the world and last year did see a spike in the number of places of worship being targeted as nicky aaron reports while 2019 saw fewer terror attacks 3 years so are more worrying trend with acts of terror inciting a tit for tat so a call of hate 3 months into the year we saw one of the most peaceful countries in the world raised its terror threat level to high for the 1st time in its history. people around the world were left stunned when a 28 year old man unleashed carnage on 2 mosques in christchurch new zealand.
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this is one of new zealand's darkest days the appalling attack set the tone for the remainder of the year the question was well could have motivated this surge in olds right leanings the obvious songs that to many wells donald trump the u.s. president who had taken what some perceived as an anti immigrant stance also a man who had the misfortune to be named in the christ church attack as manifesto making him the perfect target for education mr trump your awards not. your policies matter i think the public discourse from the president is a factor in some of these actions while politicians place the blame game a much darker reality was unfolding 9 days off to christ's church the 1st copycat attack. this time on
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a synagogue in california police later found graffiti on the driveway leaving little doubt over whether the attacker had been inspired by the new zealand massacre the po way synagogue shooting took the life of one person and injured 3 others in a chilling echo of the new zealand attack the perpetrator also released a manifesto in which he praised the christchurch terror months later copycat attack number 2. on the 3rd of august 22 people were killed and 24 others injured in a mass shooting at a wal-mart in el paso texas again the attack of released a manifesto revealing how he was inspired by the christ church mosque shootings. days later another one this time on a mosque in norway one person was injured the attacker also attempted to live stream the crime on facebook in a sinister twist the attacker not only prays to the christchurch killer as
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a saint but also depicted his fellow copycat attack as heroes amidst the space of copycat attacks and i asked inspired attack in sri lanka. martin luther king jr said i hate begets hate instead of diminishing evil it multiplies it and this may be the sobering reflection of 2090 the word terrorism actually still has no universal definition that every country can agree on and so you can't stop a global scourge if you can't define that in unity so we have to start defining what each of these problems are with each of the heads is even in the. america some of the shootings that have happened the media has been totally silent about like el
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paso and out in dayton ohio california it just went off the news after a couple days so we need to be. some breaking news just in 6 rockets have reportedly hit the other side base in western iraq which hosts u.s. forces these reports so far unconfirmed and we are of course keeping track of developments and we'll keep you updated all that is your update for now we'll be back here with the rest the team at the top the hour to bring you more news from around the world see them. reality has mandates of its own that go beyond what our wishes and preferences are . and our utopian visions maybe we're going to get a new deal but it may not be the green new deal that people are expecting will get the green new deal that we have we deserve rather think we are going to get
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a green new deal because the green you're dealing compas is things beyond just right infrastructure health care is in that new deal there are other elements if you go back 20 start in 2006 that we are going to get and that are popular in this country. time after time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important it's accelerating the transition to sustainable transport sustainability stabler manner more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely hama's. because. it does not the companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is something else this must be done even and i mean look. this is the move in unison we didn't do any minute and i'm stunned seem them to understand that look who is going.
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through descriptions sound up to tell using even for the owners so how to choose this pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sound us then was necessarily good for the pet turns out may not be as healthy as people believe and we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders allergies we are actually creating these problems and it's a huge epidemic of problems. all of them i believe can be linked to very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets last treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research.
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building. evolution. phase normally if the yellow. to do so who surely. is in turkey kill it with a leslie to begin with this look at taking little. fellow. meanwhile a. person to. chew through your door. to go. over. it or solutions with us a little something. about zir walk through 3 watts of fish or
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border if the jews in the media of television by choice out for. their deserved so i support but that's good as a future. yes yes their views that. fall short of that who still uses for the be inspired by the. president about someone when you die yes ok. in the news i mean guys are going to ball liking young wayne oh yes it. appears. soon you post them but you could not do the intro was more of those scenes newbie speech next see me for the just when you see them we. saw if both calf and when you try to do and that was that it is fun i mean you impatient in the mind and keep. out the most shy part of the.
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less than half of the business population. 2 could be signposting by letting you know. the show you seem to me. and wish they'd put you to. significant influence. over the news although with most real which i'm not so sure. of the official would
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