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tv   News  RT  January 21, 2020 11:00am-11:31am EST

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but. to see what. it looks like. the u.n. security council the west continues to define the chemical weapons watchdog support on syria's duma incident in 2018 despite the watchdogs un former inspector who had contradictory. the findings of the reform that they're all. contradictory what were. were. the chasm between rich and poor where is the father still doubts as the globe's wealthiest and most powerful gather for the 5th year economic forum and this with psalms. also this hour while the u.s. secretary of state needs a plan is weighed in opposition you don't want why don't american families get the jets and not the wave up on the sanctions that everyone else.
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27 live from the russian capital this is all it's international thanks for choosing us this tuesday evening. and to start us off this hour with the un sect security council has debated the investigation by the wild chemical weapons watchdog into an incident in the syrian city of about 2018 russia has questioned the published findings which has triggered a backlash from western countries during the session a former specialist said the fact finding team had serious misgivings on chemical talk even a couple. there are no make clear or new. findings perps information doctor or nurse s. . so. what's important is.
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this has. this fixed. resulted in a complex turnaround situation from workers. where you are here. do you let us be in no down there was this chemical weapons attack in june we in 2 huge 15 witnesses in the duma hospital the only witnesses and undisputable proof that the chemical attack in dumont was falsified and estates caterpillar categorically objects to russia's blatant attempt to use the security council meeting to weaken the credibility of the o.p.c. tasveer and its findings on the duma attacked no one has just to name the guilty. even without presenting any evidence and enjoy the support of a little someone's who eagerly connive wolf in unison since the o.p.c. w.
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published its report the organizations own inspectors have voiced concerns the probe misrepresent the facts for example the initial assessment suggested a core incident this one manually placed at the scene which contradicts the published version the exhaust so claim the team that went to demo was not included in the group putting together the report as caleb maupin explains. the united nations convened a meeting in which the results of the o.p.c. w.'s investigation into the alleged chemical attack in the syrian syrian city of duma in 2018 was discussed now that report from the oas o.p.c. w has come into question after information was revealed leaks cited that crucial evidence was essentially left out of that final report and that crucial evidence that was left out could have pointed toward the attack being staged in henderson
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who was a weapons inspector he participated with the o.p.c. w in their fact finding mission in duma he doesn't agree with that he says that he pretty much based on the evidence has concluded that the canisters were placed manually they were not dropped from an airplane this is what in henderson said to the u.n. meeting speaking through video link this is what he in henderson said the findings . were contradictory. to. release of the interim report. 2000 and. 2 was that serious misgivings that a chemical attack. now in henderson is himself an expert on chemical
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weapons and the forensic investigations into them furthermore he actually participated in the official o.p.c. w investigation but regardless that did not stop certain voices from trying to cast doubt on what he said to the u.n. meeting take a listen mr henderson's paper has a pitch reflex a person and. of course there. bound to be robust exchanges of views with voices differing from others in any scientific process but what counts is the final considered assessment now the syrian government has been absolutely adamant and clear it had nothing to do with the chemical incident some countries. led by the united states of america. continue to exceed the provisions of the convention on the point of chemical weapons. by politicizing the war of the o.p.c.
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wu and to trying to. go from the track it was created for that was the chemical incident let's recall in 28 chemical incident in which the western countries the united states and france they use that as an opportunity to unleash 100 missiles against the syrian government there. and we've had wiki leaks publish a number of of leaks and information e-mails showing that there just was not unanimous agreement within the o.p.c. w. about who was responsible for the attack based on that this report from the o.p.c.
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w. has been widely questioned allies of the united states seem to insist that the syrian government is responsible and the o.p.c. w. report is conclusive and shouldn't be question so once again we have debate over the chemical incident i think that the americans are going to continue to turn from a view of that is clearly what they don't want to uphold there we were in fact what we heard is a final report and then also one of these whistleblowers who are made up of the actual scientists and the americans are saying we'd like to report let's just move on and the russians are saying wait a minute let's listen to the actual scientists because it sounds like the science didn't actually go into the final word so obviously the russians and americans can sell you a big stand with the o.p.c. don't your friends on whether you're talking about the report or the scientists who
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are pushing against it saying that it doesn't actually represent the 5. we spoke with now freed on china's tarik previously barred by newsweek from reporting the story on the leaks he quit in protest off the market scenes management gagged him had told us there is no reporting on the issue in western media. this is not something is going to go away it's very serious so. you know we've seen absolutely no reporting about this in the western media if we have. intelligence officials from the united states that can influence the reports of this body it opens the doors to many more situations where you know genuine chemical weapons attacks might not be treated in the same way because the reputation of the body is not taken seriously i think we've already started to see the kind of counter propaganda from the united states already kind of trying to change the narrative of the you must
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keep bashar assad in check and hold his government to account for chemical weapons attacks but it's completely counter to what the information that we have a president. another story people are talking about the wild $22.00 richest men have more wealth than the web and africa combined that's according to reports it comes as celebrations are underway for the 50th anniversary of the annual gathering of the rich in the powerful at the wild economic forum in davos one amid these rising rests between the rich and poor confidence in capitalism is waning around the globe. breaks it down for us. how many billionaires does it take to change the light bulb of the world economy $119.00 apparently that's how many will be converging on the world economic forum in davos this year but some people showed up early to their ivory tower.
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every year davos hosts billionaires bankers and politicians of the ruling class to talk about issues of global importance and how they want to shape the future and every year it's the same old story the economic storm is celebrating its. 50th anniversary some things have changed many things haven't changed all that much a tool except the situation is only getting worse as elite forums like davos fail to provide any serious solutions a recent oxfam report revealed just how widely vast the fish are between rich and poor has become it says the top one percent has as much wealth as the poorest wait for it 6900000000 people that means if you had saved 10000 dollars and that's a lot every day since the egypt pyramids were built 4500 years ago you would have
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just a fraction of the wealth of any of the world's top billionaires still can't comprehend how much money that is let's try to visualize it if everyone sat on their total wealth made up of $100.00 bills the majority would be sitting on the floor the middle class at about chairs height and the 2 richest men in the world they'd be way out in space this shocking economic situation isn't just a set of statistics though it was the root cause of real chaos that plagues some of the world's most unequal countries and 2019. oxfam has proposed an additional point 5 percent tax on the ultra rich to level the
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playing field a bit it could be a good solution in a world where the rich actually pay their taxes $1.00 of the world's biggest companies for example amazon didn't pay a dime of u.s. corporate taxes on its $11200000000.00 worth of profits and 2018 in a system where there's different rules for the commoners and the captains of industry. it's no wonder people across the globe think capitalism has done more harm than good in the past we're coming to of a point in human history in which we are beginning to see the end of capitalism now it has produced a situation where it is both of global system but it has produced results that are simply unacceptable and you see millions and i think pretty soon bill hughes of america americans and people run the rope simply saying this system
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doesn't perform in the way we want but who cares right inequality has been there since the beginning of time why should you even bother while the problem is if the current levels of inequality are not solved it's just a matter of time before everything crashes don't take my word for it take the one from the international monetary fund our new research shows that inequality tends to increase before financial crisis signaling a strong link between inequality and financial stability. if we act and acts together we can avoid repeating the mistakes of the 9020s in the 2020s so as the world's elites are skiing past their luxury as resorts in the alps it feels like the rest of us are being blindly led off a cliff kinds of inequality. is responsible for example for many deaths that did not mean that rapid the poor of the world the ones that are only able to get by are the ones who die early. and huge little course of
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inequality. and all and very economic you know that for everybody. the u.s. secretary of state has met in colombia saying washington will increase its support for the modern and now boxes venezuela's president might compare also called for cooperation to remove the incumbent media. we're here to assure their work to do everything we can assure that you give them an opportunity to get a chance simply to live the life that you want with democracy and freedom at the same time the u.s. has also given up the 90 day extension for american oil companies to keep walking with their venezuelan counterparts without fear of sanctions extended waiver exempt 5 major firms the trumpet ministration impose sanctions on caracas several times to cut its oil revenues which account for most of the country's income sanctions band
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american companies from participating in front as well as economy but while the u.s. 100 waivers to its farms the white house is still sanctioning issuing threats to others. we sanction a moscow based bank jointly owned by russian in venezuelan state owned companies that is helping perpetuate the misery in venezuela by doing business with a base uk executive order gives authority to the treasury department to impose sanctions on any person or business or entity. curial like assess the hero seemed to keep it in power mad or allows cuba to plunder venezuelan oil rate its wealth and roberts people we want to make sure that the resources resources that the venezuelan people are going to need after material leaves we want to make sure those resources are available for the venezuelan people are not shipped off to cuba or to russia or to iran professor of latin american studies daniel saul thinks the
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u.s. stance is somewhat hypocritical this shows the extremely hypocritical nature of sanctions is a selective sections. share xsara in the massive us corporations in. this state for nearly exploitation one of the country's resources whether it's well as well or career 'd about we 'd can of course the trump government will look the other way 'd. but the sanctions it's blockade is airtight when it comes to plenty shady every day 30000000 people of venezuela well u.s. strategy has always been civil with wallboard 'd aryan revolutionary government so they can go 'd into one as well 'd unimpeded and cheri 'd and i these are 'd some of the most massive oil reserves in the entire world 'd critics of pining for a better us space uniform design is the pentagon fails to twig why it's for length
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more after a short break. you know before george bizarros became. a global market manipulator and election he wrote a lot of interesting books and of course. rogers at the quantum fund which was one of the best performing hedge funds ever kind of invented the modern hedge fund and he's got a lot of things to say if you look at his old work and we're going to get into it. but. he put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. i want to be rich. but you going to be
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this is like the for 3 of them or 10 people. interested always in the waters of. course. and that's had to europe because it's a nice former interior minister that's. has been stripped of parliamentary immunity by the senate it means he could stop over his controversial decision to provide migrant rescue boats docking at autonomy and ports salvini who welcomed being taken to court claim that any trial will prove him right. i will go to call with my head held high in the name of the italian people if they arrest me they will have to find a prison big enough for all of us they must find
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a big enough court this will be a trial against the italian people the investigation into salvini will center around a coast guard ship carrying $131.00 rescued migrants which was prevented from docking in the italian port of will cost in 2018 they was eventually allowed to dock after a deal was struck with the e.u. but salvini could now face up to 15 years in jail for illegally detained in those markets. as the leader of the likud party salvini helped propel the once fringe political movement into a major political force his nationalist message and hardline tone on immigration resonated with voters making the leak it was popular party quit the government last year and is now seeking a comeback in sunday's elections for the legislative assembly. also from the lead party please salvias chances of winning any case are pretty high. any normal
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kountry where an illegal bore you are writing your codes to your goal you know your politics. are. hardly your a security system. have to stop a bit in our planet county they are legal. you use it it's all arse again our security guard our security the block and the judgement try to make a try to get me nice now but i was trying to protect the borders in feed the captain of the a legal block that was arriving. and even any normal even in my county is the open young but that really was the right position to us legal philosophy just off the subject the because we want to know arise in our
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county they where we bout was one they was not the refugees. and emmy award winning actor has quit his role as the voice of up to the indian character in the simpsons and growing criticism from those you fail to see the funny side of the much loved cutting. wycliffe broadcasters go away and give you the entire book or i'm just sorry alan i arranged marriage would not come to pass a marriage look who i brought home. or are you rounding up immigrants hank azaria had voiced the characters since 1998 up who is an indian immigrant who wants a convenience store and uses the catch phrase thank you come again pressure on the show spiked after 2017 documentary which slams the character as discriminatory but many are finding it hard to believe that stereotypes even in a comedy cartoon are being outlawed. my name is harry king the bull had
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a great career full of laughter critical acclaim i should be completely happy but there's still one man who haunts me to the hearts of people peddle on. my documentary the problem with apu was not me to get rid of a dated cartoon character but to discuss race representation m r community which i love very much it was also about how you can love something like the simpsons and still be critical of aspects of it because there's also i mean he's not going to voice call anymore because cole is black and he is white what about been to the meaning of voice acting i loved the pool as an indian i find this news ridiculous because ari did a great job all characters in the simpsons are stereotyped caricatures i don't see the problem secretely man is an author and journalist who covers art and culture and he thinks that ultimately this all boils down to modern political correctness.
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i think to bring up the criticism now it just plays into the sort of trendiness that goes along with these protests today i mean if your problem with pew is that he has these stereotypical traits there are a lot of those characters on the simpsons so they have a lot of work to do if you're saying that it is your only problem with the simpsons and your problem is stereotypical characters it just comes across as very inauthentic if you just look at movies in general you see a lot of examples of studios seemingly panicking and making a lot of compromises to kind of feed and please this sort of faceless digital wolk mob but the thing is we know that that really goes nowhere we've seen apologies go nowhere hollywood's in a place where they need you know they need foreign money to put a lot of movies in a profit they need a good word of mouth on social media so right now i think they're playing from a place of fear and that's i think that's apparent in the
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a pew controversy and i think it's apparent in a lot of the decisions hollywood's making right now so i personally i think they're going too far and i think they're going to they're going to see the results of the box office. donald trump may think he's got space but with his new military force but it's what that force is covered with everyone else too. just as we have recognized the land air sea and cyber as vital war fighting domains we will now treat space as an independent region with today's action we open another great chapter in the extraordinary history of the united states military.
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there eerily similar to our earth force uniforms you're going to be hiding behind space bush or something. is there a lot of woodland combat environments in space clearly you've never been to endorse . my dog is back to camouflage for space than whatever that is if you're looking to save the taxpayers money this is only $3.00 in wal-mart's infant section. who cares that i come out of i'm still more employed we have a dumb space force. that's out of this world most of the co-ordinates that's trade. that's all from me today nicky aaron will be here at the top without to bring you the file a test to tide you over until then though has the kaiser report. from
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the plus lead people by as you could see the slum due course knew the focus on domestic abuse that. took place you want to get what. you see in the just because it's the most good moment in. ruby. you know when you don't then. don't.
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understand that a cost of doing business is buying and building support in washington d.c. and that includes staffing up with former members of congress put them on your payroll you want to hire a chief of staff from a powerful senator or a committee. member get their chief of staff put them on your payroll as a lobbyist this is what washington does on a bipartisan basis in fact i think it's the only point of true bipartisanship in d.c. is corporate influence over government. max guys are here with kaiser port hey you know before george zorro's became vilified
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as a globalist and market manipulator an election writer he wrote a lot of interesting books and of course. jim rogers of the quantum fund which was one of the best performing as phones ever kind of invented the modern that's fun and he's got a lot of things to say if you look at his old work and we're going to get into a stacy herbert we're going to talk about reflexively because i think it's quite important in this day and age and in fact just so you know george soros versus warren buffett 2 different source of investors one speculator one is value investor and they've both and this is a downtown josh brown compare them in 2013 there annualized returns are 20 percent per year for the past few decades and both born in 1930 so they have similar returns in 2 different ways them investing but george soros did write long ago about reflexivity and it's quite important to looking at the markets today because
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i want to point out that according to wikipedia reflexivity refers to a circular relationship between cause and effect especially as embedded in human belief structures as an anthropologist for example goes into a remote tribe in amazon the observer affects the observed so the fact that this anthropologist this guy or this gal from new york city goes into the amazon to a tribe who's never seen somebody from new york they act differently than they would have perhaps if it were somebody else from another tribe in the amazon so what you observe might not know you've influenced their behavior so you can actually observe their behavior with economics how george soros explained reflexivity reflexivity refers to the self reinforcing in effect of market sentiment whereby. rising prices attract buyers whose actions drive prices higher until the process becomes unsustainable george soros saw this fact as incompatible with equilibrium theory and we'll get into that in
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a bit but i know you study because when i 1st met you 17 years ago you were talking about this you were talking about george soros and reflexivity can describe it as smoking your own belly button lint you describe that you are being reinforced in your beliefs by the manifestation of your actions to take further actions which then gave you more to believe in i mean minsky call this a men's game moment where you know stocks are high because stocks are high people are buying stocks because they're high and they're high when they're buying stocks that are high basically on their own delusion of their importance in that moment of getting stocks the place when he talks about is a repudiation of the equilibrium theory this is an important idea because there's this idea of efficient market that markets are efficient all information known about stocks and bonds are in the current price that's the efficient market theory if there was such thing as an efficient market then either george soros or warm.


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