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accusations flying back and forth at the u.n. security council of the syrian army successfully it liberates a terrorist stronghold and it looked province. lives of millions of civilians are now even greater risks years collation and it is not due to the operations of the syrian armed forces but the constant and deliberate provocations of the terrorists . no natural time actually to get away from. the european parliament gives final approval for bread said as a british i mean do you stage a brownie farewell in their last ever appearance. such exception the capital city and yet its heroes in the d.c. on the outskirts of peace to. revisit in arab neighborhood cramped behind
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a concrete security barrier and east jerusalem hailed by donald trump as the future capital of a palestinian state. watching our 2 international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned 10 am welcome to the program. unsubstantiated accusations russia's branded u.k. and u.s. jobs at the u.n. security council on syria they cues damascus and its allies of killing civilians in an offensive on the northwestern province of idlib it was launched more than a month ago to liberate the remaining terrorist stronghold from al qaeda linked fighters bosco points out that the terrorists using civilians as human shields and firing at humanitarian corridors are the ones to blame. we are appalled by the significant escalation and syrian regime and russian violence in libya but it
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should be escalation and it is not due to the operations of the syrian armed forces but the constant and deliberate provocations of the terrorists the lives of millions of civilians are now even greater risks as the combined forces of the assad regime russia the iranian regime and has escalated their offensive the problem of can't be resolved as long as the terrorists that have been recognized as such by the security council continue to rain there it comes as the syrian army recaptures one of the promises largest and most strategic towns more out on numa the former hot spot for anti-government protests had been held by rebels since 2012 moscow had opened humanitarian corridors for those seeking to leave the area before the operation u.s. insists that the offensive should be stopped but as my past airport it seems that washington has rather different standards for its own actions. the fall of my new month came as a shock to everyone it was
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a cradle of the revolution late to the jihad against asaad rebels 2nd largest remaining city and they gave it up without a fight a fight for the city that is it but cells had been a battleground for the past month. in december the syrian military set off an operation taking dozens and dozens of towns and villages in me a weeks the policy kicked in russia and turkey mediated a ceasefire which didn't last the islamists seemingly couldn't keep their fingers off the trigger. about islam and the reason for the escalation is the reason is the militants control totally. or nearly totally by chuck hagel nusra and i at ariel sharon which al nusra has turned into and uses as
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a cover constantly bring the cease fire with the cease fire arrangements create special corridors for noncombatants so they can leave the combat zones by the way the terrorists keep striking those corridors hindering the departure of peaceful civilians trying to retain them as human shields. we've seen it all before in ghouta rebels caged the women and pensioners on roofs to prevent the air strikes i was in aleppo at the end when those same rebels held hostage 200000 civilians refusing to allow a single person human shield to leave the city and you wouldn't even know reading we sent headlines it's the usual stuff as that is guilty of every sin and every hurt in syria ruthless actions by russia the iranian regime hizbollah and the assad regime are directly preventing the establishment of a ceasefire in northern syria we condemn these barbaric attacks and call for an
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immediate cease fire one would think if you really wanted the ceasefire you'd stop flooding rebel armories with weapons and advanced guided missiles but ok so what would america do if it was attacks during the cease fire how would it fight terrorists who hide behind civilians in the state department preaches and voices its concern about the alleged suffering of civilians only when the terrorists suffer a crushing defeat and syrian citizens of finally liberated the state department also published similar hypocritical tweets when syrian cities that are now rebuilding themselves were liberated unlike rocca that was wiped off the map by u.s. airstrikes they leveled mosul just like they obliterated raca in all tens. thousands of innocents died i remember them back then broken civilians running out of the city mosul every day horrified that isis sent us jets in equal measure but
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apparently when america leveled cities it's the right thing to do we're not perfect guys we can make a mistake and this kind of warfare will happen but we are the good guys munificent people on a battlefield know the difference bases knows that they can use human shields to avoid being hit it's their air defense system the enemy is using a tactic that actually has them become part of the target that is on them not on us not entirely sure the dead would agree those pulver arised by coalition bombs or the survivors who are still years later cleaning up the rubble surprised the pentagon hasn't blamed them too for forcing america to use so many bombs it's clear the cases in mosul iraq the american and british bombers targeted the jihad the islamic state opponents but these people were intermingled with the
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civilians they had base. and buildings which also house civilians were next to them it's a case of burying their head in the sand and not wanting to admit that both turkey and russia have helped at least to limit the human cost at least to many many hundreds of thousands of people i mean it is i think part of the underlying dilemma of the western states that they committed themselves so wholeheartedly to the fall of a sad that they turned a blind eye to who was fighting against him and so they have in the end said anybody who's against it is better than a. double standards but it's also turning a blind eye to these groups who have after all spawned threats to western europe because some of the supporters have carried out radical terrorist attacks in western europe to. olen are to arabic correspondent was seriously injured in the province on wednesday morning you may find the following images upsetting.
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as you can see there was hit by an explosion from a shell abandoned by militants therefore it was covering the aftermath of the syrian army's liberation of the area she sustained facial injuries and tropical wounds to her body. blocking farewells resigned to the in the european parliament and british i mean final ever session on wednesday as lawmakers approved the withdrawal agreement britain set to quit the e.u. at last on friday evening setting in motion a year long transition period the leader of the brics it party had this parting dig for brussels. so this is a final chapter at the end of the road a 47 year political experiment we use our for europe we just hate the european union it's as simple as that nigel farrar as she is well loved and loathed in
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pretty much equal measure depending on who i speak to in the leader of the break the party wasn't going to let his last chance to address the european parliament go without making a bit of a scene in the chamber there you want to burn our national flags we're going to wave goodbye i will look forward in the future to working with you please sit down resume your seats put your flags away you're leaving and take them with you if you are leaving now and i but the issue with the flags comes after just last week david so i saw you who's the president of the european parliament said that flags fell foul of current rules that prohibit ban is being shown in the chamber as you might imagine mr for us a lot to say about that he said it just showed how the european parliament in brussels institutions was trampling over the rights of member states well away from the sideshow in brussels on wednesday there was some serious business being
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done in fact the deal that will see the door for certainly happen was ratifying parliament we heard from those sort of on the lines the european commission president who said that brussels was putting a very good deal as far as they were concerned on the table for the u.k. to sign but that in amongst all of the goodies they were offering the united kingdom that they were demanding regulatory alignment when it came to things like workers' rights like environmental concerns and social protections we are considering a free trade agreement with 0 tariffs and 0 cultus this would be unique no other free trade agreement offers such an access to our single market. but the precondition is that european and british businesses continue to compete on a level playing field. we will certainly not expose our companies to unfair
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competition for those talks on a trade deal between the u.k. and the e.u. post breaks that get underway on the 3rd of march it may well put the united kingdom in a bit of a rock and a hard place situation between the european union on one side and the united states on the other london of course once lucrative trade deals with both however that may fall foul of those words regulatory alignment that the european union are insisting upon because if the u.k. agrees to regulatory alignment with the european union they may not get the trade deal that they hope to be able to get with the united states they certainly are leaving on the 31st but they're leaving into this transition period if you think briggs it's going away any time soon another thing coming it's going to be here for a little while yet to talk about. there is outrage among palestinians after the u.s. president unveiled a peace plan which critics call heavily biased in favor of israel more than 40
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protesters have been injured in clashes with israeli security forces in the west bank. oh i. was. under the deal is there all would get ultimate control over palestinian security and most of its resources and jerusalem would be israel's undivided capital the palestinian ambassador to the u.n. says the proposal attempts to destroy the national rights of these people and is doomed to fail. which is an attempt to destroy the national rights of the palestinian people. and it will fail by the
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unity and steadfastness of the palestinian people and the defense of the international community not that i said before the peace or justice it is not a recipe for the destruction of the national eyes of the palestinian people. the palestinian state would get a capital and a crown to arab neighborhood on the outskirts of east jerusalem paul flair travel back and talk to locals about terms proposal. this doesn't look exactly like a capital city and yet its hero in the village of decent the outskirts of east jerusalem that the american president wants the future capital of a palestinian state to be now not only has the issue divided israelis and palestinians but as you can see by the security barrier it's also divided palestinians from palestinians so on this side you have some of east jerusalem on the other side you have the rest of it and it's anyone's guess how
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a city like this well if a function as a capital. structure to have b.o.'s our capital of palestine. or the people who are is just sort of is the start everybody think it's. you know it's. one of the village in the town and we believe a 07 is a capital this is the parliament building here in abu dis now it's closed and it doesn't look like much but this is where presumably a future parliament will function from when trump says that this is a win win situation for both palestinians and israelis well it seems he's being cynical at best about acing and be able to want to make peace but they have to give us you know what they give israel you know the fear he doesn't give anything to some pieces here here here. and.
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he has no demand for us he doesn't give us from us most of our lands but i think there must be for the clumps initiation and people as they have to hear our voice. i think this will lead everybody to the good to think and to conflict together to say what we. when the here and the people here so want be uprising here don't be upset that key to the city of abu dis but when inhabitants hear themselves a pessimistic as to the promise that it unlocks it's hard to understand why president trump is putting so much faith in it. i would use. the cross live now to karl schembri original media advisor in the middle east with the norwegian refugee council you're very welcome to the program that your council warns the peace plan could mean forcible transfers of palestinians he'd tell us more about those concerns. what is the major concern the ongoing concern that is
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that has been happening on the west where will this last that is going to enable. and able to actually act it plans to act more or less rigorous palestinian territories i had a vague. thousands of palestinians school for live in these areas where most of them are people who work with very poor families a lot of shops very. farmers by the way who have been displaced historically over and over again a lot of them are like refugees 'd who had to flee and i guess for the 8 or 967 now they are living very precariously in lavender which israel claims for various readers either being of our particular concern or because it's needed for military purposes this is why the city is that it is quite an area actually where a lot of biting actually live and make a living despite all the hardships we had to do that most of that happened the aid
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we get doesn't get the story ringback by the israeli government in breach of the humanitarian principles of helping out whoever needs that it is mostly findings funding from the european government that is being destroyed or over and over again our business plan that has been proposed is actually an egg more of this and we know that there are already plans to alex more of that daring force people out of these. into more misery what would leaving them with no option so do you believe that power finds envoy to the u.n. might be correct when he says that the plan paves the way for israel to still more land. absolutely that's the that's the quote sarah here i next asia is is owned by a nation of international law and the american administration is saying that's ok 'd you guys go ahead and do that and that's that's the major cause and have we're
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appealing as a humanitarian organization we don't get into the politics of this but we were happy and believe that russian community to take a stand on this this is going to be allowed to happen this is violating their own rules which they've managed to safeguard little of the areas the spike or the ongoing by the nations of a database that's happening in the occupied west and in there if we have to stand up they stand against this and call those ways of getting the palestinians and israelis to speak one of their. among the many that are that we're faced with that is that this plan is completely one sided where this request invoice what is the palestinians stand where where where are they and this is being done to force the government of a better one side does not have obviously the israeli government to do the other stuff which i do a little explicit about that but where what are the palestinian civil what is that what is their opinion what what are the escalation subtractive that all of this. i would oppose and again another one is that this is over to make this ongoing
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occupation they went into reality for by the stimulus on there the guise of a state. that critics have said that the proposed new enclaves her palestine look disturbingly similar to those under apartheid south africa do you think they have a point. well look ringback we work with biased opinions on a day to day basis we see the guy who built the discrimination and i call it the end injustice is that they have been wronged historically and they are wrong on a day to day basis work with children who are suffering growing debt or being violent tonight because of what they go through when they cross through the streets ahead of them when they cross from their house to the school they come across that all they have to go through the city to get to where they have to go which would be just a couple of meters away from the door of their house that there are children hoping that they shouldn't have been harassed at checkpoints children who are going to know which secular is going to work at them because they live in
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a very quiet entry i mean i don't know that's just the children of course that are foreigners have grown adults where water water had asked one of the debates is there in the road use that i was there 3 days that i could go to show the products are destroyed because there are people out there who believe this is their. rights based on experience living there or about the people in gaza live last 2nd or 3rd or it's their own people. nobody's in the equation they're there with their side swept under the carpet and there are about it grew with a rocket that has been going on. by wishing them collectively some 2000000 people because of who is in charge in gaza that's that's that's the reality. very regional media adviser in the middle east with the norwegian refugee council thank you for your time and your comments and. still to come as the planet focuses on asia's coronavirus outbreak and other regions of the world suffers its worst locust invasion and decades threatening devastating hunger i'll tell you where after this
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short break. join me every day on the alex salmond show. and i'll be speaking to us in the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back as the world focuses on the corona virus outbreak eastern africa suffering its worst locust invasion in decades hundreds of millions of the bugs have swept across kenya somalia and ethiopia with the u.n. warning of a threat of devastating hunger for people in the region is a ghost on the house the story. less than a month into 2020 and there's already been a whole year's worth of doomsday panic from fears of world war 3 to the
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coronavirus and now a biblical one africa is suffering from one of the worst locust outbreaks in the continent's history. namely destroy everything in their path including our farm who want the government to act fast and some planes to spray them with incense the side otherwise they will destroy everything on. the way it looks like and. that's because they have desiccated everywhere here you cannot even eat outside never do you have to lock yourself in the house. for the locals the
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infestation means much more than just having to stay indoors they've eaten everything farmers complain brought to the brink of desperation with their plantations left barren people facing famine by the veracious swarms of insects swarms larger than cities. one airline had to turn back out of fear as the bugs would claw gets engines but as
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apocalyptic as it already sounds experts fear that if not contained now the situation will get much worse locusts breeding season starts only in march so the swarms will be bromine around ravaging people's food supplies for some time yet there is no limited impact on last season's crops the coming season is due to be planted around march or april and this will cause side with a new generation of swarms so that the potential to impact of food security and livelihoods in the horn of africa is tremendous kenya has started spraying the swarms with pesticides a desperate measure as it's fear the chemicals could poison what little of the crops remains in the past giant nets flame throwers and even lasers were proposed as weapons of mass destruction but were never used perhaps now is the
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time for. a new report part funded by the u.k. government itself is scathing about its even tougher new crackdown on offenders i want criminals to literally feel terror at the thought of committing offenses it's madness to continue doing the same thing in expecting different results and what we have been doing traditionally we look at and friend or somebody who is at risk and we say psychologists because of psychological reasons or sociologist pays. reasons and logical reasons and so on and then which on a 1000000 mice that risk. i was one of the authors of a new study into preventing youth radicalization which calls for a fundamentally different approach the report says positive psychology supporting vulnerable young people is far more effective than managing them as risks it wants equal opportunities for youth and education and the job market while encouraging them to participate in society but the proposals are in stark contrast to the
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government's punishing approach earlier this month the u.k. government drew up tough new crackdowns including closer monitoring of offenders together with a mandatory minimum prison sentence for terrorist offenders of 14 years as well as doubling the number of counter-terrorism probation officers one of the report's authors again explains why that's the wrong approach. to a positive psychology whatever you want to call it is that it is sas stop looking at the pass as a potential risk because of their psychological or biological or sociological implications but look at them s. potential time and what these interests that they have as a young person and support that interest and while doing so you would get an increase with zillions when it comes to that race it's not about replacing is not about stopping this is about prevention is about what we do in schools is what we do universities but we also piloted it in actually use the funding is just and so we want to be friends with young often and when we worked with them to see what of
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interest and it was it was the football was it and then support that that that. what they wanted to do we saw a complaint you think some change in their approach that's their global news update for this hour thanks for tuning in. what we're talking about here is the debt because planet earth has a debt post here approximately 3 to 4 times global g.d.p. which i think is between like 80 trillion so there's like you know almost 400 trillion in debt it's the debt us here and it has a profound impact on the 21st century.
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welcome to the alex salmond show on the evolve bt the day that britain finally departs the european union after many false starts boris johnson has got bricks it does but it looks like the celebration of a new political dog will be somewhat understated we mark the day with an interview with britain's longest serving amy peak ordinaries who looks back with foreignness at the concrete achievements of the european parliament for working people. i'd read talk to the secretary general of new european the pro european campaign group today and i pack up their tents then we'll ask 2 old westminster hands form a liberal democrat presidential candidate. or pick and former pike cami president
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i'm true european to do a plea to look to the future of britain's european relationships but 1st to your tweets mess just and eagles and the mighty response receipts to our programs on scotland's future and last week shoe on the homeless 10 says amazing good guys out there you never hear about doing something constructive to help the homeless gives you hope to see people doing miss morton says it's amazing how such good intentioned people whether well in their hearts to make a difference can help those who fallen on such hard times they are brilliant and can teach us all how to be better people well said brian says a summer that was homeless for 3 and a half years it's great the homelessness is finally being shown that with help people can have their lives changed we never know what life holds for us.


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