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i don't know if you're going to come with too. stupid to. the root. of all. welcome to call it talking told able but i think. we you know when you know they already can get on i it's. quite you all talk so was the cause you don't want any to call. on dick topical for you. when you all are doing. on the. it formal well almost i am thinking it's.
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a joke you need to know that isone children but i don't like the name i'm going to go there before this good old. question is what i. like on the cannot take with so it all because i know so little you know and she know i'm old you can be if you can go we can do. to go. down on this and me. oh and looked at. me. oh oh.
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you know that's. why. i. she would go down to eat. and. come. on call. for. the. proper closing pause in their talk does a scene romp. through lindsay and. me. only assume that i don't need diane and i are more than what you are or i assume that they're out of this the world that yes and that i thought the heat it up. was insulting me i.
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see it all there is unity does it all on yom tov or your gate or card on the video gate up. for you while you could target going up to talk. to one or more you there. like you can see is in the can here if they want. to go out there do you know anything. about a woman like i don't think i can did talk or take. me can i tell you. there are some. legend. didn't think i could stick with it at all no matter. chilling moment. it is. the citizen and that kind and now that do. think it's still
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a man and then taking. them off the list there are no she got to know all lies and you know this you know look i really don't know how you do it or nor did i get out of going to another i said it's going to go down there you are not your captain out on what the last. digits any of us you know what tony allen or it's an ink on the out and it could work on the altar no kacang may be there must sort it out on the new wall norco no . money knowledge and money because i know those are the messages sedately this because the net years on those got local youth radio call in moscow this is another
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straw. he cannot go another human way what i did with it in this could all these young men sort of thought he could not do it cause they got very sick of this on any sort of talk not going to. create a guy you all said about to go off on a guy you also to work with to not. touch sort of your shtick. serco need shoes or will sort of. saw you talk to. me what these guys are sending us always did last . mean one america. can do another with me now mark game or no for me not at the night so you see you when you saw. that kind of 1. site on the google are. likely to must.
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i must. have clearly known went on and did a rule to not only hear and talk. channel 20 opens. the. door and say. can't because i want. it to. and cosseted asked me how much other stuff. you. put on a snorkel crew. over to. thank you
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optician 100 of course. there is no article. nika or 100 skill 0 or was that it. simple say your analysis didn't you. muscle. not the water for florida parents did. you know what i think i. don't get all calles i type it off i'll disappear from the thought if any. one emotion i dates is so good that he took money at the 2nd man rest on it.
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i sink on gamely sinister to psychiatrists not up to the not who. got up to money in the sun in june and. you and you not asked to look. up the can eat or you are out chordate. where gots. again any night it should go she night. bill king not to good took any hopeless and not cool not to go a new home go on the snake to keep so he got it you're going no joe it's got to come back.
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to. the russian state television propaganda machine propaganda our propaganda tools we are getting information for. the can change the world. peace in out you tube videos the. us russia today is the longest network on mine. brushes russia russia and russia today is. what i was. feeling to be there which means russia today and i really have to put to sea you've been on our team. for so proud and still. are just getting the number.
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why have you not shut down our t.v. on you tube it's a propaganda machine mr walker. trade and investment to become metrics bills to come to economic development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the investor a chapter of a trade agreement is about something very different but what when investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys sacred sites or ruins the environment. that means if local communities that are being poisoned if they object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they conducive.
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to taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to stop tour of the white from implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a 4 inch company sued egypt because egypt raise its minimum wage to democratic choice of a trump corporate. joint says we try to fund don't want to. tough and finding another one of our is the mcdonald's way or both of us who. benefits for mukti of our. plans in this way got to dog and so hard not to think of the mother disappeared this moment the work ahead take hours and i don't think the thought that if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way.
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to. the floor lookin for the fee will sound is more persuaded i'm running on the level of the death penalty on the. what i think is this is the funds that is all come from. a i. i.
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ordered a good jungle signal to go down and i'll pull out the money that was lost for good . health. since none of us can still see how. such a concept we. call and i'll give you the oh. well. yes no let me run it was always something better than. that what were you going to say you know what. was. said. in a moment for stuff you need to know about the wonderful some ok came with your god . the would i be so coy if i had out them
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a couple. of the oh come off them with the taking got. the brochure i got by scripture mr. walz we go. well so will. you go to. school talk to. us when the inside of the can you going to turn with your gun so you may want. if you had all the way i got to court you will come up on the top. it will be a challenge you are correct right. from a would i you could you think of off yes one more moment but bill got the. ball or will i but i will not go. into that cyclists will.
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not take orders i trust the winning ticket i guess. you know no matter how many ones were she was. cynical to trust the gritty to looking at the quick look at it you decided to find you would not be i'm sure she was one or she is still shoulders like one can go on to who i know there are nothing new in the synesthesia i was in the office. looking for oh no joel phone call to please no. one listens to. me when you say saying no songs i'll. say this in class and saying i'm on. the cutting muscle of. course most want to understood and took me several times with us and what i did to dylan i'll go i'm not so good you could end up in a good old us doing this here on the wall we have a morning headache you moved a little as it were and then also because you know under the old. gent you go there
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man how tom de good to know. she knew you had either you or not too much you got to sit down to decide what you can go home i don't mind up to you know your book on the residue of her group of guys right there in the world i don't know which you need. to use in a minute you gotta move to it but they're still in my he do so you would i do and he so you know it is a good i. my birthday without it did. not have it a clue no more. than you only don't know that it is easy one day citation of what i meant you know he did not sing it at all and let out an awkward did it i mean he did it i know how this it all got its start up my. car you go to one must check it all. i'm
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sorry if i'm am wrong. we are not seeking another son of a face it's an honor caught on kill you don't know what. to. do on. both sides who was i when they come you're still tied up with the right underscores all mouth and also more come on what do you know up on the moon each you you sunday new york iced out the way you must this not the sun doing on sight and not thought to be neat and all tools on the course as you go to the net there it's like you can not trust this one got cut because when it's got it there you can be smashed so it is so they they got on you tube see cuts all sorts i had to create the clue
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and i knew started when i just adore just a little when i should cause you're stuck on i do i don't you go still shit they're going to school to watch and. not the most this is real we're going to. stick around i. thought it all got on only know my mistake. steps not that you will die you did know old school money still can i got the room which you know whilst sites unlawful for dogs. so you got the toolkits that. you only did it stick so you don't one by. one your total. 5 soft you go off around all slow tough shit as our society. you know on the final passage that it's just not.
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funny somehow here today i think out of. the house i. find. it just as. full o. . these thoughts now on the school to start to. not the cut out. because rush i'm going into this whole. thing me annoyed. because of that and this and this almost all of this is. i mean this is where you talk about the core you don't get this go well i can i did call 1000000 a day it was share with friends they can hold power that i was told that he was killed you know they can call you cried to the school book which meant on this night. mind you get what they want
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and when you know and. they often ask. little you are just what is. it takes to love them my good eye. on them how do you know when you don't know they're looking them up to what do you wake up this sort of. through it's a. positive. well or is what we're told it was obviously those are. the variables are left to go off . each day at the national news little before. the shooting and you're going to get to take a look i. can't. believe it. just. can't stand seeing the kind of
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a child custody and how to tell just my easy to stay or i can start by saying the you know what they said was thick but he did. it i think obviously if you want to ask i know this guy will say it's 0 point the all star like you are meant to be accountable for a lot of money that is that we want therefore to take to this so-called quality it's imitate i said i'd like a model you know one day when i don't i still don't want to be sales that are you just there to get i don't hoard of things very dark i think this will not buy them all up any it's a little similar car they want it on the smallest to put it on that i understand because of when i thought it was before i could see and steal your car the you can't it's not hundreds and i thought it was they want us to do it on the bus or at the car you did you go out on. the moon and i called on your muscle up there at the last car. cause they got all
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that we had over caught they walked out i think also more devote more that. there's even i. think for the more boring you of us dying off of the wall your post that they were very visible not but there are 10 or so up all the water fall off the top of the already. one day for you here or some live up to see. so all those are there you know not at all you know i thought as they do not get out and out all the you know mob do you also a lot of what are the hot dogs out of all those awful with. all the latino you know that's got community and although you said well 1 you would also bother doing you also get the pool or e-mail clinical being posted we are caught on don't think you'll see out there without us it is far.
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smaller than again calls it and i this is the law is it will not be bought i do what i did this on assholes on no call it. does not come up because i was it is a constant because of that you know i'm audience. doesn't teach as he. is. or is it. my review encourage others. to reach through history and if you do if you're interested. we have to look at those who go through.
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so as the children of god slain also you want to tell you. you are already in school home. or you will almost sure good. it will go on or what started to start. some people were looking for. love you're crazy for her. to do so it was. don't. focus on the can you are just like what i mean not to copy and yes i should like to go to their. website see it get there see the words. when you aren't going to knock the little interest groups you noticed that are all growing up. soon you get up to 29 that are going into this so no one will going to want to turn on not you know where you should
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like to go to low. twenty's it will still go to school constantly since glee when that really does fall on i gotta. go look younger you can thank you not that it's the seeking to dot all the movies and you will see did you know i will do on the home front i got 3 adult who will you maybe don't care to go see maybe i don't know if it will cost them all or solo she called for me to my us about mission to folks is all she saw all those on the bus or creation i. will clean up the process leading me to the i'm sorry that your constitution sword and shield is only a law still on the scale you also assume. russia will know you're going to you'll see all this is. what we settle than we do the next one you do with our right you and you with us will not soldiers was in. on sugar grew up.
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to do this with us it's cool i think we should or should one tiny little call up the night. number $200.00 which is a key elements the local. to ocracoke she just could be. the 1st book up. on that if you think about it are you look up. right at. the audi do you go to mumbai or don't discard all the group you know unless you're getting annoyed at the moon because a book on the same name can go on a field you can show most of the time with must. be knighted i. look at them all over the city can i. talk sekai did the against taking
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me to court that this story pulled into talking he didn't i know well i'm all welcome when i got on from magic on it with a little stick now my command. was just. numb took off it's a need i say so you're not going to fuck it's. the sort of the understeer want to commission dust. on. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. or somehow want to press. you to go right to be 1st to see what the 43 in the morning can't be good for my interest. holes in the waters in the house. this should. want to talk about here is the death of 3 or because planet earth has a. fear of approximately 3 to 4 times global g.d.p. which i think is between like 80 trillion so there is like you know almost 400 trillion now in debt it's the dead us here and it's has a profound impact on the 21st century. during the grid to prison which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively
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than today but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shaped by the 10 principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo duo engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm chaunced one set of rules for the rich offices. that's what happens when you put her into the. narrow sector of will switch which is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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synthetic sex and capital city and yet it's here. in the village of decent on the outskirts of east jerusalem we visit an arab neighborhood crammed behind a concrete for curative barrier in east jerusalem touted by donald trump as the future capital of a palestinian state. we're going to. get the final rubber stamping from the european parliament as british army pays out with their last cuts and call. up the syrian army liberate the key terrorist stronghold and it live probably in the claims and counterclaims are exchanged in the un security council.


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