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tv   News  RT  January 10, 2020 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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under. the pseudonym. the us secretary of state is grilled by reporters demanding a justification for the killing of iran's top general. meanwhile the u.s. hails its military in iraq as a false for good in the middle east after baghdad all 6 american troops to leave the country. and angela merkel heads to moscow for talks of god made putin the german and russian leaders are expected to discuss middle east tensions and russia's energy supplies to europe. you're watching r.t. international i'm rise on a low could thank you for joining us. now the u.s. secretary of state has defended washington's decision to assassinate iran's top
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general mike compare struggled to explain the alleged threat posed by major general slow money during a press conference earlier. reports. things got quite easy at the press conference where we saw mike pompei o the u.s. secretary of state speaking alongside steve minutia in the secretary of treasury and this comes just a week after the killing of iran's top general qassam solomonic and as the press asked questions that got particularly tense mike pompei o seemed a little bit uncomfortable trying to answer the questions of journalists who just don't seem to buy his claim that the killing of solomonic was necessary to protect american lives let's take a listen to some of what went on if you have a specific information about the internet and didn't have anything to do with our embassies. we had specific emanation information on an imminent threat and those threats from included attacks on the u.s. embassies what is your definition of that in that.
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this was going to happen in american lives where this intelligence community is not flawless we we get it wrong in this case the intelligence community got a fundamentally right there was an imminent attack it was an act of plotting is that right now gone with sort of money gone threats are never going now it wasn't just the journalists who don't exactly buy pompei as claims but american lawmakers also have their doubts we just saw in the u.s. house of representatives the lower house of the u.s. legislative branch a resolution was passed attempting to restrict the activities of the trumpet ministration and trying to prevent them from further escalating tensions with the islamic republic of iran however these doubts about whether it was the right thing in order to kill qassam solomonic go well beyond legislators and journalists they actually go to the us public itself we have new poll results that have been
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conducted and it shows that basically 2 thirds of the u.s. public believes at this point that the country is less safe because of trump's decision to kill the top iranian general furthermore $69.00. then to the u.s. public believes that iran is more likely to attack the usa as a result of trump's decisions 52 percent describe top killings qassam solomonic as reckless so a pretty solid opposition to prompts a killing of qassam solomonic among american people themselves i think there is a lot of. american public. concern about the assassination and the fact that it pulls you in people think that it made americans less safe and so what was the point and i don't think people are buying troops explanation that he gave that it was because of an imminent attack on the u.s. embassy while at the press conference mike peo and steve minutia laid out basically
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what these new sanctions will include the new sanctions are targeting high level officials in iran basically preventing any business transactions with them but when explaining these new sanctions a mike bomb peo use some rather interesting language to lay out what he argued was the ultimate end game of the united states when it comes to iran the president said we don't want war we want iran to behave like a normal nation the reason that secretary treasurer this morning is to continue this campaign our strategic effort to get to run to behave in a way that doesn't continue their 40 year long effort to terrorize the world if you hear those words he refers to saying that he wants iran to be a quote normal country so essentially it seems the united states is ask a lady threats and carrying out more sanctions with the goal of forcing the islamic republic to conduct itself in a manner that the united states considers to be normal not exactly clear what that means but until that happens there will be further activities and sanctions and
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threats and what not now many are hoping that the current situation is in a state of deescalation but at the same time people worry about what could happen next you know the sanctions still remain iran still has the capabilities we saw the recent strikes that took place so a lot of nervousness in the global community at the moment. meanwhile there is growing concern in iraq that the country is becoming a battleground between the u.s. and iran thousands of people took to the streets of baghdad on friday calling for an end to foreign interference. the. demonstrators waving iraqi flags chanted no to america no to iran meanwhile iraq's caretaker prime minister has demanded that the u.s. make preparations for a troop pullout but washington has made it clear that that's not going to happen artie's more it has more. of us are familiar with the situation you invite someone
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over to stay a while say a friend they stay and stay and stay you drop a hint you know it's getting late kind of tired but they just don't get it. america is a force for good in the middle east and a delegation sam to iraq would be dedicated to discussing how to be recommit to our strategic partnership not to discuss troop withdrawal what complicates things is that your unwelcome guest is heavily armed and has a tendency to how do you put this kill your other guests you call make this up americans kill an iranian general in iraq iran then shoots back a bunch of ballistic missiles in revenge out of iraq i mean these poor rocky guys they've done nothing and everyone's bombing them so you can understand if they're a little sick of it all and point to the door we want to restart the civil war
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again among the shia we don't want this to happen we're not a battlefield between the usa and iran so whoever wants to heed the usa should do that outside of this country. all of these troops must leave because they have turned iraq into a battlefield it's astonishing the americans are saying no we don't care that you voted for us to leave we won't and just in case that wasn't enough of a slap in the face actually going to call more of their friends over to iraq nato played and then you have any middle east you know they told me i said what a beautiful name nato personnel in the region to know you're supposed to us to be honest with you because this is an international problem today and they need to delegation is that the state department to discuss increasing nato is role in the iraq situation is absurd it makes a joke
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a mockery of international law and simple decency and as does anything absurd has the internet buzzing. america is a force for good in the middle east and we'll start a civil war to prove you need our protection given military forces the against the wishes of the people who live there it's called occupation when we said we wanted to bring you democracy we did not mean you can't use it to make your own decisions iraq asks u.s. troops to leave the country but president pompei o refuses instead his state department issues a statement the 1st sentence reads america is a force for good in the middle east remember if you say i am so cool then you're not cool there's a lesson here i suppose you can't be friends with a superpower they'll call your friend patch on the head but when push comes to
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shove you're just another poor bombed out nation that's going to do as you're told . or middle east trying to abdel bari atwan believes there is no justification for the continued us presence in iraq. it dix there is you know we are fighting for isis in there are we don't want. to come back but this is completely fabricated excuses to be honest because this is that. it is it is that actually i mean it is they are you know is that it is a year it is at all if you will simple. and very complete you know i don't believe there is a chance of this time. unless you have one bill to come back and one of them this is the only the only way for those that say to come back. i'm going to pull out. here today iraqi parliament is the usual. problems.
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german chancellor angela merkel will be arriving in moscow later on saturday for me to vladimir putin they are expected to discuss the iran crisis and also the north stream to gas pipeline linking russia to germany peter all of a has got more on this visit it's not a difficult time that angle or merkel arrives in moscow for what will be her 19th official visit to russia as german chancellor certain to be up for discussion between herself and president vladimir putin are taking energy out of the current situation in the middle east and the standoff between iran and the united states and getting energy from russia into germany via the nord stream to gas pipeline chancellor merkel and president putin are in agreement when it comes to a deescalation of tension in the middle east mrs merkel spokes person stressing the need for cool heads this week it's constants important that all involved parties exercise restraint and turn away from the logic of escalation towards the logic of
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dialogue both the federal chancellery and the kremlin have their concern at the situation in the region with the government here in berlin sounding less than convinced by the justification given. washington for the assassination of a rainy and major general because some solar money because we saw the explanation of the u.s. for this strike but the information to comprehend the explanation was missing force of the school year that mildred violence must only be the last resort germany and russia were both architects of the rainy and nuclear deal that now looks to be lying in tatters following 1st donald trump pulling the united states out of it unilaterally back in 2018 and just this week the iranian side saying they're not going to live up to their end of the bargain following the killing of solomonic it's. very concerning that iran is failing to meet is no longer meeting several of its obligations and what it has now announced is that it will no longer meet
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further obligations this is another wrong step in the wrong direction and naturally raises serious questions about the future of this agreement when it comes to nord stream to a balancing act between washington and moscow will be required from the chancellor the united states is very keen to sell germany its liquefied natural gas but it doesn't want germany to receive gas from russia slapping sanctions on the project and making overt threats towards the european businesses and companies involved you face a binary choice stop now and leave the pipeline unfinished or make a foolish attempt to rush to complete the pipeline and risk putting your company out of business forever with the pipeline just a few dozen kilometers from its planned destination the project that was planned to be up and running at the end of last year now and visit completion date at the end of this year angle americal knows germany needs that gas at the price russia is
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willing to sell it them the flag of the other thing is that no one wants to be unilaterally dependent on russia but we received russian gas not only the d.d.r. where i lived but also in west germany during the cold war. and they don't see why the times today should be so much worse that we can no longer see russia remains a partner. i'm going to merkel can expect a warm welcome in a wintery moscow helped in part by the fact that both russia and germany find themselves on the same side of the argument in 2 major issues the russian president vladimir putin has also called for calm heads in the middle east and the government in moscow calls the sanctions that have been put in place on the north stream project illegal expect both chancellor merkel and president putin to be singing from the same song sheet when it comes to joint statements on these particular issues but they'll also be close attention paid later on today through water and
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gloom urkel has to say and how closely she aligns herself with the russian president and that's going to be paid attention to not just here in berlin but also in brussels and in washington peter all over r.t. berlin. in other international news the salton over a man has died at the age of 79 qaboos bin sayed outside of ruled the gulf nation for almost 50 years and was the longest serving leader in the middle east he had no children and a successor will be chosen by the ruling family omar has declared 3 days of national mourning. the 11 year old school boy has killed his teacher and injured 6 other people in a shooting in northern mexico the boy then turned the gun on himself local officials say the boy asked to go to the bathroom returned with 2 firearms and began shooting the motive for the killing and how the child obtained the weapons so far are clear. elsewhere a standoff has been unfolding in the chill
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a in the capital santiago riot police used water cannon and tear gas to force back crowds of protesters there on arrest has been simmering since october and it was sparked by a hike in subway fares spiraled into a movement against growing inequality. and other news the u.s. aviation authority has proposed a $5000000.00 fine on boeing for allegedly putting defective parts into its 737 max planes internal memos from the company have been really suggesting stuff we're aware of numerous problems with the aircraft but failed to alert inspectors. i still haven't been forgiven by god for the covering up i did last year would you put your family on a mac. simulated trained aircraft i wouldn't know this airplane is designed by gloams who are uncertain supervised by monkeys well over 100 pages of internal communications were delivered to congressional investigators as part of
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a probe into how the boeing 737 max jet was certified safe before 2 major recent plane crashes the plane's manufacturer has released a statement expressing regret over the content of the communications between its employees boeing also gave assurances it had made significant changes to hearts and safety procedures the aircraft manufacturer had its entire 737 max fleet grounded in march last year after it was involved in 2 deadly plane crashes with ethiopian airlines and indonesia's lion air 346 people were killed in those tragedies problems with automated flight control systems are thought to have contributed to the fatal crashes. well some of the memo suggests that boeing is limited pilot training on simulators as a cost cutting measure evasion safety advocate gideon us believes that was a serious mistake. most flight conversion training happens in simulators even even conversion to the top will only derivative of
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a given type so that's not unusual i think one of the problems that bring painted themselves into a corner. with the 7 through so much program was trying to make it cheaper for airlines to to operate in terms of a common. pool with the earlier models of 737 specifically the astoundingly successful and g. 7 series as people in flight safety community certainly think that the search is expensive trial and accident my think this is a the ultimate frustration of that particular mantra that the recall asked to grow it. out of the problems with the 737 months program i don't think and work people have tried to calculate it but i think i think it's beyond graham's. now for more than a month there have been protests against the french government's plans to reform pensions
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a draft bill of the project has been revealed and will be presented to the council of ministers in 2 weeks but the main bone of contention is an increase in the pension age although according to the text it's not something that would apply until 2022 a salad to bensky explains. will you still need to me will you still feed me when i'm 64 or so goes the chorus to that song sung by the beatles now back in the 1960 s. when it was recorded average life spans were far shorter than they are today in france it was around 70 years old the idea of being 64 suggested you were probably close to you wrote expiration. in france they consider the us too healthy at the age of $63.00 so for us if unacceptable to diet work or a time in bad health. it is very possible to diet work at this. people are tired of that age they can continue working. as founts enters into its 6
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week of strikes over proposed changes to the pension system the one element that's really seems to be roiling people is the up being over the age that you can retire at with a full pension to yes you guessed it $64.00 polls show that 2 thirds of respondents find this to be on palatable while some unions if even demanded that all references to retirement at $64.00 be removed from the law. this new age is unfair because it will be no lies those who started working young economists agree that it's unnecessary and people are against it despite the opposition this seems to be a sticking point for the government. and i think us he does know that everywhere in europe in countries like ours across europe people work a little longer because my thanks makes sense he is going to go. well he's right life expectancy has increased significantly in the last 50 years in fact in france
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the median lifespan is now 83 years old meaning the average person would toys at 64 would be dipping into the pension system for some 19 years and even if the government refuses to budge old not retirement age compared to other countries in the e.u. some might say that the french have it pretty good in countries like sweden denmark portugal germany and many more the age of retirement is already higher than the current age of retirement in france at $62.00 and it would still be higher than the new threshold at $64.00 in addition the life expectancy in these countries is lower than the fronts meaning that people who work longer to retire on average in those countries and are more likely to access their pension for shorter period of time so why are the french making such a song and dots about this. shit is not about comparing countries
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it's. about social regression it's about pensions and we don't know what will be next why not do the opposite why does germany lower the retirement age to $60.00 to $60.00 or less we should do the opposite and not race to the bottom that's the issue for the european union as a whole only seem to they can do and we believe that france is current retirement system is economically viable so as long as we support retirement funds we do not need to slash workers' rights. the main problem for us is not the retirement age the main problem is the row our contracts for this this signifies the complete breakdown of the social system. it seems for the french regardless of what they european might be doing when they turn $64.00 they want to already be enjoying their retirement and this is no indication jollity been ski. paris.
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18 u.n. peacekeepers and 2 civilians were injured in a rocket attack on a military base in mali on thursday in just a day earlier the un envoy for west africa had raised concerns over an increase in the number of terror attacks in the west africa and so how region has experienced a devastating surge in terrorist. attacks against civilian and military targets in my own turnaround is alarming. he also presented data showing a 5 fold increase over 3 years in terror attacks in kenya faster mali energy air $4000.00 deaths were reported last year or the military base that was attacked serves as a camp for troops of the france led anti terror gratian which began in 2014 france has 4 and a half 1000 soldiers in the region while the un has 30000 troops in mali political analyst logan ak employee says that's still not enough to cope with the threat it
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is a symptom of the difficulties that the mali government and the un are having in taking care of the country's insurgents rebels. was forces were dealing with areas that are larger than the heart of europe and the african forces are stretched u.s. forces are stretched and many of these islamic groups have taken to guerrilla warfare and roadside bombs and it is extremely difficult to police and patrol such a large area the size of the world and the global political structure has always played lip service to the issues within the insurgencies the. natural resources are more of a big issue rather than actually containing the spread of radical islam and it is sad to see it in africa until the world takes the islamic insurgency in africa seriously it will only grow and grow and grow. and old trump has claimed the
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us is doing a good job in venice weyler he made the remark about speaking almost a year after the us recognized opposition leader why though as the country's leader although president maduro is still in power. then i hear we have a good strategy but we're taking care of people helping people colombia's helping a lot of people some of the nation surrounding it helping people but where i think we're doing a good they have a system that right now is very broken we'll see what happens stay tuned meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state has called for a swift negotiated transition to democracy in venezuela my compost said the government and opposition need to negotiate to form a transitional government and hold free and fair elections on tuesday was sworn in by supporters for a new term as leader of the national assembly and that was after a standoff with soldiers who tried to prevent him from entering the building why don't assume the role last year after branding the madeira presidency illegitimate and went on declare himself interim leader than
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a spoiler nicolas maduro meanwhile has refused to resign journalist paul dobson says the u.s. doesn't seem to have any clear plan for this way though. it is very difficult to actually understand the u.s. strategy in venezuela. it was very clear that their political strategic goals in the country in 2019 were not achieved they did not achieve regime change they did not achieve ousting with or from power and the comments coming out of the white house in the last few days seem to suggest that there is some confusion about the current u.s. strategy that we saw secretary of state michael talking about dialogue transition which is a significant step down in the rhetoric regarding venezuela however only today we saw elliott abrams the special u.s. envoy for the next whaler bringing the issue of military intervention back on to the table for these 2 comments taken merely 24 hours apart really sure that there
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is a process a revision of the u.s. strategy in venezuela going on behind closed doors in washington on that there are certainly differences of opinion after what the way forward to achieve these strategic objectives which is very much sense of the round getting nicholas mother out of power well that is a news update and i'll be back with a roundup of the headlines in about 30 minutes time see that. reality has mandates of its own that go beyond what our wishes and preferences are . and our utopian visions maybe we're going to get a new deal but it may not be the green new deal that people are expecting will get
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the green new deal that we have we deserve rather think we are going to get a green new deal because the green you're dealing compas is things beyond just right infrastructure health care is in that new deal there are other elements if you go back 20 started in 2006 that we are going to get and that are popular in this country. over the past week we've heard a lot about escalation deescalation and what is proportionate we've also heard the word war this is how the u.s. ran complex describe what is not talked enough about is the necessity of ending the american military presence in the middle east these endless wars must speak. in a world of big partisan. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever
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we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for washing clothes for watching the hawks. dr eric jennings from santa ram is considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. by the way this man with no clothes isn't don't try jennings he's
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a member of the indigenous zoe tribe who's helping the don't of put together a personal archive. this is dr jennings people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move sailing yachts and flying aircraft a little like models dr strange but with a full set of working fingers this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public carrick's allowed in because he's the zoe's personal doctor. and. the. center room in the north of brazil was founded as an amazon jungle bought it 1st exported spices then cocoa later rubber before turning to cocoa again today it
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specializes in gold book sides and soy the latter is now a major reason behind the deforestation of the amazon. for these reasons santorum has become a symbol of economic conquest and environmental destruction locals even compose ballads about it. no doubt 2 it was the go. no learning english because all those our little game with me got. it back i gave up. by one. needed someone bob. there must be. my son and. then.


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