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tv   Sophie Co. Visionaries  RT  January 9, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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the population record movies are going to people. the u.s. and other western powers accuse iran of accidentally shooting down ukrainian passenger jets on wednesday killing. iran says the claim is scientifically impossible and invites foreign experts to take paul to me investigation. and poses yet more sanctions on iran saying the restrictions will stay in place until to iran complies with washington's demands on top of president bush or a new military alliance in the region. nato. and then you have middle east. they told me i said what a beautiful name. to disperse crowds in paris and protesters gathered to join a major nationwide strike over the pension reform now into its 36 day. all those
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all the headlines of you back here next hour with another round up stay with us for sophie and. international. visionaries. this theoretical physics sounds like magic but it's looking forward daring to imagine and possibility what will a serious on the progress change in our lives and when will that happen well about this with physicist father of this string still theory. thank you very much. for being with us today on this program and so glad to measure
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. so lots to talk about because for us you're one of the greatest minds of our times. you know when i think about it every day there are new cuts there are small scale discoveries but then again for years there hasn't been like and major breakthrough in physics and that would help us in general understanding of how the world works what does it really mean does it mean that we've reached the borderline of what a man can actually discover about the physics of the world. no i think that we're just beginning to probe the mysteries of the universe the nobel prize was good recently for the discovery of gravity waves and we hope to put a gravity wave detectors in outer space a new kind of telescope a gravity telescope think about it all telescopes today use light now we use radio to peer into black holes next will be gravity telescopes that will allow us to peer
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inside a black hole at the instant of creation itself and so we're going to begin a new realm of astronomy with gravity wave detectors starting with the discovery just made a few years ago so well. can you explain to me about this prize you know a press prize says this is so quiet because derek discovers of gravity waves what does it mean can we actually control gravity are we getting closer to controlling gravity and we now have left personally. no no no we cannot control gravity but we can measure it and harness it and probe some of the deepest secrets of nature itself what would that give us as humans on earth 1st of all will begin to understand where it all came from how the universe was created people asked the question well if there was an explosion at the beginning of time where did the explosion come from where what was the universe like before genesis well we
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physicists believe that the universe is a bubble of some sort it's expanding that's the big bang theory however we think there are other bubbles out there other bubble universes a multi-verse of universes so instead of just one soap bubble universe as expanding we live in a soap bubble a bubble bath a bubble bath of universes and when these bubbles collide we think that could be the big bang so this cosmic. spencer that took place at the beginning of time may have taken place because of the collision of universes or perhaps the fishing of the universe into 2 smaller universes and so we're going to put into outer space a gravity wave telescope perhaps in a few decades that will allow us to peer into the instant of creation we're going to get baby pictures of the infant universe as it emerges from the womb and maybe
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we'll find evidence of an umbilical cord and then belittle corey connecting our infant universe to a mother you know hearst's and perhaps that is the big bang. but could we ever get closer to understanding and somehow controlling time with we have a better understanding of how gravity works well eventually maybe 1000000 years from now we may have enough power to begin to think about building a time machine or building perhaps a space war just like you see in the movies i don't ask you that is it is it really a pipe dream for people or is a question of future it is a pipe dream for us because we're so primitive however maybe in outer space aliens have already done this but it would take the power of a black hole in order to rip the fabric of space time einstein's equations to allow for time machines for example einstein said that time is a river it's
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a river this beads up and slows down but is the river that can fork it to 2 roads or perhaps a river that can have whirlpools whirlpools which would make time travel possible now this is not for us but i think in the far future if we have enough energy perhaps we'll be able to bend time into a pretzel and perhaps maybe even drill a hole through space and time and that's called a world hole well there have been many theories so far that our health. better understand better our understanding of how the universe works but you've contributed to one of the main ones that is to string theory so the string field theory if i understand correctly in essence is a theory that imagines the world made up of different strings of energy so if i gather it currently does this mean that in some sense in essence we're nothing but string music. that's right we think that the variety of subatomic particles
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we have hundreds of subatomic particles we get by smashing protons of pard in geneva switzerland are nothing but musical notes on a tiny tiny vibrating string so this would be an electron this would be headed for you know that would be a quark then nothing but different vibrations of a tiny violin string so what is physics physics is nothing but the harmonies you can create on vibrating strings what does chemistry chemistry is the melodies the melodies you can play on strings what is the universe the universe is a symphony of strings and then what is the mind of god that albert einstein wrote about for the last 30 years of his life the mind of god would be cosmic music cosmic music resonating throughout the universe that would be quote the mind of god that albert einstein wrote about this way
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a lot of people actually say i think cameron has a has it also in his book that music is so much more that any other part of any other art just because it's unexplainable how it works on souls of people and he can just gather people and make them cry under a music and doesn't translation because it is what we are. think of all the paradigms of nature which is the richest one for example some people think that maybe orbits are the paradine of mother nature but you can't create too many solar systems with objects going around other objects but think about music music has the richest set of complexities and harmonies and rhythms of all the paradigms of mother nature music is the one that is the most complex the most sophisticated and it's the medium that mother nature uses to create the diversity of protons neutrons quarks neutrinos that make up our our universe and so we think that in some sense
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the melodies of nature is physics. i want to talk to you about another very popular theory which is to multiverse theory and it's been very popular all science science fiction movies lately what do you make of it does this mean that there are parallel realities to our reality well according to quantum mechanics objects can exist in multiple realities i'm speaking here in moscow about quantum computers computers that actually compute in parallel universes you see electrons we think is nothing but a dot that sits at a certain point but the quantum theory says no the electron could be many places at the same time now that boggles the mind but how is it possible that an electron can be in 2 places at the same time because the electron exists in a multi verse a multiverse of parallel universes and therefore that allows us we think to create
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a new kind of computer and that's why i'm here in moscow to talk about this a quantum computer that computes in parallel universes so is this the bank breakthrough in physics that where we started talking about from the beginning of the century and that's right we no longer believe in a uni verse that is a one universe theory we think that our universe can co-exist with other universes and we think that explains a lot of the mysteries of mother nature for example it looks as if our universe was tuned just right to allow for humans to exist if the nuclear force were stronger the sun would have burnt out billions of years ago if the nuclear force were weaker the sub would never have forums and so the universe seem to be tuned just right to make humans now does that mean that there's a god that created humans not necessarily it means that there are other universes where the sun never ignited other universes where the sun burnt out too quickly
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we're lucky we're lucky to live in a universe that is just. right to allow for life so what you're saying would actually exclude an option of having multiple meanings are multiple use in different universes and perilous universe no because side never ignite it there our sun burnt out to quickly there. are some parallel universes there's no life because the sun never ignited or the sun burned too quickly however there are other universe that look just like ours where we have twins of ourselves when i look in the mirror i realize that i'm not really seeing myself as i really am when i look in a mirror i see myself a billionth of a 2nd ago because that's how long it takes for a light to go from here to there and back and i also realize that when i look at a mirror i'm seeing waves millions and millions of waves that look like me but
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actually are not and some of these waves go in different directions so one day i'll decide to go to school another day i'll decide to go to to the beach it's the same me. splitting apart into multiple universes so this mean that there is a parallel universe where another me didn't commit the mistakes of my life the universe or another universe where you made a lot more mistakes and in this universe you're forced to do to be here how do they interconnect and do my decisions in this life and this universe of fat what happens to me in a parallel universe for the most part the answer is no for the most part we can enter another parallel universe in other words or universes are vibrating and they vibrate in unison but these universe to begin to separate with time and therefore it's very difficult to enter a parallel universe because we are no longer vibrating at the same frequency as
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these other universes and so in this room there are the waves of dinosaurs in this room there are the waves of aliens the ways of all sorts of crazy things the waves of the universe where people never existed except we're not vibrating at the same rate anymore we've the coherent from them so we cannot talk to dinosaurs so in other words they are probably dinosaurs in this room right now it sounds crazy right but we're not vibrating at the same frequency is them so we can't talk to them we can't interact with them anymore. they may not be this tension bill way of connecting to me or to dinosaurs there must be something that connects us all what is it that's right there is the way and at the subatomic level is call entanglement where quantum computers compute in different universes so the computer exists not in one universe but in many universes simultaneously and that's why it's so powerful it's more powerful than a conventional computer which computes with the zeros and ones 00 ones because
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a quantum computer computes in multiple universes now this may blow your mind this sounds like science fiction but hey we call it physics so with that computer quantum computer eventually 100000 years allow me to break for you to break through this bubble this universe and actually meet me in the next bubble parallel universe it's conceivable very difficult and fact that's why quantum computers are so difficult to create because we want to make all the electrons vibrate in unison and when they d. call here that if they split apart into 2 universes then they no longer can compute anymore and so believe it or not the future of civilization all the computational power of a future civilization may depend upon computing in multiple universes and so this is not science fiction anymore the the world economy could one day depend upon this
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we're going to take a short break right now when we come back we'll continue talking to dr michio kaku one of the greatest minds of our times and we'll ask him more about how our universe works state change. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics. i'm sure i'll see you then.
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and we're back with dr michio kaku dr kaku here brought up quantum physics talk to me about it because i was too complicated for me to grasp all that it's about there is one thing that i think i understand about it and that is that a wave becomes a particle when observed and when it is observed it's a wave of possibilities so my friends my mystic friends what they gather out of it is that observations and the power of mind can actually shape the world their own basically you think of something and you visualize it and that comes true what do you make out of it is this how it works well the greatest paradox in all of science that really in caps allays what we're talking about is called the cat problem the showed injury can't problem if i put a cat in a box and connect the cat to
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a gun and the gun is connected to your rainy i'm your rhenium is a quantum mechanical thing it radiates radiation quantum mechanically it sets off the gun which then kills the cat so the question is if you put everything in a box and you can look at it is the cat dead or alive well we physicists say that you have to write the wave of a dead cat and add it to the wave of a live cat the cat is neither dead nor alive they can't exist simultaneously in 2 states is another cat ok they may say to yourself this is crazy i mean you physicists are are lunatics but this cat could be an electron and the electron can exist in 2 states at the same time so if electrons can do it why not cats ok now the way that we physicists get around this is that the universe has split in half
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in one half there is a dead cat in the other universe there's a life cat and that's how we explain the short. cat problem the multiverse idea allows you to explain how cats can be both dead and alive simultaneously now this mean by the way that people who are dead in our universe could be alive in another universe we can't talk to them because we don't we're no longer vibrating at the same frequency but it means that elvis presley could be alive in a parallel universe. that brings up the whole dug myself soul and what happens to it after the body stat here on earth does that somehow it's not what are saying however. you know a 1000 years ago philosophers believed in dualism the soul and the body were separate and when you died the soul went to heaven and the body went to the earth that's how it was for thousands of years and then we have no neuro science neuro
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science says no no no no it's just the brain the brain thinks the brain thinks there's a soul but it's just no runs now we're beginning to come back to the way it was a 1000 years ago because now we thinking about digital consciousness because it's possible to digitize everything known about you your credit card transactions your video tape you to interviews everything known about you can be digitalized and when you die your digital fingerprint lives forever and we're going to get very good at this in the future will be able to digitize everything that is known about us i phone something that you sat fascinating and very interesting you have sat that your life's work is to take the laws of physics and summarize it into equation that is one h. long and that equation with the got of einstein you said that right so that mean
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that basically you are looking for a god in this that he's got an equation well. we think that string theory which summarizes all known physical laws can be summarized into an equation one inch long that's my question string field theory now why don't we physicists win the nobel prize then because there's a problem it turns out that we now believe that membranes can also exist with strings so not just strings but like little balls beach balls in fact our universe could be a membrane of some sort and that theory is has not been put into its final form yet but string theory yes string theory can be summarized into a one inch equation which happens to be my equation that's my contribution to string theory to be able to summarize it into an equation when this law. was struck clean what you sat was the work cut that will be the cost of einstein now einstein
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said that he wants to read god's thoughts these are his exact words ok he didn't necessarily say this equation created god or this equation was god he said that this equation is god's thoughts ok so that's how that's how he phrased it so he evaded the question which came 1st god or the equation was ok he did not say which came 1st however he did believe that there are 2 kinds of gods that we have to separate the 1st kind of god is the personal god the god that answers prayers that god that smites the philistines the god of the old testament he did not believe in that personal god he believed in the god of spinoza the god of harmony beauty simplicity the universe didn't have to be beautiful the universe is gorgeous and simple you can put all the laws of physics into one of the equation that is not an
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accident so i was stunned said that there is a god of physical law not a personal god that answers your prayers and smiles. the philistines but a god of the universe that gives us the physical laws in other words a log giver is what einstein said he says here understanding of god as well that's my understanding of god now where this equation came from we don't know we just know that when you have this equation and you solve it you get electrons and protons neutrinos and big bangs and earths and and water and people and what comes 1st in your opinion equation arcot. i don't know ok i think that's where we begin to have no words to describe which came 1st einstein would say probably that god kade 1st and god's thoughts are the equation and therefore in some sense these are the thoughts that god created he also said once that with progress the
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understanding of physics gets simpler and simpler see we have all these concepts quantum physics wave particles membrane strings black holes i mean it's hard enough to even start to understand one of those concepts how is it getting simpler. well you know i have friends of mine who are getting ph d.'s in english literary criticism and they write ph d. theses on shakespeare and what did he really mean when he said this and i said to myself she is getting more complicated every year somebody writes another ph d. thesis on james joyce or hemingway or shakespeare so english is getting more complicated with time physics is getting simpler and simpler and simpler the loss of electricity and magnetism which makes this interview possible is called max's equations but actually the question is is half an inch long is the divergence of
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the f. tensor is 0 then the light comes right out of it it turns out that einstein's equation for gravity is a little bit longer to equal 0 in size famous equation that makes possible black holes and big bangs the quantum theory is messier it's about a page long but it can be summarized into string theory which is again governed by my equation and then you realize that she physics is getting simpler and simpler see you have pointed out paradox yourself that they equations get simpler and yet we humans here on earth and they swear ality tend to complicate things just the same as we complicate them 10210000 years ago why isn't life for us getting simpler and easier and understanding of how we should leave if the laws of physics and how this thing else works around nervous like you sat is getting simpler because the fundamental laws we think are very simple and pure at the
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beginning of time but after the big bang took place things became complex the human brain for example is the most complex object in the known universe in the whole universe the galaxies of galaxies we have not. seen anything resembling the complexity of the human brain and there's $100000000000.00 neurons there each neuron connected 210000 other neurons there are trillions of thoughts that we our brain is capable of and because of this it means that human interactions are extremely difficult so the fundamental laws of big of atoms are simple but how the create the human brain and how humans interact with other humans is extremely complicated so i want to talk to you about another thing there is a u.k. canet in an italian study that has provided 8 what researchers believe is the 1st
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observational evidence that our universe is basically just a vast and complex hologram so what that means in my terms is that everything we experience is projected at us from you know at a borderline somewhere from there or from the universe is this what it means well string theory gives us as a byproduct the holographic universe now think of a hologram behold them as 2 dimensional as is flat like this but when he leaves or a light comes out a 3 dimensional way from so if your eyeball is sitting over here you see 3 dimensions this is how for example at disney world in amusement parks ghosts come out and all sorts of creatures come out in 3 dimensions how is that possible it's because it's a flat sheet of glass that has a hologram on it you shine a laser beams on the outside from the back side and out comes a 3 dimensional image we think our universe is 3 dimensional because we have length
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with and height string theory says no the universe is perhaps 10 maybe a leaven dimensional there are other dimensions out there that we cannot visualize now to see this think of a child i used to spend a lot of time in san francisco looking at. the the fish in a japanese teagarden the fish live in 2 dimensions they can only swim left right forward backward the concept of up beyond the pond is totally alien to them they cannot visualize the world of it's only a 2 dimensional pawn and then i said if there is a scientist fish there the scientist fish will say bah humbug there's no 3rd dimension there's only 2 dimensions everybody knows this the pond is the universe and then i imagine as a child grabbing one of the scientists fish lifting the scientists fish into the world of up what would he see he would see 3 dimensional beings moving without fins
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a new law of physics beings breathing without water a new law of biology and then i put the fish back in the pond in my dream and then i said how would he explain it to the other fish i was in a parallel universe i left the universe i saw a creatures that can move in the 3rd dimension and the other fish was a crazy well today we believe that we are the fish we spend all our lives in 3 dimensions moving forward backward left right up down thinking that's all there is what you see is what there is nothing more sorry hoping for someone of crabby think you know where is the way hello look what's going on in here well it's conceivable that maybe one day somebody out there in another dimension and another multiverse in another bubble universe will come to our universe to grab us and say look look there's a whole universe out there are parallel universe in dimensions beyond the
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dimensions that that you know and love thank you so much dr fascinating talking to you and we thank plots and moscow for allowing us to arrange dysentery and make this happen thank you my pleasure. in a world of big partisan through things a lot has and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for
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critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. donald trump says that iran is standing down for military conflict is it and if not what happens next with the u.s. marine crisis expert analysis on this edition. of the politicking on larry king on wednesday downtime suggested that iran is standing down from further military action against the united states has a rand taken a so-called off ramp in the escalating crisis with america and what happens next in the current tensions between the united states and iran for analysis we turn to a couple of minutes.


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