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q do you. think the school. didn't go well for us that are not. able to do it's cost. them to do course talk to the old rules on pulled off. or forced.
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just to you. know with this technically the 50 percent of what's being. done it also calls and states being. discriminatory you do you know i get the jolt. might just sneak ahmadi. north that shuttle no communication went out to dinner that i did joke and look at the joel do you put or not. i think courtney. knew that your scene was important. during his account would have intercoms. doesn't make him all of the. internet
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so funny until 2 christoper paul martin exit. my pal konqueror the kid same can gainsay me for how. in cheek you're hip hop and you now are setting up one of the last until. to night and nobody. given the group on what they're going to. hold on of and if your office of the. whole lot. on my radio program. c g. i understand the. theory of wholesale you're way.
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down. on and on what you want to. talk stupid talk you are. mortal. or no cork you walk to school caught. here are you know they are going to give a night's. you all. swords now kaze dynamite it all. on dates dr chua soi you. whom you are. on will. when we were growing.
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it formal well on last sunday we'll take a simple. joke you need to know that i said any children that i don't like the names i'm going to go the most of this google. and is what i. like on the net cannot take so it all because i know so little you know and she know i'm old you can be can go we can do. to go. down on this and just.
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say. oh boy. oh oh. you know that's. like. this is a she would go down to eat. and. come. on call. for. the. proper closing pause in their top. up.
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group lindsay and. me or you can. only assume that i don't need are more than what you are or i assume that they are told there is a world there yes and that i thought the heater in it up. was insulting to. say it all there is unity does it all on my own sound or your gait are a little for you although your gaydar are for you while you could power your throwing up to talk. to one or more you did. my sis in they can hear if they want. to go out there do you know anything. about a woman that i don't think i don't care if talk or. me can i tell you. in their midst if i sell one. legend. didn't think i could stick with
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it and all that. chilling moment. it is seeing this little and that kind and. do. and then taking. them off their list this and all she got to know all i see you are this you know you know i really don't know what you do or don't or did i got out i'm going to. summarize it it's going to go down there you are not your cup going out or what the last. digits any of us you know what tony allen or it's an ink on the out i need to
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do a come out to know me there must be sorted out on the new wall norco no. money no knowledge in a month because i know those are the messages sedately this because the net years on those got local youth radio call in moscow this is another straw. he cannot declare to another human so when was i to do it in this cave all these young men sort of talk. to it cause they got very sick of listening to sort of talk and not going to. create a guy you also did well to go on like i also wanted to know. common touch sorts are your schtick. so i need shoes or will sort of. saw you talk to. me what these guys are sending us are used to give us. a little. forethought sure you know i mean one america shortly can do
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another with me now mark game on or not it to night so you'll see you when you saw . that kind of 1 tell me also i could cite an acquittal are. likely to must. i must. have clearly known quinlan and a brooch is what i'm here to. channel pretty opened. the. door and say. can't because i don't want.
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it to. last me so much other stuff. you know. but i was not caught cruelly type all. over to talk. optician 100 of course. there is no article. well 100 skill. was that it did. say and even though this isn't all that a new. novel. or total weight in the school were not the border who ordered them to do. you know what it did. thank you all quite calles i type it all out on this open final thought if i.
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stick with 19 was a night it's the show good job 32 money at the 2nd night of my sunday it just is all icing come give me sinister to sick i just not up to to not do so they got up to money in the sun in june and. you in june enough to look it up took a neat boy out corday crashed. where gots. again any night it should go should night. bill king not to get took any hopeless and not cool not to go and him go under snake to keep so he got it you going no church got to contact.
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the russian state television propaganda machine propaganda our propaganda tools we are getting information form. that can change the world. we send out you tube videos the. best russia today is the longest networked home on. russian brushes russia russia and russia say. believed to be that they would salute or sit there and i really have to put drugs out there to see that on our t.v. . you
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are so proud and still. are just getting the number. why have you not shut down our t.v. on you tube it's a propaganda machine mr walker. we don't want to tell the windswept m.p. with an axe and the monument we want to kind of was an urban streets filled with events with the theater with this myspace business conference centre's maybe i love going to conferences and debates and such events like the battle of ideas at the end of the bobby confronts these are the kind of things we seem to be striving on gives us that imposts making connection with other people to set up projects.
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or to put total singleton's of on it for the good it was very good with us because our health. is in the long it's going to still. be such a constable. to close call and i'll give you the deal. so you can. see. the u.s. now leon it was always sunny in britain when you look at what we're going to call the. second quarter is going to hold a moment for stuff you need to know about the wonderful some ok came out your i. don't know what i did so. more of the oh come off the more profit taking off. pressure. oh holes in your.
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boss who will. go to. schools talk to. you. but you also can go in t.j. with your gut so you may wonder if you had all. when i got to port you all come up on the top. it will be a challenge you broke right. from a would i you could you think of off yes one more moment but bill got the. ball will i want to go. into that cyclists are. sacred trust the winning ticket i guess what you want to know there are plenty ones where she was. cynical to trust
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a gritty to looking down the whole new york at the quick look at it you decided to find you would not be i'm sure she was one or she still which owners like one can go on to who i don't know they're not often the. synesthesia to be awesome. but just thought oh no muscle the chill pill to please no. sense to. me and you say saying no signs i'll. say this in class and saying i'm on. the cutting muscle of. course most of what he can calm down just a bit and took me several times with a set in what i did to do an album out so you could end up meeting all just doing their own thing well you have a morning headache you moved a little as it were and then also because you know under the old he didn't you know going down there how to be a good tomorrow. she knew you had other you are not too much you got to sit down
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because i think you can go home i don't mind up to you know your book on the residue of her group think you know who will be and i don't know which me we're going to use in a minute you've got to move to it but they're still in my he do so he would i do need to so you know it is a good i get it mark. my birthday without it did. not give it a clue no more. than you wanted it went out and it is easy one day citation of what i meant you know be denouncing it and look at an awkward day okey doke i mean you did. this get all not get stuck. they thought i was a cop car you go to one must check it all. i have it is the man they're all.
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we are not seeking another. face it's an on call on kill you don't know what. kind. of. both a suicide when they come you're still tied up with the right under scared all mouth almost no more come on what do you know up on the moon each you you sunday new york iced out the way you must this not the sun doing on sight and not thought to be neat i'm all tools on the course as you go to not do it like you can not trust this one a lot got cut when you to cut it to a new condition i asked so it is so they they got on you need to see councils i had to create the clue in a new start a thread i just adore just a little and i should get your stuck on i were there or you close stores are there to scope with such and. just not the most thank goodness this is real but i want to
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wish you nothing this need to stick around and i. only know my mistake. for this step not that you will die you did know old is going to money still can i got to the room which you know and whilst sights and awful for jobs so you. she came got the tool kits of the cars over to come on did that stick so i don't wonder . when your total. 5 soft you go off and also off stuff so our society. doesn't know on the final passage that it's just not. funny so i'm not going to say any. because i.
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find. it just as. oh oh oh. yes it's all snow on the school to starts and. not the cut out on time because when i see them going into the show. me annoyed. because of the lines in this almost all in the scene. i mean this is where you talk about the cool you don't in this go well quite can i do to call movie the day it was shared with these dolphins they can go whole hog that i thought he was going to die theme skillz you know they can call you cried to the school book which meant on this night. mind you get what they want in a minute and. they often passed. little you up just let it cloud.
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my good eye. on them ha ha ha when you got to know. their look at them up to he called why do you wake up this sort of. thing so he. doesn't have to build up a. thing. well i think you. will obviously those are. the variables are to go off. each day at the national news listener before who all of you know for sure you're going to play you. can't. believe it. just. can't stand seeing the kind of a child custody and how time has passed by easy to say or i can start by the seen
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going out there what they say what sticks but he did it but i think obviously if you want to ask i know this guy knows it so point they'll start working on it you've got on to a lot of money that's what they're for today to this so-called bunny cloud it's him with it i said i came out of. monday when i saw the only settles that i know you just there just to get out i got a 4th of saying very dark and got this one like i don't know if any it's a little similar card they wanted one of the smallest to put it up that i understand how is it going i thought it was before c.n.n. is there you cut off the you can't get it's not exact it was they want us to get on to us here at the culture of the times you go out on. the moon and i called on your muscle up there at the last car. they got off and i had over caught they walked out i think also more devote more the.
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air i. think for the more boring you want us to tell you all about the war your post that they walk away with or not but there are 4 sort of water fall off the top of video and you see. what is all you'll be seeing here at all from our live up to see saw. all day you know not at all you know i thought i was thinking of that part of that all you do you know mob do you also a lot of i don't know how dogs golf balls all fall off all the latino you know that's got me to do it although you said 0 1 you would also go by the drink you also get the pool or e-mail clinical being posted when i got on don't think you'll see out there that's it is far. smaller than a card game called this and i this it was it will not be bought the lies are what i
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get out of this on assholes on no call it. is not so much because i was it is a constant because you know i'm audience. doesn't teach us the. most part of you encourage others. to reach through history. you do. pretty. well to know that most who go through. this was the children of the slain also if you want to try you. know you are
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already in school home along with. your you will close your hood. it will go on or what started to start. some people were looking for. love you're crazy for her to. do so it was. the. focus on god give me your just like little me not a little cocky yes i shall do but to you. well i see it get that's it the right answer. when you aren't going to knock it will leave us in greece you noticed that obama. didn't really get up to when he needed it or going into his own no one will command a woman cannot you know where you should like to grow 20 civil civil discourse on stilts in his glory when that made us feel good and i got off. a lot
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younger you can't thank you not that's the seeking to dot all the muslims you will see did you know i will do on the home front i got through it all i'm old you may be 100 years old you may be i don't know if it will cost more will follow she called the army to marry us about mission to folks is all seems well all those of us are british and i. will clean up the process you need to know somebody that you consciously sword and shield is only or still on the scale also a ceiling on russia while. you're going to a city with a seal. who will be subtle that you mean the next one you go with the right people and you get what else will not so what is was in. i don't sugar go up. to this the ice is cool i think we should or should not time any more caught up in
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the night. number $200.00 which is a key elements the local. the walker cup she just could be. so frugal can move closer put it on there if you think about it and you're gonna. find. the how do you go to mumbai i don't discard all the group you know unless you're go to. the moon disc is a good understanding can go on if you're going short most of the time with must. sunday night if i walk in the mall on a little ditty connect. top sekai the no against taking me to the court that this story pulled into tookie didn't i know lots more welcome when i got . the magic on the doorstep now my command. was just saying.
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none took off it's a need i think so you're not going about its effect. the sort of the understeer want to commission dust. i'm going to fulfill the repeated promises apologise to the people and promise if you do it all pots. break free from. cut. off.
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really there. now you want to 1st correct that. you know. all the. big. you know world's big partners through a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for
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watching closely watching the hawks. in today's headlines a new era finally dawns for britain after brussels rubberstamp access both supporters and opponents preparing to mark their departure from the e.u. on friday evening. as fears over the corona virus outbreak grow people around the globe reported an increase of stigma and discrimination against chinese people. plus the latest plan to tackle fakes.


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