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yes the world of politics. i'm sure i'll see you then. the united states is partially responsible for the accident passenger plane last week in iran. both say the tragedy was triggered by washington inflaming tensions in the region. threats the u.s. president defends the assassination of a top iranian general because of his checkered past with no apparent evidence of him being in. the united states. in the u.s. military in the u.s. 21 saudi military members of expelled from training facilities in america hardest piece of material the move follows an investigation into a deadly shooting. at a u.s. base already more than a month ago. over
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a 1000 french health workers threatened to resign from the posts unless the government gives in to increased funding them on. french doctor on the situation. for several months hospitals and emergency services you have been sounding the alarm. has been the problem. has been 1 pm here in moscow thanks for joining us and. welcome to the program now iran said it's made arrests in the case of the accidentally downed ukrainian passenger plane last week in which all 176 people on board were killed. battle your model morbius you are people it is very important in this incident that whoever was at fault or negligent at any level and identify anyone who should be
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punished must be punished while. all the united states has been blamed for inflaming tensions in the persian gulf leading to collateral deaths that's the assessment of the russian foreign minister as he was speaking to the media about the escalating middle east crisis so the level also added that the u.s. killing of a top iranian general in a drone strike went beyond all legal frameworks but in a question of a has the details russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is currently on his asia tour and his 1st stop was here and sri lanka speaking to the media after the talks the minister specifically touched upon the situation in iran so gay lover of accuse the u.s. and fueling an ask a late in the conflict that led to the downing of the ukrainian plane and the deaths of over $150.00 people this is no one can be satisfied with the escalation of tensions in the persian gulf it has cost lives we cannot move away from the fact that it all started when the us announced that regional troubles resulted from
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iran's actions the culmination of washington's illegal actions was the assassination of questions of the money he was on an official visit to iraq that killing went beyond all human boundaries and the u.s. when inviting iran for dialogue is so sets forth preconditions in the form of sanctions. as the crisis ask away to a passenger plane was accidentally shot down by tehran on january the 8th killing 176 people on board to around their knowledge the downing but said that it cannot be blamed for the tragedy alone and that the u.s. has to be or they were sponsibility and canada the country that lost $57.00 nationals people that were on board the plane also move to pin some of the bullying on the u.s. i think if there were no tensions if there was no escalation recently in the region
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those canadians would be right now home with their families international community is being very very clear both on needing to have a non-nuclear iran while at the same time managing the tensions in the region that are brought about by us this recent escalation started the u.s. killed iranian top general can seem silly money in a drone strike in baghdad on general. now in the latest twits president donald trump has again leapt to the defense of america's drone strike association of the iranian general of the u.s. justified his death by presenting him as an imminent threats without actually revealing any details and now though the u.s. called the threat relevant the freak news media and the democrat party are working hard to determine whether or not the future touched by terrorists or money was imminent was money team in agreement the answer to bush is
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a strong yes but it doesn't really matter because of his horrible part of the u.s. defense secretary admitted that he did not see any specific evidence to suggest more attacks were imminent it could reveal that i believe it would have been for embassies the president didn't say when there was a tangible. inside a specific piece of evidence what he says he probably he believes are you saying that if i invent one i didn't see one with regard to 4 embassies now some countries believe the us is responsible for ask elating this conflict and doing so without hard evidence and we discussed sort of mani's as a citation on trump's claim that he didn't require proof of a threat with a number of middle east experts told us that the us had no right to kill a diplomat on foreign soil u.s. administration's policy is not based on fact it's based on lies and misstatements and it's not based on the international rule of law it's based on 2 other things
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one is the view that the us is an exceptional country that it is it does not have it is above international law doesn't have to pay attention to the rules and it's also based on the false notion that the us is the only superpower and a uni polar world us administration still act as if they are the cops of the world they are the bullies on the block and they can take whatever actions that they feel are appropriate for them irrespective of international law american sesame to a foreign diplomat to foreign military general in foreign territory because you didn't like him to put it very simplistically they didn't like him but was the underlying problem. what is to stop america tomorrow from saying well we don't like for example mr putin or we don't like leave the russian foreign minister all the chinese foreign minister or the british foreign minister for that matter or the
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french or anyone if they don't like someone does that mean they can turn around and say oh we're going to organize a drone strike on this person and kill them this is the law of the jungle this is not the law of civilized people this is not seen. $21.00 a saudi serviceman being trained in the united states to be expelled from the country for possession of the hardest material and child pornography at the station comes more than a month after a shooting at a naval air base in florida which claimed the lives of 3 american sailors attorney general william bars announced that the pensacola shooting was an act of terrorism . kingdom of saudi arabia determined to disk material demonstrated conduct unbecoming an officer in the royal saudi air force and in the royal navy and the 21 cadet have been disenrolled from their training curriculum in the u.s. military and will be returned returning to saudi arabia later today the united states they are sending back those nearly 2 dozen saudi military students from
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a training program and sending them back again home to those 2 dozen servicemen they are not accused of aiding the 21 year old saudi air force lieutenant in last month's shooting that killed 3 an injured 8 but secretary of state william barr is calling the shooting at the naval air station in pensacola as an act of terrorism and ronnie also posted anti-american anti israeli messages on social media now one of those messages even being posted just 2 hours before the shooting on december 6th the justice department learned during their investigation that 21 members of the saudi military who were training here in the u.s. possessed a derogatory material and of those 2117 had social media profiles containing jihadi or anti-american content however bar says that there was no evidence that they were involved with any terrorist activity or groups also it's important to note 15 individuals were found to have accessed child pornography now bar says that saudi arabia determined the material demonstrated conduct unbecoming of an officer in the
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saudi royal air force and the royal navy and as a result those 21 cadets have been an in rolled and they are all returning to saudi arabia at this shooting has now made the pentagon halt any flight training for saudi military aviation students at 3 florida bases national security adviser robert o'brien said that u.s. officials and defense secretary mark esper are proceeding with caution saying quote pensacola showed that there are errors in the way that we vetted and out of an abundance of caution secretary asked for has taken these actions to protect our servicemen and women. in middle east analysts show franklin thinks the education people receive in the gulf kingdom encourages violence. if you take a average saudi military officer i would actually wonder what wouldn't drive them to this experience the. research by the state for gulf affairs has shown that the textbooks from 1st grade through 12th grade all the saudi public schools basically
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teach demonization of jews christians non wahhabi muslims apostates people who don't. observe the very strict dictates of the one of the religion in which is the saudi the main saudi religion that is continued then in some of the official literature that the saudi military forces read there's a lot of reporting about the what you would call a blind spot at specific to the trumpet ministration but if you look back every administration has pretty much approached the saudi regime the same way there was very little pressure on them to change what they do on the ground in terms of basic human rights in terms of the incitement that i mention in their textbooks in their defense establishment which u.s. officials have known about this incitement in the military establishment for years . swiss tennis star roger federer has found himself in a climate change bad books of teenage activists grew out of them book a softer she criticizes o'shea sion with the bank credit suisse the financial
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institutions been investigating investing big in a search for new fossil fuel deposits with lauren how eco shaming has become a crucial part of modern reality is that if a trunk or. do you know gratitude in berg by her role as the world's number one to green activist or the number one shaming master well she's really been up to trying to perfect her reputation and both and it's paying off her influences skyrocketing womyn of the year in sweden person of the year in the time magazine i mean how many teens do you know that told off presidents and prime ministers like that we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and what do you can talk about isn't money if came a tales of each time on economic growth how did you and example from just a couple of days ago a single re tweet by gret out revived to scandal from 20 taking and made the manned
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they called the greatest tennis player of all times fine excuses for being partners with a bank here are the shaming wines she retreat it since 2016 credit suisse has provided 57000000000 to companies looking for new fossil fuel deposits something it is utterly in compatible with climate action roger federer do you endorse this and so roger federer's sponsorship deal with the swiss slender was back in the news and the sports all round mr nice guy had to reassure the public he cares for the environment oh that mighty grad oh all show you more of how her shaming powers stretch far beyond the famous you one walls but it's just that for now not everyone's so sure that anyone who deals with banks which give loans to non green industries should be publicly shamed public shaming and taking the rise people to
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have stare an opinion away i thing that's that of just stops is being human describes soul but it doesn't settle it just so you want to sink the why he thinks he's a lads who what's a free will say mean in activism don't well together yes but it can be a discussion that's hard to say well maybe we should celebrities should be a bit more careful in picking this ponces ecological issues should people people's attention but not by publicly shaming an individual however it seems neither gratitude nor her fellow activists have any intention of scaling some of that shaming down yeah why do it if it works so well so what can you be shamed for nowadays stay away from anything that has to do with fossil fuels even if you're choosing a bank shame on you if you fly never heard that was a sin well read has been peddling the full light shame movement online for a while now why can't you stop flying on planes it's easy. how about you stay
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home and take some climate action instead climate compensation he's the planting of trees enough to excuse your flights while some folks of already tried to paralyze a london airport the world's aviation authorities even trying to stand up for its industry. we will launch a very very big to explain what we have done what we're doing and we intend to do in the future activists are currently after german engineering giant siemens for going ahead to fulfill a contract with a coal mine in australia what for now coal or fossil fuels altogether aren't legal right it all makes you wonder what's next what you're going to do when grettir comes for you will it get to the point when miners and their families are booed at for what they do for a living just a short while ago we had at least here in germany eco shaming against people with
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s.u.v.s. and off and on we have it for like people that are taking trips in aircraft seems to be a moving target so it seems to go from plastic bags to beef to. the trees to coal mining gets to people are so frustrated they feel they have to do something even if it's almost irrelevant like in the case of siemens right now who's accused of making railway signalling equipment which is being used by the mining company i mean that's a pretty. big stretch to go from zeman signalling equipment to say that has something to do with a climate problem and the forest fires a growing army of activists would say the whole of mankind has no other choice but to use some of gratis shaming skills if it once a future there are still probably many of those who wouldn't mind
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a little more green tolerance from master to burke and co. still to come this news our health workers in france are throwing down the gauntlet as they demand more funding story and more off this short break. in the united states presidential candidates debate the future of the u.s. and the world. max kaiser and stacy herbert dig into the burning questions of this election cycle one self big every week. tax student debt trade wars corporate money universal basic. and more catch up with what's front running this sunday exclusively on r.t. . what politicians do.
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they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. wanted. to write a book for us as a white woman for 3 of them or can't be good. i'm interested in the why how. much the program and i was from where more than a 1000 health workers are threatening to quit unless the government makes concessions this choose their doctors will hold media conferences across the country to express their anger including in paris we heard from
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a french doctor on the markets. the. hospitals have been on strike for several months hospitals and emergency services unions have been sounding the alarm but politically nothing has been done that's the problem from the point of view of medical ethics doctors must treat patients we don't have the necessary resources we've been killing our health care system for the past 20 or 30 years we have completely changed our control system at the moment all decisions are taken not by medics but by administrative staff and managers and that has to change i came here from center go radiate humanitarian work so i can tell you that in terms of health care france is becoming like a developing country. among the demands being made or increased wages and hospital funding calls to reform the health system come us part of a wider workers' strike that caused chaos nationwide at the end of 2019 and all microns planned pension reform aims through merge the current complex system into a unified points based system but also remove bonuses for
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a wide range of jobs french prime minister however has promised to drop a proposal to raise the pension age from 60 to 64 as a look back at how the protests have played out. there is no issue too tall for this protest through paris alone robert also known as the french spiderman climbed a skyscraper in the castle to draw attention pension reform plans he says the country's oldest generation should be respected and be able to maintain a decent level of life.
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the current leader of the us democrats early battle to elect a candidate for this year's presidential election is causing panic in the party's ranks is a familiar face too but bernie sanders being in the front runner in the state of iowa has other candidates worried of whether he would cut it in the race for the white house. he still needs to be mindful of some point he might need to rally millions of people to support someone else that's no easy you can't just flip a switch it's a process your supporters have to believe you're being genuine in your indorsement and you have to convince them bernie sanders is the democratic party's version of donald trump thank god we're smart enough to stop him we'd all be better served if you focused his disgruntled energy on donald trump i was disappointed to hear the bernie sending his volunteers out to trash me i hope bernie reconsider and turned his campaign in a different direction so that was tsongas biggest challenger currently
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massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who as we heard there has been accusing him of some dirty tactics to undermine her chances she referred to the side as campaign reportedly using a script that would suggest warren only appeals of the country's most affluent voters it's a tactic that has angered people online. so she don't controversy elizabeth warren claims her campaign is being smeared by standers volunteers noting that her base are generally more affluent and educated than of vermont senators poor lis she's desperate who knows would follow outreach tomorrow warren is desired so not surprised she decided to bash sanders and go for this kind of tactics despicable bernie sanders responded saying that he's never personally said anything negative against elizabeth warren we spoke to a lawyer and former candidate for new york city council who believes that democrats lack a unifying message. great now it's war in the sense it's democrats and aggressive
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democrats every democrat running for the presidency is trying to gain some kind of the vantage and also you know they're really trying to. you know you know get the spotlight to get their message across the problem. is that. the governor. we really have to the border and you know kind of what i hear. all the. others are. so many areas i think that's a little bit less of. an effort in. 10 i think almost. on the west coast of the united states citizens in the small town of tierra del mar have been taking a stand against facebook residents voiced their anger at the social media joins off to the company pick their home to install
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a new facility and to support internet so i was his around the globe. if it shakes it too much there's going to be septic tanks to go out and there's going to be a lot of other problems what scares me is this has set a precedence that they can now bought by any piece of property along the oregon coast. these new cable projects help people connect more efficiently they just had
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something in the last 30 or show days. so they don't really care without any permit or without any permission. why would they let a little community like this ever big corporation move into a place where the residential lot they just sold us to the devil. boom bust coming your way in just a few of its time kevin i will be with you this off the noon to bring you the world's global headlines we'll see you going to. space we ponder the future and look into 2021 fascinating stories will come our way you know i've often said on this show that you can't have capitalism without capital capital without positive interest rates encouraging people to say and this
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next story this next whole show this next entire segment is going to be dedicated to this very notion. oh my you know the news in my day i'm not one. of a time about what it was it was a bit. more about. what when or what in the fulfillment of. seeing the guy doing to him but i'm before. him but i. knew now by now i'm by the imam by the. politicians to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president and should. want to. have to be right to be 1st this is what before 3 of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. there should be a. good food description. even for the owners so how to choose the pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us than was necessarily good for the pet turns out that food may not be the best people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders allergies we are actually creating these problems it's
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a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets less treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. eat crap because.
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this is the bus ride happening around the world and covering all aspects of that and how it effects felt. us all i'm in our bridgeboro in washington here's a look at what we have on deck for you today we are strictly approaching the january 15th signing of the bay's one trade deal between the u.s. and china but this is just the 1st hurdle in a long process to soothe tensions sparked by the trade war or was about the trading and peter schiff of euro pacific capital or both on and it breaks down the negotiations and as technology continues to progress so too are concerns for privacy let's get a journalist friends one joins us to take a look at privacy in the cell phone sector and later as retail giant continue to grow more and more dominant in their sector and some regulators are competition
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cash molly barrows contributors american lawyer takes a look at how india is looking to take on amazon and wal-mart in the antitrust case for philip in the brand today with story so let's dive right in. as markets worldwide got a lift from the announcement that a phase one trade deal between china and the u.s. will be signed on january 15th china remains distinctly unenthusiastic this lack of enthusiasm from beijing is something reminiscent of the last time we thought a deal was on the table buck up cold at the last minute and keep in mind this phase one is by no means a resolution to the trade war significant challenges still remain ahead and china still hasn't publicly made any commitments to u.s. demands these add quotas as we reiterated are unreasonable targets for china to meet china isha note of caution ahead of this week's signing on social media saying the quote trade war is not over yet and that just the 1st round of the game doesn't sound very optimistic here so we shall see what transpires on the 15th if it gets
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done will be optically pleasing for the trumpet mr ation despite heavy doubts of whether the agreement will be implemented in full by both countries know that one only covers the low hanging fruit and if china and the u.s. can even come to an agreement here phase 2 which will involve industrial policy ip items that touch on solver. n t well that will be near impossible and while fears of an escalation between the us and iran seem to dissipate in the market president issued a new sanction on iran to punish the regime and crack down on a few remaining sources export revenue the latest sanctions target metals as well as construction manufacturing textiles and mining making basically the entire iranian economy also limits to any nation that has diplomatic ties with the us china is now caught in the middle as it has long been iran's largest trading partner.


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