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they still will not do you do know the jolt. nor the shuttle no communication with the id joke and look at each will do you could not see. any who. was able to do it during his. internet. onto the. quo. you take your hero up and sort of thing up to one of the last. kid in a body. jim no clue what they're going to.
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cause or not and if it moves at the pinch. hold out. from my ego. either you know. c.g. both. i understand the. theory of also your a. pat . down where all commissioners on the truck dr.
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walks to talk you are. on top. law. or no cork you walk to cop to starting. right. here and you know you are going to cancun or nights. when you are. swords near kasi dynamite it all. on d.h. dr chua soi. whom you are. on will. it formal well on last sunday will take place so.
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any children but i think. i'm going to go the most of this because all. i said is that i. could sew it all because i know so little you know. she knows i'm old you can be can do we can do. this and says. oh boy looked at. me. oh oh.
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you know. like. the she would keep them neat how could i. call. him for. causing. well me too. well yes and that i'll do the you like are more than what you are when i ask them that they're out of this the world that doesn't that i thought the top of that. was insulting me to hell with.
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it all there is unity said or only i'm so or your gator got a little for you or your gaydar. for you while you could tell your 3 not to talk. to one or more people more you there. in. my sis in they can hear if they want. to go out there do you know anything. about as a woman that i don't think i'm glad if talk or. me can i tell you all now there are some. legend. evil nothing like it stick with it and all that. chilling moment. it is seeing this little and that kind and now that do. think it's.
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then taking a. lot . from all that is this i know she got to know all eyes and you know this you know look i really don't know how you do it or did i get out i'm going to. summarize it it's going to go down there i know you're gotten out of what the last. digits any of us you know what tony allen oh it's an ink on the out i need to do a come out to know me there must sort it out on the new wall norco no. money knowledge and money because i know those are the messages sedately this because those net years on those go out local youth radio call in moscow this is
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another straw. he cannot go another human so where was i to do it in this convo these young men sort of thought he could not do it cause they got very sick of this on any sort of talk not going to. create a guy you also be about to go off on a guy you also do work with to not work on a touch got so through your schtick sheen are considered so kind meet sure will sort of. i saw you talk to. me what these guys are sending us are used to grass. for thought sure you know i mean one america. can do to another me now mark game or not for me not at the night so you'll see. that kind of. site on a google are. likely to must. i
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must. have clearly known quinlan and in rural choose not only here to. channel 20 opened. the. door and say. can't because i want. it to. and cos it asked me how it other stuff. but on this not got crew. over to talk. thank
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you optician or do it of course. of course to who got the. photo there is no article. or 100 skill 0 or was that it. simple say in your analysis didn't you. cue muscle. not that i want to day. one china but i. don't get all calles i type it all out it's a pain when i thought if i. stick with 19 was a night is so good jewel 32. at the 2nd one rest on it. i sink on game was finished it's sick i just not up to to not do so they got up to
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money in the sun in june and. you in june not get off to a little bit about the can eat or had on court a quest is. where the ops. gain any 99. bilking up to get took any hopeless and not cool not to go a new home go on the snake to keep so they got chewed on no child stuff to cut. trade and investment to become metric spills to economic development. most people
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think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the investment chopped or a trade agreement is about something very different but won't when investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys sacred sites all the environment. that means if local communities that are being poisoned if they object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can they sue. the nationals of taking on the whole nation's philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to stop oracle by implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a 4 inch company sued egypt because egypt raise its minimum wage democratic choice of a trump. joint says we try to fund don't want to. back
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geysers financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificially low mortgage rates don't get carried away that's cause report. thank you because you know. once we got in her shoes from around watch this video and still trapped in this tiny little wired home which we're going to need a crate with him he will just. freaking out and he will when it's pretty much anywhere near. breeding dogs or caged in in human conditions on puppy phone i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in a cage outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the courtier the rain the snow the founder nothing they have no protection. thank you but you. know it's ok. across the u.s.
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crude puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in its stores even joined by good businesses are involved like ogling mom sent to there's been a shocking amount of organized opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial rating for so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with jobs don't buy a dog on a. horse or a good job old singleton is the only. good you're going to tell us a group of us i don't know about this is not going to fill up the seal.
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to do something possibly. to all and i'll give you the oh. oh. yes now let's go let's go over some big. words you want to go for. us. both. so this is the moment for stuff you've got a wonderful some ok thing with. the little guy big so coy. come up the whole. thing got. pressure. oh cool. also we will. be able to talk. a little souls talk to. me
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she. you know so well now inside of the can you going to turn with your cup out so you more detailed all the way i got to court you all come up on the top. it will be a challenge you are correct right. from a would i you could you think of off yes one more moment book built up the. ball or will i buy one up off. the. internet that cyclists will. not take orders i trust the winning ticket i get what you want to know there are plenty ones where she was. cynical to trust the gritty to looking at the quick look at it you decided that she might you would not be i'm sure she was one or she still which owners like one can go on to who i don't know they're not often
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the. synesthesia to me also. look at all oh no most of all the joke on the plane. says to. me when you say saying no signs i'll. say this in class and you won't get it at the big guy muscle of. course most question you want to understood and took me several times with a 2nd what i did to do an album out so you could end up make it all just doing their own thing well you have a morning headache you moved a little as it would also cause you no longer still getting the ginger didn't you go out there man how tom de groot you're not going to me she nor yet either you're not jewish got to sit down to decide what you can go on i don't mind up do you know your job. the president her group. which me
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we're going to do you gentlemen you got. to get but instead of mile he do so you would i do and he is so you're going to be a good. mom. you have a fit without it did. not have it a clue no more. than you or you don't know that and it is easy one day so you should know what i meant you know be denouncing it and look at an awkward day ok that i mean you did it and i'm glad that on this it will not get stuck up my. car you go to one last 2nd till. i had it is the man they're all. because if. we are not seeking another son of a citizen on a caught on kill you don't know what. to.
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do on. both sides who was i when they can you're still tied up with the right underscores all month and also more coming with the you know up on the moon need you you sunday new york iced out the way you must disrupt the sun doing one side and not the guinea i'm all tools on the course as you go to the net there it's like you can not trust this one got a hole cut cut when it's got it the new condition i just saw it is so they they all told you eat soup see councils i had to create the clue and i knew it started when i just adore to struggle to when i should quit you're stuck on i do i don't you kill stalls are there going to scold with such and. just not the most this is real work on. on this new. program and i. thought it. only in
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a minute stick. with a stance not that you would pay this no oh it's going to money still can i could of course stick with you know my house cites a novel for jobs so you got the toolkits of the cars over to you and did it stick so then one by. one your total. top you go off and also off telling us our society. that is not on the final passage that it is not. thought out fine you thought here today i think. i got you the house i. felt up. and it was. awful
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oh oh oh. c yes it's all snow on the school the starts and. not the cut out but i. was rushing i'm going into the show. me annoyed. because of the ninety's and this almost all of this is. i mean this is where you talk about the core you don't get this go well i can i did call 1000000 the day it was shared with the fans they can hold power that i thought we were told that the miskolczi you know they can call you cried to the school book which meant on this night. mind you get what they want in one minute and. so they often ask what little you have to slow down. to take. my good eye. on them ha ha ha when you come out. you know. they look them up the article what do we call this is a. good. spirits very.
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positive. thing. for us to go very. very it was a. beautiful world you go through it and you. think you can assess. only if you. can't stand seeing any child custody and how to tell just by using still there. lies a scene going out there what they see what sticks but he did. it i think obviously if you want to know this point they all start like you know you got on to a lot of money that's going to want there for to. talk about cloud it's him with it
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i said i'd like him out or you know monday when i don't i still believe he said was that i or you just there i don't know for forcing the very dark and i think this will not buy them all up any. they want it on the smallest to put it out that i understand how is it going i thought it was before i could see any still you cut off the you can't it's not hundreds and i thought it was they want us to do it on the bus or at the hotel you did you go out on. the door and i thought that i thought the last. call they got off of i would have offered a lot they walked out i think also more people to vote. for. do you think for the almost all of you will cross and die you are not really one of the one of those that they will feel very miserable not by the law they are all
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it's a lot more than whatever a lot of good old one video of an evening in their monday if all you do you know it all come out i see so all day you know not at all you know i thought as in you know that 1000 that all of you do you know mom do you also a lot of water on the hot dogs households also. all the latino community and although you said the girl you would also provide a drink you also get their pool or email clinical being posted we are caught on don't think you'll see the route it is for. such. a small in a car again call it and i just get the law as it will not be bought the lies are what i get out of this on assholes on no call it. is. not so much because i was it is
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a constant because you know i'm audience. doesn't teach as it. is. my roof it is closer to. 3 trees 3 inches if you. prefer. to look at those who go through so you sit on. it was the children going to sway you also if you want to tell you. no you are already in school home. or your. course you're headed. there although i or started to state i didn't bother to. tell you what stuff the.
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polar bears are closer to fred because of the book but. it was so it was. the. focus on the can you up just like with me not to copy and yes i should like to go to your. web to see it get there see the words. when you aren't going to knock it will leave us in greece you notice that obama. didn't really get it. when you're going into this so no one will going to want to not not you know why you should not to pursue our. 20 civil civil discourse on still sins so if we not only don't hold and i don't call you oh look i'm going to you can't thank you now perhaps the seeking to dot all the muslims you can see did you know i will do old funk i got through it
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all i'm old you may be doing very well so you may be i don't know if it will cost more will follow she called the army 20 us about mission to folks is all she saw all those of us creation i'm. not here prosecuting me. and i'm sorry you do concerts she says and so it was only a loss to go on the school also a student in russia well you know you're going to you'll see all this is. going to settle on me to the next and you deal with that right here and you get what it's not so what is was in. imo sugar grew up. to this of course it's called out we should or should not coming up tonight is comic. number 260 now he woke. you up she just could be.
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so brutal cop movie. played on the phone you're gonna. find. the audio to monday i don't discard all the group who know. this because a i'm not saying one can get on if you're going to show which the subtle mind must . be knighted by backing them or. that he can act. talk sekai the no again it's taken me to court that this story pulled into talking didn't i know i'm all like i want to got. some magic on the doorstep now my command. was just saying. none took off it's a need i say so you're not going about it's a connect. the sort of the understeer on that commission dust.
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from donald trump in 2016 to tell c gobert in 2020 there is part of the electorate that responds to han tie war anti interventionist rhetoric in fact there is evidence to signal. we helped get trampled like that but the fact remains the establishment is keen to downplay any been demonized any candidate who questions plan calls for the dolphins why is this. dream agreed to pressure old mr remember that it was most of the family were unemployed working class there
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wasn't it was bed much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attacks so low down engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm chaunced one set of rules for the rich offices. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of wilf which will is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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don't try and steal of the century spawn clowns waging protests across the middle east with claims the proposed road map to end the israeli palestinian conflict that we face in the face. of the palestinian leaderships bunz triumph plan calling it the flap of the century the us ambassador to israel has made it clear it up. palestinian viewpoint is not something that will be taken into account. and it doesn't matter what the palestinians say we're going to keep open for them for 4 years that's what we want. another week another protester unions are back on the streets of paris still angered at president pension reform plans to protest
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