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libya's warring leaders arrive in moscow hoping to reach a cease fire deal to end the civil war in the north african country. of iran and steps up its pressure campaign of sanctions antigovernment protests continue. over the accidental downing of a passenger plane which killed everyone on board. e.u. funds to boost infrastructure in east africa around prevent mass immigration. from human rights organizations driving modern day slavery speak with human rights watch representative about the claims. in directly supporting this project these are who are working on these projects.
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from moscow thanks for joining us and. welcome to the program. warring sides already in for talks in moscow right now in the hope of finding a truce to end the civil war in the north african country follows russian and turkish efforts to deescalate the growing cost of had more of the potentially pivotal meeting. well the truce between the warring sides was suggests during a meeting between russian president vladimir putin and his counterparts rejected for the gun in istanbul just last week we cool on all parties to declare a sustainable cease fire supported by the necessary measures to be taken for stabilizing the situation on the ground and normalizing daily life in tripoli and other cities and now the libyan national army led by general controls
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most of the country at the moment i mean while you and backed. governments off a national accord is internationally recognized now the fighting between the 2 sides intensified over the last few months with the general have tars army advancing its awards aaa meanwhile a turkey has been sending troops in order to help the u n backed government these negotiations are set somewhere to mark yet another step on the way to a peaceful solution to the conflict in libya libya has been sort of poured by the warring factions since the u.s. nato led interference into their country which was. playing the head of the government moammar gadhafi back in 2011 years all saraj and to hell even how far
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will be here in moscow already and we'll find out the results of those talks sometime during the day. to the reagan capital now where police have to ploy tear gas are going to government protesters the administration into ron is facing intense pressure off to admitting that its forces accidentally shot down a ukrainian passenger plane on wednesday killing what 176 people on board mainly iranian nationals widespread mass visuals have been held for the victims which have steadily tried. and government rallies iran's armed forces admitted be a line a was mistaking know it enter fide as a cruise missile defense systems officials in washington i've spent the past with 8 hours or so throwing their of backing behind the protests and donald trump was among voce to warn iran over its next moves to the leaders of the ran do you not kill your protesters thousands have already being killed or imprisoned by you and the world is watching more importantly the usas watching turn your internet back on
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and let reporters roam free stop the killing of your greats iranian people i that the back some pressure campaign as work in mr de marsh while this work in there's no other way for them to get the money they need to fund the guard hard to fund their regime to fund their of their mall an activity is and here seem protests now breaking out or cross turan and attorney should sought after u.s. drone attack 10 days ago which left a senior rainy and commanded dead in baghdad it would seem is that of looking to karma situation washington is opted to continue to apply maximum pressure on to ron it was done off takes up was store as washington seated on the verge of an all out war with a run it looked like it had just step outside over its comfort zone the risk of plunging the middle east into yet a nother disastrous conflict was an obvious weight on the u.s. but now with detentions easing america is back in familiar territory waging
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a political and economic campaign to force its rival into submission what is our strategy pose the kasem so the money killing and post the ballistic missile attack on the united states this is our strategy we are diplomatically and economically isolating there were a shimon in or rhyme intil they behave like a normal nation washington has charted these waters through and through and it's not afraid to get creative and putting a run under pressure after admitting to accidently downing ukrainian jet liner with more than 80 170 people on board to iran has seen a fresh outbreak in antigovernment protests and demonstrators they haven't suffered from any lack of support from the u.s. with donald trump even taking a crash course in persian to rate this tweet to the brave long suffering people of iran i've stood with you since the beginning of my presidency and my administration will continue to stand with you we are following your protests closely and are
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inspired by your courage. translated no obstacles and no language barriers can stand in the way of democracy and to make sure that nothing is lost in translation here washington is backing up its words with action a method tried and trusted sanctions we are announcing additional sanctions against the iranian regime as a result of these our actions we will cut off billions of dollars of support to the iranian regime israel as its tradition was quick to cheer it always does whenever things take a turn for the worse for iran i commend president from for imposing new and very harsh sanctions against this regime i must say that this was also don't close the iranian decision to accelerate uranium enrichment i call on britain france and germany to join the american effort but few other nations share the excitement for iran a nation that spent decades under all flavors of sanctions being free of them is
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more of a challenge actually the united states on me wants to think that sense that it's a superpower that it can do whatever it wants so heard iran through sanctions that china warfare and trade wars it tries to hurt russia through sanctions but ultimately what it does is that it brings these our countries closer to each other and other countries become more more more negative view of the u.s. government and i think in the in the long run what it does is that it diminishes the stature of the united states and the capability of the united states to maintain its had germany america's economic crusade against iran is rubbing europe the wrong way to the e.u. is in an ill tempered clash with washington over the iran nuclear deal which was derailed by the us we have been saying to pass that we continue saying that we
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regret the u.s. decision to withdraw from the deal. and we continue to. leaving that does deal is a key element of the low ball nuclear nonproliferation. and beautiful for to the original stability. is that germany's convinced that iran's shouldn't choir have nuclear weapons for this reason will continue to employ all diplomatic means to keep this agreement alive it is certainly not perfect but it is an agreement and it comprises commitments by all sides together we have made clear our regret and concern at the decision by the united states to draw from the j c p o way and to reimpose sanctions on iran and the us is dishing out new assurances it is ready to solve all this mess with words without preconditions even if we will meet with them where want to sit down discuss without precondition a new way forward a a series of steps by which iran becomes a more normal country but in the past few years with iran alone the us went back on
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its word had 0 interest in its allies concerns and assassinated a high profile official the unilaterally branded terrorist just a few months before so the u.s. can talk up diplomacy for sure they're one of the best at it you do have a hard time to find a nother country with a case of selective amnesia this severe for the promises it had made according to a poll run by media in the us a majority of americans disapprove of the way trump has so far handled the escalating crisis in the middle east. other headlines huge funds to boost there is in africa now being compared to driving slavery that's the claim at least being made by human rights organizations against that you use infrastructure project in eritrea the bid to improve the eastern african nation is they are being described as years of forced labor. has more. if your neighbor planning on eating
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your pepperoni don't worry it is got a regulation for everything but according to human rights organizations it failed miserably to regulate its own behavior and it all started with an apparently innocent bed to peace security and eritrea will launching 20000000 euro program to rebuild the roads connecting both countries this will boost straight consolidate stability and have good benefits for the citizens of both countries through the gratian of sustainable growth and jobs so far so good unless of course you're the one put to work on this great collaboration because the chances are your force conscript the african nation has compulsory national service that used to last for 18 months but now sees people trapped in for over 20 years it's a practice it's been likened by human rights organizations the un and the european parliament to mass in slave meant conscripts compared national service to modern
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day slavery saying this for torture and other ill treatment rest unlike basic sanitation and hygiene form a conscript 72 hour weeks and harsh conditions with no food and pay equivalent to $17.00 a month is one of the main reasons eritrea is called the world's fastest emptying country as young men continue their mass exodus but despite knowing conscripts were being used generally the delicate situation and a country that was a lot in a guerrilla war for 3 decades the e.u. says that really had no idea that untoward things were going on. the e.u. does not pay for labor under this project the project only covers the procurement of materials and equipment to support the rehabilitation of roads in fact the e.u. doesn't even have an office in eritrea to monitor this ongoing project instead it relies on local authorities the agency is not monitoring the implementation of the
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project the project is carried out by the government and progress is monitored by the ministry of public works the e.u. is in trusting its project to an arm of the government which is internationally slammed as one of the world's worst human rights abuses which the u.n. describes as authoritarian and repressive and which lived under a un sanctions for 9 years it's almost as if the e.u. has something at stake here other than creating great roads of course like stemming the tide of migrants for example because 2016. 1000 eritreans apply for asylum in the block so yes this e.u. project will lift the local economy and bring peace but crucially it will create jobs and that will keep eritreans in the homeland and not crossing on to european shorts. in directly supporting this project by. material to help build the road which problem is that what they need to make sure
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is that any support going to eritrea is not. some mentoring this incredibly repressive system and there are trends a land by the way which happens to be one of the most strategic areas in the world its coast runs along the red sea which is a key link between europe and asia it's also an ideal access point to an african market with low labor costs and it's a natural resource gold mine with gas gold oil zinc you name it eritrea's got it eric harris obviously placed in a very strategic location along the red sea it is the access to. see ethiopia and from the european point of view it is obviously one of the countries which many asylum seekers here in europe are coming from and that coming in next freeing because of the human rights situation so it seems that when you've got something to gain it's easier to be tough on cub anonymous than your own employment law.
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still ahead this hour a pilot program collecting d.n.a. samples at u.s. borders has triggered a backlash to the what was right. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want. to go right to the press this is what the before 3 of them or 10 people. interested always in the water. in the united states presidential candidates debate the future of the u.s. and the world. max kaiser and stacy herbert dig into the burning questions of this
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election cycle one topic every week will tax student debt trade wars corporate money universal basic. and more catch up with what's front running this sunday exclusively on. the program the u.k. government is facing pressure to apply and greater follow on travel restrictions to known. claimed gaps in legislation leave young especially in asia vulnerable to predators the concern was part of the report handed over to m.p.'s in westminster following an independent inquiry into child sexual abuse mentions such high profile
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cases as for my glam rock singer gary glitter was found guilty in the u.k. for downloading child pornography then years later convicted in asia for abusing minors another is britain's worst paedophile richard. 71 counts of sexual assaults on children most of them committed in malaysia where he worked as a teacher he received 20 to life sentences so idea edwards has more on the inquiry . lock them up and throw away the key it's an argument you'll often hear from people when it comes to child abuse is and while the u.k. has come down on child abuse here in britain its legal system may be failing youngsters abroad that's because known british sex offenders and suspects prosecuted for such crimes are still able to travel with some of them re-offending overseas in fact of the near 6000 sexual whomp aventure orders imposed in england and wales in the last few years only 11 also has foreign travel restrictions added
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meaning of all the registered sex offenders on record only around 0.2 percent have had their rights to foreign travel stopped and according to the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse that could be having a devastating impact. to the u.k. . listed below the disaster. which must be huge and. this is a. really good time. and this is. the inquiry was given evidence of abuse by british travellers in countries ranging from kenya all the way to the philippines the report also found that abuses target disadvantaged families where relatives act as facilitators often financial poverty plays a key factor there's also areas too can also pose a particular risk last year oxfam start for accused of sexually exploiting children the haiti following devastating earthquakes in 2010 the issue that has been raised
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by the child abuse inquiry is an old one and has historically been going on for decades we have allowed people with child abuse convictions to travel out of the country and often times unless they're arrested in the destination country for the same issue then they go completely undetected the problem is we don't have a grip on child abuse in the u.k. if we did then we would be able to manage paedophiles much better than we currently are not child abuse. we need not just to be looking at people who are going to be arrested in another country or indeed have been arrested in the country but we need to properly see who is leaving the country and who is coming into the country and if they have child abuse convictions we must see that very seriously indeed now the report concluded with recommendations for the government and topping the list was restricting foreign travel of sex offenders to ensure that youngsters and not just those in the u.k. out of harms way. upon
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a program has come under fire in the us for collecting d.n.a. samples of people detained at border crossings with the data sent to the f.b.i. . and deeper into the project essentially at the u.s. border people can be detained whether they be undocumented immigrants green card holders or u.s. citizens and they are required to give a d.n.a. sample to u.s. officials it doesn't matter why they decided to detain you either you give them a d.n.a. sample or you have committed a crime it's already started at the u.s. canada border and it eagle pass in texas set to go national in 90 days and border protection will begin collecting d.n.a. from many persons custody who is subject to fingerprinting this will include aliens as well as united states citizens and lawful permanent residents now back in november it was announced that immigrants at the border might be required to give their d.n.a. there was massive outrage ethical and privacy concerns but that's so last year
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right now just a few months later it's on the books the federal government is now forcing some migrants in custody to give d.n.a. samples but already plans to implement the program at u.s. borders with mexico and canada the data will go into a massive criminal database run by the f.b.i. there have been some live in reactions to the u.s. government's decision online. d.n.a. collection at the u.s. border and immigration detention the human rights implications of this are astounding. i think every member of congress should go through this defame and as an act of submitting their d.n.a. the way we're treated even grids especially children is disgusting and hurts all of us this type of d.n.a. data collection is completely unjustified and can have home full and long lasting consequences it could lead to the start of a defacto national d.n.a. database full of d.n.a. data from all individuals who live in the u.s. including u.s. citizens the argument is that in this world where fakery and fraud are so
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widespread the u.s. government needs to keep track of one thing that we cannot fake our genetic code it's all about keeping us safe right well some people don't buy a violation of civil liberties it's terrifyingly orwellian vision of a future that many of us want to avoid as much as possible this is really terrifying because unlike a lot of those other programs which are voluntary this one is targeted at the most vulnerable people in our society people who are refugees and migrants and they're being placed into a d.n.a. database although you could see this as being something that would be useful for law enforcement and the price that we're going to pay in terms of increased authoritarianism is so much higher that i don't think it's worth it since the cold war right up to today the american government has been a warning people about totalitarianism big brother crushing the individual rights of the little guy and countries have faced sanctions and even invasions to
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supposedly protect them from totalitarian regimes but now the u.s. government is keeping a directory and tracking millions of people's d.n.a. nothing to see here folks just keep moving up and r.t. new york. let's bring you know some of tough stories from across the world and ask one lucky man his son and the fine be all. he was rescued on furs the off the surviving 3 weeks in remote freezing wilderness his home in the valley burned down forcing him to sleep in a snow cave and lived off and goods until he was finally rescued. up to half a 1000000 people in the philippines have been urged to leave their homes after the taal volcano erupted near the capital manila storms could be seen through the thick ash clouds disrupting the services of the capital's international airport scientists in the country a warning that the threat level is high and that an explosive eruption could happen in the coming days. of the university of columbia british
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columbia and kind of as facing a free speech scandal and lawsuit after institution opted to cancel an event scheduled for the end of the month over what it called safety and security reasons it was intended to give a platform to a controversial u.s. journalist to talk about anti fascist groups like anti for a leftist extremism and didn't go has become a target for some on t.v. or activists his legal team and i'll be looking into the cancellation after contracts was signed between the university and a free speech club the director of the group described it as giving those threatening violence the illusion of power. there's always been an option of hiring our own security working with police ensuring safety they wouldn't even allow us to have that option this time they said look security can't even handle the protesters they're getting more and more violent and that's not even an option out so we're just going to outbreak cancel the school has told us look just don't bring anybody
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controversial and they will protest and you'll have no problems but actually what is happening is that they're emboldening these protesters who are violent and they're giving them the illusion of power and if they have power no doubt they'll use it and abuse it at this point we're probably going to take the school to court it's going to go to the supreme court and we believe that the law is on our side so when the judge when the supreme court rules that we are correct we will bring back the speaker to the school and will make it a vent that is 10 times bigger because we can because that is what free speech is about. well i did go state to the british columbia university should not have given in to the n.t. for threats but the institution defended its the citizen explaining the journalists event was a potential target. the reason for the cancellation is the concern about safety and security of our campus community the appropriate response to violent extremists who threaten access to information in the academy is not to give in to their demands by canceling the event or the outcomes with n.t.
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for protesters being involved in a number of violent incidents that same university already. was. was and we heard from the director of the free speech club again who told us free speech is being stifled institutions and on the streets of canada. this isn't just happening with us it's happening all over the country it's a new trend where publicly funded institutions think that they can just deny their right to free speech when they can't they're taking money from the government they're part of the public sphere the suppression of free speech is not only happening on the institutional level in canada but it's also happening on the streets with these violent protesters society is so divided politically that now we have our own perceptions of what is and isn't free speech that's where the real
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problem comes from our side has this perception of the men as their perception and it's become so tribal politically we're so divided but we're breaking up into these little bubble in some of these little echo chambers and that is where the issue is in other words we're basically speaking a different language. but fold coming up next on the documentary channel it back in 30 minutes with the latest headlines. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. the world is driven by dream shaped by the curse of those great.
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the day there's thinks. we dare to ask. you know world of big partisan movies a lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be upset that have to go right to the press it's like the full story in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the lawyers in the house. the sydney morning. the f.d.a. is primary role is and regulation of what the label says is and there is actually in there the f.d.a. is not regulating quality production sourcing any of those things they're regulating that what you say is on the label is actually on the label the most
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shocking thing about the pet food industry that has remained since basically i started doing this work is the f.d.a. compliance policies i still cannot understand how and industry is provided by a federal tax supported organization loopholes to avoid federal law if you go to the f.d.a. website and just type in compliance policies and then scroll down the page to hand feed and and there's one after another they allow contamination by pesticides contamination by industrial chemicals contamination bad natural toxins contamination filth micro biological contamination over tolerance for permanent drug recipes. it's incredible. the law says that can be but the compliance policy says don't worry go ahead way you won't
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enforce. for all practical purposes there's nobody looking out for the average dog in 2006 the mystery illness begin to sicken thousands of pets across the united states and canada thrusting the industry into the spotlight like never before. ok everyone is so freaked out about this recall tell us what do people need to know about this recall so it's menu food menu foods menu foods menu many foods on march 16th 2007 many foods begin recalling dog foods produced in their facility . in kansas and new jersey what disturbs me about this incident is that it confirms yet again the pet food as well as human food is at risk more than $16000000.00 packages were taken off store shelves last month because they apparently contained wheat gluten that was tainted with the chemical melamine veterinarian offices are getting flooded with phone calls from concerned that the people on the other end of the phone sound were.


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