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in the. libya peace talks involving the warring signs and world leaders have wrapped up in berlin yielding a new mechanism for ensuring hostilities don't resume. and in the stories the shape the weeks of walls russia gets a new prime minister while president putin proposes giving parliament greater powers in a move the west sees as a power grab. it confirms donald trump threaten tariffs on comic is if it didn't distance itself from the iran nuclear deal germany the u.k. and france this week triggered a motion that could lead to the agreements collapse. bringing
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us a round up of the biggest stories from today in the past 7 days you're watching the weekly here on our to international thank you for joining us. libya a peace conference has wrapped up in berlin yielding an agreement that it is hoped will pave the way for a lasting cease fire in the country and ultimately bring an end to years of bloody civil war peter all of our reports from berlin. well the result of these talks here in berlin on libya and the ongoing conflict on the ground there was a document that has been signed off by those that have taken part in the conference still has to go to the united nations where it will be seeking their approval it contained in that document are a call for a cease fire also an arms embargo that should be a rekindling of the political process german chancellor angela merkel is keen to stress again that there was an far as she was concerned and as far as other leaders were concerned there was no military solution to that conflict in libya that human
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rights must be respected and that we must also you see security and economic reforms on the ground in libya now the german chancellor also said added that there was no direct contact between. 5. and. now that had been expected realistically there's been hope for heading into these talks they didn't speak directly that was all done through proxy or in direct conversations passing along messages basically between the 2 sides the u.n. secretary general also speaking at the closing press conferences to duty yet as he said that what was of most importance at the moment was getting a functioning cease fire in place on the ground 1st we need to have a ceasefire you cannot monitor something that doesn't exist and so we need the other 2. and one simple question is that all the produce to do anything to meet
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gets to support the ceasefire and committed to pressure on the bottoms of the conflict for the fire to be reached the german foreign minister heiko must was also speaking at the closing press conference he was measured in his confidence about what had been achieved here in berlin he said well ultimately there. was a potential for the libyan crisis being resolved that the end was perhaps in sight but that it still needed some work to get it over the line of goods that. we have achieved objectives that we sent for this conference we now have the e.u. now hands to solve the conflicts now we have to do is use diski put it in dialogue and open the door from the russian side of the foreign minister spoke to journalists as well as the large role of well he was saying that he was positive awarded been achieved here however he acknowledged that the situation between the
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2 warring sides was extremely difficult right now still generally we think the conference was useful it's clear that the final decision is up to the libyans it's also clear that so far stable dialogue between the warring parties is unreachable the differences of approach to great but still the suggestions the final document contains contribute to creating appropriate conditions for both sides to sit and talk ultimately the result of these talks is that they'll be more talks the u.n. secretary general mr gritty yet is will be meeting with representatives of both sides of the conflict in geneva later this week heiko muss the german foreign minister also saying that there would be a meeting in brussels on monday of e.u. ministers in order to discuss further the situation in libya libya though is really coming front and center for international attention that's been seen by just who was in attendance here in some real heavy hitters from around the world coming here
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as the world tries to find a solution to the ongoing crisis which has claimed so many lives. while we discuss the talks with journalist and founder of viewpoint africa a johnson and the right to the crisis research institute mark almond. the real danger is the main virtue of these talks has been that the external actors will be able to move to agree but as we've heard the 2 main rivals couldn't be face to face let alone agree and secondly there are perhaps 30 different subgroups fighting on the ground so that it may be that those conditions for that holds it could possibly be in the interests of both sides but getting their various cohorts to orders is not has not been easy so far and there is the danger that each side will be looking to move or for getting international credibility and cut off by saying we're trying to keep the ceasefire but the others are breaking it at the end of the day we're looking at a cease fire that's all we're hoping for this is not going to bring about peace it's not going to really stop all out war we're talking about a cease fire
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a hold to a cease fire which is not happening today we can have a road map we can have a process for we have. more of the forces dissemination let alone some level of governance that the 2 parties can work with so as to be very difficult a long long way ahead we are in the early early stages of potentially what potentially helpful for libya. now news from the wake of russia got a new prime minister after the previous cabinet stepped down the resignation followed president putin's proposal to change the country's constitution. but it delusional if you amendments i suggested yesterday do not affect the fundamental basis of the constitutions the aim of furthering russia's development as a lawful state so the goal is to enhance the effectiveness of the country's institutions strengthen the role of civil society and to enable the political parties in our regions to make decisions are vital to the country's development of
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oh more and takes a look at the proposed reforms and how they've gone down in the wider world. try explaining this led to boom and power as the office of president the media accuses of of seizing more power who control over russia but when putin gives up that power and hands it over at the parliament at his own expense it is also because he seizing more control over russia 1st to discover this syndrome i name it paranoid putin a friend here and there's a real epidemic. paranoid putin a friendly aside he is what he actually proposed to guaranteed that new president
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ever wields as much power as he did including putin himself he's got 4 more years in office. this is unprecedented in a quarter of a century every constitutional amendment was designed to empower the president for example increase the presidential term from 4 years to 6 years or give the
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president the power to appoint prosecutors and now he turns it all upside down it used to be that hooten appointed the problem. this ministers parliament rubber stamp that now parliament appoints heads of government and putin rubber stamps it with no power object. calling to the constitution of the russian federation the president needs only the state duma's consent to make official appointments the president appoints the cabinet his deputy and all the ministers i propose shifting this power to the state duma and also the approval of the russian government's chairman and at the chairman's suggestion all the deputy ministers and all the federal ministers will have to be appointed by the president without a right to reject any candidate this is of course all subject to a popular vote if these passes russia will be a changed country with a very different future russia is changing into a new face of democracy freedom and now the basis of the 1st.
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time when the president limits his oh this is something in the later controlled country is not known at all then the president limits its own power and once you let the people there cite the new constitution many in the west see president putin is a mental power is the one that wants to remain in power for ever and so on and so forth but if you look at the reforms if you look at the proposals i see myself some reasons to find in these proposals some that allen's power between the president power and the parliament power i see some ideas leading to a better more denies ation of this state very often it happens did. many
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media make comments on amendments on lol song project or reforming constitution we doubt knowing. in details what is the reform or the rules what are the proposals so i would suggest before putting for so negative comments to study to understand wild what talking about what is did reform announce it and then maybe we can make some comments now before that to pave the way the government handed in its resignation it's worth mentioning it wasn't all that popular that failed on a number of fronts and the now caretaker prime minister said himself it's time for something new you have all heard the address of the russian president vladimir putin as president he outlined the major priorities of our work for the upcoming year but he also outlined a number of fundamental changes to the constitution of the russian federation these
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changes when they take place and this will be done after discussions and as was said they will significantly alter a number of paths the constitution and change the balance of power if there's one thing we know about putin it's that we don't know him he loves to surprise and there was no warning not even rumors that the country was about to be turned on its head we now have a new prime minister we heil michoud in an unknown quantity he's largely stayed out of the spotlight for the past decade ahead in the federal tax agency and i must say he did wonders teaching russians to pay their taxes fact some would argue he's done too good a job it is now clear putin hangs up the gloves in 2024 he won't run for another term time change so does russia it is revolutionary change from this distance i would say that it gives more power to the parliament
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but it downgrades the importance of the prime ministership of the stability of russia's leadership quality which is not a separate issue has been one of the most positive aspects of world governance in the 21st century. then hearst confirmed donald trump threatened to slap huge tariffs on european carmakers if it didn't distance itself from the iran nuclear deal this week germany the u.k. and france triggered the deal's dispute resolution mechanism which could lead to the agreements collapse iran's supreme leader slammed the 3 european states as u.s. porn's sparking a rebuke from president trump. search for the beginning but after the u.s. withdraw from the j.c. these 3 governments were just blowing up service and ranting a does not trust them and they would carry out anything and they would be of the
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service of the us it has been cleared up the us born in the true sense of the word the so-called supremely leader of iran who has not been so supreme lately had some nasty things to say about the united states and europe their economy is crashing and their people are suffering he should be very careful with his words well the european trio claim iran's noncompliance with the nuclear deal is forcing them to trigger the dispute mechanism iran now has 30 days to return to compliance failing which it will be referred to the un security council and that could reinstate sanctions so take a look at what has led to this current crisis the nuclear deal was signed in 2015 by iran and key world powers it was designed to limit to iran's nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief but in 2018 president trump pulled washington out re imposing economic penalties and that prompted iran to start backing away from complying with the deal something that's accelerated in recent weeks after the u.s.
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killing of tehran stopped general political science off professor at the university of tehran hunted most of it believes when the u.s. withdrew from the deal the e.u. abandoned iran. it's very hypocritical for the europeans to trigger the dispute resolution mechanism now i mean if they were sincerely and truly committed to the deal they should've triggered this dispute resolution mechanism a year and a half ago when the trumpet ministration decided to leave the deal when the us left the deal it was actually the europeans that convinced iran to stay in the deal with the promise that they would shield your own from american sanctions and all those promises turned out to be empty and right now when iran is for its share of the deal it's backing away from the deal now they are trading the this so-called dispute resolution mechanism and this has actually brought a lot of anger in a lot of brigit or in this in tehran regarding the europeans meanwhile the u.s.
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secretary of state has doubled down on washington's assassination of iran's top general earlier this month mike pompei i don't think this is just the start of a far more aggressive to terence policy while mentioning russia and china caleb maupin picks up the story. in u.s. foreign policy buzz words are everything administrations love to have a single term they can use in order to explain their international actions so let's review some of the greatest hits showing to be ready for preemptive action a reset in relations between the united states and russia might bomb peo seems to be rolling out a new one when defending the actions of the white house in dealing with international adversaries of the united states mike pompei ohs new favorite word seems to be deterrence reestablishing deterrence real deterrence military deterrence deterrence is hard to establish an easy to loose so according to the white house and its surrogates the killing of top iranian general qassam solomonic
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was necessary as part of this deterrence strategy but want to lay this out in context of what we've been trying to do there's a bigger strategy a strategy to this we have reestablished deterrence but we know it's not everlasting that risk remains we are determined not to lose that deterrence but the iraqi prime minister has a different version of events according to the iraqi prime minister soleimani was on a diplomatic mission he was trying to make peace when he was ruthlessly cut down furthermore reports seem to indicate that so mahdi was not the only official to be targeted reports now show that a different iranian general was also in their sights but the strike was unsuccessful so who else could now be on the list as the united states claims it has the right to assassinate top iranian general extrajudicial lee and explain later well mike pompei o has thrown not only iran but also russia and china into the mix we saw not just
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in iran but in other places too where american deterrence was weak we watched russia's 2014 occupation of the crimea china's island building too in the south china sea and its brazen attempts to coerce american allies undermine to deter this so if the unite. states dislikes you it can pressure you economically diplomatically isolate you or brutally assassinate you know this is geopolitics in the age of deterrence the mask is come and ask this idea of supremacy that we we have you know this is you can call it american supremacy that we can do whatever we want and it's up to us to decide who is a threat or not this is it really really disturbing and very dangerous i think and it's not normal to hear does come an hour to somebody who is running the state department and this is extremely disturbing and i'm very disappointed that demo tick and political class is not speaking out against this. crazy idea that we
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can go ahead and just kill anyone we don't like it doesn't mean people are not guilty of things but if we take this principle and this. approach to every nationality to every country we are going to have really of the mess and i want to. will be back with more of the weekly after this short break. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person with those great.
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. british police knew that children were suffering the most profound sexual abuse in
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the northern city of manchester but failed to protect them that's the findings of a new report in 2004 for a tional guster was launched to investigate the issue about the probe it was shut down and few perpetrators were brought to justice. but. it. was.
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the official probe was closed due to lack of results is now a criminal investigation has been opened into potential failures by the police the u.k. independent office for police conduct found racial tensions were one of the reasons given for stopping operational gusta whistleblower mackey all of a former manchester police detective says there were many more just stepping reasons. the decision to close down operation orchestra was driven by the decision of senior officers to remove the resources from the investigation this was because it was a very complex investigation but there were other factors involved in the decision to close it down there was definitely an element of concern about the ethnicity of the offenders being pakistani man and the children being very vulnerable white children there was also the resources issue because it's very labor intensive it takes a lot of time it takes a lot of commitment from an organization to resource
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a job like this and also that was a focus on what we call acquisitive crime so burglaries theft from motor vehicle robberies if somebody reported that kind of a crime to the police you would get a 1st class response if you were a child being raped it wasn't being reflected in performance indicators hence the police did not respond the initial investigation was triggered by the death of victoria goglia she was in the care of manchester city council after her mother's death and the girl was subject to sexual assault and injected with heroin by a 50 year old man the report says carers knew abuse was going on but it not x. 15 year old victoria died after being administered a heroin overdose victoria's grandmother wants justice she was such a lovely girl she didn't deserve to die i've been fighting all my life for this she
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told herself what these men had done to her. the authorities knew that many victims were being subjected to the most profound abuse and exploitation but did not protect them from the perpetrators and as a result very few of the relevant perpetrators were brought to justice and neither were their activities disrupted this is a depressingly familiar picture and has been seen in many other towns and cities across the country where the chief constable of manchester police has offered his condolences to the victims adding the officers will do everything to get justice for the children but whistleblower maggie all of again what senior police and other officials investigate it this cover up and that's the only word there is for it was absolutely deliberate this report this review it's an independent 3 view makes it crystal clear that this was a deliberate cover up there was a reluctance to knowledge that it was pakistani men predominantly who were
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abusing vulnerable young white children and very young children that became a political hot potato it was often said that these kids of 11 and 12 were making a lifestyle choice that they were working as prostitutes that they were care if that is never the case they were vulnerable kids who we have a duty to protect and the orthorexic failed time and time again to do that this is criminal neglect in my opinion it is misconduct in a public office at the highest level and i want to see accountability criminal charges brought against senior police officers senior social workers and potentially going right up to the government if culpability can be shown there for the neglect of people in public office. now let's take a quick look at what else is making headlines around the world.
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police have resorted to water cannon and rubber bullets amid more protests in lebanon over $100.00 people were injured as officers disperse crowds in the capital beirut demonstrators are into a 3rd month of protests to modeling economic reform and early elections the prime minister had been expected to announce new cabinet on friday but failed to do so. until gas was also used against a large per demand democracy rally in central hong kong as protesters blocked roads and started fires a significant police presence was visible on sunday as demonstrators defied official ban on marching through the area hong kong continues to be rocked by violent rallies despite the original reason for the anger an extradition bill being withdrawn months ago. and efforts are underway to rescue wildlife from the bushfires that have ravaged south australia's kangaroo island there is home to
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unique as well as endangered species and experts fear the fires which would have devastated a 3rd of the island may have wiped out large numbers of animals. well that is their weekly will be back here the top the hour with another round up of the news stories that shape the week see them. so we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy for him to shouldn't let it be an arms race is often very dramatic developments only we engage resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down. and.
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as he should be. one of the people so he'd be in luck because. that's me what i mean i won't be. the same. one i was was a. double who moved me to. little. ole
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in the spirit in that these images of him said some people watch musical blood from a christmas. winter is it and there have none removed can you hear me. him and i should get most him to join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that.
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as of 2013 the pet food industry was dominated by only 5 small titan glamour companies. yet when a consumer wants into a store it's easy to assume that there is a vast array of choices for their dog or cat and the ability to choose that one perfect food. but just how different are these toys and what's really going on
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inside of those bags is what's inside.


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