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tv   News  RT  January 22, 2020 6:00am-6:31am EST

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the psychologist and design of now banned cia torture techniques in the wake of $911.00 justifies his actions and says he would do it again during a pre tell testimony quintuple bay prison. u.k. based watchdog published a report looking at how drone strikes could be normalised 1000 mutal for assassinations after u.s. forces targeted in a ring and top military chief. paul says a bottle of morals is an electric car giant a task that defines a president job many it's a fast european factory could create thousands of jobs but also and if i'm meant to fall out. of it there will be new jobs and new
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transport it's hard to imagine anything that turns is it somebody obviously i'm in favor of job creation international as a company but wasn't there any other place for this fracturing. you're watching thanks to keeping me company as we go through just some of the biggest stories of the day so far. starting with this one the psychologist dubbed the architect of the cia's in haunts interrogation program post 911 has been unapologetic about his role in any torture that admission came during a military tribunals that's preparing the trial against the self-proclaimed mastermind of the attacks on new york and washington and for. whatever personal consequences i would live with i believe there was a genuine threat of an imminent attack or thought my moral obligation to protect american lives outweigh the temporary discomforts of terrorists our guests today
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and do it again. james mitchell was contracted by the cia in the wee wake of $911.00 to consult and create an interrogation program for al qaeda suspects he even admitted possibly using waterboarding a torture technique that simulates drowning on prisoners. now the psychologist set up a company that provided support for the interrogations the cia's program included now illegal co us of measures. in the immediate aftermath of $911.00 we tortured some force lawyers for the 5 detainees are now seeking for any statements made under interrogation to be disqualified from the trial on grounds of torture antiwar activists are flounders
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believes the kuantan of a bay trial is deeply flawed. well none of this could possibly be a fair trial i mean how can you have a fair trial with people who've been held in total secrecy whose testimony is based on torture. the media isn't allowed in the except for conditions so strict that they can't even have a picture of the court room all the testimony is restricted. that none of this none of this layers and layers of secrecy is about providing any kind of justice or accountability or even of information it is going through a theater in order to once again exert their power their power over people's lives and we should just note that there were juveniles who were youths who were held for years at guantanamo there were people who had nothing to do who were simply sold for bounty who were kuantan m
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o 780 prisoners and then the thousands who were held in secret rendition or around the world no accounting for them so this was a huge program and its ramifications were still feeling today the detainee mitchell waterboarding was a palestinian man news. he's now being charged with a crime but remains indefinitely in guantanamo he was the fast knowing cia president to undergo enhanced interrogation and even lost an eye while being tortured during his time as he by to has attempted to illustrate his experience as a warning you may find some of the images distressing.
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as soon as they locked me up inside the box i tried my best to sit up but in vain for the box was too short i tried to take a curled position but to no avail for it was too tight the very strong pain made me scream unconsciously. they kept pouring water and concentrating on my nose and my mouth until i really felt i was drowning and my chest was just about to explode from the lack of oxygen . the.
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long hours went by while i was standing in that position my hands were tight to the upper bars. it felt like an eternity to the point that i found myself falling asleep despite the water being thrown at me by the guard. there is absolutely no justification that can ever be given or accepted for the horrendous and systematic torture that was used and it was used and authorized from the highest levels from the presidency the f.b.i. the cia the top levels of the military the studies were known the conditions were no. and this isn't just one or 2 people michel and jennings this was an entire unit set up in order to use torture and to study how to apply the most excruciating forms of torture of pain of waterboarding of slamming of of packing
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into tight boxes of stress positions and on and on so how could you justify any of this and none of this torture provided any real information of course not that that that would even be an excuse it was done to hundreds of prisoners there were also hundreds of secret prisons secret rendition and a geisha in centers all of this really has to be exposed and then an accounting demanded not only of those who designed the torture but of those who set up these torture camps. another headline story for you a u.k. based watchdog has published a report on a so-called new era suggesting drones have become a tool for conducting assassinations with more how the weapons of change from targeting terrorists to top minutes you personnel has artie's. drones for many years now they form the controversial parts of the west's military arsenal across
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the world they used to gather intelligence spy on enemies and most and torricelli kill people for the apparent amusement of some. in others they. should resist. so how did we get to the point where assassination by drone is normal u.k. based watchdog drone was investigated the phenomenon from target a number of non-state groups classed hysteresis to the assassination of top military personnel of a state that u.s. is not at war with may appear huge in terms of strategy and legality unfortunately however it's also an additive all the approach of government to any scrutiny in such cases has been to give away as little information as possible like in the killing of terrorist suspects in syria between 201520185 the u.k. government the focus was often placed on the individual either the legality of
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particular strike or the crimes in the tours of an individual the government appeared to for a policy if it was a secret city given away some information by trail or provided any substantial common and lead into what was described as dissatisfied engagement in parliamentary scrutiny finally the lack of ethical debate was glaringly obvious the media in turn according to drone wars failed to scrutinise the killings playing into the government's spin if anything the media coverage contained carefully controlled government messaging mohammed and was he was killed in a drone strike here it was or was as a result of persistent surveillance a british woman who became a prominent recruiter for so-called islamic state has reportedly been killed in a drone strike so it also killed her 12 year old son which she had previously used as a human shield so the blueprint is clear use drones to kill people in war zones that it. and they used to kill who you want and then don't even try to justify it instead bandy about claims that the victim was about to launch
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a terror attack with no evidence to paint them out to be an extremist precisely what the white house did in the most recent case we had specific immolation information on an imminent threat and those threats trim included attacks on us embassies what is your definition of the internet. this was going to happen and can reveal that i believe it would have been for embassies the president didn't say when there was a tangible he didn't cite a specific piece of evidence what he says he probably he believes are you saying that i meant one i didn't see one with regard to for embassies the use of drones on terror suspects became the norm now the assassination of general calls them so they money is being sold to the public using the same tropes which invites the question what else will be deemed as part of the course next. the london earlier we spoke with former u.k. army officer charles shear bridge who believes the u.s.
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has no legal basis for many of its trained killing. list situation has been coming for some time i think with the show we said the definition of a terrorist has been widened for the expediency. of those that actually are seeking to target individuals but we've really reached a situation i think where when you've got such a senior official and it's difficult to imagine this an official more senior than somebody was a son in respect of iran that you've now got a situation where if if that was to be any precedent he's killing that really any official any government minister of a state which the u.s. doesn't like can be targeted of course there's no legal basis for that which is why of course you've seen the backtracking in terms of the claim and initially said by term that he posed some kind of imminent threat and of course. since you've opened up that box of allowing talk tonight that's very difficult to put the genie back in
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the bottle to use another metaphor for example it's very difficult now for the u.s. to claim if one of its officials government ministers are targeted in a similar way perhaps not by a drone but by a more traditional terrorist attack that somehow that was illegal and itself constitutes an act of terrorism when of course the u.s. has now set a precedent for this kind of action. another story getting some traction today norway's coalition government has collapsed after it agreed to bring home a woman charged with supporting terrorist groups in syria the move infuriated the right wing progress group which pulled its support for the coalition in response for. the thing there was a huge issue of the woman who wasn't i saw a terrorist suspect were dead 3 other parties caved in bringing home both mother and child that we have always been willing to bring home innocent children who will not compromise with people who have jointure are going to easy sions and are actively working to tear down all of the values noory is built on that was done
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last straw the repatriated woman is a norwegian citizen who went to syria and 2013 she's been with her 2 children in the kurdish controlled a whole refugee camp in syria last week all 3 decided to allow her to return with her children she was arrested on arrival on suspicion of being an eyesore member something she denies it's not the 1st recent case of its kind in europe back in november for example johnny allowed a woman suspected of being an eyesore member to come back with her 3 children meanwhile nearby finland agreed to examine cases individually we put the issue up for debate with former u.k. immigration files it's best done john this. well 1st of all you've got to remember this is around a child who's ill and we should not weaponize children the child has had no control over what its mother did or whom she married or anything of that nature don't
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forget the images of these 4 year olds 4 years old kid 2 had to kill in front of his parents for the camera one of the prison a suffices so these kids from $1012.00 or under 10 are extremely dangerous the mothers are all fully dangerous people who go off and commit offenses abroad whether that spy joining a an organization that is inherently against the government of the day or anything of that nature then their proper place is to be prosecuted back in their country of origin these people f. left western europe they should be judged where they committed crimes even if they deserve the death penalty following the local laws like in iraq that is totally unrealistic a reality you going to have a proper trial how are you going to have a fair trial in a war torn country where sectarianism is right it's just nonsense but in most cases
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it's not the case legally if they are norwegian citizens norway cannot prevent them from actually coming back to norway the only way they can do that is by removing the norwegian citizenship and as a signatory to the state that is what it should do invention it would it would mean well no i'm sorry they can't do that because they're signatory to the statelessness convention if the criminal is only one nationality of he or she should be judged in the country of the nationality but most of the most of these criminals that were in syria for isis they have a double nationality so most of the countries france belgium and others that the lands could easily suppress the p.m.i. . let them be judged where they are it's no good complaining that the norwegian judicial system is a bit lenient on sentencing on all those got nothing to do with some with the somebody has committed a criminal offense will not that's all to do with domestic policy in norway we live
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in democracies so that the problem is that populism is regarded as a disease of these people are being accused of being freshest cetera by the left and so there is a big problem of recognition for the people really want. electric energy giant tesla has divided the residents of a small town near the german capital over plans to create its fast european gigafactory that dozens of demonstrators have been denouncing possible environmental damage with plans to cut down forests for that factory but they were met by counter protesters who appeared to be enthusiastic over the promise of those thousands of jobs. here's the focus you know i'm not sure whether it's good or not i'm worried about the environment moving advance and i'll bet there will be new jobs and new transparent it's hard to imagine anything better than this that stuff this in the course of it's a good opportunity for our region but electric cars won't solve everything and the
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manufacture causes environmental damage let's examine the obvious but i'm in favor of job creation in tesla as a company but wasn't there any other place for this factory. on. you know in 2 graduates haven't been able to find work that fits their skills hearing can hide them so a lot of them how to move to other cities to other cities i hope this project will provide a boost for the whole region. we've got lots of plans and of course are concerned about it on the one hand we're glad that investors are interested in brandenburg on the other hand we're talking about serious interference natural processes we should be carefully considered we should
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do everything to mitigate damage. this is art international still ahead in the program facebook comes under scrutiny for its role in a trial in puerto rico we'll look at that story and much more after the break. operations understand that the cost of doing business is buying and building support in washington d.c. and that includes stuffing up with former members of congress put them on your
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payroll you want to hire a chief of staff from a powerful senator or a committee. member get their chief put them on your payroll as a lobbyist this is what washington does partisan basis in fact i think it's the only point of true bipartisanship in d.c. is corporate influence over government. seemed wrong. and. yet to stamp out this day. and engage with. the trail. find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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a facebook has found itself at the center of a trial devolving students from puerto rico university and in the privacy breach scandal it's been revealed that the social media john gave the country's justice department access to a trove of private information a case has now been made against those who participated in protests back in 2017 the student strikes lasted 4 weeks and watergate budget cuts triggered by government austerity policies the protest was streamed live on facebook and soon after the police made numerous arrests including people who were not actually protesting at the time we spoke to one of the students lawyers she broke down how deal for it is used the information provided by the social media platform they use facebook. as. the b.b. oh it's so and also for imation make sure it's and dance bills and
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that's how they identified students with the the it is scary it's gary for everyone i think people should have the knowledge that many of the things that we put on social media that we think are private are really not private and the government the governments in general access to that information and facebook doesn't make it any harder for government to get the nation among the data given to authorities id numbers of those interacting with pages about the protest online facebook also granted access to private messages a bank account information marianna manali again says this has become a new method for blacklisting and surveilling people in puerto rico. beyond the
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shelves a request that search more and more space from facebook and the in search you are and it's in our in our evacuation to grow our bit and baby. face book bro but i did huge amount of. risotto the. police got an enormous amount of information of people who were not like basically being into this who had not got me that any illegal act and these. alien has led to will and the only way out of. blackmail is the people of certain mailing people and also. it also has a chilling effect because people know they are being served. we also heard from privacy activist and tech x.
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but don't you think the facebook should be doing more to protect private information. facebook has put themselves in a position where sometimes they argue that they're a publisher and sometimes that they argue that they're just a platform there are different responsibilities that come with either of these particular roles but one of the roles that comes in if they want to have a sort of journalistic or an editorial position is a level of protecting sources which comes with journalists or whatever what we have to be cautious of is people using the platform to have conversations in confidence their identity and the information about their conversations then shared with parties that they don't wish to have this shared with it's questionable whether this should be done and on what lawful basis you need a level of judicial supervision of the legal level of oversight whenever you're intruding on somebody is. previously we've reached out to facebook about the data
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given to put to rico's authorities and we'll of course keep you posted on any response. and finally for this hour the polish prime minister has accused russia of rewriting history responding to a recent speech from vladimir putin in which the russian need to spoke about the red army's liberation of the nazi death camps and hitler's collusion with certain european leaders the polish premier had a different version of events as the world commemorates 75 years since the liberation of auschwitz russia is trying to rewrite history far from being a liberator the soviet union was a facilitator of nazi germany and a perpetrator of crimes of its own before and after the liberation of auschwitz the soviet union did not liberate warsaw as the russian authorities are now claiming the dispute between russia and poland comes almost exactly 75 years after some key turning points of wild war 2 and john 1945 around 200000 so if it's all just lost
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their lives in battle fighting together with polish forces to liberate warsaw and just 10 days later the red army freed the largest nazi concentration camp auschwitz in southern poland that date is now commemorated as the international holocaust remembrance day we spoke with a red army veteran who fought to liberate auschwitz and krakow even martin who is now $96.00 expressed his sadness at the way poland leaders are now retelling the events of that war. when i was in poland euro news journalists came to me and said that children in school believe that the americans liberated auschwitz children that's ok now the head of a government makes this childish error it's surprising the prime minister exhibits such illiteracy how can it be i personally participated in the liberation of krakow i personally participated in the liberation of auschwitz my blood lies somewhere
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inside i was injured there and now i come here and hear things like that how can that be a living participant of poland's liberation everyone knows that 600000 of our soldiers died during poland's liberation everywhere there are our graves i don't think this is a one off this is part of a focus propaganda exercise. that's how it's working for now i'll be back at the top of the outdoors with the very latest to tide you over until then here's one of our want $20.00 magistrate. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to get us out of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that.
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matter they have to see should you go to one of the 4 so if you be in luck because a lot of on the bus with. us we might want to i mean i well me and nothing. but the fantasy of. what i was was a. dumb move the who moved me to. the school the. only industrial jungle in the prisons as he said some people watch musical blood from
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a preschool in the. winter with him in it and then have none removed can you hear me shall i. him and i should have finished him but we've also discovered that there are genes in our bodies that protect us from a gene we call these longevity genes and there's a set of genes that we work on in my lab at harvard called the search and for those to work effectively to slow aging and prevent us from getting diseases they need a molecule called an 80.
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5. our current. sister was
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killed. on july. 13th. we actually haven't. worked. out i'm also. going to the store and. that's when everything how. i could. tell them that. were happy. to hear. shots came from over there. thank you. soon after the murder of my daughter jenna says jim you're more turn himself in from running so jeffrey either be
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officer very nervous.


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