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tv   Documentary  RT  January 29, 2020 4:30pm-5:01pm EST

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just you. know with just a little you know because it was you know. i mean i was cold and stiff it's been. going out to eat you know i could get the jolt. just in the commode. and all the shuttle no communication with the id joke and look at the joel do you put the. money. was important. during his account would i. think.
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so 20 deal to do christopher paul martin going. to the. quo. and take your heel up and you know sort of tying up one of the last. to deny him the idea. jim no clue what they're going to. hold on up and if it will sort of. called out. well. you know. c.g. put. also you may need a. pat
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. down where you're going to comment on what you want to talk to. folks to talk you are. on top of your. own accord which could call it disheartening. you know when you know you are going to conquer it's. swords near kasi dynamite it all. on d.h. dr chua soi. you are.
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onil. when we were growing. it formal well honest i will think less of. a joke you need to know that isone children but i don't like the names i'm going to go the most of this google. and is about the muslims like on the net cannot take so it all because i know so little you know. she not i'm old you can be can you we can do. to. stop them on this and me says.
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oh boy looked at. me. oh oh. you know that. like. the sea that she would. need it how could i. call. him for. causing. moves in.
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i need to. only assume that our elderly are more than what you are or i assume that their outlook is evil that doesn't that i thought the 30 thought of that. was insulting to. say it all there is unity said or only i'm told or your gator got a little food your way or gave up. for you while you could target the you not to talk. to or people more you did. my sis in they can hear if they want. to go out there do you know anything. about a woman that i don't think i'm glad i did talk or think of me can i tell you all now and then you know steve i saw one. legend.
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give nothing to cook it stick with it and all that. chilling moment. it is seeing the cynical and that kind and. do. think it's. taking away. from our justice and all she got to know all i see you are this you know look i really don't know how you do it or did i get out and i got. another i said it's going to go down there you are not your cup going out or what the last. digits any
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of us you know what tony allen or it's an ink on your lot and it could work on a lot to know. that there must be sorted out on the new wall norco no. money no knowledge of money because i know those are the niceties sedately this because the net he doesn't know it's got to do only most of this in other stuff. he cannot declare to another human so when what i did with it in this cave all these young men sort of talk. to it cause they got very sick of listening this sort of talk not going to. create a guy you also be about to go off on a guy you also have walked through not like i'm going to touch got so to your schtick she new york a suit so kind meet sure will sort of. i saw you talk to. me what these guys are sending us are used to us.
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for thought sure you know we none america. can do to another member of the me now market more for me not at the night so you'll see. that kind of 1. site on a google are. likely to must. be a must. have clearly known quinlan and a rural chews on their door. channel 20 opened. the. door and say. can't because i want.
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it to. last me so much other stuff. you. put on a snorkel crew. over to talk. optician under 2 of course. the. photo cannot there is no article. or 100 skill. or was that it. simple say to you and your analysis of the new. muscle. or total voting skill or not the water for florida printed. in wine or what i did.
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calles i type it all out on this open final thought if i. stick with 19 wishin i dates the show good july 32 coming monday at the 2nd night of rest and did it today i'm just icing come give me shit instead it's sick i just not up to the not to do so they got up to money in the sun in june and. you in june enough to look. up the can eat or you are out cold day. where gots. again any night it sure koshi night. bilking up to get took you need hope this is not cool not to go and you go on this need to keep so you go to church just to cut i.
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want to talk about here is the debt of 3 or because planet earth has a debt both fear of approximately 3 to 4 times global g.d.p. which i think is between like 80 trillion so there is like you know almost 400 trillion now in debt it's the debt us here and it's has a profound impact in the 21st century. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed. and it wasn't it was bit you know much worse objective listened but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shape my the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduce democracy
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at tax so low down engineer elections manufacture consent another prince pose according to no i'm jones to one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the. narrow sector of will switch rule is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. and the.
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author bush told. us. none of us can still see how. the costs will. fall and i'll give you the oh. yes no let me out i was always on it things. were for. us. hope. so it's you were there is no
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moment for stuff you need to know about the wonderful from ok came with yoko. ono would i be so coy that i doubt the milk of about all of the oh come off them what about the taking off to. the grocer i got my future history. all we know. was food oil. t.v. radio talk. shows talk. to. me. but you also well now inside of the can you go in keep them with your cup tie so you more detailed all the way i got to tell you i cannot time to grow. old will be a challenge you broke around right. from a good eye you could either talk of off yes and no you mustn't both built up the.
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wall or will i but i wonder. if they. did that cyclists are. sacred i just lost the room every day could i get through what you know no there were plenty ones where she was. cynical to trust a gritty to looking at the quick look at it you decided to she find you would not be i'm sure she was one or she is that which owners like one can go on to grow i know you're not often. so you know steve to be awesome. i'll just call oh no muscle i joke on please don't please no. one says to. me when you say saying no signs i'll. be sitting close and saying i'm on. the car not on my doctor's must go i think you want to understand i took me several times.
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good to go mom so you could end up we can all just doing this you know we have a morning and i think it will moved a little as it were a little too good you know under seal. didn't you go there how to talk. to me she knew your daughter you're not. going to decide that you can go home i find up to you know your book on the residue of her group. will be the new. book we're going to use in a minute you got to move to it but instead of my he do say he would i do need to. be a good. mom. you have my birthday without it did. not have it it could do no more. than you wanted it when i found it easy one day citation of what i meant you know we did 19 it it went well sort of awkward did i mean did it go out on disk it will not get stuck up my.
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car you go to one last decade will. i did it again and so they're all. say sheets and on the top kill you don't know what. to. do. with. both the suicide when they come you're still going come you're tied up with the right underscores all month and also more coming with the you know up on the moon if you you son dish. out the way you must disrupt the sun do it on site and not try to keep need more tools on the course as you go to not do it like you can not. just
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this one i thought because on got cut cable and it's got it they make on this my stuff so it is so they they. say cut so since i had to create the new start a trend i just adore to start with when i should get your stock up when i do i do it if you're still sure they're going to scope out but you. must also be able but i want to wish you nothing this next week i thought it all goes on only in my state. for this stance but you both are not the yuletide that know oh it's going to money still can i could of course you believe but you know my house cites an awful for jobs so you got little kids the kids over to come he only did that each day so someone by next.
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saw fugal off for an awful cat up society. that is not on the final passage that this. thread i saw here today i think. i got you because i thought i'd offer shut. up. as. oh oh oh. yes it's all snapped on the school to starts it. not the cut out. because when i sent it into the show them thinking me annoyed. because of that i dismiss almost all in this ng. i mean this is where you talk about the core you don't become on this go well quite can i did call 1000000 a day richelle multi-step on spec you know whole hog that i thought he was going to die thing. school journal the. new guide to the school book which went on this
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night. just a little bit. mind you get what they want in a minute and. they often asked. just what is. good of course on them ha ha ha when you quote don't know how. they look them up talking or do we call this sort of. spirit sorry there are some positive. feeling well there's a little bit of the various. variables or they go off. the simple really which is nothing will be. professional and then you will do all.
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i. can assess to. believe if you can get it. and seeing the kind you. help. my easy to say well i got to stop by the scene do you know what they say let's think about the outfit. that you always see if you want to ask i know this guy will say it's 0 point they'll start like you know you've got i'm good for a lot of money that's not going to look therefore to me that. it's in with it i said i'd like a model you know monday when i still don't want to be said is that i or you just there i got a horrible thing for the dog and got this one that got them all f. 20 so we'll talk to them and i called them on it on the smallest to put it out that i understand i'm going to be on i've got it all for c.n.n. is still here coffee you can get it's not hundreds and i thought it was a 1000 it until i said i thought your day at times you go outfront.
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simoom than i recall the naivety or not i thought that i thought the horse did talk about all. they got off of i would often call it the way the walk but i think also in the exhibit hall mode of. all. there is even if that involved make for the almost all he will cross that are your number one of all your posts that they will feel very miserable not by the law they are also looking for the waterfall look old video many we've. heard one day for all you know it all from what i can see it's all there you know not a little you know the story isn't enough get out and out all you do you know mom do you also a lot of i don't know how dogs dollars also. got off all the latino community and although you said go 1 you'd also provided a link you also get their pool or email cortical being just don't think you'll see
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that it is good for. the. soul in the car again callers and i this can all give a. lot of eyes are what i get out of this on assholes on no call it. is not so much because i. constantly because you must say i'm audience. doesn't she take as he. says. martin. it was
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a. strange series 3 and. if you're prepared. for the other no that's mostly poor little since it. was a total of 5 so he also if you want to talk you. know you are already in school home most of them. you'll almost hear him say. it will go on or started to start i wouldn't bother. telling people what stuff. like here's a cruiser for sure but. please sir it was. the. focus on god give me your just like with me not to come out yes i should like to do both of you. with us and it did that's the difference. when you aren't going to knock people who are the ones you know that's the. sooner you get
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a clue. when you need it are going into this whole know what animal going to want to not not you know where you should ought to there's a row. 20 civil civil discourse on still since we not only don't hold an article. oh look i'm going to you move me to john thank you not that's the seeking to dot all the muslims you will see did you not bought into the gnome funk i got 3 adult optimal you may be doing very well maybe i don't know if it will cost them all or solo she called tony to many of us about mission to folks is all she saw all those on the bus or creation i. will quote here hans issue meeting. i'm sorry that your concert sword and shield is only or still a risk you also assume. russia will know you're going to you'll see where this is.
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going to settle not only to the next one you deal with our american people and if you wanted us or not soldiers was in. on no sugar go up. to this of course it's cold out we should or should not turn up tonight is calm cool number 200 logistically don't look up to walk or coffee just. for your cup move to put the growth on that if you think about it are you gonna. find. the how do you go to mumbai i don't discard all the group who know me. know that the moon disc is a good understanding can not going to be a good show most of the time i must. listen in i did my back in the more
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than all of that economic. talk sekai the no against taking me to the court that this story poured into talking didn't i no luck. welcome one all got. from magic and it would overdosed on my command. was just that. none took off for tonight thanks so you're not going about it it's a connect to. the soul of the understeer on a commission dust. from
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donald trump in 2016 to 2020 there is part of the electorate that responds to anti-war anti interventionist rhetoric in fact there is evidence this significantly helped get trampled but the fact remains the establishment is keen to downplay and even demonize any candidate who questions poll supported oxen's why is this. trade and investment to become magic spells to economic development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the investment chapter of a trade agreement is a very different but what one investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys
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sacred sites all the environment. that means local communities that are being poisoned the thing object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can they serve. the nationals of taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to stop. implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a french company sued egypt because egypt resists minimum wage democratic choice trump corporate law joining us as we try to find oh. i actually don't think monopolies per se are the problem. to credit or to politicians and probably both the crony financial ism crony cowboys. that's the big problem that's.
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all trans deal of the century sparks outrage and protests across the middle east with claims the proposed roadmap to end the israeli palestinian conflict only favors telefilm. or the palestinian leadership spurns transplant calling it the slap of the century the us ambassador to israel has made it clear the palestinian viewpoint is not something that will be taken into account. it doesn't matter what the palestinians say we're going to keep this option open for them for 4 years that's what we want. and the european parliament's good.


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