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just award. token amount of damages claimed is about 5700000000 you didn't know it's no surprise the trials are held behind closed doors everything takes place in utmost secrecy. every tradition are secret i mean that's that's the purpose of an arbitration if you don't want to go forward as is justice come from who organizes it and who defends us. after all in the end it's we the taxpayers who pay the bill. keogh for do this for the office on community affairs all over for the. community that has. to truly understand we need to penetrate a very violent system where multinationals sue our states and try to impose their laws. on.
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to cliff richard good to commit still get out there hold this young. boy place good deeds is what it feels as you did back when i see said it just took gentlemen. with you create hours or just emerging all countries under gold is justice this affects our most basic rights health the environment wages and human rights we finally reveal the incredible power of international arbitration tribunals. oh and. it's clear.
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in columbia along the upper east river in amazonia north american mining companies i prospected for gold at the liberty town site the sacred birthplace of 7 indigenous peoples. but in 2009 concerned about the environment the colombian state classified the zone as a natural park which ended the mining concession 2. after years of negotiation attempts with the colombian government in 2016 andres to mendon c.e.o. of the canadian company cozy go associated with the texan company told the mining counterattacks he files an arbitration request i personally did not know of the option of international arbitration where it will always heard of the
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world court but we are out of my time i don't believe that was between 2 governments that were debating things. but the ability to take our case to the international court of arbitration was a welcome relief for our shareholders to know that we don't have to depend on maybe some emotional sentiment by a judge in some rural location who is being pressured by his local. mayor. andries to bend on will seek private just as he chooses to defend himself in paris with 70 a business lawyer specializing in arbitration disputes ringback. but i dare me. hello. and yes the lawyer me just went back there.
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listen 1st. yours we are past the cooling off period did not result in any kind of mediation that's the. question i was thinking of was the cooling off period how long is that normally where into the middle course. which there's a good mating o. the 3 or be triggers that will constituent the patrician panel which still takes weeks at least and. i believe columbia well challenge the jurisdiction of the courts. to make decision on this with confidence and then we will really move to yes the case yeah hopefully hopefully they're crossing fingers they'll be productive be nice.
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pussy gold starts to face difficulties with this debate going on between the ministry of mines and energy and the ministry of environment we found ourselves with to get ability to work. one of our biggest shareholders from texas took the mining and energy motivated the company to seek. arbitration as a way of solving this dispute of this difficulty between the colombian government as a whole and the company. skew nipple t.q. died to do. this to move she can push move i've given up the limbo nationals. and option only this new some chinese in assume an. it isn't the. way to mean you can still need it only seemed keen
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to keep it on. a lot should have been a mature country and because. the. free trade agreements. to understand that they had to respect the agreements so that investors' money would not be lost or stolen. there was a lot of money and a lot of effort and a lot of motivation from small investors getting together small investors to combine their resources and work under the colombian government regulation of it helped the ministry of mines find assets for the colombian people. and between the much. more of the wall done it thought of it for you teach this to me.
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in 20 these seem to fit sort out the. unknown. a new area of tension in free trade agreements is the introduction of private arbitration. present in most international trade agreements this is still is supposed to guarantee a fair impartiality to foreign investors so that they can defend themselves against 8 abuse or overly restrictive legislation. that's you know since once i may not do is going to. keep the question are you are if you think you know me as you do 5 always you develop more of those in the classroom it isn't. it is a mystery. if this will for some for most folks simply reason.
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did you feel. the need to be priests and if you want susan's to be clinton assume. these arbitrators are not judges but business lawyers who take turns as the main arbitrator state defender or corporate defender. the connelly pain they are often seen as a true multimillionaire industry dominated by a small elite acting in great secrecy and too often giving priority to investors. while in some cases it seems normal to compensate them is that always in the interest of the populations in foam. was. was.
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when we were beginning to enter the area the northern native tribes watch a tree develop the might of this other group who was not in the might was not on the area were motivated by n.g.o.s afforded geos named and they were voted to go against the might so they try to set up sacred sites on a map. by discussing with certain spiritual leaders that they were motivating. declare sacred sites but none of the sacred sites that they had identified are anywhere near the proposed might say. you know little piece of the n.b.a. . yet on body will it be that they didn't read. they said he had better get on to a local. neighborhood nor get out of this. i
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did end. to. end them on the internet own version of it but i'd like you. on one of them. to do. it and then i will see that. they can do. that when i'm with that you can come up with nobody else. is a. bad. seed you don't go on the list but does go on. with it i don't know what info is different because. it was at the initiative of the end shield guy amazonas that the natural park was created prohibiting gold mining on
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the entire indian reserve nelson ortiz a member of this ngo regularly returns to support the indians in their fight against mining is. going to trickle see. enjoyed my fear. into a number of. the. way down to what i found. out about yeah. so if i. get 98 feet out of that i'm going this wealthy man.
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during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed. and it wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo debt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm comiskey one set of rules for the rich opposite set rules for. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of
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a narrow sector of will switch will is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america 7.
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see if they do get a. sense. if same through this before did they the. death the clinton men feel when i wasn't not feeling a flip of a little. bit about the salmon people from above the feed. is this food that he's saying for bouncer this was about nice fancy a this is. a duck it's a city i see if i wanted a new one ending but up way to put my details into the chances you saw with us you're my family but. whatever form we put something we've got to set it up i use the cuts you and i use died by did i you thought like what i see on.
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the indigenous peoples of the forest belong to dozens of ethnic groups who share the same origin stories. to many sacred sites of this land are its living organs. and sharing the ceremony the shoeman mentally draw is a path that connects these sites a power of healing that must remain untouched. must have waited a few hits the fan if they come in number. if and i said by this wonder about this for a lab fuses are flown didn't we threaten me if i. do e.c. . kist what us phone all off their own teeth you get the never left your folded fold it folded always like you had it up by me.
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the indians have not always spoken with a single voice. under a swindle promised the money and a better life some in the indigenous community the elders in general refused all mining from the start but others were tempted by rentals little gifts. to. a consultation meeting is organized the tribes gather at the traditional house of the luka their meeting place. and. worry because he goes complained they are making a manifesto for the colombian state to reaffirm their resistance to mining. so they are not now and they are connected by name and he had to get that private
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and i got mine i got it and i'm taking. him out of that by god what does that mean by a bit of good advice that i would have a headache i'm not gonna be here but i don't. feel good but i do make it if i go and then you know i think yeah my looking at it. but everybody will know you. as is their mother. almost as good as he was a. lawyer. i think a little more going to new york and bigger but oprah where nick when they started you on. them all know that if you walk in with the i don't want this you. know i mean that young mom would have been difficult but it's going to. be more to look at the name of.
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the wife. agreed gulf separates the world views of the indians and miners feel. sun seek to protect their intentional property and. others think only of extracting the gold in indian soil and disappear tensional profits. with the. aid and. we were talking with jeremy and he was updating us on some of the stuff that was going on with the arbitration and that you know they were probably acting in bad faith both with my opinion both with the 1st nations people and especially with the company on the pretext of. of you know the environment so i don't know if you have any anything extra you know we can tell
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them to let our partners know down there. well i mean my opinion is that as you know and history is true to. do it fire you when you've been used. to actually. you know exploration is this maybe. why all. the environmental ops chemicals extract this rock out there so stories about holding out for. why this is nothing to do with the environment and the circumstances whatsoever this is about power and land today when i met with the so-called. charcoal. goes to bat you know like. this is we can do what we want. to stand it. she
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said yes you did but we decided to park on there and it's your last. stand for tameka if the city received for 60000000000 because that's the biggest gold. i buy and all of the a copy of all south america i very possibly copies the issue by car out going to be 60. days. it's closer to. where we think our next trip or enough for patrician is well. i think i'll start back. even if i wanted to try and see any possibility of losing it all and if it takes 2 years or takes 3 years back off. there was something illicit. going in for because.
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a lot of unknowns. this is they got us here and that is that the long been known for a medical money because your net dollars into some of the soon i list them as you're not is my mistress the most good trait that i'm one of the boys young they've not done us for monday maybe i missed the 3030 of this stuff but i did take the money that was there but they didn't just like yesterday's analysis we had money to say clinton was going to live in the us is that of combustibles at what is being done as good as it is that is us and there are those who believes. it's time to take action and to share this experience with other indigenous peoples . representative of the. reserve one carlos presents the manifesto to the
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international forum of indigenous peoples organized by the bogota state. in addition to the indian populations this forum includes academics n.g.o.s and government members. of the foreign school to support the indigenous peoples of south america in their right to be consulted before the adoption of all projects they concern them. more than 1000 people are present you broke it back they say. that is what i get my . one carlos. urges communities to organize to preserve their autonomy and resist mining and tourism projects. what i mean don't know.
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jessica more damage it out because one top area that. the company's idea in. to buy one carlos wants to spread the word to a wider audience. is. to at the end she'll gaia he meets markel velasquez a lawyer specializing in international commercial law and human rights. oh it out he's going to be honored to join a i've no doubt as you do square. i want to marry this. meeting from yours does it mean to not this many here seem to me. but operate on the. ground they're saying no step. in no start up in no way. no where is it going to go on can. you show him this can receive this is the
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key here is that this government the policy from. the from i'm going to kill yourself. in this army that was a good open a business this year is the opposite of getting that to be needed because it's going to be the industry is that was the really the. i got the form i see on t.v. and they went in the limb but is. this stuff and i forgot the victim here are. very concerned by the attacks of foreign multinationals against his country monaco is writing articles and preparing a book on the subject. he is visiting his former ph d. supervisor gus van harden in toronto to discuss the upcoming trial. a specialist in international investment law highly critical of arbitration
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tribunals he has regularly intervened on the international scene sounding the alarm for years. but only in 5 of the last weeks have been like a roller coaster in colombia i mean these claim. no one i wanted to talk to you about the one. person go out of ignoring case yes 16000000000 us i would say 20 percent of colombia's national public budget it was quite surprising because public authorities were saying that the agreements negotiated were positive for the corn 3 and that for investors would never start by claiming the corn 3 in these very moment that is what happened then why is that colombian law is not good enough for these foreign investors it is not the case that call on the house of a fader shapes were trying to solve our problems we're trying to become
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a more stable country and we have the means to do it but with these type of cases all our efforts to reach durable peace are put into question. the 1st country to be surprised by a foreign investor claims these treaties are like a ticking time bomb for taxpayer sooner or later they so there's not a lot of public discussion of these cases not i don't ask why i have called them in the newspaper and i try to open their bait but they only thing i got from them was about burma and ignorance that's because it's embarrassing to the trade department to see these treaties that they negotiated being used against the country if you're a foreign investor and you want to leverage against the government of course you would have an interest in many cases to keep it all confidential because if you
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keep it confidential and the government keeps a confidential then they can do deals. to do. so when they also say. in an exit dodge i may do so why don't you see until the deal lets you know could be divinely kid because it's us you know i think you dislike democrats a 50 year old can't see. what's up please don't you see 20 seats next that dog isn't back use enough so i know. so many blunders that this only. world is driven by.
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no dares thinks. we dare to ask. my uncle the kid's name compensate the boy to deny him nobody and. simple no prove nothing and they can. go and. get the kind of. move on the us i didn't get showed up to move this guy who i'm listening to
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nicholson interfered in so much that certainly less. so i thought it was not so much because i was it is a constant that he was not a 1000000 years. you know world a big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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nazis factory of death concentration camp was liberated exactly 75 years ago by soviet forces 27th of january has become an international holocaust remembrance day in memory of the millions of jews killed during the 2nd world war. the. focus on facts not mainstream headlines the u.s. president references u.s. news outlets in a tweet. look at how washington uses language to shape the narrative of the middle east the nation. and u.s. army veteran calling himself. his influence. with as many as 61 posts a 2nd.


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