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rich famous some always on the move sailing yachts and flying aircraft a little like models dr strange of with a full set of working fingers this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public carrick's allowed in because he's the zoe's personal doctor. and. the. center room in the north of brazil it was founded as an amazon jungle bought it 1st exported spices then cocoa later russia before turning to cocoa again today it specializes in gold book sites on the sole way the latter is now a major reason behind the deforestation of the amazon. for these reasons santorum
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has become a symbol of economic conquest and environmental destruction locals even compose ballads about it. no doubt 2 it was the go. no doubt it was because all those shouting game with me got. it back i gave up. not down by. a jihadist some of our. only son. did you. see. there must be our. nominee. no more. you are going to follow our good one of them from me that interrogating will think you got. over here really wars are one thing back now to the boardwalk even a bit of a. you and then you keep up if you get up in. the
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. disease boats up the river people's main mode of transport santa ram is a hub for the inhabitants of the many remote villages scattered along the banks of the amazon and its hundreds of tributaries. people travel here for medical assistance groceries household goods and official documents such as some death certificates that said there is no passenger terminal in sansa rem only a congo one. being here you can't avoid feeling that the amazon belongs to everyone except the locals to cap it all the government is even planning to construct a hydroelectric power station nearby. unless they have been asked of you was there could you want me to get
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a mock them up for the. new fancy new damage you must tell them it would have been me or do we know darned if we're going to find with the market i did get china from ask them to come in and all of them. would ask me loud to build up on. bases you feel now that got a warming. panel to get what. i get is shot at. it's just another day for dr erik. in his department in central and federal hospital where he puts on a small mouse to claw some how to wash your hands properly this. this. will force you every. wrinkle.
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he is the don't as patient today. he'll be performing open brain surgery while of a surgeon's or removing part of the patient's skull don't to erika's time for a simple up procedure. it seems he has a little while longer to wait. if . i need to save my time and department talk it through tomorrow. every time we see the
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same doing so many things at the same time but very nice and very like. finally it's don't to erick's. he'll spend a few hours in this position this time is to clip an aneurysm to prevent blood from flowing to an attenuated autrey wall in the brain. using the microscope humus can fully find his way to the aneurysm and seal it with a suitably sized clip. any false move could lead to brain damage or death. it's a routine procedure for a neurosurgeon. be sure it is well i think you we do help this man. on the time i want to be very. since you came along it was wiped out to you and did
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not watch it was going on davi. don't know i'm not the only one. i suppose i could watch but i'm on the end of the end of the journey in mind it's not that i'm going down there this year i do think when i did you see this in welcome of a definition. for me to set up for. their own numerous programs that enable don't provide medical assistance to remote river bank communities mostly indigenous tribes. or in case of emergency for example they had nothing to do just. like the people in one small boat and going don't river until fired some some help and from here to some tidying in on small boats to do you think so rode $800.00 or to
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community it's. up river it's even longer. for example every couple of months these guys travel up the trip the trees of the topologist river it's an exotic trip for recently qualified don't is an important opportunity for locals to benefit from timely medical attention. all the professional most of come around the doctor years and everybody they are all volunteers and no one receives anything for the work they do the money come from people for example we have several airline captains who donate their all money for us to buy the fuel photovoltaic to buy material for it for ready the work here so do. you sterile for waiting for someone to do something we decide to come and do it ourselves. some travel as part of a group some independently what's notable is that it's become a tradition. it's for this reason that many river doctors have become boat captains
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and even pilots. eric shows us where the amazon rain forest has been turned into soybean fields. respect. we've thought. but. once in 2003 eric was called on to give an urgency treatment to his only tribes
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woman suffering from a brain injury. he borrowed a plane from a friend and immediately flew to the rescue there was a small field hospital and a landing strip near to the zoe tried to land however the flight was illegal and made it eric's own risk evacuated the woman to the hospital operated and flew her back 2 days later in so doing he became a zoe's personal doctor. today the zoe are a model for the brazilian government's approach to tribal people the situation was very different in the late eighty's however when their very existence was threatened. after a visit from missionaries caused half the tribe to die from viral infections the state took them under its protection. the main ritual in the zoe's life involves piercing the lower lip
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a ceremony carried out once children had developed their adult teeth. the piercing is made with the mechanics leg bone which is then left in the liver for some time. later it's replaced with an embed poured plug an adornment made of potoroo wood. healthwise the plugs are problematic as they all to the shape of the jaw and cause issues with nutrition. nothing precise is known about the sacred meaning of the end they have. simply say that it's beautiful. to consider themselves dressed in their normal environment and then wrap their private parts in a palm leaf. this counts as clothing without which they would feel uncomfortable and embarrassed to go to.
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the jennings family has always striven to maintain that connection to nature it's traditional in these parts to go to the swamp with a hammock to swing around for a few days among the venomous snakes and spiders this attitude to the environment has been passed down the generations eric even decided to build his house close to the jungle. we go to my. wedding. to start because this is my. youngest brother that's going to build it. into. to stay rooted in my family. because. jennings our local aristocracy that ancestors were confederates who lost the american civil war roughly 200 american families came to center him back then.
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although the 233 remain. all 3 took favorably to marrying the local people in the amazon has gradually washed away their confederate. families who didn't mix with the locals simply didn't last too. close. to. the river people have their own rhythm music. it can be heard wherever you go and forms the soundtrack to the local life.
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time after time to repeat the same mantra sustainability very important. transition to sustainable prized board sustainability. a more equitable and sustainable way. they claim their production is completely hama's. companies want us to feel good about the products while the damage is being done far away and this is again just as he. understood. and.
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i'm going to fulfill. repeated purposes oh probably to the people come on you know we've all pots. you really really. pretty good. now you want to 1st. know. all.
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the minute onions in my. painting about the day time about what it was it was a bit and that was a sentence of on lot more that. one when the one in the side of the might. see in the following to him but i'm before going to combine them but i. knew now by now i'm body i'm now moved on. erik is a school in a neighboring town to give the presentation he was preparing during the operation
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and exposing the unit was still standing with us with your grammar. there won't be so she is going to sit in class warfare lupul was a stupid you put a self in the mouth all irish. would in no way implies it was an emotional and so much noise when one. who was doing well says the work was the stillness with lines between says yes this book you have of the flood as a mild boxes are going to pursue is a key i shall buy the box report good book you most of us think that was the start of the incident and know it all yes it's a signal because they will. produce a signal because it came built that it was me instead of a book as far as or people go but i was eventually buy but i have no buy from the start of them you couldn't put off. looking for a number of them got telling. you this stuff you do was known to
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move a new phone on a. modern one not shown. not shown saw the new sound moment you quote to believe. that not sound the obvious all night shopping. the booming promo so i got a new. top on she got it. that's happening amazon. how are you so still. going to busy doing. amazon. nothing. nothing is going to do the population much remote is going to people on the phone
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will you can see you can see that this is the famous. amazon rain forest along the of the planet while we were sailing to the morrow indians land we passed for more barges laden with lumber. eric is going to check up on the morrow try they aren't as exotic as the so they're easier to reach. ringback ready ready one more small river to navigate and will be there. the indigenous people complain of conflicts with lumberjacks over their rain forest the limits of permissible the forestation a somewhat vague a lumberjacks interpret them as they see fit cutting down only 20 trees is enough to change the ecosystem within a radius of a few kilometers. 'd 'd the chief
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is now showing us his fishing gear. and. all. the venomous snake bites and one of the main local health concerns speed of response is vital but the locals boats have such low powered engines. it takes them about 12 hours to reach sounds around. the local healer's supply are boiled into the bite to buy some time. then it's what medicine is like here. i go around no i broke or in my fear what they fear that the don't offer up their upper hand should ordinary fear. to move the simple as that you know what the would be. for them of their hands if you. don't net the.
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huge a preseason dinner. brady. quit on me from n.c. . a couple construed leventhal. ok let's go for it. and. don't to eric has been allowed to use the church for examining patients. here is the key you. go with the end of this image over the kid as a kind of good you know a. figure for me if i have. to look over the began to take a look but if that was the back you but i've got. this
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to be the case here. i brought along a 4th of the ideas for what could this. be i could you know. you know what up with this. thing that a fortune an artist point of and i know. i'm eric he's working as a cheapie examining patients and writing prescriptions he can do more in one day the book and book. your favorite song was meant by you know more for his kind of play about for sam a. lot. of. people of african can. you. can you. think of a book i think. rather than what. we could.
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get them oh yes you need. to. leave eric's treated to small performance i got. the big headed and isn't just a dunce it's also a biology some lesson in jungle survival children must remember that these ants a dangerous. well lead isn't gentlemen you have to know one thing when henry ford built
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a town in the middle of the amazon and. fordlandia he made 3 big mistakes here for beating women alcohol and soccer if you want to become an enemy of a brazilian man or even the brazilian woman you just viewed this 3 thing and you will have the greatest problem when the world. food bill is so important in brazil . sometimes people from all social classes any a social layer actually know each other and surprisingly. that you can see people cancel in business meetings just to go and meet dear friends they played soccer with in near childhood so today they're still meeting like that and sometimes they remember some person just because they played soccer with their father or someone and it helps sometimes to build their own career actually.
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looks like eric is not in his best save. but if you think about it this man was 10 hours ago he was. one and then you're a year old. george noory. receives an urgent call from the. an elderly man from the zoe tribe has a long problem. he will be deployed you will as you start it up because since you've. a woman who is. what is now i would fix it but. you know the 2nd look at. us. with. what. was. it that we. must think you.
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are. not. born or. a neck and you look at the 3rd group are you near the back and you can see that. the patient descend for an m.r.i. . this is his 1st experience of modern civilization. for him it must be like visiting a spaceship. the
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old man was eventually given the all clear and sent home the same evening. the word zoe means us in the local language it seems that dr erik is a little zoe too as he tries to make the world around him a little. a les paul isn't it actually is odds on you. and i know most of this movie i'm a song i used to sell out nothing not the mood so i bought my son i stuck to some law that. showed.
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good food descriptions sound up to tell using even for the owners so how to choose this pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want soundless them was necessarily good for the pet turns out put food may not be a sophie people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of tom's all of them i believe can be linked to very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets streets the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research.
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trump is a new yorker and he looks at the global picture and he sees the tension in the middle late sixty's iran doing a dance with the bat and the neighbors and there's like an hour let's just cut to the chase this is take out a guy in iraq and we're going to get more money printing right away if i want to make my yacht premed this week at a wife thoughts around this is the new york way of doing things i said it when i 1st got elected it's like ave york on the white house and i've been in new york around the world i'm a new yorker so i'm up you know i got die i want to. live but if she warned you to buy a gun and i did the show would assure that the was more than those jeans nudist beach and you see me. when you. can use them you guys are that infantry ball. you will
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see sawing your info as if parts about 2 kids each other both sides most schools. as a middle eastern as if archer. these. people dot com 5 days doing leads to. an english lady a few people who simply knew she would include in a little. bit
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of all. the time. breaking news on our t.v. iran admits that it's unintentionally shot down ukraine's passenger plane on wednesday the country's president calling the incident an unforgivable mistake. as iran's foreign minister blames washington's adventurism for tensions that led to the downing the us secretary of state is world by reporters who demand a justification for the killing of iran's top general. and in the meantime the u.s. held its military in iraq as a force for good in the middle east after baghdad asks american troops leave the country.
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