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tv   News  RT  January 14, 2020 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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u.s. secretary of state mike. america's strategy of terror and saying that killing the arena in general counsel. was part of an overall approach it will apply to russia and china. to calum as prime minister suggests the u.s. was partly responsible for a rather stunning of a passenger plane last week saying the victims would still be alive for the recent escalation. in french doctors and hospital workers resigned from administrative duties claiming that government is failing to provide proper funding for the health sector. to. be no strength for several
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months hospitals and emergency services. nothing has been the problem. that classified u.k. government documents reveal that the intelligence services to the british news outlets into spreading out. during the cold war we've got live reaction coming up shortly. one minute past midday in salt lake city 4 in the afternoon in brazil. right here in moscow january the 14th welcome to our to international. the u.s. secretary of state painted the assassination of our runs top general custom soleimani as part of the bigger campaign of the terence he says it would also be applied to russia and to china picking up the story this hour to kill it mother.
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mike pompei oh the u.s. secretary of state seems to be highlighting the term deterrence as the new buzz word defining u.s. foreign policy reestablishing deterrence real deterrence military deterrence deterrence is hard to establish an easy to lose now the killing of a top foreign general by the united states in a different country is considered now to be an act of deterrence intended to deter behavior on the part of the country or entity that was attacked there is no terrorist except osama bin laden who has more american blood on his hands than did some sort of money but i want to lay this out in context of what we've been trying to do there's a bigger strategy a strategy to this we have reestablished deterrence but we know it's not everlasting that risk remains we are determined not to lose that deterrence in all cases we have to do this we have to do this to defend freedom and liberty around
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the world that's the whole point of president trying to work to make our military the strongest it's ever been and now the iraqi prime minister he says that was on a diplomatic mission so was the united states trying to deter him from engaging in peace talks regardless however according to what we've heard solomon is not the only figure who has been targeted in this deterrence campaign by the united states in addition to that we understand that a top figure in yemen a financer of the could force has also been singled out and specified in considered as a target in this way but there are other potential targets on the list this new u.s. foreign policy strategy seems to not only apply to iran but according to my palm pales remarks it also applies to both russia and china we not just in iran but in other places too who are american deterrence was weak we watched russia's 2014
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occupation of the crimea china's island building to. in the south china sea and its brazen attempt to coerce american allies undermine to deter us so this strategy for deterrence includes economic isolation of countries diplomatic isolation economic pressure as well as targeted killing of the foreign citizens so is this the new geopolitics deterrence is the phrase now being used to justify it all. said it's made arrests in the case of the accidentally done ukrainian passenger plane last week in which all $176.00 on board were killed. about all your mouth a little more obvious you are people who it is very important in this incident that whoever was at fault or negligent at any level be identified anyone who should be punished must be punished. well while of tehran has fully admitted blame for the plane crossed some have been questioning if others should bear some responsibility
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as prime minister just and true as said the dead including $57.00 canadians would still be alive if the situation in the region had not escalated while russia's foreign minister stated the u.s. actively flame tensions in the persian gulf which led to the tragedy. no one can be satisfied with the escalation of tensions in the potion go. we cannot move away from the fact that it started when the us announced that regional troubles resulted from iran's actions nation of washington's illegal actions were no tensions if there was no escalation recently in the region those canadians would be right now home with their families international community is being very very clear both on needing to have a non-nuclear friend while at the same time managing the tensions in the region that are brought about by us human rights lawyer done called police washington
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turning up the temperature in the region was a major contributing factor to this ouster. it is very clear it is the pine was found during a time when iran was on a higher were because the us has just killed their highest ranking military official gen somani this was a case where the command and control. in iran was not working properly and again most likely it wasn't working properly because people were under panic from what happened in iraq with the killing of solomon with found out later course this week that the us tried to kill another general in yemen. you know so again this was a terrible accident a terrible tragedy. in clearly it happened because. of the war tensions created by the trial because the u.s.
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has decided. first quite some time that international law applies to every country in the world but the united states. in a sharp rebuke to the french government more than a 1000 doctors and hospital workers have stepped back from their administrative duties they say working conditions in the health sector have been gradually worsening due to a lack of funding and chronic staff shortages taking the pulse of the situation or to charlotte. the moving clued some 600 heads of hospital to parliament and 470 heads of health services and it comes amidst the country's longest running strike in decades they say that is the doctors that they could no longer watch over service that is in adequate and threatens patient safety. hospitals have been on strike for several months hospitals and emergency services unions have been
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sounding the alarm but politically nothing has been done that's the problem from the point of view of medical ethics doctors must treat patients we don't have the necessary resources we've been killing our health care system for the past 20 or 30 years we have completely changed our control system at the moment all decisions are taken not by medics but by administrative staff and manages that has to change i came here from center go get humanitarian work so i can tell you that in terms of health care france is becoming like a developing country other issues include a lack of hospital beds for patients and a growing unease it reduced stuffing numbers of hospitals across france now this move will hit some areas of the country more than others in the 2nd largest city must say almost 50 heads of departments are quitting their demanding the government comes up with a plan to fix the system for the schools or what we want is for patients to be
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properly treated at the optimal cost and is officially is possible we're being asked to reduce staff numbers to make savings so it's a never ending cycle to break the. cycle who must give hospitals what they need to continue treating people properly we can make budget cuts but for there we need a centralized national plan health is a national problem and we need to invest money into the systems the health minister has though defended the government's position she's previously promised an additional $70000000.00 euros in aid including a monthly risk premium for start the budget that we have announced $1500000000.00 or 3 years will allow hospitals to renovate themselves to engage new projects to recruit staff where they're needed and open baz where there is need but this hasn't done enough to quell the anger felt by some medical staff so what will this mean for services well they were they will remain doctors offering medical services what
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they will no longer be is the backbone of the profession these doctors are resigning from essentially management and did ministry 2 roles roles that often receive no extra pay for it means feature hospital projects could be hampered and complaints could go unheard their concerns are adding to the discontent in france for 6 weeks a public transport strike has hit services across the country particularly here in paris though many metro lines are now operating partial services white noise and teachers of also been striking the pension reform plans.
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3 days of mobilization has been called by unions this week in a bid to force the government into retreat and already some objectives have been achieved the french prime minister has provisionally taken an increase in retirement age off the table but for many unions this concession is simply not enough surely auti paris. it has been revealed that the reuters news agency received the equivalent of millions of pounds in the 1960 s. and seventy's from british intelligence services to spread propaganda it's all to come to life for britain's national broadcaster was complicit in the subterfuge or to shut the edwards dusty lifts the lid on the story further. the deal with simple
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funding for avoid the services in the middle east and latin america in exchange for well political influence the spirits were sure that the british based news agency could and would provide exactly what her majesty's government required the newly declassified documents have just been revealed painting the picture right here at the u.k.'s national archives. government's interests should be well served by the new arrangement this influence would flow at the top level from reuters willingness to consult and to listen to views expressed on the results of its work but how do you fund such a mission if you don't want to do in the open nor in the public eye well via the independent public broadcaster the b.b.c. of course and it was easy the b.b.c. paid by and hard subscriptions and then later on 7 the british government would repay the b.b.c. via compensation however it didn't come cheap in fact it cost $350000.00 pounds which in today's money is millions you see britain wanted to be big but not that
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big because if it was to be too profitable well then the propaganda stories would get lost amongst the other. in going for profitable service will reuters not be tempted to put in popular items and leave out the political material which is what we want we all know about the icing on the cake argument but if only the icing is solved and the cake left our purposes are not served the most the minds behind this were a shadowy section of the foreign affairs information and research department created in 1948 there covert goal was to create and spread anti soviet material during the cold war but have it damaged the news agencies integrity and reputation well voice is adamant there's no way i would think such activity today and says at the time it was simply the norm and it really wasn't as bad as it seems. many news organizations receive some form of state subsidy after world war 2 but the arrangement in 1969 was not in keeping with our trust principles and we would not do this today so you see the truth always comes out and now the national archives
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under the instruction of the foreign office is gradually releasing historical records that expose dirty deeds of the past but it seems like former deals have left a shadow of what's supposed to be those at the forefront of objectivity independence and freedom from bias shouted with daschle r.t. london let's dig a little deeper into this people better to do that with the director of the organization for propaganda studies dr pierce robinson your welcome to the program host significant is the declassification of these documents what do the tell us about the function of british media during the cold war. well this should come out to those do we have some time about the way in which we go around. the group and use mainstream media in the west with. fighting the cold war. scholars people who. are.
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materials looking at the for example and looking at all of propaganda in a couple walks and i think it does help sort of give you a. good reminder of that many people who often assume that propaganda is not something that works and governments and gaijin propaganda is indeed integrity to western democracy and so this is according to neutral in that sense but i didn't get away from in what we really now know about what was going on so in june a cold war period in relation to propaganda british diplomats said at the time that they wanted quote objective and accurate service of high quality to combat calculated fabrications from other states during that time is that understandable to some degree. well governments and states will always make that claim in the
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context of major conflicts and cold war but what we're trying to do is to get the truth to the public in trying to ensure that public have objected information you know the states are not reliable actors in terms of telling the truth which is one of the reasons why i you know what is posed to have a strong independent media to hold them to account. so really sort of those kind of defenses of this kind of action don't stand up and hopefully you just can't trust states governments to tell the truth especially our own. and when you have the kind of propaganda rarities underway what suffers ultimately is public understanding and really the help of the democracy we're talking about just really under 160070 things are what the classified files are speaking out to what extent piers are these sorts of practices going on today. well i'm sure one would be
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absolutely naive to think that they were very soon work processes that work today even at the site and that me know for sure that there's been a huge amount of propaganda in the last 20 years the iraq issue issue or it's the war on terror. and what we see it a moment complex which is syria and iran we see an immense amount of propaganda going on and of course in terms of this actually sort of very sort of direct manipulation you just had this integrity initiative in the u.k. where you've seen this is notionally independent charity receiving large sums of government money and creating clusters of journalists and academics in order to basically sure aren't anti russian agenda and that there are always going to be married why not just just to move in the pair sorry for interrupting but is it possible to draw parlez between all these cold war era attempts to fight solve a problem get it on the bottle as you're just going through there against what western states claim is russian descent from asian. yeah i mean i think there are
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very clear powell that the power was off. you know in the western democracies which prided themselves on notions of independent media and truth telling it's true that in western democracy drives manipulate and so she shapes mole public opinion are a constant and has been a constant for a very long time and again with this ultimately has a very damaging effect on on the democratic and in the public sphere in boston democracy. to require blunt about it in the last 20 years to seen war up to war being initiated by the way and governments are not being underpinned by propaganda or even tony blair mentions that insults and talking it really but if you're talking why are you to the west needed a good propaganda campaign to underpin the war on terror that this is something we should know a lot is that as alliance today during the cold war. your time your thoughts dr
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pierce robinson co-director of the organization for propaganda studies speaking to this program in this hour liking. you. swiss tennis star roger federer is fundamentalist in the climate change bug books of teenage activist read it after she criticized his association with the bank credit suisse the financial institution has been investing considerably in the search for new fossil fuel deposits with more. shaming has become a crucial part of modern reality of the trickle. do you know gratitude by her role as the world's number one a green activist or the number one shaming master well she's really been up to trying to perfect her reputation and both and it's paying off her influences skyrocketing woman of the year in sweden person of the year in the time magazine i
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mean how many teens do you know that told of presidents and prime ministers like that we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and what you can talk about isn't money to tales of economic growth how do you. an example from just a couple of days ago a single retreat by gretta revived a scandal from 20 and made the man they call the greatest tennis player of all times find excuses for being partners with a bank here are the shaming laws she retreated since 2016 credit suisse has provided 57000000000 to companies looking for new fossil fuel deposits something that is utterly incompatible with climate action roger federer do you endorse this and so roger federer sponsorship deal with the swiss lender was back in the news and the sports all round mr nice guy had to reassure the public he cares for the
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environment oh that mighty grow i'll show you more of how her shaming powers stretch far beyond the famous un walls but. it's just that for now not everyone's so sure that anyone who deals with banks which give loans to non green industries should be publicly shamed public shaming and taking the right people to have stare an opinion away i think that sort of stops is being human disgraceful but it doesn't cut it so you want to see it the way he thinks he's allowed to it's a free will meaning activism don't go well together you say but it can be a discussion that's hard to say well maybe we should celebrities should be a bit more careful in picking this ponces ecological issues should people people's attention but not by publicly shaming an individual however it seems neither gratitude nor her fellow activists have any intention of scaling some of that
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shaming down yeah why do it if it works so well so what can you be shamed for nowadays stay away from anything that house to do with fossil fuels even if you're choosing a bank shame on you if you fly never heard that was a sin well run has been peddling the flight shame movement on line for a while now why can't you stop flying on planes it's easy. how about you stay home and take some climate action instead. climate compensation he's the planting of trees enough to excuse your flights while some folks of already tried to paralyze a london airport the world's aviation authorities even trying to stand up for its industry the aviation industry has recognized the climate challenge for many many years more than 10 years in fact we've had very tough targets to improve our. emissions and ultimately to cut our emissions in half by 2050 compared to 2005 as
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a reset those targets a decade ago so this isn't something we've just discovered we've recognized for an awfully long time that this common issue is an important one foreign just really yes we're only 2 percent of the moment but that's something we still want to reduce and we're working hard to achieve that green activists are currently after german engineering giant siemens for going ahead to fulfill a contract with a coal mine in australia what for now coal or fossil fuels altogether aren't legal right it all makes you wonder what's next what you're going to do when grettir comes for you will it get to the point when i think miners and their families are booed at for what they do for a living just a short while ago we had at least here in germany eco shaming against people with s.u.v.s. and off and on we haven't for. people that are taking trips
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in aircraft seems to be a moving target so it seems to go from plastic bags to beef to. the trees to coal mining gets the people are so frustrated they feel they have to do something even if it's almost irrelevant like in the case of zealand's right now who's accused of making railway signalling equipment which is being used by the lining company i mean that's a pretty. big stretch. to go from 0 and signaling equipment to say that has some to do with the climate problem and the forest fires a growing army of activists would say the whole of mankind has no other choice but to use some of gratitude shaming skills if it wants a future that there are still probably many of those who wouldn't mind a little more green tolerance from master to newburgh and co.
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is real it's not going to withdraw criticism leveled at ukraine over the so-called glorification of far right nationals it comes after the israeli foreign ministry said it was the moral duty of the world to condemn anti semitism or middle east bureau chief policy or brings us more. of what we're hearing from israel is a message to ukraine that it will not out of the debate that's taking place in kiev over the glorification of individuals during the 2nd world war now the israelis are concerned that some of those individuals who are being glorified by the ukrainian government are people who were responsible for the mass murder of jews during the holocaust people who murdered jews and pogge arms at the same time people who collaborated with the nazis and also anti semitic ideologists of the radical ukrainian national movement now the ukrainian government has responded by saying that this is an internal matter that deals with ukrainian politics and that any kind of criticisms that are coming from israel are essentially counterproductive
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but the israeli foreign ministry has said as you correctly pointed out that anything that belittles the memory of the holocaust in which 6000000 jews died is something that israel and its allies around the world have both of a sponsibility and a moral obligation to speak out about preserving the memory of the holocaust and the battle against anti-semitism including the group for creation of. murders of jews are not an internal matter of any country now the israeli and polish ambassadors made public letters that they voted to the ukrainian government criticizing those individuals that. i was glorifying in response the ukrainian ambassador to israel said that the revival and preservation of the ukrainian national memory was one of the priorities of this government and that it was really up to experts and historians to have the final say in this whole debate central to the whole conversation is the figure. now many in ukraine still glorify him or guard him as a national hero but he was in actual fact the leader of the radical ukrainian
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national movement and he was accused and found guilty of the mass murder of jews next week the ukrainian president vladimir. happens to be jewish himself will be here in israel he will be participating in a holocaust commemoration ceremony and no doubt this issue will again be addressed . ok another story to bring you up to date on. a leader carlos puts them on says he wants to return to spain he fled to belgium to respond in court issued a european arrest warrant for organizing a independence referendum in catalonia in 27 before any return though he needs surance of immunity from arrest through his new status as an m.e.p. for spain speaking parliament in strasburg he remained defiant in this against madrid. naturally there is a member state of european union called spain which doesn't respect the rule of law
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europe. east european. so we are here in order to remember and to claim. european union should be. in a solution based on dialogue doing politics and respecting the will the people and the will the people on your side in a free referendum. preach the manuel the spanish supreme court has issued an account of the case against the former catalan leader it say's the events in question have nothing to do with his work as a parliamentarian are focused on his actions in years that far pre-date and becoming an m.e.p. . funder of a brussels based think tank believe it is breaking a new law by pursuing the case. speedin see these regards to the decision of the european court of justice because what they have done is to issue a new ruling of the supreme court is paid basically saying the opposite about see.
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the possibility of getting the munity to elected members of european parliament which is very destructive actually it's a very serious breach at legal level in the european system e.c.s. the need it is an elected member of the european parliament which he has because he has been accepted as such you should be able to move throughout the you to be in countries without any impediment. speaking of catalonia before we go we have some breaking news from there for you emergency services say that 4 people there have been seriously injured in a huge explosion of the petro chemical plant in the town of tata hona the blast is described as having created a mushroom cloud over the ports and he had these in fact are some of the latest pictures we have received from there locals have been told to stay indoors while the authorities assess the situation at the cause of this mushroom cloud over the
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city is not known off the stage any and all information on this we will of course bring it to you. well that is how much is this new stories are shaping up for now i'll be back with all your updates at the top of the hour where our t.v. programs though get their start right here in moments. plame the boeing planes. if. you ask. if ratings and sell you to.


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