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a ground for american and military action against iran then they will be targeted as well so where do you think this cold conflict will leave america's relationship with its regional allies because it can go 2 ways and. one way is it will bring them only closer together in the face of a common enemy or the my store they might see that washington is not that reliable of a partner that they can find themselves themselves in hot water maybe even unwillingly because america's unilateral actions or which way will it go do you think. well they could be dragged into this regional spinal clearly because you know the israel has to contend with hizbollah they claim they have or are tens of thousands of rockets aimed at israel from lebanon and hezbollah of course is a very close to the iranian establishment that is hamas in the palestinian territories they have these population popular mobilisation fronts there's a syrian government so you know iran has assets and so it can indeed prick
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here and there you know all the u.s. allies and there seemed to be some kind of far behind the scenes at them to patch up between saudi and iran but i am afraid that now they are going to say that i think the iranians believe that the attack on cousins or the money was not feel you based on u.s. intelligence there were other regional allies of the u.s. who provided the coordinates and tracked him down is really as well as the argument you look to us as a nation so they've really reach some kind of revenge against these u.s. allies and that is the real danger because the moment that happens that israel lobby in the u.s. will jump up and say hey we had under attack and we need to defend ourselves american do something hit back and and you know so this is the kind of you know spiral we should avoid so it's very important that regional conference and regional cooperation. we've been speaking with international affairs expert tell you thank
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you for your time and your comments today. just to remind you those of you who are just joining the breaking news story we're covering right now is iran thaw it dozens of ballistic missile bases housing u.s. forces in iraq the iranian military is schooling in revenge for the death of major general consume so the money was killed in a u.s. strike last week the pentagon and iraqi military have confirmed the base and western iraq and the air base in northern iraq have been hit those 2 facilities house u.s. and coalition forces alongside iraqi forces iranian military has named the operation martyr samani and warned of further strikes are to follow since the news of the attack broke there has been a spike in the global oil prices donald trump has responded to the attack saying that all is well and that he will make a further statements later the white house says that discussions are now on going
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and of course will be bring you any more on that as it does come in. and a reminder of our other breaking news story coming out of iran where a ukrainian airlines passenger jet has crashed just minutes after taking off from the capital the ukrainian interior ministry says $180.00 people were on board and they were all killed the moment of the crash was captured on video. now we also bring into the studio artist ali quarter for all the latest now what more do we know at this stage of course this is still early on and the investigation has just begun but what can you tell us what we know that the plane was bound for key afterward when it when it crashed about 2 minutes after takeoff from khamenei airport in tehran that was around 6 am local time as for many as for how many people were on board there are a couple conflicting reports ukraine's prime minister says that there were 167
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passengers including 9 crew member crew members while the ministry of internal affairs claims that there were 180 people total on board but all reports agree that there were no survivors and fortunately iranian emergency services have had teams on the scene for a while now collecting information that might not have been picked up before gathering the bodies and earlier we even saw pictures of the scorched remains of the plane it was absolutely obliterated and body bags holding the dead passengers connected to this tragic event now iranian media has been reporting that technical technical failure failures were the reason that this plane went down and we also heard from an airport representative that a fire occurred in the engine mid-flight and we we also have a video of that if we can show it now where you can see a fire on the plane while it's going down that corroborates the statement from the air airline. from the airport and you can see the fire for if we can get that video
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of the fire on the. screen there. yeah there is this night footage that you know this is this is this is the flaming debris of the plane right. down. but now i want you all the footage of the amateur footage that we have of what it looks like the plane coming down from the sky can see a small point in the air well actually. there we go we go yeah there it is it's barely visible it's barely visible the but then you can clearly see it getting brighter and brighter and then eventually it hits the ground plenty of jet fuel again it was like what 2 minutes after the take off to take. a full. can see the impact on the fly is lit up the night sky really really brightly and i'm sure i'm sure right now right now it's all about the families and friends and
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relatives of those who were on board now we do know that there were people of the 7 nationalities on board i think most of them most of them were your brain isn't going into the latest reports but still i know that ukraine is doing everything in its powers right now to help those relatives who are ukraine in general what are they doing what has your kids reaction been yeah well the ukrainian government has been helping in the investigation into what happened we've got a couple reactions from government institutions ukraine's embassy in iran says that with the information that it has a can confirm that this crash was not the result of a terrorist attack and we also have a response from the national security and defense council of ukraine which they've opened an operational headquarters to gather more information on what happened and get to the bottom of the. what exactly happened what caused this fire on the plane and the technical difficulties well as you say if it does turn out that they're
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saying that it's not a terrorist attack and as you mentioned there is those reports that the. engine was on fire and that's what caused this to crash and the question becomes why exactly did the engine catch on fire 5 what happened once again are in the air so could you take us through a bit the safety record of the boeing 737 as we know that boeing has said that they are aware of what's going on but what do else do we know about this specific model yeah well over the past couple of years boeing has had a number of models have a series of crashes that have killed hundreds of people this model specifically is the boeing 737800 it's an older model relatively speaking and it's also had its own series of crashes over the past several years in 2016 over 60 people were killed when the same plane model was leaving dubai on route 2. in russia over 60 people were killed in 2010 another crash in india actually killed over 150 people with that same plane model and this model is actually different from the newer boeing
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737 max that was grounded about about a year ago for its own string of crashes in which hundreds of people were killed so it's certainly a lot of tragic of airplane crashes in these last several years with the boeing's. corridor thank you for joining us this studio and staying across all the latest on the plane crash. now the ukrainian president vladimir selenski has cut short a visit to oman and is heading to kiev and that's telegram channel he expressed his sincere condolences to the relatives of all of the victims of the plane crash he also said the ukrainian authorities were still clarifying all of the details of the tragedy. devastated relatives have been gathering international flight 752 was heading people are mourning the dead and waiting for any information about the design. reports of the plane crash come just hours after
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iran fired dozens of ballistic missiles to u.s. military bases in iraq the iranian military is calling the he's calling this move revenge for the death of its top general because some silly money was killed in a u.s. drone strike last week. want to go back to that it. was the missile strikes happened at exactly the same time of night as the assassination of solomonic 5 days earlier and the secretary of iran's supreme national security council tweeted this image of the iranian flag that's an apparent reference to the term street of the u.s. flag just after the drone strike that killed all money artist middle east correspondent paul slayer has latest details. well we've recently just heard from the iranian revolutionary guards and i must stress that it's i'm confirmed but they've issued a statement in which they say that 80 soldiers have been killed and some 200 have
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been injured at the one american base that was hit in the early hours of this morning now earlier we did receive confirmation from the pentagon that no american soldiers had been killed so we're hearing this figure of 80 killed but as of yet no confirmation which will bring you as soon as we get it at the same time we are hearing very very strong words coming out of iran they immediately took responsibility for this morning strike saying that it was an act of revenge and warning that if the united states or any of its allies in the region respond it will it will retaliate in kind at the same time they have contacted the un secretary general saying that iran will take all proportionate measures against any threats or use of force now one of the 1st people to respond in the early hours of this morning was iran's telecommunication minister referring to the united states he said get the hell out of our region we have heard from the in. me and foreign minister. with who has stressed that it is not in the interest of tehran and it is
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not to rand's intention is to make the situation and have to scale with the united states iran to concluded proportionate measures in self-defense under article $51.00 a few and charter targets in base from which coordinate attack against our citizens and senior officials were launched we do not seek escalation or war but will defend ourselves against any aggression now there has also just been reaction from the advisor to the of a new president who will harm me and he has said that there is the threat now that there could be an all out war in the middle east and of course that's the number one concern here in the region where all countries are monitoring the situation extremely extremely closely we know for example that the philippines have evacuated a lie in the process of evacuating their personnel and they citizens from iraq and at the same time other countries have urged they citizens to be in a state of high alert now as for the iranians themselves as i say strong words
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coming out of them anyway new revolutionary course statements saying that this attack this morning was in revenge we warned the great satan our good american regime that any further malice or mobilization will result in a more painful response. of the u.s. government which have given their bases to the terrorist army of the country are warned that any territory used for hostile acts against iran will be targeted now we haven't here ted any direct responses from other leaders in the region most notably the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has not said anything although he has been no doubt holding meetings with his defense minister enough to benoît israeli soldiers are in a state of high alert in the north in the south of the country and they have been since last friday and this is out of concern that iran might activate its proxy groups either hamas in gaza or hizbollah in iran has been and so the
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potential for full out war is there and we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates as and when we get them the u.s. federal aviation agency has banned all u.s. flights over the persian gulf over security concerns previously donald trump threaten to strike 52 iranian sites if it retaliated in any way so far washington's response has been somewhat muted with donald trump tweeting so far so good. all is well missiles launched from around a 2 military bases located in iraq assessment of casualties and damage is taking place now so far so good we have the most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world by far will be making a statement to morrow morning well we have a tweet from donald trump it begins with the phrase all is well followed by a statement that there is an assessment going on of the casualties and the damage done to u.s. bases as a result of the attack by the iranian missiles furthermore we do have the white
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house saying that trump has been briefed on the situation and it we have this point it's expected that down trump will speak to the media regarding the events tomorrow this is what we heard from the white house we are aware of the reports of attacks on u.s. facilities in the rock the president has been briefed and is monitoring the situation closely and consulting with his national security team now the response from members of the u.s. congress has been quite different depending on which party they are in we have nancy pelosi the leader of the democrats in the house of representatives speaking about the events and saying that trump's unnecessary escalation seems to have something to do with these events where we have marco rubio a republican and a conservative speaking in support of donald trump and criticizing nancy pelosi for her criticisms of the president and the moment in which these missiles have been fired this is the exchange we saw on social media. closely monitoring the situation
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phone bombing star getting u.s. troops in iraq we must ensure the safety of our service members including and needless provocations from the administration and demanding that iran sees its violence american world cannot afford war. iran is now openly calling for americans to turn on each of the the time will come to debate u.s. policy tonight's american and allied troops have come into direct attack by nation state and americans must come together to support and protect them and respond appropriately may god protect and watch over our troops stationed in iraq my thoughts are with them and with their loft once i condemn iran's attacks which targets u.s. coalition and iraqi military personnel in the strongest terms i'm monitoring the situation in iraq closely and praying for our men and women in uniform the iranian regime has made a grave miscalculation by launching its attacks among trump supporters the decision to kill qassam solomonic is being celebrated as
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a heroic act and act against terrorism however among many democrats though they have not much good to say about qassam solid money and they seem to however argue that this was an unnecessary ask elation that put american lives at risk so many democratic voices seem to be speaking up and saying that donald trump could possibly be asking lading to a war with iran and didn't consult the u.s. congress on that matter so there seems to be some pretty solid divisions about how to assess the recent events between the usa and iran at this time people are waiting to hear what trump will say when he does speak to the media as the new day comes in the united states. early a president trump has bowed down on a threat to destroy iran's cultural sites the u.s. leader caused global alone with these series of tweets on saturday in which he said he iranian learned marks could be targeted if the country would see seek revenge for the assassination of major general so the money but on tuesday trump said
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washington would be international law. we are according to various laws supposed to be very careful with their cultural heritage and you know what if that's what the law is i like to obey the law. one of the 1st consequences of the u.s. assassination came from iraqi employees who voted on sunday to expel foreign forces from their country then war in iraq to brace itself for heavy sanctions if it kicked his troops out onto say the iranian parliament unanimously passed a bill classifying the u.s. armed forces as a terror organization tensions in the middle east have soared sense the start of 2020.
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meanwhile these are pictures from the state funeral of the slain major general it
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was buried in his hometown there has been an outpouring of grief all across iraq with saleem on his killing viewed as the death of a national hero his funeral attracted a vast crowd of mourners at least 56 people were killed after being crushed in the crowd during tuesday funeral processions. for 2 decades really money has served as the commander of iran's codes force in the elite whose force which is the street in external excuse me wing of the islamic revolutionary guard you played a crucial role in iran's military decision making process and helped expand runs role in the middle east. and now another breaking news story this hour also from iran where a plane crashed just outside the country's capital a boeing 737 belonging to ukrainian came down just minutes after taking off
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from the capital the ukrainian interior ministry says that all 180 people on board were killed now i think we can you know we're looking at the pictures from the site right now and well it is clear from a loaner you think of the fact that the plane was destroyed completely the destruction was phenomenal i should say. it's not like anything you see when you see a crash landing when you can see the whole or at least you can recognize some parts of the plane well those it looks like almost fell apart in the sky so according to the head of iran's emergency services the plane suffered an engine fire so the engine failed and there's another video because the moment when the plane went down it was caught on camera and there it is in the red circle you can see the plane going down and it is there it hits the ground and it did look jacki it did look
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like it was on fire like it was burning i can see that small point is almost flickering and that's where the trees are exactly exactly and that's what we've been told that the as you said there had to be random urgency services that plane suffered an engine fire and clearly that fire started while it was still in the air and this is. another video that we have that's the direct aftermath of the crash and you can see all these little fires and this is what we then later saw was the videos that were showing from later on in the day when you just saw these bits and pieces everywhere as you were saying there was no real big bulk of the plane so that really doesn't imply that the plane hit very very forcefully and earlier we also saw pictures of the rescue and search teams taking away the bodies of those who perished in the plane as we mentioned has been confirmed that everyone did perish in that plane crash and at this point everyone is just thinking about the friends and families who are now waiting to have official confirmation and news of
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exactly what has happened here well it might be a long time though when it comes to confirmation especially what caused this tragedy and even as to who was on board because right now with the figures that we've we are giving is 180 people on board but there are in fact a bit of conflicting reports because the this figure comes from ukraine's foreign ministry and. ukraine's president he gave a bit of a different figure the difference is not too much just of if you if you people but still when are we talking about deaths and even when even one is one too many so there you have it is we're still at the stage when the most basic facts have to be established and set in stone so to speak exactly and you can see here we had the president of ukraine sending out his condolences and saying that of course there's only preliminary data at this point but they're going to look into exactly what caused the tragedy and get
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a list of victims out as soon as possible and we're going to be covering this. breaking news story along with our other breaking news and about in just over 7 minutes at the top of the hour so do stay with us if you can. so they started inflation deflation they tend to hand the connection between the finance economy and the real economy and sometimes the finance economy gets out of hand and you have crashes and sometimes the real economy gets out of hand then you have stagflation because wages are too high but sense 2000 and getting even more pronounced since 2008 we have 2 separate economies there are 5 for created there's the privately owned central banks who print money for private the top 110th of one percent a private citizens and then we have to serve class or the neo feudal class
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and these 2 don't interact any. time of the time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability. it's accelerating the transition to sustainable prize board sustainability stay number man a more equitable and sustainable world. they claim their production is completely hama's. because. companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away this is something else this must be done to anyone and i mean look. this is the move in unison we didn't dream and then we understood superman in.
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the eyes the but if you want me to buy it and i do the dishes at the baltimore those jeans new speech that she me we need to. close and about add them up on. yes. you mean yes i mean guys are that in fact involved. a lot of people see sawing during fuzzy fights about to come to try to both sides most called. it as it is to me she added as if. the. data cabinet 5 days doing it so. you can listen. to what included. going to fulfill the repeated purposes politics to the people come on you know
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the 4. leg. leg. play. live live. live . live. live. oh. please.
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live. lists lists lists. lists. playing. very well welcome to you you're watching us in such. good food descriptions sound up the tasing even for the owners so how to choose had food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us than was necessarily good for the pet turns out that food may not be associate people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis
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they have auto immune disorders allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to fairy simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets last treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. was the it was that that is the law. that was.
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it was really a one thing. breaking news on our to a ukrainian passenger plane crashed near tehran airport's craney an interior ministry says all 180 people on board were killed in the crash. meanwhile in neighboring iraq 2 american military bases are hit by dozens of airstrikes around the response to the killing of its top general who was assassinated in a u.s. drone strike last week our time around says it's not looking for a war with washington d.c. .


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