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world leaders and dignitaries gather in jerusalem for a holocaust commemoration ahead of an anniversary marking 75 years since the red army liberated auschwitz we spoke with a man who survived the nazi death camp. he. will never forget it every morning i look at my hands and see. the number here every day the time. despite the remembrance of venton israel being aimed at uniting nations in the face
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of tragedy the leader of poland where auschwitz was located was not in attendance after a dispute with russia holocaust survivors say it is a vital not to distort and politicize the power. of good people to know liberation they really say that without the red army there would be no me my mother or other prisoners. and a working computer programmer accused by the us of laundering billions of dollars using bitcoin has been illegally extradited from greece to france and. are broadcasting live direct our studio. international. certainly got to do with us . dozens of world leaders and dignitaries gathered in jerusalem on thursday to
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commemorate the holocaust and bring attention to a modern day resurgence of anti-semitism this comes from a before the 75th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz. my dear family i'm writing this letter before my death i don't know exactly when me and my relatives are going to die just because we're jews i'm in a concentration camp before all of us will be shot in a shelter thursday 4 am 16942 very well to you all. but i am barack. the other thing i wanted to tell you was that i had several jobs in birkenau in auschwitz one of the jobs was clearing the ashes from where they bug juice through a tunnel into
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a small river. i worked there together with another guy who was already old he was 32 and i was 16. i didn't know what these ashes were. one day when i saw it in daylight i asked. what is the job we're doing so he told me what it was. not me. blush and i've never forget it every morning i look at my hands and see well i have the number here and i see it every day at a time in. world leaders at the holocaust memorial forum spoke about the importance of remembering
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of the horrors of what happened during a solemn ceremony. there was a performance from an international orchestra led by conductor. steve of course the event was broadcast live online in 6 languages and president putin gave a speech describing the holocaust as one of the darkest moments of the world has ever seen. before my visit to drusilla i looked through the official documents and reports of red army offices after the liberation of auschwitz concentration camps i must say dick colleagues it was impossible to read the details of how the merciless machine of people extermination worked these crimes conducted by the nazis were deliberate and well planned what they called their resolution of the
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jewish issue is one of the darkest emotion full pages in modern world history israel is hosting its largest international forum more than 45 world leaders are here in jerusalem attending the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz now amongst those who addressed the crowd was the russian president vladimir putin he said that was the soviet army who brought to an end the crimes of the nazis but that it came at such a huge price some say some $27000000.00 soviet citizens who had died at the same time he said that russia stands for truth and justice i mean vita those countries of the world who have held those values to stand alongside with ed he proposed to me shin up the permanent members of the un security council to be held this year and he offered russia as the host country to deal with these kind of issues and make sure that such horrendous atrocities do not happen again and use the word. 1st of all it was the soviet people who ended the barbaric plans of the nazis as it's
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been already mentioned here they predicted their own land and liberated europe from naziism with the blood we paid for this with the price that had never come in the worst nightmares of any nation 27000000 people killed we will never forget this but despite a 2nd feiss there are those who do not see the soviet union as a liberator in a somewhat damning opinion in peace the polish prime minister say that russia was not a liberator but had actually condoned and assisted nazi germany now the polish president declined his invitation to attend the ceremony because he was not afforded the opportunity to speak like was the russian president and others the official organizer you have a shame say that he had been asked to speak at a separate event the russian ministry of foreign affairs has come up quite strongly against the canes made by the polish media is saying that they are essentially rewriting history and that it's a known fact that russia was the army in the country responsible for liberation
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both auschwitz and poland and the israeli foreign minister agrees. i want to personally thank you for the fact that the red army free down schmidt's and helped in the victory over the nazis because my mother was one of those detained and was liberated by the red army relatives of those liberated from the camp know who freed them the israeli president has said that the history of the 2nd world war and the holocaust should really be lifted historians one statistic to come forward is the fact that a large number of youngsters have had seen the show or know very little about the 2nd world war our streets and the holocaust i caught up with it in here in israel who are trying to change that from the ashes of the auschwitz concentration camp emerged to woods never again. through the generations as warning. in a few days one a cause remembrance day will be commemorated around the world the tragedy of
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$6000000.00 jews who were tortured gassed and burnt in concentration camps will be remembered but for how much longer according to me simple holds as many as 66 percent of millennial cannot identify auschwitz and almost often cannot even name one concentration camp some don't even know what the holocaust was they have be multiple cases of people disrespecting concentration camps with a sophie's something that so people named and shamed by the controversial your low cost project increasing needs falling on the younger generation to make sure the atrocities of the holocaust are not forgotten like it is going over its whose grandfather was a survivor outraged by recent studies showing the ignorance of 1000000 meals he set up a project called humans of the holocaust while trying to do this project is actually you know to their own form and to better educate people about what happened in the holocaust and are trying to do it in a different angle trying to because we're speaking about me or anyone else you know today you have twitter and you have instagram and you have tick tock and you have
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so much information and you have to get the attention of the young generation humans of the holocaust is a project that tells the stories of survivors and their children they speak about the years in camps and how they lived with this experience off towards some young people have come up with unusual ways of remembering the relatives my grandfather was. a hero for me he was a very very big part in my life from when i was a baby i asked him before i did so he asked why why young girl like you want to do number of holocaust in your head i taught him that i want to keep the story alive to tell my kids to tell my grandkids they can't get over it's ones to expand his project with more human stories so. who would remember and even if you get i would you for example add there is
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a holocaust survivor named dougal lychner he told me that the only thing that actually kept him going while he was in the holocaust was sense of humor and he suggested that we will take this picture holding a yellow boom in the sheep of the whole batch the jews were forced to put on their sleeves during the holocaust and in the beginning i wasn't sure that this is exactly that picture that i want to portray you know it is a submission that when we took the picture and when he actually you know the rooney actually embraced it and he was so happy he had the this huge smile these face and you know everything connected because his message is that is no matter what is happening actually in your life if you will to use your sense of humor you will find the resilience to actually you know to keep forward i'm sure when stories that people will be able to actually to release and my hope is that you know the people you know with it will see that exhibition they will do their own research and it will try to figure out why the holocaust happened and what are the lessons that we
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are all supposed to learn from you know from the history never again i'm running during which time will tell on monday poland will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz death camp the following is a story of a man who survived the horrors of their lives love or sick he was actually born in the concentration camp and managed to survive along with his mother we spoke with him about the liberation of auschwitz. people tell us that there was no liberation they say so if there was no red army then there wouldn't be me or other prisoners oh my mother i have never questioned the merits of these soldiers i have always been grateful the prime minister and the president criticized the red army equally it was the same under the previous authorities know the admit there was a liberation of auschwitz but at the same time they say there was no liberation of
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we also recall that the 2nd occupation. was liberated but that was so and other cities were not i don't know maybe the americans liberated them we discussed the issue of shifting perceptions of the 2nd world war with a number of observers here is what they shared with us this is a classic case of distortion of history if you try and deny the not only the fact that those who read ot me liberated auschwitz but the incredibly enormous role played by the red army in the defeat of nazi ism the other hand you can understand why people who were liberated from that seize but later had to had to endure a soviet system don't feel that they were really liberated there is one person who is responsible world war 2 and that out of there is one country that
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has bonds of a world war 2 and that's nothing germany it's one of those cases in history where the war didn't think quite accidentally it wasn't a mistake it's one of the clearest cases of good versus evil we have a fisichella nation in the world frankly we're facts don't seem to matter anymore people are rewriting facts just to fit their particular narrative and we find that particularly among nationalists the soviet people bled more than anyone else during world war 2 the soviets gave up more in terms of men fighting and civilians who died than any other country during world war 2 and if it wasn't for the soviet union. i have serious doubts whether hitler would have been defeated and i don't think anyone can really question that yes the united states was also of course key and if it wasn't for the united states is industrial might the soviet union might not have gone during the war but the united states provided the industry invited soldiers to obviously many americans were killed but the united states provided the industry the planes the tanks etc in the soviet union bled and fought and bled and defeated the nazis on the battlefield. the russian computer programmer accused by
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the us of laundering billions of dollars in bitcoin has been extradited to france from greece this according to his lawyer she claims her client was unlawfully taken from a hospital where he was being treated after being on a hunger strike for more than a month comes to not below spoke to r.t. . alexander disappeared today he was taken by police forces who ordered the doctors to release him even though he was exhausted and on the 35 day hunger strike as his lawyer i assure you that they had no right to take him because today's decision by the supreme court was not executable i have been in contact with all competent greek authorities today and until 930 nobody knew where alexander was it was confirmed to me by my french call
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that alexander vinick is already in france in the hospital they will try to interrogate him at this state where he has been barred from communicating with me since yesterday night his rights are being violated i'm sure his very afraid and terrorized by this procedure because he had absolutely no information on what happened there has been a court decision which was available after 4 o'clock but this is not a decision which allows extradition however it is proven that he was moved to france before even this decision was issued this is a non lawful procedure against a human being who is entitle to his rights and dignity so little background for you here on the story 40 year old alexander village was arrested in 2017 the u.s.
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accuses him of founding a digital currency exchange that facilitated cyber crime and drug dealing and french authorities claim you carried out cyber fraud from his prison so moscow wanted to question him as well on similar charges on thursday greece approved his extradition to all 3 countries. before the latest ruling russia's foreign minister criticized the greek authorities for refusing to examine the evidence presented by moscow and earlier this month alexander claimed he had been tortured while in greece they're trying to use torture and psychological pressure to break me they do not allow me to breathe fresh air the last time they let me out for a walk for a few minutes was on new year's eve i am a man without rights illegally imprisoned in greece for 30 months without charges they want to destroy me for my knowledge they want my head on a block just because of what i know and my technological abilities. lawyer again spoke to us through the next stages in defending her quite. i am now in
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contact with my french court liquids already at the hospital where alexander has been transferred all year in paris i have already filed a letter with judges of investigation in order not to examine him in these conditions during the night while he's exhausted and he doesn't know what's happening because i had no time to even inform him of the court decision masking therefore with my letter the judges to respect human rights law and respect procedure give postponement of his hearing and not do not hear him in this frail condition and of course we have already made an appeal to the united nations working group against arbitrary this detention we are still waiting for them to take action it's very important that alexander be protected and we will exhaust and
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the legal procedure and anything that we can do to protect this individual because when alexander's rights are violated everybody's rights are violated. a landmark ruling by the united nations has stated in that climate refugees cannot be sent home from countries they are seeking asylum in if their lives are in danger judgments are president for future claims the communities of give you die we die reeboks national and international efforts defense of climate change you receiving state meek s'posed individuals to a violation of their rights thereby triggering do not reform obligations of sending states. case was brought by an islander from here by the pacific ocean who claimed he was in danger due to rising sea levels he applied for asylum in new zealand but was rejected he also failed at the un but the case set a precedent that others could apply the world body ruled that the climate crisis
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could expose individuals to a violation of their rights and that states couldn't legally send refugees back to their countries of origin germany's interior ministry has spoken out against the un's ruling most studies suggest environmental change is a trigger but not the sole cause of migration decisions. political commentator david vance and former leader of the wales green party. gave us their views on the story. i think the u.n. ruling is a good one we're going to see millions and millions of people maybe 300000000 people. fleeing climate change where the through starvation or drought storm flood to certification and we have to be ready for it we have to start talking about this here's the facts on this one 1st of all this is a normal legal decision by the un human rights commission it's just another way
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till essential exploit the un's puppet to advance open borders and you know even at the most obvious level i can't believe anyone swallows this kind of go this is not restricted to the developing broke world we have most of our cities i think there are something like 32 of the world's greatest cities largest cities are likely to be under water london new york it doesn't make any sense to. look at this in any way other than the fact that people will be on the move but pepper you've missed something you've just said so many of 4 leading cities are going to be under water so you see all these people coming from the less developed world i mean we can surely import them and submerge cities and therefore city submerged or i don't mean any road is suggesting that all these people what you're saying is let's bring 3rd world people to submerge the base doesn't make
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a lot of sense does it i didn't say anything i mean what i'm secure suggesting what i'm saying is what the scientists are saying is that we are going to have our own climate refugees the developing world it's not all flattened it's not all at sea level but it will. be necessary for many many people to start moving in all sorts of places in the world in all sorts of continents no most continents can deal with them internally but some can't well the fact of the matter is that this year. un human rights committee decision it isn't legal it's not binding every sensible country even germany is going to reject it so people like pepper can continue to dream on but what we need to do as a country is to protect our borders protect our people and look after our own simple as our. u.s. has threatened to impose tariffs on cars from the e.u. if brussels goes ahead with a digital tax on u.s. tech giant reports of purse. not being is
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a beethoven or for me idea is give a little here get a lot for global companies it's often a direct line to the heart of power for generations boozy lunches were once the fashion but now it seems did still giants more interested in offering up a cup of joe as it in use plans to introduce a digital tax take for it seems that the big 4 that google amazon facebook and apple are trying their best to cozy up to process. i don't think it's a good idea to talk about politics or policy with a glass of wine in your hand and excellent food offered by a person who has clear interests to represent and then there is a little less transparent lobby because there are members of industry associations well they have consultants working for them so you talk to people and you don't realize if they are representing the interests of google or facebook or silicon valley because the names are different these lobbyists seem to have some very deep
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pockets according to transparency international in 2019 google spent some 8000000 euros trying to get into brussels good graces while the lobbying budgets of the big 4 have skyrocketed since 2014 so why is this new digital tax regime causing them such a headache well until recently most digital giants pay their tax bill in the country where they're registered but as they've grown questions are being asked as to why they were paying tax income derived in individual countries their fronts led the charge by imposing the so-called gaffa tax causing the trumpet ministration to go into a tailspin. but the companies are one of the bridge. they're going to be taxed it's going to be. the corner and trump say they are still talking things through. simply over
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a free couple from facebook other countries in europe are now gearing up to take a slice of the profits point even the bridge to nowhere longer agree with the e.u. on anything on the same page plan to go ahead with article services tax in april italy says $82.00 is gearing up for digital tax leaving the us to throw more threats of tariffs as if they're like a buy one get one free offer we've been pretty clear that we think that the digital touches discriminatory in nature but it seems with a new terror threat so almost a weekly basis when the trumpet ministration the french a boy by the idea of safety in numbers what will they do tomorrow to go off to austria and spain italy the united kingdom all the other countries across the globe that will implement digital tax we're going to order global trade which is in nobody's interest and the result is not worth the effort it's taken them
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a while but it does appear that all e.u. countries are now on the same page all in agreement that they should be taxing digital joints which means if no agreement is made globally in the next few months starting with talks in paris next week the us and e.u. the old allies could find themselves going head to head. the altie paris 35 minutes that's when i'll be back with another lecture notes this is going to trash. a political show well. clearly. is a blood. in the wake of the.
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presidential candidates debate the future of the u.s. and the world. to the burning questions of this election cycle. every week. student. was money. whether the object is he should be. one of the people so he be in luck because. that's me what i mean i well me and i don't know but the policy of.
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the moment was a. dumb move to move. the school. away and the spirit in that even into the can save some people watch musical blood from a week when the.
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winter is that. i have no clue you. jim and i should say that's most of the. thanks. welcome to the alex salmon sure we continue our series on the crisis of highs in across the u.k. today we take a look at yet another organization delivering practical help to rough sleepers on the streets of london and also feature the university which is adopt a thai using as more than a subject for academic study but is a cloudy and call for effective action but 1st your tweets messages and e-mails and response to our c.d.'s are in finland george says fake clear is how can they be
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happy without include toting the price strings tom says in sweden there's a private initiative that has functions like a food bank but not the status as national food bank fenlon doesn't have any food banks but has a well developed direct and decentralize food distribution system more happy messages to egypt says thank you alexander for the program to be looking forward to watching the show next week with a vital issue in our contemporary life or thank you grant to says great choice of subjects we can definitely learn from all our northern cousins magazine says i've been to finland and to north korea to learn how to do things differently for a start there is no letter because they have a local taxation system so people know if they don't let to their principality has to pay for it to be uplifted people need to be accountable and here they are not targets is going to finish education myself and my god daughter start this at 7 in
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finland my son in scotland started school it 5 i. compared to school work and noticed that in her 1st year she had caught up and actually overtook my son's education my opinion as a 7 year old can take loads more instructions and information and the school system is more efficient in finland thomas says i've lived in finland for the last 20 years for me as a model for the potential of a small independent nor the nation of 5000000 people making its own choices and priorities and finally thomas says development of the individual seems to be central whereas in many other countries the emphasis seems to be more for the benefit of the state well thank you for your message and i'm sorry if i was unable to reach out we had a great response in fact the face that views for one of our shows was over 326 days and people watching now an estimated 2 o'clock 8400000 people in england are living in an unaffordable in secure or unsuitable home according to research commission.


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