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well destroy that's right well that's slavery. world leaders and dignitaries attend the holocaust memorial ceremony in jerusalem head of monday's anniversary marking 75 years since the liberation of auschwitz we hear from a survivor of the nazi death camp. don't you people tell us that there was no liberation they really say that without the red army there would be no me my mother or other prisoners. the so-called architect of cia torture techniques including waterboarding testifies at a military tribunal hearing and says he has no regrets. and the death toll from a corona virus outbreak in china reaches 80 according to state media with more than 200000 people infected the virus has spread to at least 10 countries.
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lying from moscow where it's just past 5 in the morning you're watching the weekly here on up to international welcome to the program. thursday dozens of world leaders and dignitaries gathered in jerusalem to commemorate the whole the course it was time to mark the 75th anniversary of soviet forces liberating auschwitz the infamous death camp in nazi occupied poland. my dear family i'm writing this letter before my death i don't know exactly when me and my relatives are going to die just because we're jews i'm in a concentration camp before all of us will be shot in a shelter thursday 481-6942 farewell to you all.
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but i am back i was. here. the other thing i wanted to tell you was that i had several jobs in birkenau in auschwitz one of the jobs was clearing the ashes from where they bug juice through a tunnel into a small river. and i worked that together with another guy who was already old he was 32 and i was 16. i didn't know what these ashes were. one day when i saw it in daylight i asked. what is the job we're doing so he told me what it was. not me. blush and never forget it every morning i look at my hands and see well i have the number hit and i see it every day the time in the.
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weld leaders at the holocaust memorial forum spoke about the importance of remembering the horrors of what happened israel thank the red l. me for its role in the victory of a naziism and that of my peers and gave an address describing the holocaust as one of the darkest chapters in world history. before my visits jerusalem i looked through the official documents and reports of red army offices after the liberation of auschwitz concentration camp i must say to colleagues it was impossible to read the details of how the terrible machine of human extermination works those crimes by the nazis were deliberate and well planned what they called the final solution to the jewish question is one of the darkest and machine food
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pages in modern world history. but today not everyone in poland views the red army as the liberating force some of the country's top officials believe that the u.s.s.r. was actually responsible for the start of the war and president under aged dude refused to attend the commemoration because blood meant putin was given the chance to speak at the forum before him we discussed the issue with mark shields in his editor of history central dot com really the fact that poland wasn't there was missed the fact that he wasn't there a little bit less though we have a situation in the world frankly were facts don't seem to matter anymore people are rewriting facts just to fit their particular narrative and we find that particularly among nationalists a polish nationalism is rewriting a little bit of history to better look upon the polish people other nationals are doing the same and people are ignoring the real facts i mean listen the soviet people bled more than anyone else during world war 2 the soviets gave up more in
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terms of men fighting and civilians who died than any other country during world war 2 and if it wasn't for the soviet union i have serious doubts whether had a lot of been defeated and i don't think anyone can really question that in terms of in a stark a fact us and vice president mike pence however chose not to emphasize the role of the red army in liberating auschwitz raising questions about whether that might have been deliberate. when soldiers opened the gates of auschwitz on january 27th 1905. they found $7000.00 half starved half naked prisoners. hundreds of boxes of camp records that documented the greatest mass murder in history this is mr ation in the united states on both sides of the aisle are 1st of all very ignorant of history unfortunately and also there is a kind of a wave of groups that has swept the u.s. over the past several years started in the democratic party of course trying to
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find a way to blame someone for the loss of hillary clinton but now it's that you know it's so bad that anything russian that's mentioned even this even the soviet activity in world war 2 is is just is just forgotten so it's a massive steria on the u.s. part one survivor's harrowing story is not only about escaping the death camp but actually being born there too we spoke with him about the liberation of auschwitz and how it's perception has changed over the years. people tell us that there was no liberation they say so if there was no red army then there wouldn't be me or other prisoners or my mother i have never questioned the merits of these soldiers i have always been grateful the prime minister and the president criticized the red army equally it was the same under the previous authorities know the admit there was a liberation of auschwitz but at the same time they say there was no liberation of war so recall that the 2nd occupation. was liberated but that warsaw and
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other cities were not i don't know maybe the americans liberated them well one day it will mark exactly 75 years since the prisoners of aspects were set free here on r.t. international will be following the memorial events of what is an emotional day for so many around the world. now from other news that shaped the week a psychologist dubbed the architect of the cia's enhanced interrogation techniques post $911.00 is an apologetic about his role in any torture program that admission came during a military tribunal which is preparing a trial against 5 cortana mowbray inmates for the attacks in 2001 whatever personal consequences i would live with i believe there was a genuine threat of an imminent attack i thought my moral obligation to protect american lives outweighed temporary discomfort of terrorists i get up today and do it again well james mitchell was contracted by the cia in the wake of 911 to consult and create an interrogation program for al qaeda suspects he was one of 3
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men authorized to carry out waterboarding torture technique that mimics traveling on several prisoners later he and another psychologist set up a company that provided support for the interrogations the cia's program included now illegal coercive measures. you'll be immediate aftermath of $911.00 we tortured some fools and lawyers for the $5911.00 detainees are now seeking for any statements made under interrogation to be disqualified from the trial on the grounds of torture antiwar activist sara flounders believes the kuantan i'm a big cool proceedings a deeply flawed but none of this could possibly be a fair trial i mean how can you have a fair trial with people who've been held in total secrecy whose testimony is based
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on torture. the media isn't allowed in except for conditions so strict that they can't even have a picture of the court room all the testimony is restricted. none of this none of this layers and layers of secrecy is about providing any kind of justice or accountability or even of information it is going through a theater in order to once again exert their power their power over people's lives and we should just note that there were juveniles who were a youth who were held for years at guantanamo there were people who had nothing to do who were simply sold for bounty who were kuantan m o $780.00 prisoners and then the thousands who were held in secret rendition or around the world no accounting for them so this was
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a huge program and its ramifications were still feeling today. well the 1st detaining mr mitchel waterboarding was a palestinian man known as abu zubaida he has never been charged with a crime but remains indefinitely in guantanamo and he was the 1st known cia prisoner to undergo enhanced interrogation and lost an i was tortured during his time there is a beta has attempted to illustrate his experiences and a warning that you might find some of the following images distressing.
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as soon as they locked me up inside the box i tried my best to sit up but in vain for the box was too short i tried to take a curled position but to no avail for it was too tight the very strong pain made me scream unconsciously. they kept pouring water and concentrating on my nose in my mouth until i really felt i was drowning and my chest was just about to explode from the lack of oxygen . the long hours went by while i was standing in that position my hands were tight to the upper bars. it felt like an eternity to the point that i found myself falling
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asleep despite the water being thrown at me by the guard. there is absolutely no justification that can ever be given or accepted for the horrendous and systematic torture that was used and it was used and authorized from the highest levels from the presidency the f.b.i. the cia the top levels of the military the studies were known the conditions were known. and this isn't just one or 2 people michel and jennings this was an entire unit set up in order to use torture and to study how to apply the most excruciating cry for mx's of torture of pain of waterboarding of slamming of of packing into tight boxes of stress positions and on and on all of this really has to be exposed and that our accounting demanded not only of those who designed
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the torture but of those who set up these torture camps. american basketball legend kobe bryant has died in a helicopter crash in california along with 8 other people he was widely considered one of the greatest players in the history of the sport the private helicopter went down in a field and burst into flames near los angeles the victims include bryant's 13 year old daughter giana kobe bryant was 41 years old he was a 5 time n.b.a. champion played his entire career with the los angeles lakers and retired in 2016. another news from this week u.s. democrats concluded their arguments against donald trump while passing his impeachment trial to the senate russia was a hot topic during the opening speech on wednesday out of shift the democratic lawmaker leading the impeachment case mentioned russia several times russian intelligence services russian expansionism russian forces and their proxies russia
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kremlin russia's president vladimir putin the russian military agency. we can fight russia over there are the russians through russian efforts thanks to vladimir putin when the president said russia if you're listening. they were listening to the russian story. with the cameras focused on the senate floor due to a ban on filming it was left to sketch artists to capture the atmosphere in the chamber some of the pictures showed members having trouble staying involved in the process stretching their legs doodling and even sleeping senators also faced a 12 hour no phone policy while sat at their desks we spoke to journalist and political commentator chadwick moore and he says that even the strongest supporters of trump's impeachment a bored with the anti moscow narrative. the democrats already has 100 percent of their energy and their time into trying to remove a duly elected president from office their biggest hoax russian joke completely flat and even their strongest support everything they've thought of the president
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is even their strongest supporters that people who most want to believe that the president will be removed from office which he absolutely will not even they've grown bored with this narrative and when they start ripping up russia again. it's just so sad you can't help but laugh and laugh and laugh a little see the 7 times at last count referred to russia or putin is the peace treaty proceedings well how do you do it the most effectively you either mock them and laugh at them or you ignore them and gosh darn it that drives them in the same game. now the death toll from a corona virus outbreak in china has risen to 80 with more than 2 and a half 1000 people infected according to officials more than 760 new cases have been registered in the past 24 hours alone the chinese health minister has said the infections are at a crucial stage of containment and the head of the world health organization is heading to beijing to discuss
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a global strategy to contain the spread of the disease the vast majority of cases are in china's hu bed province but a small number of infections have been confirmed in 10 countries including thailand the us australia experts have warned the virus appears to be evolving and is showing greater potential to pass from one person to another the outbreak is believed to started at a seafood market in the city of new han in december the city is home to 11000000 people and is now under an almost total lockdown on a quarter breaks down now what is known about this deadly virus people are dying of a new virus and it's spreading like wildfire across asia if we still know so little about this mysterious illness and and. and. and and. and. and.
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this new coronavirus has been identified as a mutation of sars a respiratory disease that killed over 750 people around the world from 2002 to 2003 antibiotics have absolutely no effect on either of the viruses and that's been enough to put the russian authorities on high alert not least because a chair is a border with china the break of a new corona virus which was 1st recorded in china carries a body logical threats to the population of russia the $1500000.00 chinese tourists that visit russia every year have now become a potential public health risk russian authorities have begun screening them at all international airports prepared to diagnose the virus if it appears on top of that moscow has advised people against traveling to china russia is not alone in being
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worried about the outbreak reaching its territory a number of other countries have begun screening for the disease at airports as well as appearing internationally in the just cases in areas the. over no phones of cases which are further away if this if this outbreak continues as we're seeing the case over see globally highly connected and so it is likely increasingly likely that we will see potentially a case of china stepping up containment efforts after she stressed the seriousness of the outbreak on national television the disease also got the attention of the world health organization they've called for an emergency meeting to decide whether or not to declare the out. break a public health emergency of international concern that's a title reserved only for the most serious of epidemics and with the lunar new year millions of chinese around the world are expected to return home to their families
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one can only hope beijing will have the situation under control. and talk of climate change significantly shaped much of the 2020 world economic forum this week which wrapped up on saturday military swiss resort of davos it set the stage for the likely battle between america's treasury secretary steve minutia and teenage eco activists growth the 2 member of the us a finance chief got the ball rolling she the chief economist who is she i'm confused after she goes and studies economics in college she can come back and explain that to us it doesn't take a college degree in economics to realize that the remaining 1.5 degree carbon budget and i'm going to fossil fuel subsidies and vestments done it up steven ocean is not the 1st u.s. official that grettir to merck has clashed with of late you might remember the back in december donald trump suggested the activists should quote work on her anger management problem and their differences and disputes continued at the world economic forum simon from the in case you missed it takes
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a satirical look ringside. it's that magical time of the year when our wealthy overlords gather for the economic forum a glitzy gathering looms for bringing together the world's business elite yet the one percent me champagne and skiing in the swiss mountains leaving the 99 percent to pray for nonviolent. because hundreds of thousands just to go to davos for that the filthy rich demand to be entertained and this year they got rod row tickets for the heavyweight championship of the world so trump is grad. school for gratitude. in a ski resort this week with an actually gets away with their release sending us a high work. pay for full price ticket. for a slow start the worry she warms up quicker than the atmosphere. story one year
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ago i came to divorce and told you that our house is on fire. i said i wanted you to panic you could forget i've been warned that telling people to panic about the climate crisis is a very dangerous thing to do thank god for that because i've got to say with the way she's been talking i thought perhaps no one had told her we must forget about net 0 we need real c. of well all i need is some good news to see what's happening in the orange corner fear and doubt is not a good thought process because this is a time for tremendous hope and joy and optimism in action. knows what he's doing and knew there was nothing to worry about carbon emissions we must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse.
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calm down. i mean and i he's not the life of the party but he's just a kid it seems in the area where trump and grettir can see. today i'm pleased to announce the united states will join one trillion trees initiative being large here at the world economic forum one trillion truths oh yeah great is going to love that one we're not telling you to offset your emissions by just paying someone else to plant trees in places like africa while at the same time forests like the amazon are being slaughtered at an infinitely higher rate ok so this is going to be a bit harder. as we all do. is that nothing can be done sitting here right now you wouldn't believe it's possible that we have found the we'll be hearing about it but we have found urges that things that people say would not be possible
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with saved or i'm convinced are new now and some other news from the past 7 days a russian suspected of laundering billions of dollars in bitcoin was secretly extradited from greece to france on thursday alexander vinick was arrested 2 years ago at washington's request and his legal team have told r.t. the 37 year old was taken illegally from his hospital bed in greece where he was being treated after more than a month on hunger strike. mr renuka was transported from greece to france he was not given there but united to contact his greek lawyer he was barred from using the forn not informed of his destination he was not provided was any information he's sick ology conficker condition is extremely for jelly. as a lawyer specializing in criminal law international criminal law and human rights i can say that all xander is in custody and was deprived of his liberty for 2 and
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a half years without charge without the opportunity to stand trial transported hume to france last thursday was a node 3 just act this act by the greek and french authorities to extradite him was absolutely illegal at the moment we can precisely establish that alexander is a victim of quality could persecution alexander hence been fighting extradition to the us and france the united states accuses him of laundering at least $4000000000.00 worth of bitcoin claiming he ral of digital currency exchange that facilitated cyber crime and drug dealing he denies the charges saying he's a technical consultant and he's been set up. but he also says he wants to stand trial in his native russia where he's also wanted on fraud charges previously moscow had criticized greece's handling of the case for ignoring evidence it put forward the computer programmer claims he was put under immense pressure by aphids
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they're trying to use torture and psychological pressure to break me they do not allow me to breathe fresh air the last time they let me out for a walk for a few minutes was on new year's eve i am a man without rights illegally imprisoned in greece for 30 months without charges they want to destroy me for my knowledge they want my head on a block just because of what i know and my technological abilities well xander vinick lawyer again to go through the next stages in defending her client. we want to make an international appeal to all those who believe in human rights democracy the super ration of powers and above all this presumption of innocence as xander hume self sat there hunting here for knowledge because he is russian they would do use it as a weapon in the information of war between the united states and russia on tuesday they will be hearing a huge freedom and then present and rule is that alexander the next released
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immediately for this we have all raging gauged the un working group in connection with the issue of illegal imprisonment. now 3 rockets have hit the u.s. embassy compound baghdad's green zone according to iraqi officials 3 embassy staffers are reportedly injured but it's unclear whether they include u.s. citizens we're getting unconfirmed reports a u.s. staffer big flown out of the country but there's been no official statement from washington yet iraqi prime minister addle abdul mahdi has condemned the attack and pledged to bring the culprits to justice but so far no group has claimed responsibility at least 5 on guided rockets have landed in the heavily fortified area over the past 24 hours according to iraqi security sources the green zone is home to iraqi government buildings and diplomatic missions and the latest instance come at a time of mass unrest in baghdad without an ans taking to the streets in recent days calling for u.s. troops to leave the country. that is your update for now will be back here the top
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of the hour with another round up of the stories that shaped the past 7 days we'll see them. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy for him to let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. what holds his hands to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to be
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cross that's what i'm up for 3 in the morning can't be good that. i'm interested always in the waters of our. question. welcome to frontrunning 2020 i'm max kaiser with stacy herbert as we look at the
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issues and policies laid out to the election today or looking lobbyist stacey drene swan what ever happened to that swamp gets bigger it gets deeper it gets darker with us today are ellen brown and tyson slocum tyson of course is a lobbyist from self in a way for us public citizen so you have some experience with this 2800000000 dollars were spent last year on lobbying the top 5 industries big pharma health insurance oil and gas wall street and electric utilities tyson you have particular experience with electric utilities and oil and gas industry how much influence do you see that this lobbying has on regulation and government action around those 2 everything i mean corporate lobbyists continue to run the mechanics of washington
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d.c. and we have to remember you know the 2800000000 that was spent on lobbying last year that is just a fraction of their total advocacy budget lobbying is only those direct expenditures that corporations and others and to meet with federal officials in the executive branch are with congress that doesn't include their budgets their grassroots spending or their pool. nicol contributions to either political action committees or contributions directly to candidates or old the dark pools of money because of citizens united so corporations continue to set the agenda for most of the issues that americans face every day you know alan i was amazed 1008 during that crisis the the citibank came in and other lobbyists in the industry came in to write the response to it and you know this.


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