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pack up their tents then we'll ask to old westminster hands former liberal democratic presidential candidate and breaks a cheer lead but opec and former pike cami president i'm pro european to do a plea to the to the future of britain's european pollution ships but 1st to your tweets messages and e-mails and the mighty response received to our programs on scotland's future and last week shoe on the homeless 10 says amazing good guys out there you never hear about doing something constructive to help the homeless give you hope to see people doing miss morton says it's amazing how such good intentioned people whether well in their hearts to make a difference can help those who fallen on such hard times they are brilliant and can teach us all how to be better people well said brian says some of that was homeless for 3 and a half years it's great the homelessness is finally being shown that with help people can have their lives changed we never know what life holds for us
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a lot of says so much admiration for the wonderful sikh community who work hard to do this beautiful souls every version indeed they are and on scotland sask substances borders should be ashamed of himself we have a right to our freedom we have rights billy hunt says the 2021 scottish parliament your holiday elections should be fought on the basis should the people of scotland vote for it you know that to declaration of independence will be declared that we the u.t.i. it voted for will be the undeniable democratic will of the sovereign nation alan says i think scotland should be that you and of course the u.k. however scotland should aim for being in efta and finally selma from british columbia says the question really is who is this he says no and the scottish people who are already indeed 14 with the feet marching the streets say yes period we did civil and government disobedience now come on the club what are we waiting for. of
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course tomorrow we'll be hearing from nicholas sturgeon scotland's 1st minister as to her next it tomorrow also marks a b.d. which stands for better day for 2 of our strongest exponents of britain's membership of the european union alex talks to m.e.p. from london courtney's and 2 former labor m.p. and secretary general of the new unit pianists raja caselli. and i'm delighted to welcome back to the shore claude morris britain senior member of the european parliament joining us from brussels welcome back to the show claude it's great to be on again alex. one deal we from the leaving of the institution the britons 70 plus any piece packed their bags and leave brussels what's the atmosphere lakers you as you bid farewell to that institution you've been a member of for more than 20 years to be honest alex it's a mixture of on the one hand quite somber and on the other hand so business as
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usual the somber nature of it is the hard core of parliamentarians here you've been here for a long time you know the kind of british contribution contribution from all parts of britain and i think that it's created a kind of somber atmosphere genuinely and in terms of business as usual there are lots of new members lots of people feeling well this thing is going on for a long time you know let's get on with things so it's a kind of a mix of those things and also you know there's been so many false starts so kind of this idea that my god is actually going to happen so i would say that that's also an element of it you rightly say a club blows that people have struggled often to work 0 point contribution m.b.p.s. a. key committees in the european parliament can you give us an example of how the
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work community in parliament has made a a real difference to the lives of ordinary people in the united kingdom i've worked in you know protection of workers so for a long time even kleiman many of the employment legislation measures that we saw of agency workers working time. health and safety many of these things happened here not because we couldn't do it and i was involved in many of these things but because the world has become more global and it was right to do these things because we had a single market and to benefit people back home. in a much more fragile working environment where you've got 0 hours contracts where you've got more fragility you needed to have workers' rights it's not a free market single market and it's a global economy where people are in a much more difficult position so this place while i've been here has really hurt
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a head on the. you know in addition to any good that is done in the member states so i don't that was very understated that's an area been involved in and of course i've been involved in a very viscerally area which is the whole area of refugees immigration migration. the rule of law and high tech your ears artificial intelligence data protection and so on which again sure the european union and it's kind of advanced elements. again i fear not always communicated back home. but they've been real practical benefits i feel over the years and i wish that there had been communicated better back home and that's of course artful to the prime minister ballers johnson who is very bullish about the sea says oh well we can protect the rights of workers in our own parliament in westminster do you not take burra such as work claude. well you
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see what i think is going to happen is i think he's a populist and i think what he's going to do is he's going to do a lot of post bricks marketing as populists do and we saw that yesterday when there's a new global visa for the world for people of talent to come here and all this was was was a measure which already exists. the talented people to come to the u.k. and he took the cap off and that cap had never been reached so this is the kind of thing we're going to see and he's going to see lots of things. britain about our global place in the world and how we're free and all of this stuff is going to happen and it's going to be tough because it's going to denigrate anything that the ever did that was positive for the u.k. partly alex as you know because a lot of never hit the narrative it did i would say in places like scotland i would say it did and that was reflected in the voting in the referendum but it certainly
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did in my part of the world and it and i think that was the worry so i think you're going to see this kind of revisionism for fuel like it's all ready to go i mean we're actually still in the e.u. for a year we're in the single market we're in the customs union we're going to be prosperous because of that but i think in a year's time 2 years time 3 years time the effects of being a single market will be seen but believe me this government this prime minister will make hay in this coming year because people will be confused are we in in the year we outs actually we're going to still be in. our people like me but we're actually still in the infrastructure of the e.u. so that prosperity issue will will still be there as you're aware of the the prime minister was having some sort of like sure i don't mean street tomorrow to tomorrow britain's departure is there any certainly taking place in the european parliament the is there anything to to mark or britain's leaving of the institution. i think
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the way that european parliament authorities have played this has been very mature and sensible they're not celebrating because they don't believe there's anything to celebrate and i was quoted in the observer on sunday just explaining why. that said better way to do it then light shows and so on when you've still 'd got a divided country and people feel very bruised by this decision so finally claude i'm going to ask you to to get your crystal ball out before you experience the european parliament your knowledge of the debate on europe do you think this is a assad farewell tomorrow or do you think perhaps an optimistic though i think it's inevitably it's going to be deeply sad but i think for the younger generation coming up who have not been tainted by this very year denigration in our country of the people in places like scotland where there was
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a different more or less different view i think there's more optimism i think that maybe one day you know we could see the european union again as a natural partner it will take so i think deep sadness as we leave but just a hint of light that maybe one day will come back home klugman is from brussels for the last time as a member the european parliament but not i hope the last time on the show thank you very much indeed thank you alex. roger casale former labor m.p. and set to general the new europeans welcome back to the alex salmond show thank you ira it's great to be with you again now roger ballance johnson tomorrow is minting millions of 50 p. coins is having a late show to to celebrate britain's the popular from the european union what's the new europeans going to do well my response to. the rights of
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millions street point 6000000 e.u. citizens of the u.k. whose lives are in limbo and the 1400000 that's 1200000 british it is soon sitting elsewhere in the e.u. . 9 going ahead unfortunately we sit in a situation where the 5. not fully guaranteed and protected and breaks it doesn't mean and certainly should not be allowed to mean their rights should be compromised in any way but hey you're marketing to model b. they are you mocking it with some sort of sad a money we will not it's we will have a very clear message to citizens high price approach that we will be holding a sign a march through westminster before the big breaks a party begins and we will then hold a candle to video by the statue of the suffragette medicine force it already have an economist who is to courage everywhere to remind people what change that brought
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to maybe go ahead but citizens' rights is still not guaranteed and we will be having our own light show not just not handle it joe the lights of the candles but we will be writing people across britain i remember the britain leaves the european union to light a candle and put it in their window as a symbol of our rights and they should never be extinguished roger caselli isn't the game up wouldn't a bright city of say it to you it's time to pack up your bags and go home great city you would say that's neat but that's to confuse the argument about whether britain is in the e.u. or not which obviously for the moment is settled arguably prove we're joined now in the future but for now what we need to do is for the nation to come together this is a historic and important day for the nation it's a very sad day from my perspective but i accept that it is a historic that but it doesn't mean it should not meet and that's the focus of my message imus's from you europeans that citizens' rights should be compromised in
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any way and we will continue to fight for full guarantees a physical crew for status free citizens in the u.k. and free movement rights for british citizens in the u. through our green card proposal and i would be interested in the in session and in brussels to go meet peace as british army pieces. meet the new we will still be on the front line to peace in europe trying to get a good deal for british citizens in the e.u. as negotiations not have the future relationship i'm working hard in the u.k. and solidarity with the e.u. citizens here to make sure they get physical proof of status we show you would need to counter discrimination and we would like to see green have green card in the hand of e.u. citizens in the u.k. and the same green card manager british citizens who are already resident in the e.u. and finally roger kasai what would you say to a black city or m.p.
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at westminster but palace of westminster what you know very well just nearly elected no election which decided the issue of collecting has a 50 p. celebrates the cardinals and looking forward to a mid atlantic vision of the singapore that britain can become what would your message to them be a message to them is a very simple one and it's my message to you and you're this is what change breaks it does not mean that citizens' rights should be compromise don't make citizens pay the price of rex ring fence and protect their rights completely comprehensively give them a physical proof of status in the form of green a great car and protect their rights what would be huge protect the rights of british citizens in the e.u. what to consolidate about the way thank you very much for joining us on the show and you know it's join us after the break well we'll look into a crystal ball to examine britain's kibble and here it.
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my uncle with a kid same compensate oh boy tonight i didn't. even know that they can. go and. get. me home. on which i did. and showed up the movers because i'm on the sentencing going to be i didn't show up on my last.
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because i was it was a ton. of money and. we don't want to tell the m.p. with an axe and the monument we want the kind of. streets filled with events with the theater with this myspace business conference sometimes maybe i love going to conferences and debates and such events but the battle of ideas and the bobby confronts these are the kind of things just to be striving on gives us pause making connections with people to set up projects. welcome back now when big ben says not to baltimore tonight at 11 pm it will mark the end of business in your house same today in an umbilical relationship with you but is this the end or just the beginning of the end and what of the future who
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better to discuss it than born again opaque and lifelong you to appear in lord death for the weekly. when but open to the victor goes the spoils where will you be to model of when has the prime minister invited you to is light sure of celebration he hasn't not invited me but i'm going to be with the people i'm going to be empowerment square with other blacks a tears of celebrating the inevitable so 2300 11 pm and old money when the chimes or the pretensions are not so big and so working yet go over there and i'll be commemorating or celebrating the new independent britain well i can put your mind to rest upon the big ben isn't boring but definitely starvation is going to rubbing it in a bit will you be joining your soldiers with some of the excellent welsh whiskey asking or for whom the bell tolls of old ben bombs i suppose for me to say this
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case or we have actually 2 or well most certainly but i would be celebrating but we have to accept we are where we are and the question is how do we move on i've always said that is the next battle that matters not the last one the last one was 14 the general election a very unwise election play can be voted against it or we should have done so we've given it on the plates to boris johnson but now we have to find a way out without losing no connections with europe but accepting that we're not going to do in the european union ok so let's look at the next year 1st because obviously what bought us yourself were celebrating tomato is just the withdrawal agreement we've got to walk go to the future and john says it can be done in a year that can be the 31st of december and the new agreement for the future will be drawn up is that credible as a democrat you know that i think that johnson is justified in having his mandate because the country voted for bracks it's there's no going back now that debate has
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as david says been decided that war is over but he's got problems even though i think we do have to leave now and we have to do it in a sensible way 12 months is not. i predict that on the 1st day of our independence on the 1st of fabric everything's going to be the same gravity will still work 'd the sun will rise on the east and those who expect a massive change for better or worse won't get it the plans not going to shift around a lot for example and they'll be a degree of disappointment and i think frustration especially on the back side it's going to take years not one year to do it but that the fun began the way you want to the boat ludwig with nothing's going to happen that was going to be the same well of course something's going to happen people are going to get more and more irritated and those on the right wing of the conservative party who are agitating for a hard breaks it as time goes on and it becomes clear that boris johnson is going to have to compromise this won't be clear next week but it will be clear by the end of the year and it will go on beyond the 31st of december and on and on at that
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point there will be massive frustrations and i think the things that look so solid for the prime minister know will start falling apart his friends will deserted mr trump already doubtful about boris with the business will go our way. issue this week they are going to desert boris and he will find it very very hard to my mind the last 5 years but he has a rightly say in the opposition parties are knowingly given the huge christmas present of a big majority in the house of commons which is cults have been logged has been emasculated by the you're going to go get sent to your. candidate for the grand old joke writer of a would be marching up the hill but york of course has a ground city that was discovered to your work and perhaps it's an underground house a last 2nd chamber that should be based in new york that what you. look really side with the house of lords goes when it's been democratized and we have
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a 2nd chamber has been elected by people and not one that is on the basis of it is no but the point is that the the from a situation where the house of lords. and indeed the the anti blacks that forces of the commons held sway bar as john says there's no muster of all it's a visa in the house of commons the house of lords has been emasculated and did opposition all things really go roll this year for john's no they can't understand that he wants to declare what we might call a breakfast chains emergency where not in an emergency that situation there's no crisis for boris johnson here as i predicted here actually on your show he did get the majority that seem pretty obvious to any serious commentator weeks before the election so he's got his seat insurance policy he can even make some pretty serious mistakes logically have been you know your book for all the westminster hands let's look a wee bit farther into the future when you think there will be problems for the prime
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minister as assimilation ship tries to get reset but what is the the medium to produce britain's position a change as a result of blix well quite clearly there will be changes with with regards to britain's voice of the world we won't be talking to the european union we will be talking with friends in america necessarily will be having to try and establish some presence which is a challenge but. it's the whole situation isn't going to be frozen in aspic the question of ireland for example is going to be a massive world because the people of ireland are not going to be happy if we will have the north aren't going to be happy with having a different relationship to europe to that that britain has and there will be undoubtedly pressures for the reunification of ireland and this is going to move things on you know better than i do what the situation is in scotland and therefore give a year and we're likely to find things starting to bubble up that i think horizontal find very difficult to handle but the been the point the national assembly wheels
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the reconvened assembly the storm and the scottish parliament virtually simultaneously. last week all said no we don't want this but it's the side not confident of well in wales you know the majority voted for bracks it so the assembly is not speaking for the nation in scotland hold on hold on the it wasn't about accepting bracks it or not is a vote of the withdrawal agreement as drawn up it's a question of how you bring in the national assembly the scottish government on issues such as the resources that used to come from europe for the objective one programs that you were undoubtedly worked on it years ago that is the challenge you know and that is what to both edinburgh and carter standing up for having that northern oil as well as a former player would welsh liberal democrat member of parliament surely you appreciate that the rights of the nation will that was right that is the technical
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challenge here but that's not what it looks like that's got back down to what the rail quality care is what the people in the street who don't sit on programs like this talking with you are thinking they're saying well we've done bracks said let's get on to everything else and things that directly affect the might for example for the farmers this is going to be a big issue but by and large most things won't change now boston has another benefit we've mentioned that he's somehow got the north london assembly going that's a huge plus much more than just cracks in our problems in terms of the north and south and i don't spread them football as johnson is that reconvened voted against this withdrawal of him and i've expected that also in scotland and wales as good politics but the big picture is back to that the most important number for boris johnson 8080 seat majority he can do with the likes and of course if northern ireland causes a problem then he'll do what they always do that they put enough money into the public sector there to get wins for everybody and that should keep things stable
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for the next 12 months definitely if you had to put your finger on where you think that a splits thing johnson there's a that's the titanic i think he once described as good. titanic success a lot of my book lately so is that where was this i spoke with do you think the issue is going to come up that might be is undoing is with regard to manufacturing industry and the right to export to the unit european market without tariffs if that is the case then they have to accept the european standards they've already flagged up there they don't want to do that when they find that they have to do so many on the tory right are going to be unhappy if they do so and go down that road manufacturing industry may well. be all right but if they don't benefit your industry will be at the next so one way or the other that is the morton's fork and limit you think pretty plain sailing for the prime minister and nationally but when you see problems on the horizon that is right the biggest single issue is trade i
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think the way that boris johnson gets through the the trade issue which you rightly raise is the biggest one is a kind of 0 sum game we paid 12000000000 pounds worth of tyrus out they paid 12000000000 pounds of tyrus backend so you look like you've changed something but haven't really we can't really stay the customs union a don't think bars can deliver that but i do think that the european union wants this big profitable 6th biggest economy in the world to be friends with them and that's why i think we'll fudge it in the way that website is not just about the turn it is it's about the standards and but the monitoring that may take place in the ports and goods moving forward if you think of the building of the aircraft or in flintshire when parts are made in germany parts are made in france is moving at about of the wings and all the rest if things are held up in a just in time economy when they're coming into the u.k. that is going to cause immense problem for manufacturing industry but they won't you can fly from here to new york and stop and so on and do all your passport
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controls there and walk off until you have goods yes yes but you can do the same principle with goods i went to the ever actually quite a lot of in north wales and they've got it. all sorted out and frankly that is a bit of paper tied ministers in command of that sort of detail no reason he's not a detail person but he knows people who are and the people who are are the ones in those industries who can to make this work horace walpole once said no the ringing the bells soon will be ringing the huns so a year's time will be 100 or bell ringing for johnston well he won't be wringing his hands he might be down to 76 majority it's still pretty good the best majority the tories have had since the 1980 s. and i do hope the bell will told because big ben has been awful on the broad wycliffe it will be trepidation for he will watch the new year coming in on the 31st of december uncertain how we're going to work out and during the subsequent months i think there could be a significant change in political bones that's
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a word with thank you very much indeed thank you thank you the end of an old signing describe how the scots probably give up its independence and 1707 there is nothing as poetic about the severing of britain's political relationship with europe after almost half a century for funfair no state parties just the fireside chat with boris johnson a few 1000050 pieces i don't like display not even a contribution from big bay. but unless you don't know where the ball but a whimper there are perhaps 3 reasons for this 1st there's an atmosphere of resignation after more than 3 and a half years of inconclusive debate followed by a very conclusive general election secondly there is a realisation that the withdrawal agreement is merely the end of the beginning there will be many cliff a just yet to come before the future relationship the european union is properly established and the cliff faces look like living larger for britain than the rest
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with even the very political survival of the united kingdom actress thirdly there might just be the recognition that while the politics of the european union is changing the geography of being part of europe will not that is a reality which will continue to shape our political and economic ends refute them politicians will perhaps after all is said and done this huge kerfuffle might become a case of 2 sessions priscilla mentions. next week we turn from the future if you don't to the future of labor who will win the race for what even one of the candidates calls the worst job in u.k. politics for ny from alex myself and all of the t.v. we hope to see you next. ah. yes ah. ah.
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you. feel. i actually don't think monopolies per se are the problem gets. access to credit what politicians and probably both the crony financial ism crony capitalism that's the big problem. with all of what i think. he did was if you think this is ok. with a few.
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a few years the. accusations flying back and forth at the un security council as the syrian army successfully liberate a paved her stronghold in it like a province. of millions of civilians are now even greater risks to be escalation in . it is not due to the operations of the syrian armed forces but the constant and deliberate provocations of the terrorists. who were going to wave goodbye. here a peon parliament gives final approval as british i mean staging a rowdy farewell in their last ever appearing. to look exactly like a capital city and yet it's here in the d.c. on the outskirts of east. we visit an arab neighborhood crammed behind
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a concrete security bare.


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