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the. changing of the guard for president vladimir putin approves the new russian government will take a look at the fresh cabinet line up. at the un security council the west continues to defend the chemical weapons watchdogs report on syria's duma incident in 2018 after despite the watchdog zone former inspector calling it contradictory. the findings in the form. or word contradict what we're trying to work with. the russian health ministry has warned that the country could be at risk from a new coronavirus spreading through china. a
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very warm welcome to you you're watching r.t. international with me carol. that russia has a brand new government comes in the wake of last week's resignation of the old one as it made way for the recently proposed constitutional changes the new cabinet was approved by president putin on tuesday evening. congratulations on your appointment to the government and i believe this will be a very serious challenge in your lives but at the same time it will be a very interesting journey and wish you all success the whole country is behind you the previous government created a proper foundation for further development and growth we should use this foundation and embrace our potential to achieve national goals russia's president vladimir putin met with the prime minister the new prime minister. and the faces of the new government were unveiled to the russian public and the rest of the world
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now everybody was speculating as to how big the changes are going to be and i have to say they have been quite well sizable they are quite significant but some of the veterans and veterans in the true sense of this word they are staying for instance russia's top diplomat sergey lavrov he is staying so the all the western partners they won't be needing to get used to a new face there's a familiar one that will be doing all the talking on russia's behalf also russia's chief policeman he's staying he's keeping his ministerial job as well as does russia's war chief surrogate sure who now as for those who lost their positions they were mostly there were mostly people designated with fixing russia's internal policies and largely the former government was viewed as rather while it was rather unpopular and the changes showed that it is it has grown unpopular with the
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president too for instance it was heavily criticized for failing to deliver on the ladder of putin's key internal policies now this whole thing was set in motion last wednesday when the russian president made an address to the federal assembly and he outlined not only the changes to the russian constitution as he proposed changes but also he outlined the new course you need with a big focus on the internal. policies here in russia so it will certainly be interesting to see whether this fresh blood that has feel the veins of the russian political system whether these new people will live up to the expectations of. the un security council has debated the investigation by the world's chemical weapons watchdog into an incident in the syrian city of do not back in 20 years he russia has questioned the published findings triggering a backlash from western countries during this that should a former o.p.c. w specialist said the fact finding team had serious misgivings the chemical attack
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even occurred the report makes clear what new. findings perp's information doctor or nurse s. . so of. course the quality is. as. of this fix is. result of the needs turnaround situation from what those of us vote. majority over to. let us be in no down there was this chemical weapons attack in june we in 2 huge 15 witnesses soon the duma hospital that similarly witnesses undisputable proof that the chemical attack in do more was falsified and it states caterpillar categorically objects to russia's blatant
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attempt to use the security council meeting to weaken the credibility of the o.p.c. w. and its findings on the duma attacked no one has just named the guilty even without presenting any evidence and enjoy the support of a little someone's who you really cannot have wolf when eunice. since the a.p.c. published its report the organizations own inspectors have voiced concerns the probe misrepresents the facts for example the initial assessment suggested chlorine cylinders were manually placed at the scene contradicting the published version leaks also claim the team that went to do more was not included in the group putting together they were paws can have more pain has more. the united nations convened a meeting in which the results of the o.p.c. w.'s investigation into the alleged chemical attack in the syrian syrian city of duma in 2018 was discussed now that report from the ows o.p.c. w has come into question after information was revealed leaks cited that crucial
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evidence was essentially left out of that final report and that crucial evidence that was left out could have pointed toward the attack being staged in henderson who was a weapons inspector he participated with the o.p.c. w in their fact finding mission in duma he doesn't agree with that he says that he pretty much based on the evidence has concluded that the canisters were placed manually they were not dropped from an airplane this is what in henderson said to the un meeting speaking through video link this is what he in henderson said the findings. were contradictory. to.
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really use the interim report. 2000 and. 2 was a serious misgivings. now even henderson is himself an expert on chemical weapons and the forensic investigations into them furthermore he actually participated in the official o.p.c. w. investigation but regardless that did not stop certain voices from trying to cast doubt on what he said to the u.n. meeting take a listen mr henderson's paper is a pitch reflects a personal view of course there. bound to be robust exchanges of views with voices differing from others in any scientific process but what counts is the final considered assessment now the syrian government has been absolutely adamant and clear it had nothing to do with the chemical incident some countries.
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led by the united states of america. continue to exceed the provisions of the convention on the point of chemical weapons. by politicizing the war of the o.p.c. wu under trying to. go from the track it was created for that was the chemical incident let's recall in 28 chemical incident in which the western countries the united states and france they use that as an opportunity to unleash 100 missiles against the syrian government there.
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and we've had wiki leaks publish a number of of leaks and information e-mails showing that there just was not unanimous agreement within the o.p.c. w. about who was responsible for the attack based on that this report from the o.p.c. w. has been widely questioned allies of the united states seem to insist that the syrian government is responsible and the opi c.w. report is conclusive and shouldn't be question so once again we have debate over the chemical incident i think the appearance are going to continue to turn from the view of it is clearly what they don't want to uphold their mirrored in effect what we heard is a final report and then we also found these whistleblowers who are made up of the actual scientists and the americans are saying we'd like to report let's just move on and the russians are saying wait a minute let's listen to the national scientists because it sounds like this
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science didn't actually go into the 5000 so obviously the russians and americans can sell you a big stand with your p.c. don't your friends on whether you're talking about the report or the scientists who are pushing against it and saying that it doesn't actually represent the 5. we spoke with our freelance journalist tara came down and previously barred by newsweek from reporting the story only o.p.c. w. leaks he quit in protest after the magazine's management gag him her dad told is there is no reporting on the issue in western media this is not something is going to go away it's very serious so. you know we've seen absolutely no reporting about this in the western media if we have. intelligence officials from the united states that can influence the reports of this body opens the doors to many more situations where you know genuine chemical weapons attacks might not be treated in the same
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way because the reputation of the body is not taken as seriously i think we've already started to see the kind of counter propaganda from the united states already kind of trying to change the narrative of the c.w. must keep bashar assad in check and holder's government to account for chemical weapons attacks but it's completely counter what what the information that we have a present. facebook's been purging is network of content deemed undesirable again taking down posts sympathetic to the assassinated iranian general council and the money one of those affected is viral content agency in the now whose own videos on solomonic have been deleted has the thought of thing facebook's been getting rid of . that iran and its allies sent. packing us figures could assassinates all of monies and nothing would stop with iran to hunch the belief that western
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media outlets acted as state department did not go through changing their tune on the us government's agenda. the social media giant has admitted to taking downed prose posts across its platforms including targeting dozens of iranian journalists and influencers some of their accounts were even deleted while the tech giant says it's simply complying with u.s. sanctions no it was following the u.s. strike on the late general early this month hundreds of iranians flooded their social media accounts with tributes to somali. earlier i spoke to the hosts of in the now soap box ronnie aholic and don cohen about why that content has been targeted by facebook think facebook took down my video basically because it exposes what the u.s. government does not want americans to see namely that the iranian general custom for the money was a top anti isis general met something that used to be reported as i showed in my
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video back in 20142015 during the peak against the fight against isis but when trump assassinated for the money suddenly that fact that noncontroversial fact was not to be found anywhere and so basically my video showed how us media tailors its line according to the precepts of the united states government and that was deemed apparently a threat they said it violated community standards and therefore was unpublished which is some orwellian doublespeak term unpublished that simply just means censorship that's what we're dealing with here less government is always raising you know a stink about oh china centering this or iran is censoring not but in this case you know unlike those cases which are domestic censorship that only affect those countries what the u.s. government is doing here is it's it's basically forcing these social media giants
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to censor things globally to cancel out any actual information that challenges the state department narrative about countries deemed to be official enemies and it's really really disturbing because what you have here is it's almost like here any through algorithm becoming increasingly difficult when you have a social media environment that's dominated needed by these major big tech conglomerates like google and facebook. so i mean all the best thing that people can do that we can do i guess is that have you know content across multiple platforms. and at some point you know in the future our alternative media specifically because this is an attack on alternative media needs to come up with some sort of alternative way alternative platform because the a.t.o. tomorrow these social media giants at the behest of the us government could just press a button and erase all of us and that's what's really scary here. to live now to build new privacy activist down technology experts welcome to the programs great to
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have you with us now bill why do you think facebook is taking down videos about major general for the money and now we're seeing from a censorship here. i believe that there is a level of censorship there under in a very difficult position of being pressured from all sides both in order to put forward certain people's opinions which viewed by others as just but also by censors and by some of the regulators to counter any extreme propaganda or in the extreme content around violence or. you have to question the extent to which the censorship or the editing depending on your perspective is being done in a professional manner what's interesting is that facebook says it had to take down proselyte money content to comply with u.s. sanction that was ok fair enough but other social media giants like twitter for
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example they've not had to move any content so do you think sanctions really have anything to do with it. it's an interpretation the facebook i'm making you also see the fact that facebook has decided not to take political advertising whereas twitter of decided that they feel it is appropriate to bundle for political advertising it is a very much an interpretation that each one of these platforms take in terms of their responsibilities the regulations and the implications for sanctions do you think what we're seeing now is a. concerted effort by the u.s. to silence the voices of anyone who shows support for iran. obviously there is a bias on the u.s. side for their perspective but i think east social media platforms are in a very difficult position here i think it's important that facebook and others explain that what they're doing the greater transparency that they can provide in
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the editorial approach in what they're taking down why they're taking it down i think the more acceptable people will find it it's where there's a lack of transparency that you tend to have enormous frustration and facebook has declined to fact check political ads and has been accused of anti conservative bias in the way it moderates its content do you think the company has a responsibility to be politically neutral. it's very difficult here because both on the left and the right they see their own content as justified and they see their opponents contant as totally unjustified and they call for the removal of their opponent's content while maintaining their right to freedom freedom of speech you'll find that companies like facebook are an almost impossible position pollute specifically when it comes to political content because that is what is open to the
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interpretation depending on where you sit on the political spectrum this is why both twitter and facebook of such are very different policies for political advertising than they have for any other kind with twitter ops opting to remove all political advertising and facebook opted not to and it or interfere with any of it now new privacy activist and technology expert thank you for your time. the russian health ministry has warned that the country could be at risk from the new corona virus spreading through china some 300 cases have been registered that and russia has a bone to donald cool to have course people are dying of a new virus reported cases have tripled since the weekend and it's spreading like wildfire across asia it we still know so little about this mysterious illness.
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this new coronavirus has been identified as a mutation of sars or respiratory disease that killed over 750 people around the world from 2002 to 2003 antibiotics have absolutely no effect on either of the viruses and that's been enough to put the russian authorities on high alert not least because the chair is a border with china. the embry of a new coronavirus which was 1st recorded in china carries a body logical threats to the population of russia the 1500000 chinese tourists
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that visit russia every year have now become a potential public health risk russian authorities have begun screening them at all international airports prepared to diagnose the virus if it appears on top of that moscow has advised people against traveling to china the official number of suspected cases in china was just under 300 by tuesday however some experts are saying the current number of infections is much higher using the number of cases detected outside china it is possible to infer the number of clinically compared to cases within city that may have a phone we estimate that's a total of 1723 cases own set of symptoms russia is not alone in being worried about the outbreak reaching its territory a number of other countries have begun screening for the disease at airports as well china stepping up containment efforts after she stressed the seriousness of
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the outbreak on national television the disease also got the attention of the world health organization they've called for an emergency meeting to decide whether or not to declare the outbreak a public health emergency of international concern that's a title reserved only for the most serious of epidemics and with the lunar new year approaching millions of chinese around the world are expected to return home to their families one can only hope beijing will have the situation under control. and the award winning actor has quit his role as the voice of a pig to the indian character in the simpsons and made to growing criticism from various youth out to see the funny side of the next left. broadcaster's go away and i'll give you the entire bottle i'm so sorry our arranged marriage will not come to a merge look who i brought. home or are you rounding up immigrants because
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arya had voiced the character since 1990 appear as an indian immigrant who runs a convenience store and uses the catch phrase thank you come again pressure on the show spiked after 2017 documentary is slamming the character as just discriminatory but many are finding it hard to believe that stereotypes even in a comedy cartoon are being outlawed. my name is very clear that a great career filled with laughter critical acclaim i should be completely happy but there's still one man who haunts me the hossa people peddle on. my documentary the problem with apu was not me to get rid of a dated cartoon character but to discuss race representation from our community which i love very much it was also about how you can love something like the simpsons and still be critical about aspects of it there's also i mean he's not going to voice call any more because karl is black and he is white whatever happened to the meaning or voice acting i loved the pool as an indian i find this
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news ridiculous because ari did a great job all characters in the simpsons are stereotyped caricatures i don't see the problem author and journalist who covers art and culture zachary layman believes the criticism is about fitting in with modern political correctness. i think to bring up the criticism now it just plays into the sort of trendiness that goes along with these protests today i mean if your problem with pew is that he has these stereotypical traits there are a lot of those characters on the simpsons so they have a lot of work to do if you're saying that approach is your only problem with the simpsons and your problem is stereotypical characters it just comes across as very inauthentic if you just look at movies in general you see a lot of examples of studios seemingly panicking and making a lot of compromises to kind of feed and please this sort of faceless digital wolk mob but the thing is we know that that really goes nowhere we've seen
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apologies go nowhere hollywood's in a place where they need you know they need foreign money to put a lot of movies in a profit they need a good word of mouth on social media so right now i think they're playing from a place of fear and that's i think that's apparent in the a pew controversy and i think it's apparent in a lot of the decisions hollywood's making right now so i personally i think they're going too far and i think they're going to they're going to see the results of the box office. noways coalition government has collapsed after it agreed to bring home a woman charged with supporting terrorist groups in syria the move infuriated the right wing progress party which pulled its support for the coalition in response for them in manhattan i think that there was a woman who wasn't i salute terrorist suspect were the 3 other parties caved in bringing home both mother and child that we have always been willing to bring home
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innocent children who will not compromise with people who have joined to are going to and are actively working to tear down all of the values new ray is built on was done last straw. a woman had been living with her 2 children in the kurdish controlled our whole refugee camp in syria and 23rd teen she was arrested on her way back to norway on suspicion of belonging to the islamic state terror group something she denies last week oslo decided to allow her to return with her 2 children to receive medical treatment saying it wouldn't let a norwegian child die in syria. that's not the 1st recent case of its kind in europe back in november germany allowed a woman suspected of being an eyesore member to come back with her 3 children while finland agreed to examine each the case individually we put the issue up for debate with former u.k. immigration advisor keith best and journalist. these people have left western
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europe they should be charged where they committed a crime even if they deserve the death penalty following the local laws like in iraq why on a minute legally if they are norwegian citizens norway cannot prevent them from actually coming back to norway the only way they can do that is by removing the norwegian citizenship and as a signatory to the state that is what it should do invention it would it would mean well no i'm sorry they can't do that because they are signatories of the statelessness convention which means you cannot take away citizenship of somebody if that leaves him without any citizenship or talk now if this lady is also this is it if he does but. not that his she is or not but if she is a sovereign of another state then the norwegian government could take away that citizenship and she would not then be rendered state this don't forget the images of these 4 year olds 4 years old kid to kill in front of us parents for the camera
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one of the prisoners suffices so these kids from 1012 or under 10 are extremely anxious the mothers are awfully dangerous people who go off and commit offenses abroad whether that's by joining a an organization that is inherently against the government of the day or anything of that nature then their proper place is to be prosecuted back in their country of origin and get in touch let us know what you think about that story and everything else by following us on social media and of your comments that we're back in 30 minutes with a later theater. this
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is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the street. what happens to her family and daughters in florida you know my other daughter is. meaning with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pay than him and what happens in court he be. shocked shocked as far as i feel. we don't know just for. end of this trial unfortunately you. will still not know. in the united states presidential candidates debate the future of the u.s.
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and the world. max kaiser and stacy herbert dig into the burning questions of this election cycle one every week. student debt trade was corporate money universal basic income and more catch up with what's front running this sunday exclusively on r.t. . i. think it's a bit like figure skating cause it should travel site ways to specific times and it no less than 500 kilometers per hour tried to stop rivals and partners at the same time their cars must follow the circuits mirroring each other's waists in space to actually speed to place to get. to the thing was born in japan but as a sport it's become incredibly popular in russia the reason is simple it's where
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cheap rear wheel drive cars are made when it is a long time plentiful ice makes drifting easy safe and so much cheaper than during the summer. a region he trained as a nurse. began his drifting career on the streets now he's the only russian pilot who also drives a car like this in the summer too but his ego has been seriously upgraded 'd. so this is they're going to go through. 'd what are you preaching you're the boss was going to sort. of i should saw a bug. since all the pilots use the winter to prepare their cars for the summer meaning winter competitions are a chance to prague.


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