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who do you. think does. not go well for us that are not. able to do it's cost is often called into due course look to the old rules on pulled off the last little while. just to you. know with us to believe that you know. that it was. not it also calls and states. they still will not tell you to get to the jail. might just sneak a multi dice on the north that shuttle no communication with the to do nothing id joke and look at each will so you could not see.
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any who. knew that you were seeing was important. during his account would have. us on a cable and internet so funny deal to christopher paul martin i. want to talk to the kid same can gainsay me quo. and seek your help and you know what sort of thing up to cannot allow us. to night in the high gear. given the group on what they're going to. hold on of and if your office of the. whole lot. on my radio program. either you
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know. c g. i understand the. theory of also you know needed. to know where ok you're going to come what you want to talk to. folks to talk you are. already hiding or. on local rock which gricar talking. here on you know they are going to cancun and i it's. quite you all
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thought swords near kasi done a lot of that it all. on dick topical. when you are. on will. it formal well almost i will think less of. a joke you need to know that isone children but i don't like the names i'm going to go the most with this google. and is what i. like on that i cannot take
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so it all because i know so little you know. she know i'm old you can be if you can go we can do. to go. down on this is me. oh boy. oh oh. you know that's. all i know. she would go down to eat. come.
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on call. for. the. closing pause in their talk does a scene well you. can prove lindsey and. me do. or yes and that i'll do it only last night are more than what you are or i assume that they are told there is a world there yes and that i thought the. more sense out of it i. see it all there is unity does it all on the arms out or your gate or garden is over your way or gate up. for you while you could target going up to talk. to one or more you did.
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life you can see is in the can you have they will get it out to you thought out there do you know anything. about a woman that i don't think i'm glad i did talk or think of me can i tell you all now and then. legend. didn't think i could stick with it at all no matter that. chilling moment. it is when i see i use it over the net kind and. do. it still and then taking.
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omar. and all she got to know all i see you are this you know look i really don't know what are you doing or did i get out and i got to. sunrise and it's going to go down there are not your cup going out or what the last. digits any of us you know what tony allen or it's an ink on the out i need to do a come out to know me there must sort it out on the new wall norco no. money knowledge in a month because i know those are the next 3 digit sedately this because the net years on no it's got to do only most of this is another straw. he cannot declare to another human so when what i did read it in this could all these young men sort of thought he could not do it cause they got very sick of listening and sort of talk him out on touch create a guy you also did well to go off on a guy you also wanted to not. touch got sort of your schtick. secondly shoes are
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will sort of. saw you talk to. me what these guys are sending us are used to give us. a little. forethought sure you know i mean one america. can do another with me now mark came on or not it that night so you'll see when you saw. that. site on a google i. knew that the 2 must. be a must. have clearly not going on and interruptions are only here to. channel 20
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opened. the. door and say. can't because i want. it to. and cos it asked me how much other stuff. you. put on this not critique. thank. deshaun who of course. the. photo there's no article on. nikon or 100 skill 04 was that it. simple
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don't say your analysis often it. buffel. or total faith in the skill not the homeowner what a penalty. in line or what i thought it. could mean listen i took off tails i typed it off i thought i saw pain when i thought if all. 19 was a night dates is so good july 32. at the 2nd night of rest on day it will devastate all i seen come game was finished it's sick i just not up to the not. so they got up to money in the sun in june and that day in june not get off till the day it's not ok neat boy out corps day quest is. where gots. day 999 got bilking at you could took any hopeless and not cool not to go
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a new home go on the snake to keep so he got it you don't know just to cut it. join me every thursday on the alex salmond's show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were employed. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse subjectively than
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today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the 10 principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy at tax so low down to engineer elections manufacture consent and other prince holds according to no i'm chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the. narrow sector of will switch rule is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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i'm. not going to see how. awesome we. all and i'll get the oh. yes. it's always sunny thank. you. 000-0000. 00 per. cent is there is a look at the moment for stuff you need to know about the wonderful from ok came with yoko. ono would i be so coy that i doubt them a couple more of the oh come off them what about the taking got. the brochure i got
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my future history. of all this when i. was 4 oil. keyed up to talk. to us talk for a. while now inside of the can you going keep them with your got so you more detailed old oh i got to tell you i cannot time to grow. old to be a challenge you broke right. from a good eye you could be ticked off with off yes and no you mustn't both be ok about . ball or cool i buy well. they. do take cyclists you. take orders i trust you when every day could i get through what you know no there were plenty ones where she wasn't. cynical to
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trust the gritty to look looking at the quick look at it you decided to she find you and not be i'm sure she must wonder she is still which owners like one can go on to grow i know you're not often. seen a steve to be awesome. but just. let's go down to a place. closest to. me and say seeing the signs i'll keep you be facing close essaying in my. the eco muscle of. course. understood and took me several. good to go mouth so you could end up meeting all just doing their home then will we have a morning where he will moved a little as it were a little too good you know under the old. age and you go there man how do you know i'm. sure your daughter you're not jewish go to decide that you can go on i
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do you know your book on the residue of her group are you sure it will be the new rich me we're going to use it you got to move to it but instead of my he do so he would i do need to. be a good. mom. if you have never thought of it did. not have it to could do no more. than you want you don't know that and it is easy how one day citation of what i meant you know we did 19 it it went well sort of knuckle did it i mean e did. it on disk it will not get stuck mom could think i was a car you go to one must think it will. how did it and so they're all. because if.
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we are not so you can. say shits and until you don't know what. to. do. both on suicide when they come you're still gonna come you're tied up with rotten discards all month almost no more coming with the you know up on the need you you song to come up. new york iced out the one must have the smoke the sun june onside and not the 2 kidney and all tools on the course as you go to note that in fact you can not trust this one a lot though because on got cut because when it's got it the new condition i just saw it is so they they. say cut so so i had to create the clue and i knew started going i just adored stuck with them and i sure as you're stuck on i do i do it if you're still sure they're going to scope with much and. not the most i can also
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feel like i want to wish you nothing this need to stick around and i. only know my stick. stance botia not the yuletide that no ill is going to money still can i could of course you believe what you know my house sites and know for what they are so you taking the tool kits of the cars over to come he only did that each day so then one by next. thought you go off on off all tough shit as our society. that is not on the final passage that is not. thought out funny thought out here today i think. i got you today because i thought i got off or shut.
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up. and it is just. oh oh oh it's not just. this last night on the school to study. not the cut out on time because rush i'm going into this whole. thing me annoyed. because of that i dismiss almost all in this ng. i mean this is where you talk about the. well you don't in this global choir you can i did call 1000000 the day it was share with friends they can hold longer than i thought it was going to die theme school journal the. new cartoon school book which meant on this night. they did us a little bit. minute at the feet of the door in one minute and. they often asked such a good idea just what is. my good course on them ha ha
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ha when you got to know. their look at them up to hugo why do we look up this sort of. spirit story there are some positive. things well this was the way of the various peoples are. the generals are. taking. us in the real issues nothing will be. the solution and you will believe. i. can assess and. believe if you get good. and seeing the kind you need. help just by using just say well i got to stop by the scene do you know what they
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say what's that but he did. that he always leaks if you want to ask i know this guy will say it's 0 point the all star like you and you've got on to what a lot of money that is that we want therefore to make. money it's him with it i said i'd like a modern little monday when i still don't want to he said is that i or you just there i got a lot of thing for a dog and got this one that got them all f. 20 so long talks him and i called them on it on the smallest to put it out that i understand i'm going to be on i thought it was before i could see. and steal your coffee you can't eat it's not hundreds and i thought it was it went acid on to us here at the car you did thank you enough times you got it right. the room than i recalled on t.v. or not i thought that i thought i was caught off. for they got all that i had with the offical at the end of the walk but i think also in the exhibit hall most of.
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all. there's even. the evening of the almost all you will just tell you all about one of the one of those that they will feel very miserable not by the law they are also looking for the waterfall off the top of anyone any we've . heard a lot is all you know it all from what i see it's all there in the room that is all you know the story is that you know that god and all you do you know my dear you are also a lot of i don't know how drugs dollars all those awful with. all the latino community and all the work you said oh you would also bother doing you also get the pool or email clinical being just don't think you'll see that it is far. smaller than a card game called this was it was not there but i do what i get out of this on
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assholes on no call it. is not so much the because. it is a constantly because you must say i'm audience. doesn't teach as it. is . my heart it was just. 3 stories today and to their. credit. for no other no it's also pretty awful since it. was a total of 5 so he also if you are trying to. blow you off already can't get home
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with. your old horse your head. it will go on or what started it started i'll. tell you what it's. like there's a cruiser for sure but. please sir it was. the. orgasm god give me your just like with me not to call you are so i stuck to you but for you. well i see you get this you give us. a little and you aren't going to knock it will leave us in greece you know it's. the sooner you get a clue. when united are going into this so no one no mcglynn or woman cannot you know where you should ought to pursue our. 20 civil civil discourse on still
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sins so when that made us feel that i got off. oh look you can't thank you not upstaging to dot all the muslims you can see did united all the no fun got through it all will you may be doing very well maybe i don't know if it will cost him more will follow she called the army to monitoring us about mission to folks is all she saw all those on buses creation i. invoke an audit of the process you mean. somebody with your constitution sword and shield is only a law still a risk you also assume. russia will know you're going to you'll sit with us you. will be subtle than we do the next one you deal with our american people and you get what else or not so what is was in. on sugar grew up. to this of course it's called why don't we should or should want to meet the one
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you describe. number $200.00 which is a key elements the local. she just. moved closer put the growth on the it only took up. right out of. the how do you go to mumbai i don't discard all the group who know. about the moon because a. lot of you can sure wish to supplement must. be noted by. the more. pretty. good the no again it's taken me to court that this story told you to tookie didn't i. welcome one or got. some magic on it with which to know my command.
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was custom. none took off the 2 nice things so you're not going to get to. the sort of the understeer want to commission the last. sowing becomes a passer mechanism right so they buy back their own stock with cheap money from the fed and it goes through the company ostensibly to help the company but it's not it's it's disenfranchising the company and then on the other side the executives
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fear of getting that money from the fed directly into their pocket they use the company as a pastor mechanism so what happens is it leads to incredible malice best. so boeing now is no longer a viable company. thinking of getting a new gun the ones we've gotten here she was as he didn't know until he was trapped in this tiny little wired you don't need a crate with him he will stir reaching out into the wall when it's pretty much anywhere near and thousands of breeding dogs are caged in the in human conditions on puppy farms i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in cages outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the cold air the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. for the you. know it's 2 kids. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies are
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coming from this large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold again at stores even joined a group businesses are involved like agoa mom center there's been a shocking amount of the organizing opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial rating for so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with jobs don't buy dog.
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donald trump and the israeli prime minister have a veiled what they called the deal of the century peace plan to end the israeli palestinian conflict but the vision has already been denounced by the palestinian leader who brands it the slap of the century. french to strike turns ugly in the capital paris where riot police resort take gas and water. and hillary clinton lashes out of facebook's mark zuckerberg for quote intending to reelect donald trump while keeping everyone boss herself accountable for 2016 u.s. presidential election defeat.


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