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operations understand that the cost of doing business is buying and building support in washington d.c. and that includes staffing up with former members of congress put them on your payroll you want to hire a chief of staff from a powerful senator or a committee. member get their chief of staff put them on your payroll as a lobbyist this is what washington does on a bipartisan basis in fact i think it's the only point of true bipartisanship in d.c. is corporate influence over government. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics school this i'm show business i'll see you then.
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our our. our i. was. told. on july. 14th. we actually hasn't. worked. out i'm also. going to the store and. that's when everything how. i can.
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tell them about. this and we're happy. to hear. shots came from their. m.p. . soon after the murder of my daughter genesis gym or training so often it's running so. jeffrey either be. themselves. for an accomplice or. it was picked up about a month and a half after all of that and he was picked up on gun charges that were linked to the murder. why don't you like to tell us what that line. crime scene.
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of the day and i was because. all day i was on it i didn't want to. go i was the people who put you out there and watch the same one person i'm not just saying to people i'm saying a lot of people and you know the c.d.c. the cameras are on the cameras here they have scanner is a little store camera is of all days had cameras everywhere and i was another right i was into you know what happened a 12 year old girl was accidentally shot. and she died because of this. we don't know right now it's always come back to you. for all you can write to me. but i wasn't. sure when i want you to be honest and that's why i respect you good night you came you came you know people. driving around. in ash oh you know what you want you want you you want and
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you're telling us you're through and. does not mark you are right why did you. 'd detect the be content the album. around and seen us but i think that the sanford police said the steamboats probably took their children. off them it went destroyed before the internet the fight plays out and it was close and they were returning to the wood and the victims were if i have only fire was right now and you thought it was 5 and then he saw the big dump truck to run. the crew so
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much turmoil when genesis got shot it was just so good this devastating news and not on the mine would have been with genesis because it's tragic news in a child it's got to be the worst thing but these 3 bullets have been going around forever in 2010 they have documented close to hundreds of different dances their uniqueness about the gang culture in the passion area is that all you can cause from one block to the other and you're in other games territory for everybody person for a different reason so do you blame the hostess include soon do the host ruefully how do you do food with the house and then be told you good. so the house needs. kidney failure. fees brothers says this. is only one. drugs or. this new york city.
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speech. he had to sit at home before. my son down the hill we're going to see suleman is like when it came. back. oh my god. he's. right. i think. that we pray for healing or order for prosperity are at this corner point this corner. like this there are heart i thought we have it there right up up right at the. very end david feet before genesis it wasn't a bad you know go up and it is pretty pretty messed up you do things you don't
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think you would do you know you still cars. oh. being on the back he says so crack you know it wasn't like a career it was just like you do it you do it so then i met jenny genesis ma and started dating and then she came out pregnant. that changed when i held genesis that's when it hit me like. my father. and. i feel like total fools on the boat. that i didn't do process. all. police cars on the side and you can sit right here. and like them they were built up once before. how did it were coming from with what. you.
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see. from right. here do to get my name on it is not the murders are. ok so you realize your whole entire future is at stake here you get that right ok so here's what i'm going to do i'm going to save you from all of this now you want to know harley how much is my freedom worse absolutely yeah i can't put a price on your freedom but here's the deal you want the best you're here i'm the best. someone shot of bullets from my house and it was a bad day so this is a benelli m 4 tactical. skoal plights everything red dot laser. like with a laser. we know it becomes an issue when you're walking around and people
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recognize you and gang members are upset with you because maybe you lost the trial and their their gang member or friend blames you this is wall for the. why they have the side. because i'm scared of being here and because. i mean my kids to be somewhere else and i have so much going on here. it's scary i want them to be able to pay off fine. without me having to worry about getting them getting hurt or if someone is coming for us and sorry just leave and leave everything behind as long as i'm glad. i don't want to listen either one. or. more.
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right here in the matters the mortgage they reversed more. were state versus jeff reality in the 150-3014 you know it's a it's a very there's there's an actual event in the process that it isn't a smooth. or well that anybody have mr bright yes but i would think you'd only be fair to all parties to set this matter down for a trial date my client's been sitting in jail a year and a half i clued in option is to grab her i know you want to drop the case but you didn't want to do this preach aren't the. first meeting you know. we're. going to and you know thank you. interestingly enough as if the state could not delay this case further or more pressure on my client this bill was $3000000.00 i believe cash only that's not
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a bail that's just code 'd for we're going to keep you here as long as it takes for your trial to call this tree's probably got a job here when he was probably about 1516 and that's when we found out that his that will go on like that's when we got the news that the rest didn't look good in . possibly being going to be gone for about 30 years and job marriage just felt like his father like didn't care about him. through the good kid his father committed when he was one. he's always been a great kid always but the rest of my kids never got in trouble. always went to school never gave me a hard time he was always a really good kid would have that happen if your parents teachers and it goes for a very good thank you john here is that i'm on the right now is more or less like he knows that he's going to be cleared and i said jeremy and i i would hardly on
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this they're gunning for the. public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose jimmy or more a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record. who better to. properly police these individuals in these gangs you have to know their culture you have to know what the gangs are about the general makeup. monitoring them is getting harder and harder because there has been a deep decrease in the police force due to cutbacks and things like that but there . was sometimes a specialized units that were focusing on that they're not there in the way. we have to talk about gangs are being able to make money heroin. it's. the drug. and. when we talk about gangs we have to talk about not only gun violence
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reducing gun violence but we have to focus on what drugs now are being. just. really sort of. you know being homeless. daughters in florida you know the mother daughter. it really messes you up. as a. you know. a year ago today i was at work paid like i was doing when i graduated school for my life was going where i wanted to go to the point where i was like i'm going to be and i will be able to support my family my children everything is going to be ok no this is what
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i was just. and then. from your fingertips. which. people did not. matter they had to as he should be. one of the 4 so he'd be in luck because. the bus. does mean what i mean i was me and i don't know but the foreseeable.
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home i was was a. dumb move to move. the school. away industrial john boehner put images of him said some people watch musical blood from a christmas. when to determine if it. and then have money moved can you. hear michelle i.
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am innocent of the santa most i'm. thinking 150-3014 we carpenter's case in chambers and it's my understanding there are still some open discovery you should use defense counsel whether you know to read. with regard to discovery or any other issues in this case i'd like to raise an issue that or the last time we were here. this is their 1st slee requested a trial date of april 1st and there seemed to be some resistance from some of the parties and that i respectfully requesting that the corps put downs of temper 20th
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tuesday as a real trial date there should be no reason why myself and co-counsel all co-counsel the state as well cannot be ready by that time to try this case these are 3 young men who have been incarcerated been denied their pretrial liberty by a massive excessive bail that nobody in this court could make they've waited long and hard for a trial they deserve a trial the state deserves a trial and we're sitting here again not able to do that i would love. to just say that sedating and that we're going to proceed on that day. but the state has to make its finally woke her and the fence then have to make it informed decision as to whether they want to try this case of they want. take the lead so we're getting closer to that point but we're not near
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a judge if i may i appreciate that and i'd again just as a practical matter if this trial doesn't go at the very beginning of october at the latest this case will not go to trial in 2016 the earliest we can hope for is the big she and you are in 2017 trial i agree with you it is you know we talked about this in chambers just being practical there's still some more work to do in this case a lot. not a while that you feel that way you know counsel don't necessarily feel. all right and he also. i think they do want to. look everybody has an interest the prosecutor has an interest in preserving justice the other tourney's have an interest in ensuring that their clients get a fair trial i have that same interest but we need to get things done and sometimes when people are getting paid by the hour or they're on salary even there one has
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a different motivation than the other and that's that's creating a big i think a partial conflict here. blowing. from day one it was it was people said yeah hey yeah we got him we this we that we got all this we got him back. and then too big you have nothing to say. you lay you not even thought there. was going on. now is that the plane where. are these are these guys really cool dude or it was just. randomly picked up from street.
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you left everything looked. chance to stone and you left. my family behind and left a lot and. now i feel confused happy and sad because like. i don't know when it comes queues confused i don't even know what to do. i'm happy they're washed put out like i don't leave i don't leave my dad my brother because. she was in crime she didn't cry she cried we were the 1st the 1st time let's say. the 1st big you know kind of
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big hairy body hips and this is going to be i don't know she doesn't want to make fun of what it's like hard for to me finest. how does she make friends is the only fun and best friends you have with her sister just he's still holding now he's in love with. me. i want to be over yeah i want them they plead guilty i don't want them to be. going to trial anymore others overpower wanted to be done. is just too much now we've been at this for 2 years almost and it's still going on go. a little harder you have to please be see. my little girl for the retrial arms of matters of jail hear more and more she in the chair 3 a little bit later this is you know 30 on. no.
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jesse everybody's up there if you do i literally started it is it jail the charges include murder. weapons of bence's these 3 defendants states that the allegations are that they were are over the crew that was getting back to go looking for specifically maybe dystrophin rick's mr shaquille riggs as we know is a big defendant there in bergen county for the murder of the 0 buck another young girl and he will be going to trial just like his co-defendants in sometime in the summer this matter has been one not resolved by way of plea or cooperation 'd and there is no further to go she was the is the one they walked through. on. their state's originally over was 40 years mr moore 40 years for mr l. to be in it with the 4. mr if i had the match phone
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a sense from the supposed right to fit all else in this case as to who can settle with. that life in prison. all right and spoil your skin all that as mr moore you had no time to take a bet with us but you tell me that this ain't just didn't happen today you don't want to leave office you know that it's not what you want to do all those are on this case this fall. and he further. you know are very well set up for september staff and i think they are the ones. with. the rwanda. and nobody really is just sitting on the fact that what if these boys are innocent yet is wrong when there are these. like our fellow must have your life is for ever. ready you get found innocent whether you get found
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guilty whether it's a mistrial a dismissal whatever it is your life is forever going jeff we never even got a ticket that i'm only now on the 1st crime commision murdered as ridiculous it's a shop has been very depressed and. has been hard and i rest on my kids. to explain to them that their brother might not come home for something he didn't gain. so it's been hard. i put up mode. to see that. basin chapter. defendants apparently did not look to charge us as our trial and error as you'll be innocent unless each and every special element of the offense or charge of as charges are proved beyond doubt that. it is not
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don't you that it's untrue or. it's a small room. in this room school years old. instance your society our society until. just couldn't stop that. genesis came upon that moment in time. when it is ending. and it isn't and his end appeared in the failure of the bible they. can't. be. shot after shot spark. their arms or are yours yet. to see. the fruits of your miserable. guilty
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of those counts for murder she entered against each and every one of those. who have justice with a rueful freedom. and. it's. worth. ladies and gentlemen. we do not need to decide whether this killing was terrible. we know that it was and we know that it was tragic. your purpose is there for. it is that to dissolve the state has proved that my fil chose to pull out confident that when you hear the guidance you'll find that there is not just war reasonable doubt but there exists many many reasonable balance throughout the states entire
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case. we don't know kill genesis from coal. and that in and of this trial unfortunately you. will still not know what childress called. the. word quit slips into. the space or. you dishonest way or will you have to get this case will be the true the whole truth and nothing but the truth you have put this in a record to show your p.c. that you do on more good point can you remember a significant event that. were out. in the area of our grand city of commerce and i regret acquires neuberger and some of your guests we have to meet who can paint and i pretend that harry had a 1st name can't we maintain a fight is to 30 minutes and counting down the line and i used to call themselves.
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the next to one group of friends and you see the person who was just recently did walk over 3. questions and find. that one is paying 10 times more towards the sports teams as a mantra might find itself tommy as nonsense tends to not pass on this morning's text a pastime be a means to life here or. there on the water this one fourteen's part is going to be more appealing to. the. poor the police are screwed just reality was bigger. regionally one who 1st told. you born changers or.
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something. the thing is all of the government. promotes. governmental spain so we do a scene there. which are not realized. plants. the problem i see is that these government is in my view much more capable to be more effective in doing what it's ordered to do the problem is that it will move in illegal be it's wrong period so it will be a stated goal and then me and the idea is to make street investment more more effective by the people would be better at the here spread within.
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the 75th anniversary of the road army's liberation of the nazi death camp auschwitz world leaders and dignitaries. for a holocaust commemoration we speak with survivor. i me i will never forget it every morning i look at my hands and see. i have the number here and i see it every day the time announcement. will no regrets in the face of a u.s. military tribunal the so-called mastermind behind cia torture techniques during america's war on terror admits he would do it again. and among the other stories that shape the week a deadly virus outbreak in china.


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