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tv   News  RT  January 13, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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donald trump tweets on assassinated. money saying that even if he was not a threat to the u.s. or the iranian generals track record sealed his fate. the leaders of libya's the warring factions are in moscow for ceasefire talks brokered by russia and turkey it is hoped the war torn nations that rival administrations will sign an agreement on tuesday. and e.u. funds to boost infrastructure in east africa and prevent a mass immigration to europe is in the firing line for driving modern day slavery we speak with a human rights watch representative on the claims. and
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they're often subjected to very abusive conditions. or broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is r t international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us all right in one of his latest tweets president trump has commented on the assassination of the iranian general money saying that whether he was an imminent threat to america or not an allegation touted by his administration his fate was predetermined anyway. the fake news media and the democrat potence are working hard to determine whether or not the future touched by terrorists and the money was imminent was my team in agreement the on through to bush is a strong yes but it doesn't really matter because of his horrible post well the
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implications of donald trump statement are quite large essentially it's being argued that for the united states to kill someone not just someone but a top foreign leader a leader of the foreign country top military leader it's not necessary that they actually represent a threat as long as they had a history of bad deeds or a bad past that's essentially what donald trump is saying now folks will recall that it's been about 10 days since qassam solomonic was killed by the united states and sense then the united states has been emphasizing that qassam solomonic was bad that he represented an eminent threat to the united states it seems like he's been getting worse and worse every day since his killing let's review some of what has been said solomon he was plugging. imminent insidious terror attacks on american diplomats and military personnel we had specific emanation information on an imminent threat and those threats trim included attacks on u.s. embassies period full stop i can reveal that i believe it would have been for
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embassies there's no terrorist except osama bin laden who has more american blood on his hands than did customs with the money so why the rising hysteria well ever since the killing many both in the united states and around the world have questioned whether it was the right thing to do many saw it as a hugely unnecessary escalation with the islamic republic of iran a completely unjustified killing of a top foreign leader however the trumpet ministration system that qassam solomonic represented a threat to americans american lives were in danger that was absolutely necessary to do it however even trumps own secretary of defense mark esper doesn't exactly buy that the president didn't say when there was a tangible he didn't cite a specific piece of evidence what he says he probably he believes are you saying that event one i didn't see one with regard to 4 embassies so 10 days later we have trump speaking up on social media and saying that it doesn't really matter whether or not qassam solomonic actually represented a threat to americans because he was
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a bad fellow who had a bad past this is a pretty pretty dramatic statement from the american leader essentially saying that it doesn't matter if american lives were in the balance it was justified to kill the top general of a foreign country simply based on allegations about his history meanwhile iranian state media reported on monday that tehran has officially designated the pentagon and its subsidiaries a terrorist organization president hassan rouhani signed off on changes to existing legislation under which u.s. central command was already blacklisted the amendment had been approved by lawmakers last week the move comes in response to america's killing of general stolen money which infuriated the islamic republic. political analyst hasan ali says in the message iran is sending is that they see the u.s. military as a threat but not the american people. by designating the u.s. and they're gone and sent home and the u.s.
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military as a terrorist organization is essentially make it very clear to the entire world what has been being said by the leaders of iran and of the resistance axis for quite for a long time since the beginning that the problem is not the people of america or the people of any other country not the civilians the problem is the military apparatus and the administration that uses this military as a mercenary force to further. essentially economic and monic objectives so i think in that regard it's actually a very important. signing into law in terms of on the ground i don't think it really will change anything i mean those people who see america for what it is i mean anyone who just wants to understand why the people in the region and free people across the world see america as a terrorist entity. in response to the killing of its a top general iran conducted multiple strikes on u.s.
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military bases in iraq last week in the chaos a passenger plane was accidently shot down by tehran on january 8th all 176 people on board perished alongside iran canada is also reeling from the shocking tragedy 57 canadians were among the victims of the tehran plane crash mass vigils have been held across the country with prime minister justin trudeau attending a memorial service in edmonton where there is a large iranian community. and while tehran has acknowledged it's fully responsible for the deadly event the c.e.o. of a canadian food company who says one of his colleagues lost his wife and 11 year old son in the tragedy has lashed out at the united states. a narcissist in washington tears world accompaniments apart destabilizes the region us now and welcome everywhere in the area including iraq tensions escalated to feverish pitch the collateral damage of this irresponsible dangerous ill conceived behavior canadians
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needlessly lost their lives in the crossfire including the family of one of my m.l.f. colleagues his wife an 11 year old son we're mourning and i'm livid human rights lawyer dan kovalchuk of believes washington turning up the temperature in the region was a major contributing factor to the disaster. it is very clear it is the line was found during a time when iran was on high or were it because the us paid just killed their highest ranking military official general somani this was a case where the commanding control. in iran was not working properly and again most likely it wasn't working properly because people were under panic from what happened in iraq with the killing of solomon with found out later this week that the us tried to kill another general in yemen. you know so again
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this was a terrible accident a terrible tragedy. in clearly it happened because. of the war tensions created by the trial because the u.s. has decided. first quite some time that international law applies to every country in the world but the united states. the leaders of libya's warring factions are in moscow for talks in the hopes of hammering out a cease fire deal the negotiations are being brokered by russia and turkey their foreign minister says they expect an agreement to be signed on tuesday the meetings come after a concerted push by moscow into to deescalate hostilities in libya the war ravaged country is divided between an internationally recognized government in the capital tripoli and a rival administration in the east which is allied to the rebel general. a draft deal circulated earlier calls on all sides to ensure the sustainability of any
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cease fire that combat terrorism and human trafficking and work to improve the humanitarian situation in the nation. new teacher the turkey and russia produced a draft document that was reviewed in detail today we too can do a count of the proposal for compromise between the parties suggested by general have 2 of the parties the agreement stipulates concrete details of the ceasefire reached on that's wealth of january the draft document suggests that all parties will stop all military actions and observe the cease fire conditions meanwhile a commission is to be established at all that is determined that contact line between the warring sides russia and turkey a promise to support all sides in the called play to help them implement the agreements now that solves began early on monday and lasted for more than 6 hours however it wasn't the perfect ending to the day. but it was
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a student the president of the government of national cool mr soros and his counterpart just signed the document general have requested more time to choose their mornings to work out the signing we hope very much they would use the representatives of russia and will be supporting the process ceasefire became possible thanks to suggestions by a russian president vladimir putin and his a turkish counterpart reject their dog on both leaders showed a united front on the issue following talks and in istanbul last week should the document be signed this cheese date will be a major milestone for libya a country that's been torn by military conflicts since the u.s. led nato invasion in 2011 that the government's offer moammar gadhafi at the moment there are 2 governments in libya one that controls a larger part of the country the libyan national army led by general leave office are however an internationally recognized government of national accord with
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headquarters in tripoli that by saraj controlled smaller portion now once the talks in moscow are concluded a big conference on the issue is expected in berlin and as we hear at the moment all the leaders all 3 major players in this issue are expected there as well mark all men are from the u.k. as crisis research institute believes russia and turkey have a crucial role to play in bringing a degree of stability to libya. if it's possible to freeze the current fighting lines that at least gives time in the possibility of further discussions there's always the risk in a situation we have so many different militias taking part that some subgroup may decide to engage in fighting that then begins to unravel it but there is i think hope that we have influential external actors on both sides acting together and that offers the prospect that the voice of reason can be heard both in tripoli and also in general have told headquarters in russia as in syria have. different sides
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in the conflict but they are willing to cooperate and that has helped to calm the conflict in syria as we've seen all the tainted and i think that kind of model. you have people who can say well this brought this together because each of us is aware of the interests of people on the ground that is a potentially positive step and we'll see obviously at the weekend whether we have a full peace conference in berlin. 21 saudi service men being trained in the united states are to be expelled from the country this follows a shooting at a naval air base in florida in december which claimed the lives of 3 american sailors attorney general william barr has announced that the pensacola base shooting was an act of terrorism. kingdom of saudi arabia determined to disk material demonstrated conduct unbecoming an officer in the royal saudi air force and in the royal navy and the 21 cadet have been disenrolled from their training
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curriculum in the u.s. military and will be returned returning to saudi arabia later today the united states they are sending back those nearly 2 dozen saudi military assistance from a training program and sending them back again home to saudi arabia and about a dozen saudi trainees at the pensacola base they have been confined to their quarters as the f.b.i. was investigating the shooting as a potential terror attack and the pentagon initiated that review of also. the military trainees in the country numbering around get this $850.00 students now those 2 dozen servicemen they are not accused of aiding the 21 year old saudi air force lieutenant in last month's shooting that killed 3 an injured 8 but secretary of state william barr is calling the shooting at the naval air station in pensacola as an act of terrorism a bar says on september 11th the 21 year old gunman mohammad saeed ronny who was an aviation student at the naval air station and member of the saudi air force he said
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he posted a message on social media stating quote the countdown has begun now bar added that ronnie also visited the $911.00 memorial in new york city in november and posted anti-american anti israeli messages on social media now one of those messages even being posted just 2 hours before the shooting on december 6th the justice department learned during their investigation that 21 members of the saudi military who were training here in the u.s. possessed a derogatory material and of those 2117 had social media profiles containing jihadi or anti-american content however bar says that there was no evidence that they were involved with any terrorist activity or groups also it's important to note 15 individuals were found to have accessed child pornography barss that saudi arabia determined the material demonstrated conduct unbecoming of an officer in the saudi royal air force and the royal navy and as a result those 21 cadets have been an in rolled and they are all returning to saudi
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arabia at this shooting has now made the pentagon hold any flight training for saudi military aviation students and 3 florida bases national security adviser robert o'brien said that u.s. officials and defense secretary mark esper are proceeding with caution saying quote pensacola showed that there are errors in the way that we vetted and out of an abundance of caution secretary asper has taken these actions to protect our servicemen and women. all right more news after a short break this is our. legs .
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join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. welcome back this is our team international now with the leaks co-founder julian
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assange was in court in london on monday for a routine administrative hearing on his possible extradition to the u.s. during the session a songes lawyers were granted more time after they complained of not having the opportunity to go over the case files with their client our video agency ruptly was there when assad was seen exiting the court a crowd of his supporters had gathered to protest against his extradition a song is currently serving time in a british high security jail for skipping bail while waiting on his full extradition hearing set for next month the us has indicted him on 17 counts of espionage and one of conspiracy to hack a government computer back in 2010 of the australian whistleblower published classified military cables allegedly outlining u.s. war crimes he was forcibly removed by british police from the ecuadorian embassy in london after the country terminated his 7 year asylum there.
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huge funds meant to boost areas in africa are driving slavery on the continent that is the claim making made by human rights organizations against the e.u.'s infrastructure project in. the bid to improve the eastern african nation has been described as involving years of forced labor. taylor reports. if you've been on a 2 covey if your t. back harboring a hidden disease is your neighbor planning on eating your pet pony don't worry it is got a regulation for everything but according to human rights organizations it's failed miserably to regulate its own behavior and it all started with an apparently innocent bed to boost security and eritrea we're launching $20000000.00 euro program to rebuild the roads connecting both countries this will boost straight consolidate stability and have good benefits for the citizens of both countries
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through the gratian of sustainable growth and jobs so far so good unless of course you're the one put to work on this great collaboration because the chances are you're forced conscript the african nation has compulsory national service that used to last for 18 months but now sees people trapped in over 20 years it's a practice that's been likened by human rights organizations the un and the european parliament to mass enslavement conscripts compared national service to modern day slavery saying this for torture and other ill treatment which we rest in like basic sanitation and hygiene former conscripts 72 hour weeks and harsh conditions with no food and pay equivalent to $17.00 a month it's one of the main reasons eritrea is called the world's fastest emptying country as young men continue their mass exodus but despite knowing conscripts were being used generally the delicate situation and a country that was a lot in
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a guerrilla war for 3 decades the e.u. says that really had no idea that untoward things were going on. the e.u. does not pay for labor under this project the project only covers the procurement of materials and equipment to support the rehabilitation of roads in fact the e.u. doesn't even have an office in eritrea to monitor this ongoing project instead it relies on local authorities the agency is not monitoring the implementation of the project the project is carried out by the government and progress is monitored by the ministry of public works the e.u. is in trusting its project to an arm of the government which is internationally slammed as one of the world's worst human rights abuses which the u.n. describes as authoritarian and repressive and which lived under a u.n. sanctions for 9 years it's almost as if the e.u. has something at stake here other than creating great roads of course like stemming the tide of migrants for example because 2016. 1000 eritreans apply for
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asylum in the block so yes this e.u. project will lift the local economy and bring peace but crucially it will create jobs and that will keep eritreans in the homeland to not crossing on to european shorts. in directly supporting this project by. material to help build the road problem is that what they need to make sure is that any support going to eritrea is not. some mentoring this incredibly repressive system and there are trends and land by the way which happens to be one of the most strategic areas in the world its coast runs along the red sea which is a key link between europe and asia it's also an ideal access point to an african market with low labor costs and it's a natural resource gold mine with gas gold oil zinc you name it eritrea's got
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it eric harris obviously placed in a very strategic location along the red sea it is the access to. see that ethiopia and from the european point of view it is obviously one of the countries which many asylum seekers here in europe are coming from and they're coming and they're fleeing because of the human rights situation so it seems that when you've got something to gain it's easier to be. anonymous than your own employment law. does melba back with more years of top there are those who are too international. as we ponder the future and look into 2020 what fascinating stories will come our way you know i've often said on this show that you can't have capitalism without capital corsicana capital without positive registration kerching people to say and
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this next story this next whole show this next entire segment is going to be dedicated to this very notion. shows seemed wrong. by the old rules just don't hold. any new world yet to shape out these days become educated and in gains from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. you are no offense but you no longer a young woman in fact you are one of the last living survivors of the nazi else asked i'm aware of it. leverage debt all you like.
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and you can never forget maybe you can now auschwitz was really like to be in hell because you would never believe that one can do to as a copy of a course for 32 years of both and be. heard of it it all seems so logical for by the side to make it right when i get out won't the farm saw you know what it's like ma song to earth next to you so you can listen in hopefully the blue. yes a lot of hurt. on my hands on guns and money i'm not one. of them so i don't even wanna. divisive a time about what it was it was a bit time that we listen to the bomb was more about.
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what when and what in this i definitely. see in the following you can but i'm before what a cop out of him but i. give up by now on body i'm not one that. i . eat out because our.
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as of 2013 the pet food industry was dominated by only 5 more titan glamour companies. you know when a consumer walks into a store it's easy to assume that there is a vast array of choices for their dog or cat and the ability to choose that one perfect food. but just how different are these choices and what's really going on inside of those bags is what's inside really as healthy as the shiny side labeling
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would have you believe. to. pay mr sharon back on an integrative veterinarian here in bourbonnais illinois. this is a commercially available raw food diet this is what i am i'm also going to give the boys in a. great 1st approach. is it a time for a dire. time is it. if
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. so there's a problem in the pet food industry and most pet owners aren't aware that there's a problem and unless you have an interest in digging deeper and finding out what those issues are you can go through your whole life eating the exact same food assuming what you're doing is healthier pat and once you start digging the evidence becomes overwhelming that the industry has significant issues. the human animal relationship is deeply embedded in our society. it is estimated that 80000000 dogs are in the united states with 96000000 cats. americans alone spin an estimated $60000000000.00 on pet expenses every year and that number is growing exponentially. it's always a 1st thought the boy something your cat will water something that will make them happy and live a healthy life we give them exercise clean water and lots of love. we've always
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purchased food from a grocery store or a pet food store that provided convenience the promise of nutrition in familiarity with the brand. the industry at large survive for nearly 100 years without a single thought from consumers as to what was going into the pet food. that all changed in 2007 when a toxic ingredient made its way into pet foods killing thousands of pets nationwide melamine is used as a fertilizer in asia and also has several industrial commercial uses including a component of kitchen utensils and plates the association between melamine in the kidneys in urine of cats that die and the melamine that was in the food they consume is undeniable additionally melamine is an ingredient that should not be in at food at any level. following the 2007 recall one central question began to
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resonate among consumers. what are dogs and cats actually supposed to eat it's confusing because the pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets more based on what they want to sell us and what's necessarily good for that that is old bro when phrase about mary and now an author and her new book is called their war yell treatment please welcome dr barbara well good morning they all right thank you so much for being here so let me ask you this what are the things that we're giving them that we shouldn't. and then what should we be given that we are so no corn no wheat no soil after many years of r. and d. we have found that corn is still the best available source of carbohydrates when processed and refined properly those are the things that cause overweight diabetes arthritis chronic skin infections allergies things like that that's the precursor for a lot of that if you're feeding point.


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