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tv   Documentary  RT  January 9, 2020 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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[000:00:00;00] m. . a s. a l. m. more and more people around to melt are taking to the streets to protest the way corporations make products and behave in the market the arab experts have never been to any of these protests. since my childhood i've been striving for harmony. i had a happy childhood. i learned to be
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a good call to be polite to avoid arguments into tress well. it is but lately i've taken an interest in what an average consumer like myself can do to stop the destruction of nature by corporations to their weanie just have to hope the right thing. that's why i decided to make this film. together with cuts in how to run the. little ones in the dumbest and sinister is moment nothing to tempt me some gas was meant to send the twins has been working on the issue of sustainability for years to bring in some past. 2 months mopping up a monsoon. it's a cause. she's the top expert in green washing this means that she recognizes
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when cooperation. spreading disinformation to create green image for themselves. she lives harsh criticism the company's. first met 5 years ago when we both took part in a panel discussion on t.v. on the occasion of my brain the a simplistic planet. i live and. lifted off to see if. in the it said this is something go say in the in this ng i was speaking and this was in some. chinese stocks in my hometown vienna has one of the highest quality soft life into
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. there hardly any social protests and almost no violent demonstrations just makes it a popular place to do business. today it's hosting an industrial sustainability event and choosing a good cop bad cop routine we want to get their. histories lying to us. good enough but this is about sustainability it's about our environment and how it's really. affect us you know why is that sometimes we don't even think. but she. no i have great fortune
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this year are being at the white house where francis. and. this is and. this is a no. it's not unique to them right now is that show that this collective on that we all call. our planet. will be able to survive. for the generations that follow watch thank you. response and cause the name on my. virtual head of a. 1000 others defines goes to feel other ways as soon as this is added things as. though it is and saying. this.
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is in obstacles and then these things. as in the sixty's makes. the time to go in obstacles. things either they're not going up stores have. never been that. guy with the seed in the minds of minds and a few times and i was this son who does have mine doesn't it sometimes. there's going to. be my. stuff in a good income thing not mine was like the ones you see it was assumed. that his business isn't limited to the business. limits on the give the. ones you have with a list. of even i am worth. what i was never. did this one as it was she does this all
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clive's is. love to see donald ambulance make his indivisible visit. or it's. hardly good. evil's all. on. its own this switch it is. a must if. you want an instinct they need nothing that. i mean woman needs me you know in the. bridges bridges new coutlangus is nothing against. israel is not
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a good it is. for profit. corporations are for profit companies mixing rising profits is down highest priority. takes a different course are even required to make as much profit as possible. responsibility for sustainability is passed on to us to consume less. complex. i consider myself an average consumer and our prefer our products with assisting the label but i often catch myself just scraping by the end of convenience or lack of time. on some things the main causes of.
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this. system is that. you could. explain. this kind of stuff. was his person. i am really. owned by merv. seclusive. now hiding under politics modern. times of the us it is time for someone. else is what i'm going. to have so it's you it's a comedy is a movie is called it's. time to give this is this company
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asking this is am growth and no one must. listen once. there's an act you know better. and so on my system obstacle in the middle type in something much is planned that's going on because i was going to have been complicit in this this apartment was for whom this is going except to his tax home . because i. was nuts not hard to just. say oh this. is good and it was piled on his own in a minute. as it is must have exposed. enough. and you have this openness is going to have us up to speed. to take in the. streets in different countries. every passing train that
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is given to help. to make a voluntary contribution to offset this you to. strain such a huge brain produces tons of greenhouse gases $100.00. first flight this is the steam. minute. by minute as. this not just my. 2 sons moment in front of your son is not something new in school anselmi on this exciting this is the huge plus a month and goes against being a 100 in the street. most of us in. the long run decide this one. isn't 1000 mentioned in behind
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the whole class again still isn't. going to stick. on to how. is this ng instant to make plutonium out and. must dismiss all 7. so they just. evolution has reached record levels for a 3rd day in singapore with the city state blanketed in a heavy smoke caused by illegal forest spies. by zooming in before which is going to actually see the fall and they've already blamed it called put it is clearing
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forest to make way for. 1st. of. all. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation full community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallowest. the eyes you live but if she warn you possibly can i do the dishes at the bazemore those jeans nudist beach and see me we do you believe truth. does and about their own when you guys e.t.s.
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. in the news i mean guys are that infantile ball. a lot of. people. doing it. and. people who simply. join me every 1st i'll be all excited and sure i'll be speaking to get out of the world of politics or business i will show business i'll show you that.
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this is so but i'm too short to do the design leave. us alone one where the dust also says some mix was a some kind of. this is a kind of i learn sign sometimes she says the most risky stuff doesn't gift granted to me to. come see does not last. much longer and. so on some of the. crew members there's a sense as a category as a father a man are my eyes meeting here in the car i at a magazine as i heard you decide to get insisted on with those 3 set runs yeah so the big fear promo industry will not be very happy about fear they are all to do so you've made a dozen long is not the. kind of has had a moon with. let's be honest. all i gave you here 2
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pills i had taking were mine take the other one there's palm oil enid's value. in the moment all most of that leaner is yeah you say a little bit of clothing same and they said you had the lesson was learned might be . one so it. was some nuns got up. to get a loan of the money to put some poll numbers on the phone to biofuel normally so be good somebody i wanted to. be bought off one of them when it doesn't. because some of us. got the body mr so it is used for stuff no one really needs despite one of us was. always latest just give off. this is quite fun kind as that man was then after i'm not allowed to stab the
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slime. fuck out of it once again it's asking how does and it was the scene i'd to demagogue absent of a going to know i can find a good human to know it's like me a bit of the slant. but the ones i would need. to go. beyond in news would do more of it was obvious but on the other hand i always hear that it's. everything is sustainable the industry is green. and. not being up with us he could.
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get up. must walk up. and what's happened to them around table unsustainable palm oil the last most who thinks. he's as eager fanatic is aligned to something that. i might have myself. wrong to unsustainable. debt from dave asked me to go in and one is on. the numbers as bill doesn't really get it does. getting into that other one was a local one so one of the arms of a good development is evil and awesome merciless at the 2 sides you know must group you so long it will not up owning. the alley. in
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a year with so many rain forest fires you want to hear what the industry has to say so we're trying to aipac conference the body. this conference is attended by the biggest oil. in the hall of ceremonies there are many of indonesia's top politicians this is no surprise as many of them. more implantations. interested in americans got really bout with and took it to be my going to your most activity was his how he didn't want to be a. 20000000 dollars dollar is not small money so big huge money in result was hard to get in my name as an accountant. was anything done to stop medical you
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know him. but i mean a 1000000 minus impossible given one year after many more than one and that might give a. damn about it meaning one minute 0 money down. from what others they go to money i'm going to give that to the consumer. is the perspective of the people making me want to thank. the nominees feel immediately. update the young and i glove suit now soon it was dismiss hint this is fine i missed her up kasem suing in my louis times exact thing is own fly his the commitment isn't agnes' i passed him to sue magnus to hoost and plans never not i hang of our own your organization is finance 5 gallon man is that right not all know how else of goodly huyler's quite a industry i did bible in
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a street ok you're ok this is very were what we doing european palm or linage one real want to do is and to especially in europe do explain why reuse par more and all scores i there's all those inflammation in the end the media our by out our are there are negative image just balm on board companies was should decide to boring to would be wrong to you will sustain what baal more you are these ghobadi i'll committed the day do not slurs on bird half of one an terry and the air i logged us that is rare out n z o o found out about a lot of companies that our aras feel members have contentions and all the regions where the fire was breaking allard so i don't think this is a coincident kicks good no excuse i think is really did it is either going into the ins nor is is i think the is not to eat it it is shim can it's
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a hell rubio is text it's it it's it's terrible him they need to side to decide it with these not an issue going to only the ball more in just she is to bit by their fire must not almost fighting because of any in your because on all the degraded land as well because of all the cowtown through these and all of the varied dr plantation is because palm oil a stocking wat there it's drying out the len sting the been a d. is is no to the sixty's grid deal via now it's is your can continues grocers also world continues in bruised mood i do is all if your other is this i mean there is no truth yep for sustainable i don't i nobody couldn't yes explain what is going through until you need to explain how it was ok. get it. in the artist in your own table. worldwide n.g.o.s and industry you sit together to decide what to do. this are going to give me just to explain to them no more no.
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more it is paul more produced with with respect to meet your burning not ours no. no no no but it's the stance of the people as i wouldn't be people do you employ you that you provide them with housing. is and there's also about. it there is also that the people who work in the day should also have a decent income but let's be honest the hours now exist since 2004 if more than 10 years and then almost 10 years the destruction was going on and going on i'm happy that you're here now in features in the sustainable wal-mart. although i care more more in your products and your. this. site should make definitions because of green washing. everything sounds
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nice nothings in force and just always tired of chemical sales to solve problems nice set up for the field. so i didn't decide if they let the obliteration sibila believe you have let's look ahead to use this product again and see. it in missing pieces. everything is green this is a this is more green or i like it isn't it it is still a little blue. in this well this problem is. oh you know this is a disease. so if i already. know how it was in what ways are green is it not and. it is different with the organic one meaning is nice is a list. the list. burning operations of each other with
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green slogans can tie up the armies of p.r.c. is our marketing agencies so far. the whole industry is trying to distance up often a child. can cope stand one of. more produces a even pass this dumb thing sounds so fly to china. and when i look around see you. going. into some of the birds i know. i get the impression this is more like an n.c.o. and then a company can you explain sustainability to us means it's a balanced. economy. people and in farming because we can agree on the create. you know our money. cross part of the.
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it's not least that's the ominous is it going values. in the past there was another discussion going on because of burning rain forests is marking. connected to. rain forest burning. memory to remember. how can you be sure there were because you have on my kindle. or maybe you tell me harm on the and in fact it's you have a poker phrase how do they find out the fear of cheating. in order to buy him out. your. in this field you have the good the physics the fundies india move to the financiers. that's the only way. we go media via bonds. and the like. in china meet moon meet up with fat people. she wants to show us
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some land that was in tech train forest only a few days ago before a palm oil company illegally burned it down.
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5. ft. for. kicks. please. play. lists lists lists. looked.
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and very well might continue watching on since last. it is physics physics is nothing but the harmony you can create on vibrating strings but it's chemistry chemistry is the melodies and melanie's you can play on strings what is the universe the universe is is a symphony of strings. reality has mandates of its own that go beyond what our wishes and preferences are. and our utopian visions may be we're going to get a new deal but it may not be the green new deal that people are expecting will get the green new deal that we have we deserve rather think we are going to get a green new deal because the green you're dealing compas is things beyond just right infrastructure health care is in the new deal there are other elements if you go back 20 started in 2006 that we are going to get and that are popular in this
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country. last. please cease to gas to disperse crowds in paris protesters gathered to join a major nationwide strike pension reforms now into its 36 day. but also to come this mental health patients to mix hospital boards in england have reportedly suffered sexual abuse one of the victims shared a story with us. we need to. know you can't seem to me.


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