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yes they. will sort of the uses for the be inspired by the. president about the when you die yes something. in the news i mean guys are going to ball. you know yes it's. fair to assume you've crossed them by give them a job in the interim but it was more of those genes may be speech mixed see me just when you see them we blew true she saw. half a brain you thought it. was a pretty funny if vision of the man i thought that the most shied possible. accident this is publishing. 2 could be signposting violating a. key issue. in
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english lady and you can. see him going. over the news although most real which i'm not so sure. would do well to do. choice you know even without a war to lose either he is used in the media. aka. it's going to start something they know but i see.
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your blue issue there but show exactly what you mean not going to do me nobody. really knew i couldn't school leave you. see the it is the. 'd rely on your bill or zen it's even there this is by showing. in the comfort of mobile as they're able to. record you tube and you keep it open to some links that's open good words where there's really a need to turn the wheel somewhere as you need move away at the click of the 1st movie it's usually just to get your be played. in your book where you meet each 23 and. one from the station moved beyond even the. movies you take them a pity you couldn't see through school 1st in the year this year stronghold.
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and you go to piss it's. the school with a pretty good regina is mileage speech and seems. good for the price cuts or you can go to mr straw why is there much early on course petry choice. was to be a. drawing of yours not. his d.q. why you spot on why it didn't seem that you were possibly new on course if you pushed your was from the old one. i mean i'm not right for each boy. fortune on your birth. story chance that because a president's going to leave a new. sport. on the whites isn't be dunham's. silent least cocky bright young skillful ball. you mean you've written a book and
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a team has been in your piece and they actually mean. the choice to myself and not because of the thing these series that's not going to seattle. now still it's you for. the whole idea of the whole show i hate to say that my series yellow fat but is that i saying strong would be nice to achieve you always you after i mean. yes you will see an. easy series. and now you're judged mr starr. thank you you usually don't want to watch the show you. know why. my thank you sasha did make it there may still have to be in the 2nd show if you're going to show.
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she may have to move baggage. which getting. the whole. thing was just ok right i mean you're. right you're right to call this a strand to the sound. of the album which is she's. simply given him a. view. about the. poor very very. yourself and the war. so-called more so who. just focusing they might have accomplished and they're going to more yes i was. only about my age i'm in this. fish for the. health of. the bunch of.
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feige not. suck but i might be. showing up but i will say. don't walk home ok i have plans so much. if so moment. macos rose as though the shitter. plus jewish belief. very clear though that it was abusive to me to very crucial merely fruitless for those things the mere macondo well notion 3 year. he really. knew. all. 2 the evidence. you could hear me. was so
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i'm sure the 11 many on the boards in me and then yeah i just wish on the for love but i just wish to know who to pass judgement but i share i sure wish. that i joined or if i can go if i switch about. something others also for those about where so if you think for the future for focus and i devote very very effective for. every fish from a boy look at us about shiva paying for by the couple but i suppose she would. have their own tree because their. contravene research 1st so i put in the other service on the bolshoi if for his younger years but it will. be years or more year for there. was just a stone potion machine which government could afford me but i have a little closure out there for if they are put on. their not paying. for love it is
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for there is a review of synthetic out of north york on the alphabet a me of years or official average of a b. or purposive i will search feverish kid on what that. even with us. absolutely do you see interviews just for him to watch t.v. while. you work on the boat when you push a wine you know with machine me you'd be some scrubs when you when dealing with. the torch slung glow approaching me when. someone memphis one used. to be you know 4th of all right she's peeping over sheer national sunia and nieces who are also good question but i'd use fortune was me. a while as for who's
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getting. the answer i had to chase and sam stein you or she couldn't see me and you had set them so what i knew would you be to go down so it's you know which i'm sure we could see it but we need to get on with it the session of that that is safe for. them i knew that just so i can also present the fun of these 2. if the children don't saw you can we need one of them they said. oh i will see if it ain't seen by the media it's all of. the. these things are ok to say about that in.
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the. so mean that jimmy. always very. much but is that. moving to this. moment we have enough room. in the atom or the little context that in my home they can do if she knew this was upshot of. in this marriage the wish to listen my lady into something so much worse now to. me if i mean of you ever being that owns you. you know one thing way too will feed use. being as if you saw as the united. front so instead saida. your family i don't
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think one son is this month to keep. my baggage and bring it that he did but again she's saying a bloody mouth and i'm rooting for you want to finish in revenge for credit counseling i did i thought they were ok because the police would do it when you don't shoot up i think the more fun to be kept right on the roof of the motor for me. though you should give you solution to get chewed right at the get the idea that somebody that's a real job from. the big you tube didn't know complex but it won't mean you know i fear for watching i wonder if they see. if you. think they think you did it before he finished the dog or if it only be if you go for the good bye. even though life as a trade in so. simple is that there must have been some 2.24 but unknown
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to you. but your best divest is money to jimmy finch of philly's you my dad us your school before we. in the united states presidential candidates debate the future of the u.s. and the world. but dig into the burning questions of this election cycle. every week. tax student debt trade wars money universal. and more catch up with running this sunday exclusively on r.t. . time after time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important it's accelerating the transition to
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sustainable transport sustainability space where manna a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely hama's. libby. has the models and it builds on the companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is something all this must be done even and i mean look. this is the move and news that we didn't even and i'm stunned. understood so when. you put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to. have to go right to beatrice to see what before 3 of them or can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters in
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the hollow. there should. have us out of a deal of have a social rosettes of it does seem to see it down to the complexity of malt care without. question the essene. one noisy fellow that. day but i am going to 5 e.o.p. deifies about it just i manged will fall into the pickle fate took years to see then do you mean we. like it does this but as you know michel got film by the way you know as and. when you guys u.k.'s only in the news i mean guys are that in fact involved i shall became young well you know. yes i think anybody. was is.
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their answer of course 'd if we i mean everything on the boat showing them that there was very often times all you had to. be. the. new fee the. new. millenium azhar that. we. all know what they will. get us for part of it you wish that you were fish from maine or they all come. we give number 5. busch another commis will call emotional projects in those meet the was in power and set up in those mini. diets to get a temple that is if you see they've eaten with the king the only those the. dissidents
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fails to buy their tools to prove that they don't look for example. these things. are now less terms of punch i mean yards from the basement we've screwed his wrists several of us up on me on the project and almost not alone on the battle point don't. you shit out all of the old she'll see always i mean when you start it's probably just doesn't even count. to think of it. but they're. here in this point. in the know me you know where you'll. need to be if asked about their boys. so she moved on to make a beer for the local follow up
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a story or. a social worker before seeing. the movie be a few hours. it is a little. elephant up and we will. see if i see the real doc with a very envious of those with a with so many all. of you. to. lean. and on point yes i started to form the comic for my sake and i started to. get a very simple game of you to check it out as a family they did this in front of the boss and.
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'd being my. problem and i miss. the look on the home. front i mean if i mean i have manged it was think. it was in the one so that is that if i mean it was going to need a holiday. carol sheeple alone you need one to. be able. to be diana i thought. out the obvious. just the brazuca for this is for children summer for braces communities
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computer eyes and so for each to come so i used was the beginning of. a new. presence which i'm good at just. loves to serve which most of you will stop what's your theory of fear remind me of the store when you're full of. just the. neck each year the words to be admitted are you on the brink i did just why you. posted women into the new place what it showed woods because. all its ability to broaden. from that i'm not. going to. this lack a few manners internal matters that i. have nothing could've done fine balck a scene for me to sign at a meal and ready to conquer a single value to them make. sure to no good measure
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local or pass idea put on process or let the evil. ones call it the law mother combo show. or not but i digress so. most wine a little difference and the transit of oz dowd sell. more from a lot of us who have new moms the i was on leave was a bit of a solution there are if is amazon browse a jor el homo bolshoi. there are those about dogs not some on the say who are decision giving asia a mean fresh new. trial of the south carolina year back to the ocean down south loop. hill you shall not long after the x.x. have that the president's visit and yet he. says there is
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decided that. there are that nature that. i loaded up to mean here i am with you never thinking non is in question you can sucky quando i say feliz main st paul those monks something you don't usually. difficult i got to do a lot i mean while playing the only stories of the army i'm only without god there are a lot. either shiloh i replied focal to cardinal maze. and then. remember i see flowing in through the is a premie bookcase that i keep coming. in my mind they begin both the mist and that he is which moves nothing else in 2nd article in the video now i enjoy to elephant and if i left it in this manner i say that would mean if. i learned them a lot far the america had
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a profit so now the 4 months come because of my desire to vicki is going on me and i had a prof so down also another oh well same but he's the one cause of the settings here and breed of the fed ain't gonna love the sound of a heel over some took a while as he had a helmet these heloc here no difficulty all said rough so now also mine. yeah they are totally that additional done my skull camo showing him with any of the scars israelis and the other skull shaped our we're going to bring in are out there are i open circle me if is i was assigned. as i got on the same present. form of the. logo but i'm like yeah i need only be. fuzzy if is lying on a. surface
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a fair to say the saw bush i as the school frequent saying the key difference universe side of course is the course or you are saying those okey 1st concussion go to the iraqi i end up in the fickle daddy. left for to. fit in with the families didn't want to plan a comment here. but i found some entries and sternly from mom and companions and own mother. last mission they only knew it was evidence for me you know. if. you look. at glad it's your same body so you can say pretty major by your legs you don't try
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to elicit scenes go out without us but also my you me for my as it was outside be ok do you feel good yes i laugh a lot of the by east. put on the chat that has no morning date or is all just some knuckle bunya just the witty ages michel model that i combine years of being a quest say to kill here but allow. one to move us to live for a moment while i can but i'm not as him and i'll bow legged it but i was especially nice callable choice. for the former come home wally sickle many a closing for my home way the most recent form of only in the most out of a form which since us it was late for a deal 1st to bt a switch would you put a fish or a seed chip was eating watching killed at a better me every day in this moment though it is ish chief so tell me what i see isa. lot of the same pretty. song
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a child the bolshoi but as i am for the. sale at all based on my being skeets out to. ask you to stand the real evolved from was accompanied. by your little. for here in the just in the real live what i used to. my psychological photo do to the fast to. a point to a larger than. for me to just cease to. space so was. no i don't think there's a scene as yet but in the. key view of the jamaat well i. am going to try again to. make
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a channel but as you and the monk combine yet the. one to my your. last crystal is adding one to my eyes to his a. lot of. what don't belong is more than willing when does it is that. the. key to. your kids always a professor body goldwyn as it is at the ending bit of a done to my support only and then do the whole so wash out of a key kill. the bill comes. when you. it was this you have on ties it saw. that i me for. must this soul was. so must was a with this. but as you as each it as you. say it ain't same thing as i mean just the same thing that's sad. same put it don't
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got this vista was a can tell the same because this business but also must also gambling together why did you put everything we can still use in the form is to most voters are still me that the main one thing made the do our best to base your miserable decision us obvious so the but as you are seeing me as head. this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public erik's allowed in because he's listened to his personal doctor. people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move saving yachts and flying aircraft that just since.
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he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening amazon. allergists sosa's going to busy doing nothing is going to do the population because it's going to keep people on the zone . and the money in the news and mighty i'm not one. of them said i'm. a town about what it was it was a bit and that was in a sense as yvonne was more about. what with what in the side of the. scene the following to him but i'm before.
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him by the. body i'm not moved on. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy. let it be an arms race is very dramatic development is only going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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breaking news this hour 8 rockets hit a rock. base wounding forest service personnel the facility also has american troops we've got the latest on not plus this hour. france is shaken by another round of violent protests against the government's
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deeply paul.


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