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tv   Documentary  RT  January 7, 2020 10:30pm-11:01pm EST

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on the 3rd of august 22 people were killed and 24 others injured in a mass shooting at a wal-mart in el paso texas again the attack of released a manifesto revealing how he was inspired by the christ church mosque shootings. days later another one this time on a mosque in norway one person was injured the attacker also attempted to live streamed the crime on facebook in a sinister twist the attacker not only praised to the christ church as a saint but also depicted his fellow copycat attack as heroes amidst the space of copycat attacks and i asked inspired attack in sri lanka.
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martin luther king jr said the hate begets hate instead of diminishing evil it multiplies it and this may be the sobering reflection of 2090 the word terrorism actually still has no universal definition that every country can agree on and so you can't stop a global scourge if you can't define that in unity so we have to start defining what each of these problems are what each of the intent is even in america some of the shootings that have happened the media has been totally silent about like el paso another in dayton ohio california it just went off the news after a couple days so we need to be defining what happened here and what's going on what are the ties here and so that way we can really sort of addressing that we need to start being more transparent about it on a global scale so we can start seeing our actual nation leaders working together rather than trying to tear each other apart that's what's going to start to make a change and power the people and really be able to. take it back well that is your
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all day for now we are back here at the top of the hour with more on this latest breaking news on the iranian missile strikes and all the stories from around the world see that. your bank and ask if they are wishful and saying you know what she said. that if it were changed by jewish or chairman mao good. just 70 feet. not the only new hurdle she goes to to bag not at the new only new governor in mind and i actually see your. stuff so let's pick that. first so our. break can be this is. the any
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of the blue areas are pretty much the north. sydney coach the librium when you're presuming you're your producer but some most new producers who are pretty close to your producer forced from your producer lips to shield truth coach there or to use that those little forks you reach with them surely you think the. 2 scimitar ballet analysts out there could go on about that even though sawing at my record if you deploy skill as a premier of my lady and then my old male thing that coming out of that. boise state that i buy them with my you are. serious could you to please tell me the mice. company made his melody in the
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old from a song for slow down preacher chris specialist. co-star to have collateral but i think it's because key. kill look at it because this was falling so precious to the episode or liz is the illness can it's just somebody me she might even there's a 3 step on the stairs so as to come. first and then but as you fell face 1st. and focal my school to cast a whole set of a special morality and i'm hoping my as most claws are a man those watching. some emotional comport myself as animals are you it off is animal you are. there's a good way to have muddled you knew that there were you get. used to the media. but the player in the future used to use it the most fortunate he did the. movie
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poster now 1st that we should. be here. for a bit ridiculous very. serious safety issue at the monday. and there are. a mistake. now which. i said was coming to them as they see. this is a failure up a bit as you would see folk would do just how nice is that cause that danielle boyd channeling. and platitudes because they had their fair. share go sure go ahead is also a song. every mad about that and that's i don't have nothing. to thank you so i
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have my. thang my sis. they have their i have them they are beautiful head of the my they have at the end of the field or the specialist i have access to the stillest that i have been saying oh so i've been the king i mean in the way i need to focus a really cute baby for the 6 and then found that he. had the eyes of the saw i know you 5 now boast of those 3 straw man i view that the this is the self i mean a bunch of us at the same seem to. suit your whole world just souless all. in tokyo just a little best see. if i say same i see enough to sack as i as
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a fenian i'm lazy and cheer up a say so. now my male sizing face fists always speak a little why should that let's say less. odell's that casey had to cow them. back as a badge of bad. they were scheduled sawing your. assertion back to the snubbing you dish talk a. little game going to all of us. you on the ship they are the fuck out of. full. 44 beers and then national found no significant role for the be found capital by faith see among. the succession is hopeless and after death the plane is a half. to be able. to
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do it is. only in so many media. so many real. so live. so that people does. she wish we didn't slow down to. a few. months while. he was to be in the movie to fool most useful but as you. just only see the moment when you pull off a load of this place for yourself you. need to know the rest which was always me because what i wish for you from work to be able to look at the needs. of the dying which from what nothing you buy showed up for my screen love suggest that you also
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go away. a lot of people see slowing down to teach out to both sides most cool. my eyes. see. below the middle of these. body shots are both right. you know 100 dives. if. i had my size. they will. be just but i want to combine yes. fame to big government oh oh.
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when you see my videos up if you mean like e t how mention that most of the base of his i somalia famine julie most us if i don't know so bad apples and my brother have been. how much closer to home i had in operation woman can you help with that the bullshit i was doing some one thinks key to solving solve. if i'm pissed or irrational was a nice key key that even though it's not for those payday my good ass of a 000 sum to get out the book they. should get any of those toys stained out the long chalk for them to moments in my mind of the tsunami i mean to. me. but i sure remember one of them which is she's for the part of the key. is to motherhood so people said no winter if i don't sign. up opening the
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door to kill the truck will try. to ignore me you're the superman ship in charge of the well they're going to see is. for your premise for. second week governable it's been made a one. way and they sent me. to get it i mean having this a. temporal order for myself with a bargepole. it would mean going to buy. that cat 5 days doing the dosey look at some of the bad stuff badness don't you expand our hopelessly biased sequels to give us a. good. i
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know these much of the time but all that local govt was in the diocese putting it on. the as is only fair. that i keep on which f.n.b. that ballot ban it and when you did you want to get a feast of nice to be famous but a chapter of a most emerging day don't or does does those dumb i am freshmen chose the inktomi of me that actually be. noble stream the solution to an open city or social or cultural reference to same pretty. soon propping them up or going to shut off or no thanks i go but if we're going to get over. i've never done that they were shifting into pieces of the same group. look it's a big problem. like they're there to see ask the stranger. i didn't know poison.
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me we spot the west shows the least through. the site. it's better portable and seem to go. to the same school same. procedure and this is something we just. do it in nutrition pieces put it to the chief judge which is the good fortune to. eat. your ashes time before he joins the host of a city key national association night and salad was because he sold most of my studies to. the national. you know i should point for me to think. you are featured helmet yourself and by then the child will check on the girl for she met. with your me up i am in the moment he. has the most lying it just took my. cut
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a deal is cheap it's possible but that's not. enough. but no deal except the point you made it was no use talking to your. people sometimes. you. get the point. i can teach them how to show a lot of people. each . day if it was just tell them. that. if it weren't so at the level. it is a right. to
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6 physics is nothing but the harmony you can create on vibrating strings but it's chemistry chemistry is the melody the melodies you can play on strings what is the universe the universe is a symphony of strings. reality has mandates of its own that go beyond what our wishes and preferences are. and our utopian visions maybe we're going to get a new deal but it may not be the green new deal that people are expecting will get the green new deal that we have we deserve rather think we are going to get a green new deal because the green you're dealing compas is things beyond just right infrastructure healthcare's in that new deal there are other elements if you go back 20 started in 2006 that we are going to get and that are popular in this country.
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i did look into the book for you bill so you get some more weight for your movie because they never made every single scene going to be just the sort we're just going to do most of the good but i. mean 3 years interest but i just i mean all those calling. for the fortune. to be crazy.
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i think. they moved almost a year. old of a skill he faced some. things that you think all those and. shallow on top of the senate that was always painful jam i thought only a little mind. might be over one fashion might be to. get back up on guys you like or hey move you feel a little should. be able to get a little. in with the what you get out and i'm going to do. i don't think it would cheer me up for one of.
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my dear boys all the faith i should get ahead of ourselves. day to day stand a silent so called basically. voices told by linda ciampa bush and my kind of boise she did when i make i had a cold but i didn't know kind of when told by far. the way to go because i meant cope with educating i can reach out to me with a multinational disqualified to you for this job i want to give you. can also get a new roof or side just yet on the charcoal try. your expenditure geospatial my
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money for the sort of thing i'm going to let me thank you. for then though. kat is also enjoy the best for me but i don't have to go. thank you.
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they're carrying the been someone tortilla. thing that's not the board don't charge and so that's right. no hell using my own call the shots ring out. say to the shots. that. have been stymied by the the me from 40. and so forth yeah since i come across the skinniest shit i love the simple but is that if i. think sending stuff into space and that alley and used by a. school bus it guides. but it's a lot of brazil kill fish kill the signal my cd is a. killer fuzz my dog the we did to do is nice
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voice it too but i'll see you. keep calling. us to see what. if you. all of you shall and. just. as you. choose. to keep up simple notion of people someone who profit from books for the sake of no i'm going to cut off the notes for something you want but i believe the price is.
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is a cosmic place to put me out of the church though so keep to the bone for those of the tricks of the seas get them all in to do portraits and governments need should you have done so she can go to the billboards open the scope of. those made skillful as it does sometimes without a scrap the need. to feel. guilt feels up down brought out. of the old stuff only into involved and happy and. full. what they want fries and i'll simplify it like it does sound but i am like i got busy with up all that space. sucks him back and well you know i joined out of my mind 2. all those cowbells i was up i or.
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vision. and leadership that blew this all you might ask. that. did this that the. sad. sam was. dying i don't know if. it's always the same putting much thought that. was most mean to. you physically move them into yes a poison. be key to some i hope i shall not be so bad that's why. and dads and they also have it invested. also
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feeling behave the same age will say one thing openings to be honest but i'll. say that and you could. get them out of the issue there. store all ski less each year ski belly at c.b.s. . those are the easy to think that the dually but as you. tell each stores are able to speak or. call the brazier i see an episode at the part of those radio where those ring is lovely but it sure was sort of
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bitter. bitter because forget for us the mystery the pushing and shoving musial of seriousness. of christie's world. to look today at the. spiritual problems music. even that image of neil neil 3 and to me. looks the night's. sleep with a more distinct never work with your thoughts to start.
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things you love it not very good being with us oh dear. no my still say fish in the cereal i did wash the secret assured me i'm wife was inside. got shot it's still tough bought. us they're still gonna give. us a doc on here. yes in my somewhere. as you know what i jam packed movie into a lamp hold the italy and lay down in one on the agenda eventually champlin signed good bye and are going to be asked that our lawyer needs to listen to his own house and the deed i saw something must've in the noise of the up our. family
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a shortage of he is the villain this is getting gave. up on the so the only punishment i mean she will fail to. go either sell them for sale at the pump i found the will put it in my and i. in there go beyond the little one jamie style voyage. to the edge. only so slowly in my chair i am like you i'm going to lump all save the ocean wish me good luck or my blow out as a bill safety of jail told oldish wish he'd look at me a little. bit and then i'm a cheap shot and the french farmer beat the boys you can use lethal force right the whole time.
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time after time called parisian to repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important to excel or a transition to sustainable transport sustainability stay number man a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely harmless. it does not the companies want us to feel good about buying their products while
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the damage is being done far away and this is something i'll just as he want any minute i need money. and news limited window nieminen i'm stunned. understood superman. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us
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in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. breaking news on opti iran launches a residential parade in for the death of its top general bombarding us bases in iraq. meanwhile huge crowds gathered for the funeral of major general salim money in his hometown the iran has branded the u.s. airstrike which killed him and acted in terrorism. putin's been raising with the syrian president in damascus and the middle east braces for further instability. and the new gangster film the gentleman over racism and censorship guests give us. the most. disgusting racist language this was a movie about gangsters on the guess what.


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