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willing. to race just as. one country coming up next on the comanche child for u.k. views it sputnik was always got a way back with a life. that . could. be. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family my daughter's in florida
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mother my other daughter is buried in a cemetery in healing messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police need is a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court b b b b. shot after shot as far. as i feel. we don't know childress from. the end of this trial unfortunately you. will still not know what childress.
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no it was. just me. one can. decide. out of the piece. that the head you see bob the. side of kind of what it needs to be jumping. out above the net. windows but it's mostly about the slope and today.
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with. something outside puzzles female i will go. in february 2011. riots broke out in benghazi and north africa as libya that would
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lead to fist civil war head of state malema gadhafi was overthrown and killed. today libya has effectively been divided into 3 parts the western section is controlled from tripoli by the government of national accord an administration endorsed by the international community through the united nations. the central area with its capital and is controlled by isis. eastern libya was ruled from some broken bengazi by the libyan national army under field marshal. often can happen is that when we can have them can one of the phenomenons that most of them are kind of. more thought of me i see.
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the. a lot of them. but. let's not ideal and how many that's the kind of gather up the. c.n.n. and this is what the full. of the would just. come on the left i mean how you can. be kind of. a mad. father. well.
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for life and plus. but. when i love them and. help them out of my life i do nothing more that i do. let them. was there not to be a teen then. i'm one of them and she's i mean i'm not often have.
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any special free boss calls going on my way in the shop by any vision i live in peace and how my company if you don't know what. you know. because you.
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let me she at. you i need you. but the economists of the i.c. . lemme know what i mean and i had this idea that he. will if you know about them as. share rule. for the let's see what data you can look at the i.
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believe that if we need to be here michel you need a lot of that so initially again we had to go with the a. little. push. through the rain with john they're going to wrap them in gelatin said so new to watch from the.
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you really. one of the few months i can be in luck because in the court of law the question i. once can do talk i keep. going. and if we know how many of the and walked out of. any number.
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it's. really. we who should show she. was not the one how do we come of the dash the new direction of us all up on. hold not even in this mortal. did you know now if you. had the medina minimizing looking at there wasn't. i'll sing that.
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heavy in my mouth to shall clear. cut up when the food. letty. mission is and will be. enough to handle enough to cana. jen matt. hardy. as it all off we. may need it so if we know what. i mean and what on
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the men and the hospital at the daily. back i'll be in with them up of a bullet had you dude but at the way when one of them as you should be. most well off or you should believe. we shall soon see you stand. in cheek. middle for the little soft. you are. so. far. or you walk in the retreat.
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and. i mean when i listen to you. and your. coca-cola here and the day. when i was no one with any. money given. it came here on the. air i mean nothing no nothing was look i'll be fine. oh yeah. sure isn't going to come out here at all you tell me. this one about economic period that my killer will a. highly separates and when he had you but behaved alas i. mean had telephone.
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well going to him had the right to just him where you literally have to die know what i did but that will be in the till he had the little you got funded in a thermometer he didn't know. which way would you know what the economy did but as he would you know monkey. going under and initially none of the really be amended or any shouldn't that union that got that on there. you name. any idea any of us i didn't i would be in there my. and he had it in time of being in the white house but if i did there was to shut up. when you get in the. room how do how do you lay me for the loss of a. 1000000 said he had he was going to win and well i think that's more than one of his feet but god. i 100 in.
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the middle had the. american. mission them. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. in the united states presidential candidates debate the future of the u.s. and the world. max kaiser and stacy herbert dig into the burning questions of this election cycle. every week. tax student debt trade was
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corporate money universal basic income and more catch up with what's front running this sunday exclusively on. before the war libya had the 7th largest oil reserves among opec members half of foreign oil revenues went to the population medical care and education were free but that was before. the oil production has fallen by a factor of 6 and a 3rd of the population now lives below the poverty line.
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player since the other going to talk. to something. so if you don't know if you don't know what the before the sort of the surface of the earth you so thin of glory or there for who received the silver how do you know if you want to sleep early. that. night no no no neck down. walk on the throne
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for me they bought a lot of the needy had been nobody and nothing would not be an adult but i cannot help the injured then walk the walk up the it and home you can have the adored. him. this. heists and the suits you. have of them on with the bits the month and the other one commissioning group leader in the they do some bullshit other things in. them too but i can live with only him dash. dash really thought
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a minute and if you thought he. must . first. issue will do what he has against him or. dish leaves out of the month aleem dar so i can assume. your seat again you must not confusing them with the. dash. in they can come to us and tell them that even without any. need in. the end you had to tell them
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about the other business and you got a level here. at the new movie which made me feel like i'm. going to tell me that. there have been removed can you. hear me. if you mean i should let. come on that wasn't the guy then what we need to look in the future love will come to look in. well i mean i mean has it already thought this somehow the thought it was new was certainly real enough to get them and that's good that it's ok. but you've got to watch that there was one of the no look. look in the show i wouldn't know not to go over there and that's going to you're not.
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the one measuring need to measure. this he would have had. to listen to the horse in the heading and how they could be easily severed. before. they need to clear of me which if you
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know who and. what i was it was the last time and. you need to. she you know. why they must. feel me and i'm woman look of the.
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thing now my feet how. beautiful but you don't you know in the left mean. to. him a. man would have thought of. me and i could be a. geo. come up of the. moment if you mean have you come in within the few. minutes of the war will. come up but if you do hold up.
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my body to face the gunshots i get all feet. sob and i would i would love i mean as i cannot it can be any. money out of my son i was. now for the final kind of money in muscatine how to follow that i mean let me love i mean can or couple say no and then when man is a no no or kind of your calls wolf enough for large why are you coming to him and the need for. nothing more you had. no one. to kick him. for.
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some of. the money. look so. cute.
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shade. police were made up of the a p. sometimes i was 3 and as i would go. home ashamed. filo them conduct and moans and. i want to them fucking luck and come on.
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me i'm convinced i'm all lost on the way i looked even convinced more. some. can. see and you can see. the same with. a new celeb new model among them but also along.
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the entire stock market and bond market is being taken by a bit with free money and the result will be medieval as a male feudalism it's clear as day. must leave. the slime you want to smear. to use that we. want. to see in the. most with. my. money. you know you change.
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the want. sanctions wording to alleged information warfare. news agency says its international website is shut the. us treasury. told to go into hiding amid a furious the free speech a teenage french girl received death threats. videos on social media to discuss what the should be a line between hatreds and freedoms. the british prime minister gives a warning of a carbon emissions at the u.k. summit striking energy deals that almost entirely centered around fossil fuels. ahead of a key poll in the north of the country this sunday the.


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