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tv   News  RT  January 15, 2020 9:00am-9:29am EST

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this is outs international just 5 the afternoon moscow time in the headlines is a big bit of breaking news this just happened the russian government has resigned we hear a softer earlier today suggested changes to the constitution to give parliament greater powers for fun from mr president putin is asking the sister functioning times a caretaker government until a new one is called. but in a. presidential address to russian lawmakers the catalyst for this and i guess suggested shifting the power to appoint the prime minister and the whole government to the lower house of parliament. she was your sister and you according to the
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constitution of the russian federation the president appoints the cabinet and all of the ministers high praise shifting this power to the state duma and also the approval of the russian government cham. these are across the up to washington's assassination of iran's top general america's top diplomat says it's all part of a new to terence strategy with warnings from russia china to. get out today never a dull moment in news is this breaking news story thanks for watching out international by the way it just came in the last few minutes russia's prime minister dmitri medvedev has announced that the government has resigned it comes after russian president vladimir putin that earlier suggested changes to the constitution in an address he made to lawmakers there was a shared. you'll think that on pretty quickly maria from austin is in the studio
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with this group called a source like bebo surprise this one has nothing to alarming the government is still going to carry on doing what it does and bring the country until somebody else is thought up a new covenant comes along and there's also a future place we have for dmitri medvedev as well but we want all this but on the face of it it sounds like a huge headline put some context for us all yes kevin that's a very big news and indeed a very interesting the very important question is what does that mean what will it mean for russia and you're absolutely right to say that whatever this resignation mean the most important thing is that it would be wrong to say that russia will now find itself in power vacuum because the current government although we just heard about it stepping down will remain in full charge until the new government is foreign aid happened just several minutes ago russia's prime minister dmitry medvedev announced the country's government's resignation at the meeting between
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wagner putin and the ministers and i want you to take a look and a listen how this news was announced. who would want insurers to believe your colleagues. so we detain them you have all. the addresses of the president of the russian federation natural president pollution but i won't lie and major priorities and all who are usually work for the up and going year olds will. outline the number of fundamental changes to the constitution of the russian federation union these changes could be done you could put in your. city and the apostles who is doing in place and this will be done to your discussions as was said if you will alter it significantly alter the number of parts of the constitutions who has to change with the balance of powers
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the executive the judicial with them and this is just lazy of. in this context it is in all spheres and that's as we believe that the government of the russian federation we need to give the president of our country who might an opportunity to take all the necessary steps and decisions. and will but i would wish the good in this context i believe it will not be the right thing to do in accordance to the article $117.00 of the constitution of the russian federation of to with for the government to resign to step down i just feel that i would have certainly great for i'm grateful to everyone who sees i have worked with the new within the government and to further steps the further decisions will be taken by the president if the matter of colleagues on my behalf i'd like to thank you for everything that you have done. that you would and would also like to ask my satisfaction of well there
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is a lot that we have achieved well yes. we haven't done everything but it's impossible to do everything you want. very soon we'll see. i'll be meeting every one of you personally now please continue. carrying out your functions until the government is formed. i don't know if kevin you notice. didn't look worried or surprised or nervous. looks very relaxed as well and you won't please so i think this is the message both putin and medvedev ones want to send a lot of you is it going to be this was. potential changes in the way things were done were mentioned a couple of hours ago it was a quick work while you make these changes so quickly as well why not it's really hard to say but i think i suggest that i mean we just learn about these changes
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but i think these changes were discussed before that and i think they were agreed upon i mean some time ago even before that address putin's address to federal assembly so it's really hard right now to say who will be the next prime minister or how much time is going to take to form a new cabinet but i think this is the message what i feel you know this is the masses both and the mention made of it if one percent of the public everything is under control no reason to worry the government will be in full charge and until a new cabinet is foreign and we of course we understand that all these recent developments directly to what putin said earlier and suggested earlier these amendments to russia's constitution my colleague was there at let's let's submarine let's listen to what he has to say about that. we were heads back here where this
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country is supposed to head and 2020 but i can tell you that the russian future it seems way beyond that point was being shaped out here in the monitor exhibit hall just outside the kremlin as mr putin was speaking because we heard some really groundbreaking proposals including proposed changes to the russian maine law the russian constitution in fact one of the proposals suggested that the constitution should limit to mr putin's own powers that have to do with appointing key government ministers and in fact the prime minister as well so here's proof of that . according to the constitution of the russian federation the president needs only the state duma's consent to make official appointments the president appoints the cabinet his deputies and all of the ministers i propose shifting this power to the state duma and also the approval of the russian government chairman's. and at the chairman suggestion all the deputy prime ministers and federal ministers will have
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to be appointed by the president without the right to reject any candidates. another proposal that came from the president was taken out the phrase in a row from the sentence from the constitution that one person could only serve 2 presidential terms in a row which if the amendments are approved would mean that the situation when for instance mr putin himself were turned to the presidential office after a 4 year break won't repeat itself in russia in the future the russian leader among other things proposed that's also something very important putting the russian main law that's the constitution once again above international law in the sense that russia wouldn't be. a part of any international treaty if it contradicts the russian constitution so all of this is indeed groundbreaking and very important
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especially in the context of a lot of our putin's expected departure after the end of his term from the presidential office in 2024 so it looks like russia and its system of governance is up for a massive revamp but mr putin today made it clear that none of this will happen without the approval of the nation so perhaps we should expect some kind of vote on that. while nonetheless of course the updates all that is the big news that we're seeing now you can see the red ticket on your screen the wheels already in motion the russian prime minister to meet from a vet it was announced that the government is resigning that statement coming shortly after president vladimir putin delivered his annual state of the nation speech earlier on that it was talking about this so let's talk to brood address historian political analyst hey there bruno things come up for a short notice what does this mean then for the russian political system what can we read into it any surprises here the indeed any president for in the past.
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of course to a certain extent it concludes as a surprise but. i think the. russian president is aware that we are answering now a new iraq both on the international level and on a national level and it's similar to the logical that. a russian state system has to be reformed. into and with the introduction of reform of constitution and then it is also normal that the government will change that we will have a new government and a new team of leading people in russia of course for the moment we still don't know what will be decided. for is sure. sounds was needed especially since. the moment when the retreat the lows where. i don't tell you russia we could see part of the russian society
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was deceived by the present situation so. the leadership of russia needs to have or something like it relates intimation. that apparently pointing to understand that so this is all part of a bigger plan i suppose to shake things up a surprise how quickly it's kind of happened today although you know the beginnings of it. i don't know if it's very quick to a certain extent i think. i do you think talked about specially of course the president for quite a long time but of course. of change you can see quite quickly i would say ducks. from about one year of russian leadership is conscious is aware that some changes some basic changes has to be introduced into the russian political system.
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mr putin's asked the prime minister now to move to the post of deputy head of the national security council was the moves that sideways up down war. i don't think it's difficult to to exactly know what will happen but of course what is clear is that foundation of russian constitution. is linked with international situation national interest internal situation and. balance of power between between judiciary executive and. legislative power and it's very important i think that apparently. sans carry don't tend to be to democratize the system we have to remember that the. russian constitution of was adopted in 1903 after and fairy strong.
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internal conflicts weeks led to good construction of something like a white or to retire in regime to rebuild the country. now russia is a much more at peace much more peaceful society we have a look at chechen war we have north tension. disappearance of soviet union so i've been dubbed. nutrition for russian especially in is there where. we are entering a new era and russia after me to democratic trends appearing all over the world with not only russia but all over the world and russia is part of the global system even if it's of course working for a uni polar world. i think it is quite optimistic if looks like. russian political elites are aware. they need to introduce
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chanced before. so safety. in something. this is kind of on charted territory then so we've got progress of it where they are saying they're ok he's resigned and the cabinets gone with him to give. the space that he needs the latitude that he needs to bring in these new reforms in the way things are done in the future and we're also hearing president putin saying well the cabinet is going to stay on anyway until a new cabinet is formed they'll continue the day to day running so no great reports are anything but a long as i'm going to take. i don't know i think that they've prepared scenarios or. it will take some type but not so much i think but that's my impression anyway it's obvious that in russia putin is quite popular
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megadeth was not into society for good or bad reasons but i think maybe getting he's not very popular so to change the prime minister is also something that can be good for you know for good image in his country. and i think logically it means that the government will change quite quickly but we will look servants for the situation. how is this going to be viewed he said this kind of thing hasn't really happened before in some president has it going to be viewed by russians themselves. over the last few decades of enjoyed some stability other going to be worried about this say this headline tonight has are going to be presented to them. i think they will not be worried because as i told you maybe this is not very popular in russia and a lot of russian are aware that there is some conflict in the russian leadership
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between let's say liberals and more socially oriented. so who's in line to be the next prime minister. i don't know who will be the next prime minister but it will be very important to know who we are who. we serve. which origin here reaper is. a stage man or a man coming from the economic sectors it would be very important to. look at data to observe that into another life. president bush is expected to leave office eventually at the end of this term 2024 i suppose is there were a number 8 so i just turned 2020 is this going to this is the slow build up to ensuring this whole take over the bigger picture is. yes of course that's also a very important question educate looks. country to
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a lot of of the leaders of the world is a word that he has to prepare his succession and of course the change in the constitution will be made according to doubt. so that's also why it's very important to look at this table lucian and it's also very important to note that. russia is definitely now a. state which interviews changes in lows. before or after political sanctions and does very important because russia is often accused all over the world to be something like a complete or in power where chief of state is like a dictator without any any links with the law 'd state of law and it's very important to note is that there were of that negative image 'd sent all
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over the world and he was working against out image to create an image of stumbling russia and. brutal we'll leave it there thanks come a very short notice i say if you're joining us i hope we can see the red breaking news story on the screen at the moment the top story is that the russian prime minister to be to event has announced that the government is resigning that statement came shortly after president vladimir putin delivered his annual state of the nation address and what we're going to talk about next you talk to lawmakers earlier on after that we spoke to senior russian parliamentary things to get their impressions on the proposed constitutional changes. well i think that putin thinks about the optimal way of russian development. also after he leaves. in 2024 and what i think he. has come to is that russia needs some democrats ization of the presidential authority
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paradoxically enough being the president he still says he thinks about the bigger role for the problem and also bigger role for the government because. among his suggestion is that the chairman of the government will appoint key ministers not the president and the chairman of the government will be appointed my wife by the palmer. this is a very very important change if the constitutional assembly that will consider those proposals agrees to them then we will be moving to some form of i would say presidential poll i'm entering public with such a role of the parliament and a government that will be appointed not by the president. necessarily the parliament will become a focal point for the formation of the government but he put in propose also still to keep. important. to the president so i see this as a make sure. we we may call it you know as we want to swim
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a discuss about how we should be called what i would call it is a certain democratization of the presidential authority in russia so that the president is not a manipulator so he depends more on the legislative power and that of the prime minister also in the cabinet also depends more on the problem and elected by the population so that's the the big development i think that has been announced by put in today it's a practical for ns and the proposals will should be formulated by the constitutional assembly that will consider possible changes and i think that will do. saw in the debates about so the evolution of the russian. political system for the coming 23 years. the initiative put forward by the president to amend the constitution is very timely it's long been discussed a number of colossal changes have happened which requires to clarify the
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constitution to make it more up to date it won't be a new constitution the president said we do not need another across to to sion and these changes will not affect the pillars of the constitution at the same time the president made multiple points 1st the multi-party system that has been well established we have the federal soundly in place electoral reforms have been passed that after all this the president believes it is timely and possible to give parliament a number of functions which the president has it's not just a cosmetic change it is fundamental. about that story that next the u.s. secretary of state's again been attempting to justify washington's assassination of the top iranian general in the drone strike at the beginning of the year and in a thinly veiled warning to russia and china why pompeo said his country plans to pursue a much more aggressive deterrence policy in future caleb maupin picks up the story . in u.s. foreign policy buzz words are everything administrations love to have
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a single term they can use in order to explain their international actions so let's review some of the greatest hits showing to be ready for preemptive action a reset in relations between the united states and russia might bomb peo seems to be rolling out a new one when defending the actions of the white house in dealing with international adversaries of the united states mike pompei ohs new favorite word seems to be deterrence reestablishing deterrence real deterrence military deterrence deterrence is hard to establish an easy to loose so according to the white house and its surrogates the killing of top iranian general qassam solomonic was necessary as part of this deterrence strategy but want to lay this out in context of what we've been trying to do there's a bigger strategy strategy to this we have reestablished deterrence but we know it's not everlasting that risk remains we are determined not to lose that deterrence but the iraqi prime minister has a different version of events according to the iraqi prime minister soleimani was
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on a diplomatic mission he was trying to make peace when he was ruthlessly cut down furthermore reports seem to indicate that somani was not the only official to be targeted reports now show that a different iranian general was also in their sights but the strike was unsuccessful so who else could now be on the list as the united states claims it has the right to assassinate top iranian general extrajudicial lee and explain later well mike pompei o has thrown not only iran but also russia and china into the mix we saw not just in iran but in other places too where american deterrence was weak we watched russia's 2014 occupation of the crimea china's island building too in the south china sea and its brazen attempts to coerce american allies undermine to deterrence so if the united states. dislikes you it can pressure you economically diplomatically isolate you or brutally assassinate your own this is geopolitics in
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the age of deterrence mask scum and ask this idea of supremacy that we we have you know this is you can call it american supremacy that we can do whatever we want and it's up to us to decide who is a threat or not this is really really disturbing and very dangerous i think and it's not normal to hear this common odds for somebody who is running the state department this is extremely disturbing and i'm very disappointed that the american political class is not speaking out against this. crazy idea that we can go ahead and just kill anyone we don't like it doesn't mean people are not guilty of things but if we take this principle and this. approach to every nationality to every country we are going to have a really really mess and i want to. it's been avoided real
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a year reuters news agency received the equivalent of millions of pounds back in the 1960 s. and seventy's from british intelligence services to spread anti soviet propaganda it's also come to light the britain's national broadcaster was apparently complicit in the subterfuge. stash the lives of the little bit more the deal with simple funding for avoid to services in the middle east and latin america in exchange for well political influence the spirits were sure that the british based news agency could and would provide exactly what had not his government required the nearly 80 classified documents have just been revealed painting a picture right here at the u.k.'s national archives. her majesty's government's interests should be well served by the new arrangement this influence would flow at the top level from reuters willingness to consult and to listen to views expressed on the results of its work but how do you fund such a mission if you don't want to do in the open nor in the public eye well b.c.
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paid by and had subscriptions to more itis and then later on the british government would repay the b.b.c. $35969.00 was not in keeping with our trust principles and we would not do this today so you see the truth always comes out and now the national archives under the instruction of the foreign office is gradually releasing historical records that expose dirty deeds of the past but it seems like former deals have left a shadow of what's supposed to be those at the forefront of objectivity independence and freedom from bias shot at with daschle r.t. london a co-director of the organization for propaganda studies told us that a clear cold war parallels in today's news media to governments and states will always make that claim in context the major conflicts and cold war what we're trying to do is to get the truth to the public trying to ensure that i don't have truth from asian states are not reliable actors in terms of telling the truth which
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is one of the reasons why i you know what is close to how strong the independent media to hold them to account one would be absolutely naive to think that very soon work processes that work to do what we see it won't conflicts because syria and iran receive immense mark propaganda going on and when you have the kind of propaganda rarities under way what does alternately is public understanding and really didn't help with democracy. is joining as you see the breaking news on the screen we'll have more updates analysis on the resignation indeed of the russian government in just a few minutes time as our rolling coverage continues here on r.t. international. chose seemed wrong. but old rules just don't hold. any of the balls to get to shape out just to come out ahead and in detroit because betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. you are no offense but you no longer a young woman in fact you are one of the last living survivors of the nazi yeah. i'm aware of it. all your life. and you can never forget i know i was really like to be inhaled she would never believe it but if you meant to ask a course for 32 years ago it would be. very bad it all seems so locked off by this i want to make it right when i get out on the farm saw you don't want to take
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my song to the next you so he can piss in hopefully bless her. if i post 5 in the evening here in moscow however good afternoon for me kevin i would this is out international breaking news then russia's prime minister dmitry medvedev has announced in the last half hour or so that the government's resigned it comes after president vladimir putin earlier suggested changes to the constitution in an address to lawmakers let's get latest on this. as the studio looks big is big because it's big headline but it's still business as usual to make that perfectly clear isn't it the current government continues until a new one is formed take it away yes kavin that's a very big news and a very interesting question that i believe every.


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