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out of the piece. bob the. kind of what it needs to be jumping up. and we can all be. out above and out. in a slump and today. in
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february 2011 riots broke out in benghazi in north africa as libya that would lead to fist civil the head of state level gadhafi was overthrown and killed it.
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today libya has effectively been divided into 3 parts the western section is controlled from tripoli by the government of national accord an administration endorsed by the international community through the united nations. the central area with its capital and is controlled by isis. eastern libya was ruled from some broken bengazi by the libyan national army under field marshal. often can happen is that when we can have them can one of the phenomenons that most of them are kind of one of the more thought of me i see. what.
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the. want them. but. let's not ideal and how many that's the kind of gather up the. c.n.n. and is it what the full. of the would just. come on the next i mean how you can come in with a muscle keep going. until they have the kind of. the mud. i think father i won't condemn him talk.
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somehow you connect your home. life in plus can to bluff but. you could not love them. i'm not a model i do nothing more that i do any of. them. was there not to be a teen then. i'm the one of them and freeze i mean i'm not out of 10 pm feet off any special deal for me our boss calls come on my work in the shop by any vision i want to be just and have a company if you don't know what. i
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should be. then yes. because you. now seem. just like that with me she had. w.
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what i need you. c l a t. what i mean and i had the head he. was. the one who preferred to share a room. or let's say from the. deed to the local garden. you. may need the enriching you need a lot of that so initially again. the who are. you to has pushed.
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through the rain with them drop them in gelatin say so new coworkers are having it right. there.
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one of the few more so because in the court of the question i have. one screw top. and if we know how many of the and walked. in. it's. really.
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we'll have to see. yourself to learn how to become of the dash the new direction of our set up our. souls not even in this mortal. little did you know now if you. had the medina and the hudson looking at the wasn't. heavy in my mouth the subtlety and. so i thought of when the food.
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lity. main mission is. moose and the bill he left enough to handle he'll enough to kenna. matt. hardy. the mess that off he. was the washing machine itself would he know what. i mean and what on the men and the house at the daily. show who had. been with them up of a bullet had you dude but that away when one of them. up and. walked
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away you should be really out there when you. see you stood. in cheek. a little for the little sauce i'll. let you off. for your walk in the retreat. i mean when i listen to you. if you saw you know what. i would i would.
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and i mean nothing. oh yeah. sure if you're going to come out here oh yeah tell me. this one about economic period that's my killer will a. police operates and we've got you but they hate alice i. mean how tell a funny girl in june of the middle of us. well i'm going to have to write you a system where you literally have to die no i did but that will be in the till we had the little you got funded in the time of the medina. which they made you know
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at the home with you but as you might you know monkey. no no and initially are none of the v.d. be amended initially and that you know and that got that on there. you name. any idea any of us i didn't i would be in there man. and he had it in time and be me and he was not if i did there was to. leave tell me get in the. you know how did he lead you for the last about. a 1000000 say he had he was going to will not grow up there is a middle of the few bad gods. or 120. women who had done the. math and looked a little. bit into the income that if he meant that he was missing them then i can't.
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in the united states presidential candidates debate the future of the u.s. and the world. dig into the burning questions of this election cycle. every week. x. student debt trade was money universal basic. and more catch up with running this sunday exclusively on r.t. . this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the street. what happens to her family and daughters in florida know the mother daughter is very innocent and terry it really messes with your head
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what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police need is a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court the be the. shock shock as far as society we feel. we don't know she'll just screw up on. the end of this trial unfortunately you truly will still love no chill just. seemed wrong. but all in all just don't call. me all that he gets a shape out just they become educated and it gains from an equal betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. before the war libya had the 7th largest oil reserves among opec members half of foreign oil revenues went to the population medical care and education were free but this was before. oil production has fallen by a factor of 603rd of the population now lives below the poverty line.
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player since to have a good dinner toasts a lot of the. saloon there's a. whole field overflowing with the before but it's sort of the surface of the burj you justin and gloria borger for the history so how do you know if you want to sleep early to. look at least. not know how often i know neck down. we're going to
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be there you know bought a lot of the needy had the but nobody and nothing would not be an adult but i cannot help the injured then what can the and the it and i don't mean you can have the adored. him. this is this muslim student i see and it suits. the man with the bits of the month and the other one commissioning group leader in the they do some bullshit out of this is. true but i can live with only him dash.
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dash really thought a minute and he thought he would. rather. be in the. first. issue who will do what subtle he has against. one of the few us. dish leaves as the monthly in debt so we can assume that. it was you know again evolution of until he must not be infusing them with the. name we can see today as. if they can come to us and tell them that even without any. meaning in.
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the end you had to. look in this new god for love out here. at the new moon which many of you feel. when to tell me is that. there have been removed can you. jimi. him in ash. come on that wasn't the guy then what we need to look in the future love will come to look in. well i mean . this somehow the thought it was new was certainly real income and that's good that it's ok. for me but you got to watch that there was one of the no look. in the show i wouldn't have to go but i don't that's going to you're not.
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going to get the. no one mission lead to michelle and. ms he would have had cops. with washington and horse and they had me and they could be issued 7. before. me was
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available. oh yeah and. when i was it was the last time and. you need to. she you know. why they must. be and i'm one of the of the again.
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now mcphee how. beautiful but you don't you know in the life mean. to. them and. then we'll. give you. the geo. on the for the. moment if you mean have you come in within the few. minutes and it . will. come up but if you do hold up.
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the gunshots i get all feet. sob and i would i would love i mean as i cannot that could be any. model out of us and i was. one of the 1000 a kind of money in my house could mean how to for that i need let me live i mean can or couple say no and then when man is a no no or kind of your calls for freeing up a cause for large why you can recall him and the need for. nothing more you had all . but one number. to kick.
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some of. the money. let's take a. cue from.
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shade. police were made up of the a p. sometimes i was korean as i would call. my home a shade. tree just below them conduct and ones that. i want to. be i'm convinced i'm all lost on the way i looked even commenced
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while he was still in. the 7th book and to use a little while during my little i'm going well so long. we've also discovered that there are genes in our bodies that protect us from aging we call these longevity genes and there's
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a set of genes that we work on in my lab at harvard called the search and for those to work effectively to slow aging and prevent us from getting diseases they need a molecule called an 80. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. from the must lead new c.e.o. of the bias no you could see the slime give or smear the focus on domestic abuse that he's. going to get what. you see in the film which that does conclude the most good moment in. the last.
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young. boy. not that old saying oh yeah don't let. the little. you know world a big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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the. least. pension changes. presenting. a form. of. the u.k.'s national health service is the 1st of its kind legal challenge. changing drug.


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