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enemy of the us establishment bernie sanders surges up the polls ahead of monday's key democratic caucus in iowa despite facing attacks from the media for his socialist stance. london police shoot dead a knife wielding suspect in a terror related incident he was under police surveillance at the time and injured 2 people. also the italian mafia gets his hands on 10000000 euros of. funding that investigation claims to reveal the criminal tactics used to pressure local farmers. they destroyed the whole property by setting everything on fire we kind of join the dots together and realised that we were being targeted by the
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mafia. public theorizes 14 states in america. countries environmental protection agency safety regulations for chemical plants. here in moscow thanks for joining us in our teens and hawkins welcome to the program. a monday marks the beginning of the road to the white house for us democrats candidates battle in the state of iowa caucus vote that's proven influential in deciding who runs for president and is the candidates just all for a shot at the oval office outsider and socialist bernie sanders is leading the way in terms of donors and joint front runner in the polls. the start of the usually litmus test for what's to come bill and hillary clinton back in the day went from victory. were to run as the democrats candidate so of course did barak
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obama in 2008 ahead of the victory of the vote later this monday here's what the latest poll are currently indicating bernie sanders far left there enjoys a surprisingly with former vice president joe biden they've left other centrist can that it's far behind in the polls and as elizabeth warren in the last place there are reports and why washington may be wary of sun as a victory. the iowa caucuses are upon us and monday as the 1st primary contest takes place and jaws are dropping because the front runner isn't one of the sexy centrists favored by the d.n.c. but an elderly socialist from vermont 2 is technically not even a democrat but a registered independent can imagine any woman watching last night and saying i believe bernie i think people believe has been running bernie sanders against trump would be an act of insanity so to have him just flat out say no i think wasn't
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wasn't nearly enough to address that for the women watching bernie can't win according to the new york times bernie sanders is surging ahead because he has an enthusiastic base of supporters who are attracted to his left of center agenda mr saunders insurance and his apparent roys in the earliest primary and caucus states reflects both the loyalty of his core support says and their conviction that mr saunders would bring the same fighting resilience to the general election even now as mr saunders takes the lead in the 1st 2 states his opponents have not delivered a sustained argument against his candidacy and remain reluctant to take him home bernie sanders describes himself as a democratic socialist and socialism is supposed to be a dirty word in the united states but not so much anymore polls show that younger people are not so hostile to the term and are far more critical of free market policies and austerity c.n.n. is certainly no fan of bernie sanders
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a paid contributor is even happy to admit it i hope that my networks clear bias against bernie sanders will convince citizens of all idiology state corporate media figures overwhelmingly for sake of journalism in favor of blatant activism oddly president trump has had mixed things to say about the front runner in the rival party which bernie well. it will be interesting to see how he does i think what happened to bertie. they've was that so many so i think he was taken advantage of he really great 4 years ago and he was done treated with respect by clinton those wounds from 2016 are certainly open and sore among bernie's core supporters leaked e-mails revealed that the d.n.c. was working overtime to deprive him of the nomination it's not just those mainstream t.v. networks or the leaders of the democratic party this former assistant director of the f.b.i. actually admitted that for years this federal agency actually works to keep people
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like bring sanders from taking office the electorate in some places is putting more and more progressive than self described socialist in positions one of the missions of the f.b.i. in its counterintelligence efforts was to try and keep these people out of government he wasn't joking either the f.b.i. is cointelpro program works to isolate left wing groups and keep them from gaining any influence one radical group called the socialist workers party actually sued the f.b.i. and spent a decade in court proving that their rights were violated court proceedings revealed that the f.b.i. had planted fake news stories infiltrated the organization broken into offices and even had members arrested on false charges all in the hopes of weakening the socialists at the ballot box bernie sanders was at one point a registered elector for the socialist workers party he campaigned for them amid the harassment and legal battles so it's pretty safe to say the f.b.i. has been on d.m.
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for some time with so much working against him bernie sanders seems to be pulling ahead getting more donations than any other candidate and his rallies are packed full of young people who are attracted to his message of cancelling student debt and guaranteeing health care with a 2020 primaries in full swing many observers are asking themselves can bernie sanders really pull this off. r.t. new york that's just because a lady told us why the democrats are trying to shut the door on sunday. i think you see a lot of these people who within the democratic party would rather see another trump presidency than would have seen rather see a socialist or substance describe socialist or anyone really to the left of joe biden become president if you look at the last primary campaign where bernie sanders ran against hillary clinton and there was definitely an underhanded campaign to undermine his own campaign and whether it be true superdelegates or backroom deals there was a lot that went on that really stripped bernie sanders of any of his power and you
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see a lot of this playing out today and you see these random attacks that other candidates such as elizabeth warren joe biden and people who get to judge have come out attacking bernie sanders because he represents a different wing of the democratic party and you know a lot of polls show that joe biden and hillary clinton these people who feel as though the election is owed to them don't have very high approval ratings they're not very much like because they represent the a savage meant in the in the voters' minds of the same movements that have left them behind all these years and it seems. isn't hiding it's this content with the democratic leadership by the progressive and outspoken congress i want to shoot a play you been facing a backlash after encouraging a crowd to busan just 2016 rival hillary clinton is a look at the incident from a campaign rally. week when someone by the name of hillary clinton in said that
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nobody we're not going to we're not going to we're classy here how blow was over clinton supporters were quick to attack live on twitter calling her move white male rage and missile journey that's despite the congress or being of palestinian origin and of course a woman saw him as being urged to cut loose low from his campaign she did lead to give an apology of sorts saying that clinton's comments got the better of her but looking back to 2016 it didn't seem quite so bad at the time when the shoe was on the other foot. do we hate bernie sanders now i don't hate anybody bernie could have endorsed you quicker i don't credit being hurt me there's no doubt about it hear me he was in congress for yes he had one senate to support him nobody likes him nobody wants to work with him he got nothing done and then actually go yeah well free college for everyone stick in the middle and then when you say well wait a minute where the money going to come from then what about you against free college you are not right now what you have in the democratic party is essentially
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2 incompatible parties one is the party of a sensually a group of people that is indistinguishable from neo conservatives these are people who want perpetual war these are people who want a lot of government spending on those traditional areas then joined to that you have a group of essentially young socialists that have a totally different agenda now the democrat moderates and the democrats socialists they don't they're not they're not a compared they're not compatible groups they're an uneasy alliance that's going to fall apart at the slightest amount of pressure that's always going to be at each other's throats because they are not compatible in any way whatsoever. my feeling suspect has been shot dead by police in south london or thirties say 2 people were stabbed in an islamist inspired terrorist attack and the man behind it reportedly been identified as someone with previous thera charges.
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was . was. with your authority say the suspect 20 year old man was released from jail just days before he served just half his 3 year sentence for the possession of distribution of extremist material it was on the active police surveillance at the time of the attack according to london police someone who was wearing a fake suicide vest when he was shot dead as believe the perpetrator grabbed a knife from a shop before carrying out the frenzied assault from minister boris johnson has thanked the emergency services for its response and expressed sympathy to those
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injured witnesses described what they saw at the scene. was really good. because the site. under scrutiny. came to mean the. only 2. that i can show. that it was one of the ones idling was a definite road where i've seen a police a plain their police uniform has and walked to the body and this is where they realizing he got something on it and this where they came to us they say we have to leave and if they create entire street and we need to leave the area i left the area really got reaction from chris phillips a former head of the u.k.'s national counter-terrorism office. unfortunately we don't have more clues in you just what i have but so i think it will become clear soon whether this person has been released from prison where there he is come back
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from syria known as a fighter that way the world will know more about him and why he was considered a real threat and that will be the time when perhaps the criminal justice system again will be held up as not protected because the chances are this person is very well known easy. been convicted all been in trouble with the police for these little things and that's why they knew so much about. the united states environmental protection agency has sparked outrage over its decision to ease chemical plant safety regulations now 14 states across the country are preparing to file lawsuits saying the ruling is putting public safety at risk to trump e.b.a.'s cutting critical safeguards against explosions 5 poisonous gas releases and other accidents and this facilities accident prevention is a top priority of the e.p.a. and this rule promotes improve coordination between chemical facilities and
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emergency responders and reduces unnecessary regulatory burdens like a december the agency rolled back amendments to the chemical disaster rule that came into force suring obama's time in office after a series of incidents the latest changes have been criticized for lacking proper protection outside orders for example have been dropped so too have tech safety checks and strict emergency requirements and if it could lead to more accidents just 2 days after the changes a huge explosion shook a chemical plant in texas. i . dropped along with regulations in the last 2 or 3 years because you go to grab attention not you know. this particular you should be in your cupboard moving on the closing of. regulations you did wrong. i really don't know.
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we stay in a state where there's nothing but chemical plants and oil fields and stuff like that so you never know how close or how far he might be to get it and if those rules of pool but there is no regulation they can do whatever they want you can pretty much everybody knows that a big business if you have enough money to make stuff disappear for so regulation go. away these people they don't mess with the dollars they mess with you know truly billions of dollars so i mean. mining made the world go around. actually to the plight of the worst the coldest to kill period poison put on it out of. the window you know safety has always been and i can certainly know the risk factors in the area to make it one of those thank you just hope it never really.
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richard stunna had international adviser on offshore oil environmental risks thinks that the rule puts everyone in danger. there's no question that deregulating these high risk industries such as chemical plants petroleum refineries offshore oil and gas operations increases the risk of public safety risk environmental risk and catastrophic risk to the people living around these industrial activities and that's in nobody's interest it's not in the public's interest certainly and it's not in the industry centrist either because of the enormous price tag that comes with that i suspect the political operatives at the top of the e.p.a. which are directly from industry and the trump administration would suggest that. that it will improve and improve. public safety and such like that by reducing
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regulatory burdens and such like that that's absurd if they can't meet these very reasonable public safety and environmental regulatory standards and then they're not doing the best and safest technology standard that we know we need to hold them to so it's it's an absurd contention by the political operatives at the e.p.a. still ahead this hour the latest developments from syria is a live province where turkish troops have been killed during operations without notifying russia or syria there was a you get the reaction after this short break. plus talk about 20th century socialism this is when governments made mal investment and then they bailed out those mal investments and told the economy went bankrupt
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versus 21st century capitalism this is one banks make malinvestment say when they go bad they bail out the malinvestment and the cycle continues until the economy goes bust and those who are are. seem wrong. just don't hold. me. to shape out the attic. and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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the international rushes reconciliation center in syria has said turkish troops have crossed into the syrian province of idlib without giving prague warning 4 soldiers were killed in an attack on a syrian government forces that's according to let's get more details from donald quarter joining me live in the studio and donald. ross responded to this incident. well daniel the latest development is that we just got word from a syrian war monitor that says that 13 syrian soldiers were actually killed in this incursion after turkey's unannounced movement into the it lived deescalation zone which it was there that they came under fire by syrian government forces which is currently engaged in a renewed offensive against the last militant stronghold in the country now the russian reconciliation center says there were several injuries on the turkish side which are now being evacuated out of the country but syria's military positions
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were reportedly not affected. the space over the deescalation zone is being constantly controlled by russian aerospace forces planes did not violate the syrian state border and there were no attacks on syrian troops. now the turkish president says that the syrian government's operations in the region actually violate a cease fire agreement that they previously had and his version of events was quite different to that of the russian reconciliation center he claims that a number of turkish soldiers were killed and that the number of wounded was actually higher than previously reported when also says that turkey actually already retaliated to these attacks with air strikes involving f. 16 fighters on syrian military positions he also claims that between 30 and 35 syrian servicemen were killed or neutralized as he said in direct contradiction to the report from the reconciliation center and as for russia he had some strong
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words for them. i want to tell the russian authorities that our interlocutor here is not you but the syrian regime and do not stand in our way. so we have 2 quite different versions of today's events from russia and turkey but we'll keep you in the loop as new information becomes available. reading reports done will get back to to get some more updates not all chords are there with the latest on syria. and european union funds are being harvested by an unexpected source after investigation claimed this cillian murphy has been defaulting the block of millions of euros through foreign subsidies so lewinsky looks into the mob's 21st century tactics. regs it may be officially done and dusted but for the even the headache of trying to balance its books without the u. case contribution is only just beginning no one the area that has been earmarked is farm subsidies to support agriculture and livestock breeding at
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a cost of around $60000000000.00 euro every year it's the biggest expense for the e.u. and while farmers are up in arms at the me hint there subsidies could be about to change it seems that evil has been accidentally blowing the budget for the last decade not on farmers but would you believe it the mafia. example and a farmer who's also a neighbor asked me to lease out my land to him that would allow him to obtain e.u. community funds and to grace's flock obviously i replied no a week later the house you see behind me was heavily damaged by arson. when the if we wanted to bring about an eco village community
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a landowner an elderly gentleman. and redox on one evening and identified people sneaked onto the property and cut all the beams on the roof making it unfit for use then they destroyed the whole property by setting everything on fire we kind of join the dots together and realised that we were being targeted by the mafia they were interested in our land because farmers receive money based on the amount of land they hold so the more land you have the more you can ask for european funds. the problem was so bad at times honest farmers stopped a bidding finning land giving the mafia. plans for your reign to suck up any other land could be used to claim subsidies and as e.u. subsidies are based on possession of land rather than what's produced on the land there was no need for the mafia to do anything but to sit back and count the money
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so much you clowns could rent land for next to nothing and claim subsidies i don't much higher rate ok so you think surely some technocratic revisits the farms and castes annoy you what's going on right. local authority should develop their own systematically reviews to check up on european funds besides a judicial one currently this review is carried out only on paper but actually there are not any real checks on the funds and whether they arrive in the territory . in some cases the forward was a brazen applications were made for land not owned by the applicant others were made for people who were not even alive and although the scam has not been unveiled with 94 arrests so far only 2 matthew families have been implicated the problem could be much worse it's also clear that this type of fraud is not restricted to just sicily in italy similar claims about matthew gangs fleecing the e.u.
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have been made in slovakia and romania it's thought these investigations in sicily could now lead to changes elsewhere in the e.u. but many will be questioning why it's taken so long for this type of fraud to be unearthed and why the e.u. has been allowing itself to be milked for so long. r.t. paris. us state of south dakota is on the verge of passing a bill that could lead to the criminalization of children being given gender altering hormones and if the state senate agrees the new regulations would mean hefty fines for doctors who fail to comply one of the door makers behind the bill explained why he thinks it's necessary. the solution for children's identification with the opposite sex isn't to poison their bodies with mega doses of the wrong hormones to chemically or surgically castrate and sterilize them or to remove
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healthy breasts and reproductive organs the solution is compassionate care and that doesn't include catastrophic lee and irreversibly altering their bodies similar bills have been proposed in other states as well which would ban gender altering surgery and hormone treatment being performed on minors or punishment for doctors could range anywhere from 2000 dollars to 15 years behind bars now these initiatives there have been met with opposition as well according to some estimates around $150000.00 teenagers in the united states identify as transgender or those opposing the bill say such regulations would adversely affect their quality of life but despite that lawmakers in multiple states are still pushing ahead to those bills into law we heard from both sides in a debate with media commentator and host gina loudon and political activist anthony rogers right. we do know for a fact that gender identity dysphoria is a medical condition which has been accepted by the american medical in american
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psychiatric association so these kinds of buildings that are bigger species than insouciance aren't really about protecting children as much as they are about not protect engine engender people folks who have some sort of gender identity crisis do need counseling there's no question about that and we've known that for a long time counseling can have many of the same benefits as hormonal therapies that are much less life changing so again we have to ask ourselves are we really doing what is humane when we as adults are trying to perhaps impose what is our politically correct interpretation on teenagers who are going through something that is perhaps only temporary i think that does go actually teach the way that ability for parents in children and youth in minors to make decisions that best suit them and at the same time we could be putting them at more risk for mental health a woman's as well as physical ailments later on in life children or adults who
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transition their gender tend to have a 41 percent higher tendency to commit suicide this is a very disturbing number and so that's already in play but then if they go ahead with the gender transister transition surgery they tend to have a 19 times higher rate of suicide if we go ahead and facilitate that is it really compassionate if it's increasing your suicide rate this is unfortunately and it's by conservative and right when hundreds and their acolytes to further dehumanised in general people in the o.g.t.t. q i a community as a whole it's extremely unfortunate that the right wing orthodoxy which preaches america. values of freedom and liberty and justice for all don't seem to believe that so i don't think that this is this is anything to do with protection this has
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to do with oppression and suppression of people whose lifestyles that they don't agree with. there's some news from around the world in brief they are starting in france where yellow vest protests descended into violence in the south of the country over the weekend. the. clashes were focused around the central square in the city of montpellier where a 1000 people stood their ground for around 4 hours police used tear gas and water cannon also making $21.00 arrests for the protest movement has been active for $64.00 weeks now originally against fuel tax hikes but the rallies become a broader platform for anti government demonstrations. dozens of migrants plastered posters to a fence on the us mexico border before burning an effigy of president trump on sunday a protest marked 172 years since the signing of the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo which ended the mexican war and expanded the size of the united states
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demonstrators also demanded that washington return mexican territory lost in 18 treaty. finally condemning america's peace plan for the israel palestine conflict hundreds have gathered outside the u.s. embassy in lebanon donald trump revealed the plan last week to a wave of criticism for being too biased in favor of israel it would give the country total control of jerusalem as well as the palestinian borders and other privileges some of the rally try to break through the embassy security fences while others stones officers. also ask a table be with you shortly to bring you the latest stop next going underground takes a closer look at the iowa caucus and for u.k. viewers renegade inc discusses the relationship between debt humans and how we choose to live as a society. so
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the politicians have basically stuck the american public with the delegate to negotiate for drugs and both parties who are financed very heavily by the pharmaceutical industry have done this so when your own people vote they should look at how much does this politician get from the power pharmaceutical industry. that. the world is driven by a dream shaped by those great. thinks. we dared to ask.


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