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tv   News  RT  January 11, 2020 3:00am-3:31am EST

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breaking news on r t iran admits that it's unintentionally shot down ukraine's passenger plane on wednesday but the country's president calling the incident and unforgivable mistake . as iran's foreign minister blames washington's adventurism for tensions that led to the downing the u.s. secretary of state is grilled by reporters to demand a justification for the killing of iran's top general. in the meantime the u.s. hailed its military in iraq as a force for good in the middle east after baghdad asks american troops to leave the country.
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you're watching our to international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned 11 am welcome to the program we start the program with breaking news as iran has admitted that its military an intentionally shot down the ukrainian passenger plane on wednesday due to human error foreign minister zarif and it happened at a time of crisis caused by us and. our correspondent on the corner joins us live in the studio with all the details what sort of international reaction has there been to this admission well most recently we heard from the canadian prime minister who called this event a national tragedy and he also said that he expected full cooperation from iran in the investigation we also heard from ukraine's president vladimir is a lens ski who said that he expects he expects iran's take full responsibility and for the investigation to continue without any obstruction earlier today we did hear from iran's president who promised just that and called this a vent and on forgivable mistake. the armed forces internal investigation has
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concluded that regrettably missiles fired you see human error caused the horrific crash of the ukrainian plane and the death of 176 innocent people investigations continue to identify and prosecute this great tragedy and unforgivable mistake now iran's president also promised compensation for the families of the victims and the country's supreme leader has called for the for the findings of this investigation to be made public now earlier we also heard from iran's foreign minister who gave he actually highlighted the nother reason for why this crisis took place. a sad day preliminary conclusions of internal investigation by armed forces human error at time of crisis caused by u.s. adventurism lead to disaster i'll perform regrets apologies and condolences to our people to the families of all victims until with affected nations. give us a bit of background here what exactly is the foreign minister referring to oh well
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just last week a u.s. airstrike killed a high ranking high ranking could command. soleimani and that brought tensions in the region to a level that we haven't seen in decades this guy was considered a hero to many in iran as he was instrumental for the defeat of isis in syria so the government promised harsh retaliation for his death and that came in the form of several airstrikes against u.s. military bases in iraq that happened just mere hours before this plane went down so at that time the iranian military was intice a painting some sort of possible u.s. response to those strikes which explains why they thought that this airliner could have been an enemy aircraft they said that it was approaching a military installation clearly tensions were very high are there other cases of countries shooting down planes by mistake you know unfortunately when tensions are this high like you said accidents are more probable for example during the cold war in 1903 the soviet union mistakenly shot down korean air flight 007 thinking it was
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a spy plane the plane went into soviet air space at the time that a u.s. reconnaissance mission was going on as well and in 1980 actually the current roles that we're seeing now were reversed the u.s. navy shot down and a rainy an airliner killing all $290.00 passengers because they thought it was in the rainy and fighter jet now at that time then vice president george h.w. bush said he had nothing to apologize for and that he didn't care about the facts regarding the shooting of the plane down don't quote i say across the way this for us thank you. to delve deeper we're going to cross live to amir oren who's a defense and political commentator now as we've just been saying the foreign minister has been blaming us and ventress them for the crisis situation that then led to the human error that cost the tragedy what do you make of that.
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well he's partly right because one has to look at the wider picture of course the incident itself. saudi arabian bettery commander who gave the order or his superiors are totally to blame for but there is a wider picture in which as your report laid out there was a period of tension following the american strike on seoul in money and the. iranian culture strike and it all started with the death of an american by a pro uranian militia but if one goes to the larger context there is an economic war for conducted by the trumpet ministration against. in order to signal a break which is the policy of the obama administration which signed the 2015 deal with the same iranian regime which is in power now and therefore in times of
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war and the so called for gulf war unfortunately there are reasonable rate yet able to pierce these fog unless the reason the conflicting mechanism and there is one in syria between the russian and the israeli air forces and when one goes back to september of 2018 when the syrians shot down russian plane following an israeli attack then again one can see that the iranians and the syrians were to blame for the reason there was. an israeli attack because there was a transfer of weapons from iran through syria but the in the incident the self it was apparently the skill and training off the syrians which were to blame so again one can talk about blame and responsibility or
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accountability the blame is iranian but the responsibility lies on their shoulders too. about an hour ago we got the ukrainian president's response and he called for iran to admit full responsibility for shooting down the plane but hasn't already done that is there something else that ukraine is waiting for. well in such incidents and one can also mention when vessels when chips are heat biplanes. in the liberty incident during the $196076.00 day war when israel accidentally shot at an american spy ship and dozens of american servicemen israel admitted. guilt and paid compensation to the victims so apparently this is well ukraine now expects iran to do to reach an understanding with the families of the
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passengers and the crew and pay them compensation now tehran says that the plane was mistaken for a hostile target saying that u.s. aircraft flew in the vicinity of the airport where the plane crashed could that have been the target then. americans wearing beauty expected to hit back but look biplanes rather by missiles it is not the custom now adays to indenture pilots by sending them on missions into enemy territory but nevertheless usually dare our transponders. friend or foe devices which enable and force or a military organization to know whether the plane is friendly or hostile but this is during war when there are clear lines between combatants here because it was all
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very confusing there are civilians there are militias there are military's on either side obviously they were not fully prepared for the eventuality and had they known it in advance they should have let the asians stand down for the next several hours s. is usually done there are of course advisories to marry an heiress and be a tourist when tests are conducted in a region the region itself is being closed. to any traffic and this should have been done in this case. at this point we've had reaction from ukraine and canada what response do you expect from other members of the international community. the other members will obviously joining. us nations who are especially
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heat ukraine having most of the passengers but also as we know doesn't connect us and the international civil aviation organization will probably also have some response they will all call on iran now that the did meet and it's guilt and he doesn't matter what their records a particular officer or an order from above it doesn't change the result so iran will probably now proceed to pay compensation defense and political commentator amir oren thank you for your time and your comments. u.s. secretary of state has defended washington's decision to assassinate iran's top general very news conference my pump a struggle to explain the alleged threat posed by general samani as he was grilled by journalists have often has more. things got quite easy at the press conference
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where we saw mike pompei o the u.s. secretary of state speaking alongside steve minutia in the secretary of treasury and this comes just a week after the killing of iran's top general qassam solomonic and as the press asked questions got particularly tense mike pompei o seemed a little bit uncomfortable trying to answer the questions of journalists who just don't seem to buy his claim that the killing of solomonic was necessary to protect american lives let's take a listen to some of what went on if you have specific information about the internet and didn't have anything to do with our embassy. we had specific emanation information on an imminent threat and those threats trim included attacks on u.s. embassies what is your definition of it in that. this was going to happen in american lives at risk the intelligence community is not flawless we we get it wrong in this case the intelligence community got it
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fundamentally right there was an imminent attack it was active plotting is that right now gone with sort of money gone threats are never going now it wasn't just the journalists who don't exactly buy pompei as claims but american lawmakers also have their doubts we just saw in the u.s. house of representatives the lower house of the u.s. legislative branch a resolution was passed attempting to restore it to the activities of the trumpet ministration and trying to prevent them from further escalating tensions with the islamic republic of iran however these doubts about whether it was the right thing in order to kill qassam solomonic go well beyond legislators and journalists they actually go to the u.s. public itself we have new poll results that have been conducted and it shows that basically 2 thirds of the u.s. public believes at this point that the country is less safe because of trump's decision to kill the top iranian general furthermore 69 percent. cent of the u.s.
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public believes that iran is more likely to attack the usa as a result of trump's decisions 52 percent describe trump killings qassam solomonic as reckless so a pretty solid opposition to trump killing and qassam solomonic among american people themselves while at the press conference mike peo and steve minutiae laid out basically what these new sanctions will include the new sanctions are targeting high level officials in iran basically preventing any business transactions with them but when explaining these new sanctions a mike bomb peo used some rather interesting language to lay out what he argued was the ultimate end game of the united states when it comes to iran president said we don't want war we want iran to be hit with the noble mission the reason that secretary treasurer this morning is to continue this campaign our strategic effort to get to run to behave in a way that doesn't continue their 40 year long effort to terrorize the world if you
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hear those words he refers to saying that he wants iran to be a quote normal country so essentially it seems the united states is asking threats and carrying out more sanctions with the goal of forcing the islamic republic to conduct itself in a manner that the united states considers to be normal not exactly clear what that means but until that happens there will be further activities and sanctions and threats and whatnot now many are hoping that the current situation is in a state of deescalation but at the same time people worry about what could happen next you know the sanctions still remain iran still has the capabilities we saw the recent strikes that took place so a lot of nervousness in the global community at the moment i think air is still on sanctions at this point but we will get around to that again despite the fact that we dodged a bullet about going to war with iran our last few days were still in the same set piece positions where we were before and. all these guys around the president can
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think of it how do we turn the screws more more backs mum pressure more and more info and this is the next thing i can do a lot of this of this remember is aimed at the europeans i think a lot of this is toward pressuring the europeans to side with the americans in this poll pressure campaign. meanwhile there's growing concern among iraqis that the country is becoming a battleground between the u.s. and iran thousands of people took to the streets of baghdad on friday calling for an end to foreign interference. demonstrators waving iraqi flags chanting no to america no to ran you know iraq's caretaker prime minister has demanded that the u.s. make preparations for a troop pullout and washington has made it clear that's not going to happen but rather they're going to stay for good as our senior correspondent. of us familiar with the situation you invite someone over to say fred they
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stay and stay and stay you drop a hint you know it's getting late in the head but they just don't get it. america is a force for good in the middle east and a delegation sam to iraq would be dedicated to discussing how to be recommit to our strategic partnership not to discuss troop withdrawal what complicates things is that your unwelcome guest is heavily armed and has a tendency to how do you put this kill your other guests you call make this up americans kill and arabian general in iraq iran then shoots back a bunch of ballistic missiles in revenge out of iraq i mean these poor rocky guys they've done nothing and everyone's bombing them so you can understand if they're a little sick of it all and point to the door we want to restart the civil war
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again among the shia we don't want this to happen we're not a battlefield between the usa and iran so whoever wants to hear the usa should do that outside of this country. all of these troops must leave because they have turned iraq into a battlefield it's astonishing the americans are saying no we don't care that you voted for us to leave we won't and just in case that wasn't enough of a slap in the face actually going to call more of their friends over to iraq nato played and then you have any middle east you know they told me i said what a beautiful name nato personnel in the region to know you're supposed to us to be honest with you because this is an international problem today and need to delegation is at the state department to discuss increasing nature's role in the iraq situation is absurd it makes a joke
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a mockery of international law and simple decency and as there's anything absurd has the internet buzzing. america is a force for good in the middle east and we'll start a civil war to prove you need our protection given military forces the against the wishes of the people who live there it's called occupation when we said we wanted to bring you democracy we did not mean you can't use it to make your own decisions iraq asks u.s. troops to leave the country but president pompei o refuses instead his state department issues a statement the 1st sentence reads america is a force for good in the middle east remember if you say i am so cool then you're not cool there's a lesson here i suppose you can't be friends with a superpower they'll call your friend patch on the head but when push comes to
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shove you're just another poor bombed out nation that's going to do as you're told well it's right or abdel bari atwan and political analyst shabbir razvi it was their reaction to the increasingly messy a 3 way conflict. the pretext is you know well i think there's no rises in there are we don't want. to come back but this is completely fabricated excuses to be honest because this is the. it is it is that i shammed it is they iraqi it is that it is a year and it is a whole issue. and this time state is there and very completely you know i don't believe there is a chance of this i mean. unless you have 2 states one of them to come back and one to finance them this is the only the only way for the islamic state to come back. i'm going to pull out least. here today and i think i'm going to lucian. problems
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this is all part of the ratcheting up trying to show that iran is the one line that state iran is doing things which are not really in the interest of the public and you know usa is good for the world but really i would like to say that you know what mr. trump was saying that they took and need but i think what would be a really good titan is that ari and me islamic republic middle east without the usa there then all of the problems that we have would disappear and then we could get to some truthful conversation and having a narrative which has some bases and a logical basis to any communication still to come the u.s. proposes to find boeing for defects and at 737 max model which has suffered several deadly crashes details after the break.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. thinks . we fear to ask. trump is a new yorker and he looks at the global picture and he sees the tension in the middle east he sees iran doing a dance with their neighbors and there's like you know what let's just cut to the chase just take out a guy in iraq and we're going to get more money printing right away because i want
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to make my pain med this weekend why funds around this is the new york way of doing things i said it when he 1st got elected it's like having a new yorker in the white house and having in new york around the world i'm a new yorker you know i got to tell you i love it. welcome back the u.s. aviation authority has proposed a $5400000.00 fine on boeing for allegedly putting defective parts into it $737.00 max planes internal memos from the company have been released suggesting staff were aware of numerous problems with the aircraft but failed to alert inspectors. i still haven't been forgiven by god for the covering up i did last year would you put your family on in maximally to craft i wouldn't know. these designed by clones who supervised by monkeys more than 100 pages of internal
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communications were delivered to congressional investigators as part of a probe into how the boeing 737 max jet was certified safe before 2 major plane crashes the plane's manufacturer at least a statement expressing regret over the content of the communications between its employees boeing also gave assurances it had made significant changes to enhance its safety procedures the manufacturer had its entire 737 max fleet grounded last year after being involved in 2 deadly crashes with ethiopian airlines and indeed line air 346 people were killed in those tragedies problems with automated flight control systems are thought to have contributed to the fatal crashes some of them imo suggest that boeing limited pilot training on simulators as a cost cutting measure aviation safety advocate getting you as believes that was a serious mistake. most flight conversion training happens in simulators even if even the conversion to the top will only derivative of
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a given thought so that's not unusual i think one of the problems that browning painted themselves into a corner a little bit with the 7 through so much burton was trying to make it cheaper. to operate in terms of a common. pool with the earlier models of 737 specifically the astonishingly successful and g. 7 series as people in flight safety communities. and safety is expensive tronox of them my think this is a reality of the station of that particular mantra the the cost to blow it. out of the problems with the 737 months program i don't think and we're people have tried to calculate it but i think i think it's beyond graham's. lastly this hour we bring you a reminder of our breaking news story iran has admitted that its military
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unintentionally shot down ukraine's passenger plane on wednesday did human error foreign minister zarif as it happened at a time of crisis caused by u.s. adventurism and a military statement carried by state media also says the plane was mistaken for a hostile target ukraine's president has responded by calling for iran to take full responsibility for shooting down the plane more analysis on the downing of that passenger jet along with today's other headline news at the top of the hour thanks for tuning in. this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public erik's allowed in because he's lizza is personal don't. people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move
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sailing yacht some flying aircraft that. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening amazon. allergies so says going to busy doing nothing is going to do the population nothing much is going to the people on the zone. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe.
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isolation full community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. i . i i i i. it's a bit of
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a little. oh either imax kaiser and this is the kaiser reports 'd. is there any and the bull market. there is no end to it. all news is good news in our markets since basically 2008 really since 200-2008 the fed don't fight the fed for sure can't fight the fed because the fed will print and print in print and of course everything went up in 21000 as we pointed out and even assassinating the head of another state or
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a leader in another nation cannot stop this bull market but you know here is the chart that was quite interesting i thought telling you know that as soon as the u.s. did assassinate sell the money in iran well he was in iraq but the iranian head of their military division gold crude and big coin as you see they all spiked at the same exact time with the same movement is there that we have gold and oil and so they all went up together safe haven well a couple things so because it is proving itself to be a safe haven like goal so bitcoin a store of value and safe haven as we've been saying on this show for 10 years finally the markets coming around to that point of view the idea of big oil as a medium of exchange you need to emphasize the transaction ability is false and that's why something like the current cash is a nonstarter however let's look at this other idea you talked about 2008 what
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happened in 2008 while the markets were constrained somewhat because of the plumbing of the way markets work the pipe that delivers cash or liquidity from the . bank to the primary dealers to wall street to commercial banks is somewhat well known in terms of the architecture involved there in 2008 with tim geithner and ben bernanke and all those president's men they decided to expand those pipes to be $23040.00 times bigger to accommodate much more money printing and we're still seeing the benefit of that because they went ahead and printed almost $20.00 trillion frash dollars that they swapped with banks for their junk and they put that on the balance sheet of the fed which town has many trillions of dollars worth of junk as do all central banks around the world the question is how fat are those pipes can they another 20 trillion and junk.


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