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this to be true. but it's really the small things from a record. how many pieces that were taller or with 6 kings or are dying millimeters formidable the 3 caliber i know a little noble good more could have been noted by. the press. were pretty hard to tell ok since. the scene you were never able to connect those showcase leaders with any specific knowledge or. i don't know if accounts. of the 3 are possible. or very well as a listen then you could show the other day if you're caught up in it but the evidence we have. says you were there that's the problem that that's the problem
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so me personally i won't but i'm not letting people sign my feet and needed their own opinions only when there is that at that not what i want i want to know what you get for it this will happen. around it's a legal field by x. it as if it is a big no never never when i have it i'm not i'm going to slide no i'm going to walk or meet. jack he's so. good afternoon good morning they're more certain who are who were asked to take students in this case decision. was that students were students good bye to their consumers so yes were you involved with the job the more the syllabus resumes where you sit that you couldn't get over that last response that wasn't there wasn't all i don't know why you would like me can't seem to want me to be as. foresight whenever a camera should see
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a store or ever check and it will show it was not put there through the nation were cameras attempted looted yes were you working cameras found to be in there are now 3 cameras from businesses going to be in the area. right. the step. rest have a nice. write . the check to. you when will the press conference and they post it now. for the rest of this is read this and that 1st arrest for again to modify your good. self confessed fire earlier not the shell casing that will balance the right oh.
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it's a fact isn't it you were never able to connect any of those cases with my client your meter war crap. but they were. going to do more to abort the reading matter cabin heard him better at the o.t. and well as we did best here are you who want who directs this c.s.i. and you will say boy is our integrated personal. for stuff that goes beyond the responsibility to have a certain i was requested to be it's a cult now in this case are several lies in the fire bigger under the back of this thread show the problem the genesis is sure is that this thing go on.
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in the april 1st 2004 years correct and there's a paris to the part of the case no matter who the shooting is bad that happened. to grassroots group being involved in the same god right and that was right and you know that persons were arrested and sure. 5 years already producing that god 1st you ought i mean you know you were bashing. her and sat up you were horribly injured you were in this case group that was right after you got arrested but i wish through our lot in that area. i was actually a part of 2 other tests folks were surprised to know that the interview with eli took 6 in an. oyster. what a surprise in another interview did not ask you that jess is all over the
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health. information. was there. no there right yes. god only who used to say. that refused to kill jazz was a big bear an additional big ass one brewer has never asked him about saying he thought. for her it was right. i don't hate the. duke. the kids i was into i was that. i was that that my family members a told their kids don't hide with a lexus. don't hang with a lexus. let's is bad. i'm no different than these guys.
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it. is just that i had to write people. i had to re support my parole officer mr williams. i violated at least twice. and he said he was not to lock me up because i was a smart kid and he met my mom he said your powers are good parents. and they don't deserve that from. you. all but. where. are you all do you see the errors and the noise is what we're seeing.
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you holding arrested and a house is ours and on that day yes. only the truth and plead guilty to leave the same c.s. 3rd grew and in a pool before. did you receive provision for destroying your really. literal word of yours beta test. on july 24th teen this is for you you are that. you are using this picture. is in the words of. you know to the future they will be able to him and our attention. and while resentful
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there was a part of. the city it was firing at it. was high or even was right. when the only people who were firing at a school knew see the people who work because of the words that are identifying as genuine one of the national verse of the other person who was the other shooter jennifer what's her where in or what does it look like to. sure where the hell are her. identifying to chair. the sorrows in the oceans oh on the side and he did on one of them when the street started firing. he said 3 of them when the treaties that get with nutrition as they went in the middle of the street or file suit is through normal nose in and
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guns are passable and that all. the while again you see the what in the. word what indra. was told was going to say that it would be more big city had guns what would they do with the guns. and says they were in. to being moral beings. was the wrong. tool. good. morning for the nation. you remember riding i'm going to respond you're going to throw your 1st it's an issue i have your own we're going to take place killers after you remove the earth or break. off. it was the only child. it's.
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just. as well the. operations understand that a cost of doing business is buying and building support in washington d.c. and that includes stuffing up with former members of congress put them on your payroll you want to hire a chief of staff from a powerful senator or a committee. member get their chief of staff put them on your payroll as a lobbyist this is what washington does on a bipartisan basis in fact i think it's the only point of true bipartisanship in d.c. is corporate influence over government. trade
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and investment to become magic spells to come get you cannot make development. most people think about trade they think about the goods and services being exchanged between countries and the investment chopped or of a trade agreement as opposed to something very different but won't when investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys secrets into the environment. that means local communities that are being poisoned with a object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can basically hold multinationals are taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i.d.s. d.s. to stop the oracle by implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a 4 inch company sued egypt because egypt raise its minimum wage democratic
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choice of a trump cool rich little joined us as we try to fund don't want to. be sure. that the phone with us now and. earlier in the trial there was evidence that came out that the gun used to kill genesis recall was used 3 months earlier to her killing in a shooting incident the person who used that god was caught his name is eli haynes today the state's star witness it's discovered that he's texting while on the stand he texted someone saying eli is here and the response came back what's eli doing there which leads us to conclude only one thing. cafferty swinger. testified today under the pressure of pointing the finger at my client because he knows that
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eli haynes is the true killer maker. so we're going to recess that is today i would say we received what i like to call a nugget a golden nugget if i'm successful and using and implementing that nugget then i'm hopeful that the jury will use that bit of information in my favor in my client's favor when they deliberate as to whether or not my client committed this crime. ladies and gentlemen let me begin by saying that in a criminal trial sometimes there is a moment not only to every piece of evidence presented by the prosecution to discredited or rendered meaningless we are also shown as there is a far more believable suspect in this killing who is not on trial here. we
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know that he lied on hughes the gun that killed genesis 3 months earlier and then sure to bring forward to make sure that carries finger through this is false testimony. ladies and gentlemen of the trier is a search for the truth that's why we're here we want to know what really happened that night and we don't know that was the place and poor detective work wal-mart it cost to run a fingerprint analysis on the case. who cares what the courts show doesn't have a price. the life of that 12 year old girl is not equated with the price for running a simple finger protests you shouldn't tolerate an investigation that well sure whether student can compensate or laziness. and i would ask you isn't john when you go back into that jury room ask yourself is there
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a reasonable possibility that splinter and order revival to protect themselves and gain an advantage with each release serious crimes they were each face. if there's a reasonable possibility that they were lucky and there is reasonable doubt and the verdict must be must be not guilty. thanks. take your. time mr prosecutor the big thing. is this case comes down countless women are. there are civilians. i submit are truthful reliable and credible based on other things of you shall we talk about you all you need you'll be taken the door was the drugs that you had it
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done and unfortunately maps are very narrow with the homicide happened these are the woods these are with this is the map there are people from st they live down here they try to raise a few trees out there and do the roads around here. and. shit weapons. and you know why us here. these guys in the getting that weapon. community handle sheer. you know idea that lines was never arrested with him but he never. and it has taken off today because he got rid of the scroll to the end of the earth itself and would ask again don't do all the plots. i want to thank you for your attention once again to your reasonable doubt as to its prudence gigs and ask you to try her arm to network with churches in the
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universe you'll think that it. will. probably want their kids to. kidnap out of the back of the horrified look if. they know that i have a person that's good and that's all i'm going to explain. that i'm black ecstatic to the temple but it's not the same text oh yes it's definitely not a basketball well i've had a really close but never. i hope i'm right. there so we've got our guests very now that's all we have because very very says is very central with. the roofer got in the backroom early when
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they're going through their whole. new issues in fact before fair to good. neighborly take their cause serious if you know what. we need to coach or something alex came close to the pairs taken is a joke or i don't hate the. side though. just. whether. they go to jail. for it i can't think i can't talk to a killer. i care quite a bit buggy and never going to happen after. this passed away as they took half of
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her and i have reversed the above like i was her sister's grab. done right in the name of me and you go home. and. maybe one will doubt herself it will be confiscated and it will be thrown out . to me as would have told to the cd. it's done with your yet i reviewed you know that i think your message to the point is i just want to ask the 4 person i want to ask you questions or person you feel to further the racial beneficially you feel if you've reached
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a point which further liberation from you do you feel that it would be futile yes. considering all of that i find it terminations this truck is necessary because the injuries feel who agreed upon a verdict within a reasonable time. after reasonable time through deliberations without going into clear and strong. support. they still if you are in the function you are a loon most of the civic duties which you will never be called upon to fulfill the declaration of a mistrial in this matter your services now we are 1st. every day i see houses and cities you respond to see if your easter is truly the scenery now i say that even though you didn't reach for i know how hard these days even at this case proved to be so now destroyed if you seriously since here's
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a thanks to all of us who serve in our where system you're not really and we should everybody that's. that's an. instance like it's it's the norm decision makers who. are so charges. in. general. related. work style. in the late in the show this tragedy that the family of the victim still has. a mediately
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after jamir was arrested and incarcerated for the murder of genesis ring calm he was then also charged with another murder case. and that entire case the police investigated my client believed he had nothing to do with it and left him out of and now low and behold they indict him on that murder case. very very curious circumstances. so he'd have to win 2 trials in order to walk away scot free trials are risky businesses and anything can happen at a trial and even though he. powered in one sense by the hung jury he was smart enough to know that it's not a guarantee next time. in the end we were able to come to a deal in which to me or pled to 20 years he would have to serve 85 percent of that time so 17 years before he can apply for parole he's been in for 3 so he gets
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credit for all of that so he'll be out in 14 years will be 36 years old he can resume his life with his right now he has a 3 year old song he can marry you can go to college he can have a life and he ultimately decided that pleading to be responsible for the death of genesis for conan rashi clark was in his best interests. he went in an open forum took an oath to tell the truth and said i shot the bullet that killed back girl. somewhere the truth exists. seen. in. the sea was astri blue didn't have the name down was gone most things aren't the same of room when i
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1st found out when the scene on the plane in the letter agonies to see explained she was running on scooters around independence day now she's right in the heavens that she's very far away i'll give you away just want to see you fees but you don't have them on new units that you please god needed him again just to pick the best that's a good that's a curse but in reality you're blessed because you find to his kingdom in this life . is not up to much has caused and we do not here in these need to learn the fundies stress and see. how we should was the name in its own school way but of course the scene. each and every single day that stuff comes to killing spree is what heroes declan we see the good we got that out of titus and watching got a pig that's palm radish that is foodies gauged in this anger but i find it gives more range because much if you need to feature in the p.t.
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way. she's right around the way we do it in this world in this stuff as we can pay . to eat. some of it you my compliments. you couldn't look like me and i mean like. but. he should go to one of them because. it's me. and i. see.
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that. when i was a. dumb move to move many. of them. away in the spirit john in the clear to me gently said from the watch musical blood from a priest. when
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. is it. him and i should get a muslim who are all those. shaped by those. who dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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for. please. lists
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lists. looked. and very well might continue watching on since last. was. 7 i was.
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told leaders and dignitaries attend a holocaust memorial ceremony in jerusalem ahead of monday's anniversary marking 75 years to the liberation of auschwitz we hear from a survivor of the nazi death camp. believe. they really say that without the red army there would be no me my mother or other prisoners. the so-called all cia torture techniques including waterboarding testifies in a military tribunal hearing it says he has no regrets. on the death toll from the corona virus outbreak in china which is 80 according to state media with more than 2000 people infected the virus has spread to at least.


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