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tv   News  RT  January 13, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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libya's warring factions are in moscow for a cease fire talks brokered by russia. it is hoped the war torn nation. choose they. coming off as the u.s. . faces a 2nd day of domestic protests over its accidental downing of a ukrainian. to boost infrastructure in east africa. europe is in the firing line for driving modern day. we speak with a human rights watch representative. they have absolutely no choice to. talk
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to you. wherever you're chiming in from around the world. my name's even on. the leaders of libya's warring factions have been here in moscow this monday for talks in the hopes of hammering out a cease fire deal now the negotiations have been brokered by russia turkey and their foreign ministers say they expect an agreement to be signed tomorrow the meetings after a concert it push for it to deescalate hostilities and the war ravaged country is divided between an internationally recognized government in the capital tripoli a rival administration in the east of the country which is allied to the rebel general. a draft deal circulated earlier calls on all sides to ensure the
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sustainability of any cease fire terrorism and human trafficking and work to improve the humanitarian situation in the country. turkey and russia produced a draft document that was reviewed in detail today we took into account all the proposals for compromise between the parties suggested by general have 2 of the parties the agreement stipulates concrete details of the cease fire reached on that's wealth of january the draft document suggests that all parties will stop all military actions and observe the cease fire conditions meanwhile a commission is to be established at all that is determined to contact line between the warring sides russia and turkey a promise to support all sides in the conflict to help them implement the agreements now that solves began early on monday and lasted for more than 6 hours however it wasn't the perfect ending to the day. but it was. the president
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of the government of national. and his counterpart to sign the documents well general have requested more time to choose their morning to work out the details before signing we hope very much they would do the representatives of russia and turkey will be supporting the process ceasefire became possible thanks to suggestions by russian president vladimir putin and his his counterpart. their dog on both leaders showed a united front on the issue following talks and in istanbul last week should the document be signed this date will be a major milestone for libya a country that's been torn by military conflicts since the u.s. led nato invasion in 2 points 11 that the government's awful moammar gadhafi at the moment there are 2 governments in libya one that controls a larger part of the country the libyan national army led by general. are however
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an internationally recognized government of national accord with headquarters in tripoli that by saraj controlled smaller portion now wants the talks in moscow or concluded a big conference on the issue is expected in berlin and as we hear at the moment all the leaders all 5 major players in this issue are expected there as well. moving on iranian police used tear gas to disperse anti government protesters on tehran's freedom square on sunday mass demonstrations continued for a 2nd day it follows the country's admission intentionally shot down a ukrainian airliner last week killing all 176 people on board protesters up in calling all around the leadership including the supreme leader ayatollah ali to resign over the disaster they also want those directly responsible for the dawning of the flight to face justice around this armed forces have said that the jet was
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mistakenly identified as a host. target it was flying close to assess the facility the top revolutionary guards commander has expressed deep regret over the tragedy apologizing to the victims. and margot. i swear to almighty god that i wished i were in that plane and it crashed with the men had burned but had not witnessed this tragic incident we made a mistake in a number of our compatriots were martyred because of our mistake but it was an intentional we apologize we are sorry but we will make up for it. in the u.s. meanwhile officials in the trump administration have been emphatic in their support for the protesters with the us president even tweeting a warning to iran in persian that triggered a sharp response from tehran. to the leaders of iran do not kill your protesters thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you and the world is watching
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more importantly the usa is watching turn your internet back on and let reporters roam free stop the killing of your great iranian people hands and tongues smeared with threatening sanctioning and terrorizing the iranian nation are not entitle to dishonor the ancient persian language by the way are you actually standing by millions of iranians whose hero you just assassinated while standing against them. well of course the backdrop to all of this tension soared after a u.s. drone attack 10 days ago which left the senior iranian commander dead in baghdad and it would seem instead of looking to calm the situation washington has opted to continue to apply moxon pressure on iran igor said out of the story. as washington seated on the verge of an all out war with iran it looked like it had just stepped outside of its comfort zone the risk of plunging the middle east into
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yet a nother disastrous conflict was an obvious weight on the u.s. but now with the tensions easing america is back in familiar territory waging a political and economic campaign to force its rival into submission what is our strategy post the confidence of the man in killing and post the ballistic missile attack on the united states this is our strategy we are diplomatically and economically isolating their regime in iran in till they behave like a normal nation washington has charted these waters through and through and it's not afraid to get creative and putting iran under pressure after admitting to accidentally downing a ukrainian jetliner with more than a 170 people on board to iran has seen a fresh outbreak in antigovernment protests and demonstrators the haven't suffered from any lack of support from the u.s. with donald trump even taking a crash course in persian to write this tweet to the brave long suffering people of
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iran i've stood with you since the beginning of my presidency and my administration will continue to stand with you we are following your protests closely and are inspired by your courage. translated no obstacles and no language barriers can stand in the way of democracy and to make sure that nothing is lost in translation here washington is backing up its words with action a method tried and trusted sanctions we are announcing additional sanctions against the iranian regime as a result of these our actions we will cut off billions of dollars of support to the iranian regime israel as its tradition was quick to cheer it always does whenever things take a turn for the worse for iran i commend president trump for imposing new and very harsh sanctions against his regime i must say that this was also doing close to the iranian decision to accelerate uranium enrichment i call on britain france and
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germany to join the american effort but few other nations share the excitement for iran a nation that spent decades under all flavors of sanctions being free of them is more of a challenge actually the united states on me wants to think that sense that it's a superpower that it can do whatever it wants so it heard iran through sanctions that china warfare and trade wars it tries to hurt russia through sanctions but ultimately what it does is that it brings these are countries closer to each other and other countries become more more more negative view of the u.s. government and i think in the and the long run what it does is that it diminishes the stature of the united states and the capability of the united states to maintain its had germany america's economic crusade against iran is rubbing europe the wrong way to the e.u.
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is in an ill tempered clash with washington over the iran nuclear deal which was derailed by the us we have been saying to pass that we continue saying that we regret the u.s. decision to withdraw from the deal. and we continue to. leaving the deal is a key element of the lobel nuclear nonproliferation a future. and beautiful for to the original stability. of germany's convinced that iran should acquire have nuclear weapons for this reason it will continue to employ all diplomatic means to keep this agreement alive it is certainly not perfect but it is an agreement and it comprises commitments by all sides. together we have made clear our regrets and concern at the decision by the united states to draw from the j c p o a and to reimpose sanctions on iran and the us is dishing out new assurances it is ready to solve all this mess with words without preconditions even if we will meet
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with them where want to sit down discuss without precondition a new way forward a a series of steps by which iran becomes a more normal country but in the past few years with iran alone the us went back on its word had 0 interest in its allies concerns and assassinated a high profile official they unilaterally branded a terrorist just a few months before so the u.s. can talk up diplomacy for sure they're one of the best at it you do have a hard time to find a nother country with a case of selective amnesia this severe for the promises it had made. igor's it down off well just in terms of reaction to his stance on home according to a recent poll carried out by a.b.c. news a majority of americans disapprove of the way mr trump so far handled the escalating crisis in the middle east. alongside iran canada is also reeling
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from the tragedy that shocked the world $57.00 canadians were among the victims of the tiran plane crash must vigils have been held across the country with prime minister just introduced attending a memorial service in edmonton were there is a larger reunion community involved to rome has acknowledged its full responsibility for the plane crash the c.e.o. of a canadian food company who says one of his colleagues lost his wife an 11 year old psalm as rushed out of the united states. narcissist in washington tears would accomplishments apart destabilizes the region us now and welcome everywhere in the area including iraq tensions escalated to feverish pitch the collateral damage of this irresponsible dangerous ill conceived behavior $63.00 canadians needlessly lost their lives in the crossfire including the family of one of my m.-f. colleagues his wife an 11 year old son we're mourning and i'm livid. ok
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for more on all those developments let's cross live to done is a human rights lawyer the author of no more war as well speaking to us this hour from pittsburgh good to see you just on what we saw there not sure if you saw the canadian food company speaking about who's to blame for they to run plane crash while the tragedy took place at a time of heightened tensions on what grounds can america also be held directly responsible for runs darning of a passenger plane kelly well i think it is very clear it is he was found during a time when iran. was on high or because the u.s. had just killed their highest ranking military official general solomonic so clearly it in most people believe even the u.s. is a notch that the downing of the plane was accidental now they've acknowledged that it happened because of the increased tensions. that the u.s.
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created you know and this is one of the reasons why the judges at nuremburg declared that aggressive war is the greatest the supreme international crime because it creates terrible consequences including unintended consequences which this was. in which you know over $170.00 people died i would also say the stampede that happened in iran where over 50 people died during you know processions for general solomonic could also be traced back to trump's decision to kill the general one of the questions being asked by a lot of protesters in iran this week is why were flights allowed to take off from tehran airport during such a tense situation one in which a reprisal attacks from the u.s. was expected. look i'm certainly they should not have been allowed to but it sounds
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like again this was a case where the command and control in iran was not working properly and again most likely it wasn't working properly because people were under a panic from what happened in iraq with the killing of solomonic within found out later this week that the u.s. tried to kill another general. in yemen. you know so again this was a terrible accident a terrible tragedy. in clearly a happen because of the war tensions created by the trial rights experts have said that america strike against some solo money was almost certainly illegal will we see the trumpet miss ministration face any legal challenges over the decision do you think. you know sadly i don't think so and why because the u.s. has decided. a 1st quite some time that international law applies to every
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country in the world but the united states the u.s. is not a party to the international criminal court for example which is one body that could prosecute someone like trump or is officials for these types of war crimes and aggressive war the u.s. even just backed out of the human rights council of the united nations in an unprecedented move you know the u.s. has pretty much taken it south ballot oh all chances to be prosecuted the u.s. also after losing a case by the way to iran which was challenging successfully challenged sanctions against it late last year before the international court of justice when the u.s. last decade said well ok we're not going to. accept the general jurisdiction of the international court of justice either so you know it's nearly impossible to go after the u.s. war crimes ok or for of no more of the more rights lawyer and or 3rd done called
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thank you for your time thank you. and the news continues here on 247 or to international right after this.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports i'm sure. i'll see you then. welcome back to the program wiki leaks co founder julian assange was in court in london on monday for a routine administrative hearing on his possible extradition to the u.s.
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during the session a son just lawyers were granted more time after they complained of not having the opportunity to go over case files with their client or video agency ruptly was there when the sons was seen exiting the court a crowd of his supporters had gathered to protest against his extradition currently serving time in the british high security chief for skipping while waiting on his full extradition hearing set for next month the us has by the way indicted him on 17. to hock government computer just to give him 2010. publish classified military cables allegedly lining us rides last april he was forcibly removed by british police from the ecuadorian embassy in london. terminated its 7 your asylum. huge films to boost areas for is driving slavery on the continent that's the claim
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being made by human rights organizations against the infrastructure project in eritrea the begin to improve the eastern african nation has been described as involving years of forced labor. or reports. if you've been on a 2 covey if your team back harboring a hidden disease is your neighbor planning on eating your pepperoni don't worry the e.u. has got a regulation for everything but according to human rights organizations it failed miserably to regulate its own behavior and it all started with an apparently innocent bed to boost security and eritrea will launching $20000000.00 euro program to rebuild the roads connecting both countries this will boost straight consolidate stability and have good benefits for the citizens of both countries through the gratian of sustainable growth and jobs so far so good unless of course you're the one put to work on this great collaboration because the chances are you're forced
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conscript the african nation has compulsory national service that used to last for 18 months but now sees people trapped in over 20 years it's a practice that's been likened by human rights organizations the un and the european parliament to mass enslavement conscripts compared national service to modern day slavery saying this for torture and other ill treatment which we rest in like basic sanitation and hygiene former conscripts 72 hour weeks and harsh conditions with no food and pay equivalent to $17.00 a month it's one of the main reasons eritrea is called the world's fastest emptying country as young men continue their mass exodus but despite knowing conscripts were being used generally the delicate situation and a country that was a lot in a guerrilla war for 3 decades the e.u. says that really had no idea that untoward things were going on. the e.u.
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does not pay for labor under this project the project only covers the procurement of materials and equipment to support the rehabilitation of roads in fact the e.u. doesn't even have an office in eritrea to monitor this ongoing project instead it relies on local authorities the agency is not monitoring the implementation of the project the project is carried out by the government and progress is monitored by the ministry of public works the e.u. is in trusting its project to an arm of the government which is internationally slammed as one of the world's worst human rights abuses which the u.n. describes as authoritarian and repressive and which lived under a un sanctions for 9 years it's almost as if the e.u. has something at stake here other than creating great roads of course like stemming the tide of migrants for example because 2016. 1000 eritreans apply for asylum in the bloc so yes this e.u. project will lift the local economy and bring peace but crucially it will create
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jobs and that will keep eritreans in their homeland and not crossing on to european shorts. in directly supporting this project by. material to help build the road problem is that what they need to make sure is that any support going to eritrea is not. some mentoring this incredibly repressive system and there are trends the land by the way which happens to be one of the most strategic areas in the world its coast runs along the red sea which is a key link between europe and asia it's also an ideal access point to emerging african markets with low labor costs and it's a natural resource gold mine with gas gold oil zinc you name it eritrea's got it eric harris obviously placed in a very strategic location along the red sea it is the access to. from the
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european point of view it is obviously one of the countries which many asylum seekers here in europe are coming from and not coming in because of the human rights situation so it seems that when you've got something to gay it's easier to be. anonymous than your own employment law all. right just time for some more big news stories from around the globe starting in alaska were lucky to find the odds he was rescued after surviving 3 weeks in remote freezing weather his home in the valley and forcing him to sleep in a snow cave and live off until he was 5 incredible half a 1000000 people in the philippines are being urged to flee their homes after the tower of the monday near the capital manila storms could be seen through the thick of. disrupting the services of a couple of international airport scientists in the country are warning that the threat level is not an explosive eruption could happen in the coming days but the
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ceasefire agreement brokered by turkey and russia came into effect in syria's northwestern province over the weekend in recent weeks the muskies has stepped up its efforts to reclaim the country's last rebel held region which is under the control of the extremist group to reroll show the united nations estimates that over 300000 people have fled their homes as a result of the violence sheltering close to the turkish border. ok we're trucking along with some programs here and moments that with all your start to the week you headlines all across the globe. and we're going to fulfill that promise is probably for the people. you know we've all pots. to. be
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a pretty pretty. pretty rare bird. now you want to 1st. know 5. one else chose seemed wrong. why don't y'all just don't call. me lol yet to say power does this comes after. and in detroit equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the world is driven by a dream shaped by. jerry thinks. we dare to ask. the stud just one magic bullet you could actually come up with something to top with his baby bond talking about ways we get access to capital and capitalism
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cavil's important so we could actually have programs that actually help folks who want to do that but when you give everybody a $1000.00 i'm a poor person i'm going to consume that and then you're rich you're going to invest that equity that the wealth disparity is going to grow because you're not using your money to do it can so you're literally buy more crazy things and then my landlord knowing that i got a $1000.00 and you just go raise my writ so then you get your flesh and go all in there.
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