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tv   Documentary  RT  January 30, 2020 4:30am-5:00am EST

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well. it. just if you. will with this. because it was the you know. i mean i was called altered states. they still were not there yet you know i could get to the jolt. just cynical mody. and all the shuttle no communication with the id joke and look at the jail so you could not see. who. was able to you. during his you know kind. of the. internet so plenty to
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do christoper. to the. quo. you take your heels up and you know sort of thing up to one of them. to deny. jim no clue what they're going to do. cause i'm not at. all sure if such a thing. called i'll. welcome my. entire you know. c.g. . i understand the. fear also you may need a. pat
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. down where you're going to community on the truck dr. walks to talk you are. already hiding or. walk to cop to starting. right. here and you know you are going to it's. quite you are. swords near kasi dynamite it all. on d.h. dr chua soi you. whom you are.
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on will. or you growing. it formal well almost i am thinking it's. a joke you need to know any children but i think most of the names i'm going to go the most with this google. and is that i. like on the net cannot take so it all because i know so little you know. she know i'm old you can be can go we can do. to. stop them on this and me.
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oh boy you got. me. oh oh. oh. oh. oh. she would go down to eat. and. come. on call. for. the. proper closing pause in their talk. up.
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crew lives in. me or you can. only assume that i don't need not are more than what you are or i assume that they are told there is a world that doesn't that i thought the heat it up. was insulting me to. see it all there is unity does it all on my own self or your gate or garden is over your way or gate up. for you while you could power your throwing up to talk. to one or more you did. wrong. life you can face in they can hear if they want. to you don't out there do you know anything. about a woman that i don't think i'm glad if talk or think of me can i tell you. there
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are some. legend. didn't think i could stick with it at all no matter that. chilling moment. it is seeing this little and that kind and now that do. think it's still a man and then taking. my. own. and all she got to know all i see you are this you know look i really don't know are you doing or did i get out i gotta go nuts otherwise it's going to go down there you are not your cup going out on what the last. digits any
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of us you know what any and all it's an ink on the out i need to do a come out to know me there must sort it out o. ne ne all norco no. money knowledge and money because i know those are the messages sedately this because the net years on those got local youth radio call in moscow this is another straw. he could not go not a few more so when was i to do it in this could all these young men sort of thought he could not do it cause they got very sick of this on any sort of talk not going to. create a guy you also be about to go off on a guy you also work with to not. touch sort of your shtick. second shooter will sort of. saw you talk to. me what these guys are sending us always did last. this. console or. football not sure you know i mean one america.
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can do another and with me now mark came on or not it tonight so you'll see when you saw the group that 1 still may also cite an acquittal are. likely to must. must. have clearly went on and in a brooch is what i'm here to. channel pretty opens. the. door and say. can't because i don't want.
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it to. us that it may hurt other stuff. you know. it's not got critique. over talk talk. thank. optician 100 of. the. photo cannot there is no article. $100.00 skill 0 or was that it. simbu still say even though this isn't the new. novel they were told to wait in the school were not the multiple florida printed. in winery no but it did. i paid off i
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thought i saw before and i thought if i. stick with one wish a night if you're good you'll 32. at the 2nd and rest on it for the honesty is all icing cunt gamely sinister to psychiatrists not up to the not to talk so they got up to money in the sun in june and. not get off the little did the talking neat boy out. where yachts. again any night it's a kosher night. bilking us to cook any whole place and not. go on the snake to keep so we got. to it's got to cut.
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through. trade and investment of become magic spells to come git you cannot make development . most people think about trade they think about the goods and services being exchanged between countries and the investment chapter of a trade agreement is about something very different but won't when investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys sacred sites all ruins the environment. that means the local communities that are being poisoned if they object if they do anything that the company feel. is interrupting their beds they can be serious now
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the nationals are taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to stop oregon from implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a french company sued egypt because egypt raise its minimum wage democratic choice of a drug called bridge loan to join us as we try to fund don't want to touch a. quarter were told thing limited on a dial up for the money you are going to cost incurred i don't. see the knock on what's going on still a c.e.o. who received a call similar. to block wall and i'll give you the deal. yes
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no yelling it was always something but. what are you going to call us. out. of. this. moment for stuff you need to know about the wonderful from ok came with. the would i be so coy. about. the oh come off the more of the taking of. the brochure i got my future. oh almost no. boss who will. you go to. schools talk to. you also talking you will keep them with your so you. more dirty and old when i got
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to port you all come up on the top. it will be a challenge you are correct right. from a would i you could you think that with off yes up one more you moment both built up the. ball pool but i would not go. into that cyclists are. sacred i just lost the winning ticket i guess not you know no there were plenty ones where she was. cynical to trust a gritty to looking at the quick look at it you decided that she finds you would not be i'm sure she was one or she still which owners like one can go on to who i know there are nothing new in the synesthesia i was in the last. book you bought oh no joel phone please don't play. closest to.
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me when you say saying the times i'll. be sitting close and saying i'm on. the cutting muscle of. course most of what he going to understood and took me several econ with us at and what i did to do an album out so you could end up meeting all just doing their own thing well you have a morning headache you moved a little as it were and then also because you know under still keeping the jinja didn't you go out there man how to be a good tomorrow. she knew you had other you are not too much up to see how to decide what you can go on i don't mind up to you know your book on the residue of her group of guys up there in the world and i don't know which you need. to say to me how you got me to move to you but then still in my he do so you would i do needy so he does a good i did. mom. you have my birthday without it it will not have it
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a clue no more. than you or you will know that i'm dead easy to you one day citation of what i meant you know be denouncing it and look at an awkward did it i mean you did. it on this it will not get stuck. they cut out almost like a car you go to one must check it all. i have read it and then they're all. well we are not seeking another son of a citizen on the. whole you don't know. cannot have.
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both a suicide when they can are still tied up with the right underscores all mouth and also more come on what do you know up on the moon each you you son dish. out the way must this not the sun doing one side and not the good neat and all tools on the course as you go to know it that you can not trust this one a lot got cut when it's got it the new condition i just saw it is so they they. say cuts also say it to create the clue and i knew it started when i just adore to struggle to when i should quit you're stuck on i do i do it if you're still sure they're going to school to go to church and. not the most this is real but i want to know on this new. program and i. only know my mistake. for the steps but you both are not the yuletide did. old school money still can i got the room which you know whilst sites and most. so you got the toolkits
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of the cars over to come on did it stick so you don't wonder. when your total. 5 soft you go off and also off tough society. you know on the final passage that it's just not. fun you saw here today i think out of. the house i. find. it just as. oh oh oh. yes it's all snow on the school starts and. not the cut out on time because when i said i'm going to do this show. me
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annoyed. because i've been on this this almost all of this year. i mean this is where you talk about the call you don't get this go well i can i did call 1000000 the day it was shared with these dolphins they can go whole hog that i thought was going to die thing was killed you know they can call you cry don't schoolbook smith on this night. you. mind you get beat up you are in line you know and. they often passed. little you at this but it caught on. my good eye. on them haha you know when you don't know how. they look at them up the hc or do you wake up this sort of. thing so you. positive.
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well here's what we're told. the jury awards are left to go off. each day at the national religious none of the people who are eligible for school can you tell me you. can assess. only if you. can't stand seeing the kind you need to check a city on how to trust my easy to stay or i can buy the single you don't want paste or stick but he did. that i think obviously if you want to ask i know this guy will say it's 0 point they'll start working on it you've got on to a lot of money that's what we want therefore to make the so-called money it's in with it i said i'd like a model you know all the women out of us overwhelmingly sales are you just there to get i don't know for forcing me very dark and this will not buy them all up money
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it's a little similar car they want to one of the smallest to put it that i understand i'm counting on i thought it was before i could see and still you carthew counted it's not hundreds and i think there are they want us to get on to us here at the hotel you're there you go out on. your muscle up there at the last. call they got all that we had over caught they walked out i think also more devote more that. there i. think for the more boring you will cross dying off the wall your post that they will be very visible not but there are 4 or whatever off the top of the day or night. by day for you you know it all from our lives. so
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all those are there you know not at all you know i thought as they knocked it out in that old you do you know mob do you also a lot of i don't know how dogs i'll hold off. all the latino you know that's got community and although you said all the cargo you would also bother doing you also get the pool or e-mail clinical being posted we are caught on don't think you'll see out there without us it is far. smaller than a car again calls it and i this it was it will not be bought the lies are what i get out of this on assholes on no call it. does not come up because i was it is a constant because you know i'm audience. doesn't teach as he.
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will receive. my review it really doesn't. reach to history. if you do if you're a critic. we have to look at the most critical seriousness on. this was the children of the slain also you want to tell you. i'm going to school home. or you will close your hood. it will go on or what started to start. some people would start looking for. love you're crazy for her because you're going . to be so it was. they'll.
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focus on the can your just like with me now to copy yours i thought to go to their . website see it get there see the right answer. when you aren't going to knock it will leave us in greece you notice that obama. sooner you get it. when you need it or going into its who know what i don't know going to want to know not you know where you should like to go to low. twenty's it was the little school concert in austin is going to bring that to me i was told and i got off. oh look you can't thank you not that's the seeking to dot all the muslims you will see did you know i will do on the home front i got through it all will you may be 100 years old so you may be i don't know if it will cost them all or solo she called the army $20.00 us about mission to cox's course you will all those of us reissued on.
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will clean up the process you mean no i'm sorry but your constitution sword and shield is only a law still on misc you also assume. russia will know you're going to you'll see it was. what we sell to the media the next. you go with the right people and you get what else will not so what is was in the. i don't sugar go up. to this will i see school i think we should or should one tiny book about the one you describe. number $200.00 which is a key elements you will. she just could be. so cruel come. put on that if you take a look up. right
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at. the audience you go to monday i don't discard all the crew who know. that the moon disc is a good understanding can put on a fairly good show which to the to my best. sunday night i. walk in the mall. on the t. connect. sekai the no against taking me to the court that's a story for data talking didn't i know look i'm all like i'm on all got on a magic on it with a little stick now my come on and. none took off it's a need i think it's going to get it out it's a. sort of the i'm just the one act christian dust.
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during the great depression which i'm old mr remember there was and most of my family were unemployed. and it wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shape by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. induced democracy attacks solo down engineer elections manufacture consent and other prince holds according to no i'm trying to get one set of rules for the rich officer said.
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that's what happens when you put her into the hands of. will switch is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is all off and spearing dramatic development only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that.
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tough and the pull into. the way you go through a suit. make it so smooth to. close in this way got to talk so hard not to think of the mother decided this is the work of the hate hour and i don't mean to start then i think. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights a useful way. to. the floor you can feel the be pulled out of this bill frist with the whole litany of a lot of. what i see is this is the fund that is
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a constant. accusations fly back and forth at the un security council and the syrian army successfully liberate a key terrorist stronghold and look at the. lives of millions of civilians are now even greater risks of deescalation and it is not due to the operations of the syrian armed forces but the constant and deliberate provocations of the terrorists . who are going to. the european parliament gives final approval for breakfast as the british army to stage a rowdy farewell and their last ever appear. much except.


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