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tv   News  RT  January 14, 2020 2:00am-2:31am EST

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right almost throughout the u.s. president defends the assassination of a general because of his past no evidence of him being a danger to the united states. in the u.s. . military members of expelled from training facilities in america. the move follows an investigation into a deadly shooting. at a u.s. base already more than a month ago. workers threatened to resign from the. government gives in to increased. the situation.
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for several months she was an emergency services you have been. nothing has been the problem of. the life from moscow. welcome to the program. the president has again leapt to the defense of america's drone strike assassination of an iranian general earlier the united states justified his death by presenting him as an imminent threat without revealing the details now though the u.s. called the threats irrelevant. the fake news media and the democrat partners are working hard to determine whether or not the future touched by terrorists and the money was imminent and was my team in agreement the owns are to bush is a strong yes but it doesn't really matter because of his horrible possed we have
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trouble speaking up on social media and saying that it doesn't really matter whether or not qassam solomonic actually represented a threat to americans because he was a bad fellow who had a bad past sense qassam solomonic was killed by the united states the united states has been emphasizing that qassam solomonic was bad that he represented an eminent threat to the united states we kill solomon the number one terrorist in the world by every. person there's no terrorist except osama bin laden who has more american blood on his hands than did custom so the money there's a compelling case of an imminent threat imminent threat selami was plotting. imminent insidious or attacks on american diplomats and military personnel ever since the killing many both in the united states and around the world have questioned whether it was the right thing to do many saw it as a hugely unnecessary escalation with the islamic republic of iran a completely unjustified killing of a top general of
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a foreign country trump administration systems that barrack and lives were in danger and large scale attacks planned for other embassies and if those were planned why can't we reveal that to the american people would not help your case i can reveal that i believe it would have been for embassies however even trump's own secretary of defense mark esper doesn't exactly buy that but the president did say when there was a tangible he didn't cite a specific piece of evidence what he says he probably he believes are you saying that event one i didn't see one with regard to 4 embassies pretty dramatic statement from the american leader essentially saying that it doesn't matter if american lives were in the balance it was justified to kill the top general of a foreign country it's not necessary that they actually represent a threat as long as they had a history of bad deeds or a bad past us administrations call a c. is not based on facts it's based on lies and misstatements and it's not based on
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the international rule of law it's based on 2 other things one is the view that the us is an exceptional country that it is it does not have it is above international law doesn't have to pay attention to the rules and it's also based on the false notion that the us is the only superpower in a uni polar world the us administration still act as if they are the cops of the world they are the bullies on the block and they can take whatever actions that they feel are appropriate for them irrespective of international law. in response to the killing of its top general iran conducted multiple strikes on. u.s. military bases in iraq over the past week as the crisis escalates that a passenger plane was accidentally shot down by to rot on january 8th killing all 176 people on board and provoked mass protests which the u.s. openly supported iran's legal chief thinks washington is exploiting the tragedy. of
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all really do you call your agents of the us foreign countries want to take it of this ukrainian plane crash to create insecurity inside the country in order to mislead public opinion right on this way our nation will not let them do it and while ron has acknowledged full responsibility for the deadly event who lost 57 nationals in the tragedy has also moved to put some of the blame on the united states i think if there were no tensions if there was no escalation recently in the region those canadians would be right now home with their families international community is being very very clear of both on needing to have a non-nuclear read while at the same time managing the tensions in the region that are brought about by u.s. human rights lawyer believes the united states turning up the heat in the region was a major factor behind the disaster. it is very clear it is the plane was found during
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a time when iran was on high alert because the u.s. just killed their highest ranking military official general solomonic this was a case where the commanding control. in iran was not working properly and again most likely it wasn't working properly because people were under panic from what happened in iraq with the killing of solomonic within found out later course this week that the u.s. tried to kill another general in yemen. you know so again this was a terrible accident a terrible tragedy. in clearly happened because of the war tensions created by trouble because the u.s. has decided. first quite some time that international law applies to every
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country in the world but the united states. $21.00 saudi service women being trained in the united states ought to be expelled from the country for possession of the hottest material on indecent images decision comes more than a month to shooting at a naval air base in florida that claimed the lives of 3 american soldiers attorney general william barr has announced that the pensacola shooting was an act of terrorism kingdom of saudi arabia determined to disk material demonstrated conduct unbecoming an officer in the royal saudi air force and in the royal navy and the 21 cadet have been disenrolled from their training curriculum in the u.s. military and will be returned returning to saudi arabia later today the united states they are sending back those nearly 2 dozen saudi military students from a training program and sending them back again home to those 2 dozen servicemen they are not accused of aiding the 21 year old saudi air force lieutenant in last
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month's shooting that killed 3 an injured 8 but secretary of state william barr is calling the shooting at the naval air station in pensacola as an act of terrorism the justice department learned during their investigation that 21 members of the saudi military who were training here in the u.s. possessed a derogatory material and of those 2117 had social media profiles containing jihadi or anti-american content however bar says that there was no evidence that they were involved with any terrorist activity or groups also it's important to note 15 individuals were found to have accessed child pornography now bar says that saudi arabia determined the material demonstrated conduct unbecoming of an officer in the saudi royal air force and the royal navy and as a result those 21 cadets have been on in rolled and they are all returning to saudi arabia at this shooting has now made the pentagon halt any flight training for saudi military aviation students at the reef florida bases national security
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adviser robert o'brien said that u.s. officials and. defense secretary mark asper are proceeding with caution saying quote pensacola showed that there are bad errors in the way that we vetted and out of an abundance of caution secretary asper has taken these actions to protect our servicemen and women the middle east analysts show franklin thinks the education people receive in the gulf kingdom encourages violence if you take an average saudi military officer i would actually wonder what wouldn't drive them to this extreme. research by the state for gulf affairs has shown that the textbooks from 1st principles create all the saudi public schools basically teach demonization of jews christians non wahhabi muslims apostates people who don't. observe the very strict dictates of the one of the religion in which is the saudi the main saudi religion. that is continued then in some of the official literature that the saudi
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military forces read there's a lot of reporting about the what you would call a blind spot at specific to the trumpet ministration but if you look back every administration has pretty much approached the saudi regime the same way there was very little pressure on them to change what they do on the ground in terms of basic human rights in terms of the incitement that i mention in their textbooks in their defense establishment which u.s. officials have known about this incitement in the military establishment for years . russia's state of bringing peace to mortal in libya is a work in progress this comes off the talks in moscow in which one of the warring factions general belief of how far left the meeting without signing the ceasefire deal the latest negotiations were brokered by russia and turkey in the hope of deescalating hostilities a north african country on monday russia's foreign minister did stress that more time is needed. during the student the president of the government of national
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court mr serrano should sign the document. to have to request the more time it's until tuesday morning to work out the details before signing it we hope very much they will do so the representatives of russia and turkey will be supporting this process. war ravaged country divided between the internationally recognized government in the capital tripoli and arrival of ministration in the east which is allied to gen rebel general haftar a draft deal the circulated earlier calls on both sides to ensure the sustainability of any ceasefire and also to combat terrorism and he would trafficking of work to improve the general humanitarian situation there mark almond from the u.k.'s crisis research institute told us gen after i wouldn't be at the negotiating table if you didn't need to. go after all has to think about both his various subgroups who supported the different militia groups because although it's called an army it will be composed of a variety of semi autonomous brigades so you'll need to be sure that they are on board you also need to ask whether countries like egypt in the united arab emirates
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who've been very supportive of his side in this conflict will be happy with the ceasefire and so if that's the case then he may well sign i don't think he would have gone to moscow if he was really willing to sign the positive thing it seems to me is that turkey and russia as in syria have. different sides in the conflict but they are willing to cooperate together and that has helped to calm the conflict in syria as we've seen all the not end it and i think that kind of model where you have people who can say we're honest brokers together because each of us is aware of the interests of people on the ground that is a potentially positive step and we'll see obviously at the weekend whether we have a full peace conference in berlin. swiss tennis star roger federer has found himself. with climate change bad books of teenage activist group to work
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so after she criticized his association with the bank credit suisse the financial institution's been investigating begin the search for new fossil fuel deposits now with more on how we go sharing has become a crucial part of mordant reality is all too easy lipitor. do you know gratitude berg by her role as the world's number one a green activist or the number one shaming master well she's really been up to trying to perfect her reputation and both and it's paying off her influences skyrocketing woman of the year in sweden person of the year in the time magazine i mean how many teens do you know that told of presidents and prime ministers like that we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and what you can talk about isn't money if came to tales of economic growth how do you. an example from just a couple of days ago a single retreat by gretta revived the scandal from 20 and made the man they call
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the greatest tennis player of all times find excuses for being partners with a bank here are the shaming laws she retreated since 2016 credit suisse has provided 57000000000 to companies looking for new fossil fuel deposits something that is utterly incompatible with climate action roger federer do you endorse this and so roger federer's sponsorship deal with the swiss lender was back in the news and the sports all round mr nice guy had to reassure the public he cares for the environment over that mighty grow i'll show you more of how her shaming powers stretch far beyond the famous un walls but it's just that for now not everyone's so sure that anyone who deals with banks which give loans to non green industries should be publicly shamed public shaming and taking the right people to
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have stare an opinion away i think that's what it stops is being human described but it doesn't get it so you want to see it the way he thinks he's allowed to it's a free will say meaning sophism don't. well together yes but it can be a discussion that's hard to say well maybe we should celebrities should be a bit more careful in picking this ponces ecological issues should people people's attention but not by publicly shaming an individual however it seems neither gratitude nor her fellow activists have any intention of scaling some of that shaming down yeah why do it if it works so well so what can you be shamed for nowadays stay away from anything that has to do with fossil fuels even if you're choosing a bank shame on you if you fly you never heard that was a sin well read has been peddling the flight shame movement online for a while now why can't you stop flying on planes it's easy. how about you stay
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home and take some climate action instead climate compensation he's the planting of trees enough to excuse your flights while some folks of already tried to paralyze a london airport the world's aviation authorities even trying to stand up for its industry. we will launch a very very big to explain what we have done what we're doing and we intend to do in the future activists are currently after german engineering giant siemens for going ahead to fulfill a contract with a coal mine in australia what are now coal or fossil fuels altogether aren't legal right it all makes you wonder what's next what you're going to do when grettir comes for you will it get to the point when miners and their families are booed at what they do for a living just a short while ago we had at least here in germany eco shaming against people with
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s.u.v.s. and off and on we have it for like people that are taking trips in aircraft seems to be a moving target it seems to go from plastic bags to beef to. the trees to coal mining gets to people are so frustrated they feel they have to do something even if it's almost irrelevant like in the case of siemens right now who's accused of making railway signalling equipment which is being used by the mining company i mean that's a pretty. big stretch to go from zeman signalling equipment to say that has something to do with a climate problem and the forest fires a growing army of activists would say the whole of mankind has no other choice but to use some of gratis shaming skills if it once a future that there are still probably many of those who wouldn't mind
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a little more green tolerance from master to burke and co. still to come this new health workers in france are thrown down the gauntlet as they demand more funding after the short break. you know world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. politicians to do
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something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. for something i want. you to go right to be cross this is like the 4th tree in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. city. the program that over the fronts of all the $1000.00 health workers are threatening to quit unless the government makes concessions this tuesday doctors all hold media conferences across the country to express their anger including in paris we had 4
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french doctor that the months. the. hospitals have been on strike for several months hospitals and emergency services units have been sounding the alarm but politically nothing has been done fast the problem from the point of view of medical ethics doctors must treat patients but we don't have the necessary resources we have been killing our health care system for the past 20 or 30 years we have completely changed our control system on the moment all decisions are taken not by medics but other ministries of staff for managers and that has to change i came here from senegal where it is humanitarian work so i can tell you that in terms of health care france is becoming like a developing country. among the demands being made on increased wages and hospital funding because the reform the health system come from a wider workers' strike that caused chaos across the country at the end of 2019 a model micron's planned pension reform aims to merge the current complex system into a unified points based system but also move bonuses for
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a wide range of jobs and the french prime minister however has promised to drop a proposal to raise the pension age from 62 to 64 here's a look back at how the protests have unfolded. there is no issue too tall for this protester in paris robots also known as the french spider-man. in the capital to draw attention to pension reform plans he says the country's oldest generation should be respected and be able to maintain
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a decent level of life. the current leader of the us democrats early battle to elect the can that for this year's presidential election is causing panic in the party's ranks is a familiar face to the sun as being the front runner in the state of iowa has all the candidates worried whether he would cut it in the race for the white house he still needs to be mindful of some point he might need to rally millions of people to support someone else that's no easy you can't just flip a switch it's a process your supporters have to believe you're being genuine in your endorsement and you have to convince them bernie sanders is the democratic party's version of donald trump thank god we're smart enough to stop him we'd all be better served if you focused his disgruntled energy on donald trump i was disappointed to hear the bernie sending his volunteers out to trash me i hope bernie reconsider and turned
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his campaign in a different direction what was saunders biggest challenge are currently massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who as we heard has been accusing him of some dirty tactics to undermine her chances she referred to the son as campaign reportedly using a script that would suggest one only appeals of the country's most affluent voters that's a tactic that has angered people online social don't controversy elizabeth warren claims her campaign is being smeared by standers volunteers noting that her base are generally more affluent and educated than of vermont senators poor lis she's desperate who knows would follow outreach to morrow warren is designed so not surprise she decided to bash sanders and go for this kind of tactics despicable old buddy saunders responded saying that he's never personally said anything negative about elizabeth warren but i think the go to lily believes that
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there is a split among democrats who try to silence those not following in line with party policies. if you look at you know rank and file democrats if you look at people all across the country they're very interested in what bernie sanders that's say they're interested in medicare for all they're interested in federal job security you know they don't like these trade agreements that sanders and trump will speak out against but you see an effort by these other democrats to push the conversation away from that and instead they attack sanders instead they attack any democrat that really goes against the grain you know you see other democrats running in the race like yang you saw williams saying you saw gathered all ostracize all shut out of debates all roadblocks thrown in their way all for daring to speak a different message that is contrary to the establishment democratic party cohorts . now on the west coast of the united states citizens in the small town of tierra
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del mar have been making a stand against facebook residents than voice their anger at the social media giant off the company picked their home to install a new facility meant to support internet services around the world. if it shakes it too much there's going to be septic tanks you know and there's going to be a lot of other problems what scares me is this has set a precedent that they can now buy and buy any piece of property along the oregon coast.
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these new cable projects help people connect more efficiently they just told wish i had something in the last 30 or show days to mail me over so they don't really care or without any program or without any permission. why would they let a little community like this ever big corporation move into a place where his words against a lot he just sold us to the devil was from the hawks next on rising tensions in the gulf and for u.k. viewers it's not working now with moria but on us as the guest back in 5 minutes time with the latest.
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welcome to max keiser financial survival guide. looking closer to a year that's without. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain delicacy. watch has a report. must lead people by its own keep the slime to you or smear. to use the peace of mind. to see in the. most good moment you know. you come here. to change.
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the law. greetings and sell you take. you know you live long enough hawk watchers and you'll realize that the age old adage the more things change the more things stay the same couldn't be more true especially when it comes to u.s. foreign policy you see while the faces and names of u.s. presidents may change the feckless excuses for our military adventurism drone assassinations and regime change wars do not recently we've seen u.s.
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president donald trump and his pack of political sycophants and administration officials scrambling over their words in an effort to convince us just how justified the president was in the assassination of the iranian military leader qassam solo monny words like imminent threat didn't exquisite exquisite intelligence were thrown around all the political talk shows in fact president trump himself took to fox news on the ingraham angle and brazenly declared that so the money was targeting our embassies saying quote we will tell you that probably it was going to be the embassy in baghdad i can reveal that i believe it probably would have been for embassies. for embassies not one not to book for under imminent threat of danger except there's always an except the president wasn't exactly telling us the truth more like his opinion based on what i have no
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concept or idea at this point check out this clip of defense secretary mark us on face the nation when pressed about president trump's for embassy assassination justification for the president didn't say when there was a tangible he didn't cite a specific piece of evidence what he says he probably he believes are you saying that it wasn't one i didn't see one with regard to 4 embassies what i'm saying is i share the president's view that probably my ex. cation was they're going to go after our embassies. probably maybe could. you see my friends whether it was weapons of mass destruction assad's chemical weapons attack in duma or solmonese supposedly imminent attack on our embassies the names and places may change but the lack of facts and star-spangled spin oh they remain the same which is why we are always watching the hawks. it's like. the.


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