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i i i. i. i. did not see factory of the auschwitz concentration camp was liberated exactly 75 years ago by soviet forces 27th of january has become an international holocaust remembrance day in memory of the millions of jews killed during the 2nd more. news a u.s. army veteran calling himself. his influence on bolivia's politics. media with as many as 69 posts. in the californian city of oakland will have the shells of prisoners all face fines under the state's most aggressive war of its kind so far.
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the international live from moscow thanks for joining us this hour the monday marks an emotional day for many around the world exactly 75 years ago the red army liberated the auschwitz death camp in poland almost 1100000 people lost their lives at the nazi sites in the most appalling tragedy of the holocaust it's liberation closed one of the most shameful chapters in history. there were actually 3 death camps at the site auschwitz one started its system of murder and torture back in may 940 prisoners life began at the registration building where he or she received personal numbers and from then on became referred to by that number then there was assignment to the barracks which would be home as well as block 11 the prison inside the prison used for torture the camp at
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a gas chamber from a tore him and execution will the death wall is now the place where memorial wreaths are placed on monday camp survivors visited the site to commemorate the victims it's estimated that nearly $200.00 former prisoners from around the world also take part in a memorial service is all of a visit to the camp site. many of those who passed through the camps infamous gate with its mocking arbeit macht frei all work sets you free message survived only a few months the reichsbahn railway network was the arteries of the nazi war machine it was also the mode of transportation used for what reich leadership with cold matter of factness called the final solution to the jewish question the extermination of european jews and those who were the 1st the people were loaded on the trains of an unheated freight carriages sometimes people were transported in
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possible 3rd class passenger carriages they were advised to take all of their valuables with them and some food and warm clothes regardless of the time of year in other words people were led to believe that they were being taken for resettlement inmates had their heads shaved all arrival that was then packed up and shipped to german companies for use as a raw material gold teeth were also removed in barbaric fashion any possessions taken away suitcases shoes. i lass's pots pans those not killed immediately put to work in a par and conditions for some that fell to fertilizing fields with the ash from bodies of those already murdered in cremated but we thought it was an attempt to destroy the whole race from babies to old people and to do it modern technology auschwitz amazes historians of visitors with his technology how up to date he was just for the purpose of killing people with gas as the end of the war reproached
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the soviet military closed in on territory which had spent 2 years under the jackbooted nazi occupation right officials in charge of the camps tried to cover up their crimes those inmates that could work were sent towards germany on what became known as death marches buildings were blown up and bodies burned sending huge plumes of smoke skyward it was these attempts to cover up what had been happening here that prompted soviet generals to investigate what had been going on. with the book why do we say that liberating and saving the prisoners was truly a heroic deed because a marshal cohen a commander of the 1st ukrainian front received intelligence on this horrific camp and how did they get this information because there was smoke the nazis were burning everything including bodies to raise all traces of their crimes so kind of adjusted the plan of the offensive and auschwitz liberated 2 days earlier than
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originally planned on entering the camp liberating troops found 7000 prisoners in dire need of medical attention however the hundreds of thousands of items of clothing and almost one ton of human hair betrayed the true extent of the crimes committed here with but who did go to the red army arrived and as soon as a journalist or soldiers saw the people from the camps they immediately realized they needed help so they started providing medical care there was a hospital with. treaty mounir and starving patients from the besieged city of leningrad and that helped save the lives of 7000 prisoners in 2005 the date of deliberation 27th of january was declared international holocaust remembrance day by the united nations acknowledging both the crimes of nazi germany and the actions of soviet troops in liberating the camp peter all over r.t. from birkenau poland. the holocaust prison his personal numbers was usually sewn on
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their uniforms but as the number of executions grew it became hard to identify bodies after clothes were removed corpses were sometimes marked with indelible ink and metal stamps auschwitz was the only count to tattoo prisoners numbers on their arms more than 400000 serial numbers were created that doesn't include those who never stamps but sent direct to the gas chambers uniforms had badges from early triangles for 10 to 5 why the prisoner was there ranging from political views to criminal activity or homosexuality new jews had a double triangle resembling the star of david a jewish symbol in these conditions here is how liberation was viewed from different sides of the gates.
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what you guys will order more units in europe we had our temperature taken every morning other prisoners told us that offer this some might be banned in the crime it's orian we didn't know what that meant if someone had a high temperature that was it they were gone the. morning show called that but i didn't when we arrived we didn't realize it was a camp we could smell burning we had smelled something similar before but here it was unusual acrid heavy after one crash we drove the germans out of the village and came out onto a field huge fenced with wire around the perimeter behind this barbed wire there were buildings like barracks we thought it was a german military base. level
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we were playing later we saw people behind the fences we were on alert because we didn't know who they were but they realized who we were and started making welcome signals with their hands. more publish anything to ensure we saw exhausted people they drag themselves out because of the cold. somewhere in blankets or rags we paid attention to the. arise they will warm we felt that they understood everything they understood that they were being liberated the hell that they had been kept and it was over for them.
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the ambulance battalion began providing 1st aid to prisoners and the kitchens also came. with the left after selection they put it in line and took us to the camp and that's it we thought they would burn as alive or shooters one day past 2 days and nobody came for 3 days we didn't know anything then suddenly they arrived in trucks put it in them and drove us to the railway station we thought they were taking us to the kremlin but then we saw the train. we were waiting for liberation hope saved as we kept holding on to the end of my clearest memories are from when the soviet army came to liberate us it was very moving we never thought we'd.
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when the red army. found about 7000 mostly ill and dying prisoners according to various estimates between 230 and 350 soviet soldiers died in combat while liberating the camp that day ended the site's industrial scale mass murder bringing hope that the lessons of that appalling tragedy will never be forgotten ronco sort of has gained exclusive access to the central archive of russia's federal security service shedding new light on the atrocities committed in the camp. in just 4 years the nazis systematically murdered at least over a 1000000 people in auschwitz most of them jews and that's the official number
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those responsible didn't bother to keep records of the industrial scale of the slaughter i suppose there were around 3000000 people killed in auschwitz 2 and a half 1000000 of them through gas chambers i myself never knew the total number and i have nothing to help me arrive at an estimate i can only remember the figures involved in the larger reactions however witness accounts in the russian federal security service archives show that those figures could be much higher by as much as millions as historian lemme car of points out the nazis did everything to conceal the extent of their atrocities was the muscle has been faces of mass destruction were carefully hidden trees were planted photos were seized taking footage of mass executions was prohibitive so based on the prisoner accounts the number could be up to 6000000. the newly declassified documents also paint a gruesome picture of the atrocities in the camp the contents of this file will
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send shivers down anyone's spine professor of going to college a car kloberg took pride in his work into a geisha and files show that his research included female serialisation experiments on children and prisoners can salmon aided with infectious diseases the patients were deliberately killed so autopsies could be carried out. to you and he thought he was doing it in the name of medicine in the name of healing people all these experiments were conducted mainly in accordance with the s.s. program to annihilate the peoples of occupied countries says a large number died at the hands of the guards and supervisors who were picked from among the prisoners by the s.s. alfred's shipwreck a former member of the polish on the ground was in charge of a whole block in auschwitz supervisors like him eager for money and an increase in daily rations would execute fellow prisoners and claim they tried to escape their reward $2.00 more experts say and some extra food. i didn't report anyone when
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punishing the prisoners i did myself a big one with a piece of rubber hose i kept it just for that in the winter people who had to be terminated were forced to work naked until they co-op's and died between 2 or 300 people died this way 3 female s.s. guards in this file were sentenced to death by the soviet union after their atrocities were exposed if you. these sadists arrange so-called races prisoners carrying a heavy load were made to run 700 to 800 meters or well being beaten they dug out a pit about 60 meters long and 2 meters deep women would starve to death and their bodies were burnt in the same pits after the liberation of auschwitz soviet counter-intelligence work meticulously to document and expose these crimes against humanity so that they would never be repeated from on cos we have already moscow.
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u.s. pressure appears to be dividing long term allies bolivia's washington backed interim government has cut diplomatic ties with cuba which is blaming the white house that the u.s. blames russian trolls for damaging stability in latin america l m open has the details. the u.s. is ringing the russian alarm bells once again this time for latin america state department analysts from the russian link twitter accounts want to sow confusion in south american nations that's oppose the moscow backed government in venezuela in bolivia immediately after president evo morales resigned on november the 10th the number of tweets associated with those type of accounts spiked to more than 1000 today up from fewer than 5 now amid their unproven claims about a russian descent from asian operation they seem to have overlooked the work of
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a certain louis sarek who calls himself a cyber rambo it turns out i'm a saga rambo now the anti morale us activist was tweeting out as many as $69.00 posts in a single 2nd in his one accounting tweeted out more than $13000.00 messages claiming that the ouster of evo morales was not a coup well the actual nature of events tells a different story than what saurez was tweeting let's review. i. think this is an. hour from now they tried together here in the to recover political power again and when they can't win they're like since they invent that it was fraud now we're realize that it was not fraud but the coup de ton. the.
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he does he doesn't know why my resigning so that my boots cannot continue to post acute my socialist drug this it's my duty as an indigenous president and the president of old believe to seek peace. but saurez voice was amplified throughout the internet claiming that the ouster of an elected leader by the military was somehow a triumph for democracy and did sorry as go into hiding not at all soros actually
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boasted about his efforts to sway social media opinion and how they were so effective with an algorithm that was just 25 lines of code. how is this is to bolivian with one click produces more trees than over the next his efforts to support a dictator it's important to note that saurez isn't just a person who's highly interested in bolivian politics oblivion himself he's also a veteran of the u.s. military now he denies that he's currently on active duty or in any way connected with cyber command or intelligence agencies and we'll just have to take his word for it i see the hand of the u.s. in this age see the hand of the cia in this and the national endowment for democracy this is an overwhelming amount of social media activity in support of the coup and this was being done by a u.s. military veteran sleep early was a clue ordinated effort to overthrow the democratically elected government of a well moralities we have to look at social media as you know just another
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public platform and in this case it has been and will be used to support today to us in countries like bolivia they're going to continue to use both the mainstream press and social media to carry out these types of regime change efforts. but twitter has strict policies against this kind of manipulation when we detect suspicious levels of activity accounts maybe looks and prone to provide additional information but somehow one guy could have just spammed evo morales out of office so with all this talk of russian bots and kremlin conspiracies perhaps people should look for these cyber manipulators who operate a little closer to washington d.c. they look mop and artsy new york. still to come to us prophecy owners will have to shell to form a prison is on the new ordinance the more the story after the short break.
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eh i. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of
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the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back to the program the california cities by the owners from conducting criminal background checks on potential tenants oakland city council's move designed to tackle the homelessness crisis is set for a final reading next month and target is set to help form criminals reintegrate into society and not end up on the streets. this ordinance is about making sure returning community members have equal opportunities they deserve to successfully reintegrate into our community and this begins with a roof over your head of the ordinance landlords can be fined up to
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a 1000 dollars for breaking the rule until now background checks were routine making it almost impossible for people with criminal records to rent accommodation the move is aimed at getting people off the streets and helping former inmates stay out of jail oakland has one of the highest homelessness rates in california itself the state with the most homeless people and number of homeless in oakland has surged 47 percent just in the last 3 years alone it's over take in nearby san francisco and berkeley there are now more than $4000.00 people without a roof over their heads there are fully one percent of the city's population of that number only one in 5 even have access to temporary shelter we discuss the issue with t.v. and radio host catron turk and prison legal news editor paul right. i think this is very irresponsible on behalf of the government behalf of city officials there's a rate of re offenders that's as high as 40 percent per people who've been in prison and the bottom line is that owners need to be informed they need to protect
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their property owners that's what the city is about this is not really a correlation between people's criminal history and also there's there are levels of of re offense at all so many public safety issues one things that we know is that not having a job and not having a place to live increases research it is a race that in fact endangers public safety if the landlord can find a legitimate reason to deny someone a property to rent to them they're still able to do that they just can't use a blanket issue like a felony conviction or the background checked itself as the basis to deny housing civil liberties should not trump people's safety if we have freedom in america but you know what we can't just bend into p.c. culture that we're so worried about offending everybody that we're putting our own safety at risk as americans and it's something we have to take a good hard look at you know there are plenty of people that have a lot of missions on their record i happen to be one of them and i'll take responsibility for that and although not here right now you know if there's
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a reason that we need to keep these histories hidden there is probably something to hide it's one thing to say that you know property owners have a right to rent to whom they wish to and another one of the if they're going to be renting they have to comply with laws to prohibit discrimination and i think there's a difference between. between having laws that allow for bonafide are legitimate concerns worsens those that are just the basis for the landlord so bigotry or prejudices this is totally irresponsible to call this bigotry this is not bigotry it's not the same thing discriminating against someone because of a choice that they made to commit a crime is entirely different than excluding somebody based on race how can we make that comparison. and this is not going to solve this crisis and i think that's why i'm so upset about this this is really backwards because he is california as an example so so so we're talking about tens of thousands of people were convicted of possessing marijuana are you going to use that as the basis to exclude people from
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housing today when that same activity is legal these people who are homeless are going to have a hard time renting no matter while lot of them are not working they are not employed begin not have the income to substantiate these rentals and it's irresponsible to the owners that are paying taxes and supporting this city it's just completely the world gone mad. we're going to have more news from around the world in brief no in china the number of deaths from the throat of virus has risen 282700 others have been infected health officials warn the virus may have spread further a symptom sometimes don't show for several days the outbreak which began more than a month ago has moved across the globe it's affected countries including france canada and the united states. police in baghdad fired tear gas as thousands gathered for anti-government rallies
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on sunday protestors were denouncing police brutality following saturday's protest when several people were killed and dozens injured more than 600 have died since demonstrations began in october with people coming out against corruption and social inequality. u.s. basketball legend kobe bryant has died in a helicopter crash in california along with 8 others on board a private helicopter went down in a field and burst into flames near los angeles the victims include bryant's 13 year old daughter. and other news donald trump on the iranian foreign minister have been trading barbs online it all started with the u.s. president's tweet addressing to iran where he referenced to u.s. news outlets or the message was also translated in farsi the drums attempt at that language didn't impress iran's top general donald trump is better advised to base his foreign policy comments on decisions on facts rather than fox news headlines or
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40 translators or trump's reliance on mainstream media comes amid growing use by u.s. diplomats of catchphrases the former narrative r.t. senior correspondent ragas the of has more. the reason slogans a super powerful is because this simple and dumb intentionally stupid and marketed to the lazy the average person never reads the fide print it's hard to sell them complicated things but if you give them a stupid dumb shoop good soup invent he can agree with hillside right up works with anything shoes drinks legends and even wars president said we don't want war we want iran to behave like a normal nation we are diplomatically and economically isolating their regime and iran in till they behave like a normal nation we will meet with them we want to sit down discuss without precondition a new way forward a a series of steps by which iran becomes a more normal country what does normal nation even mean nothing but it spreads the
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impression that iran isn't normal and if people believe it because of a dumb slogan you can do anything to the radiance and the public won't mind they've been at this for a decades and gone through a number of slogans around as the world's biggest bait sponsor of terror as far as iran goes dish is the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world iran remains the world's worst state sponsor of terrorism biggest sponsor of terror you think they did the math of course not but it's it's catchy scary and simple a drug for the uninformed all the new movie remember is what's in the slogan take syria you don't need to know what happened who's fighting whom why they're fighting all the need to know is in the slogan assad needs to go time for assad to get out
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of the way. has to go the future of syria can't include assad the world will not waver assad must go the only way of the civil war will end is. a new government without bashar assad and the thing with these phrases is they're catchy part of the reason why they work so well and the more people that catch on the better they work making countries like syria become places where people actually want to live means having a government that's not terrorizing its people and that is why as sad must go we hope that these efforts will lead to a new syria with no rule for the shuttle or sit in that they have a slogan for everyone they don't like russia of course lots of nice little catch phrases ambiguous to the point of nonsense but catchy what kind of threat do you believe russia presents to our democratic process in my view the greatest threat of
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any nation on earth i do feel a democracy under threat there is the challenge from without that is the russian challenge a major threat facing our great nation russia come to think of it you could call anything a threat to democracy social media with all its fake news that went on that might prevent people from going to the polls but hey at least russia isn't a grave threat north korea is a worldwide threat that requires world wide action north korea has abandoned its own commitments and violated international law on its nuclear and ballistic missile programs pose a grave threat to peace and security of asia and to the world in the end what scares me isn't shoop and slogans what scares me is how many people believe in them. up next do corporate international interests hold too much power business at any cost the look mentioned shuttle that the men are back in 30 minutes
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with the latest headlines. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be. that you'd like to be close as you like them before 3 in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the waters of our. place should.


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