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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 5, 2020 7:30am-8:01am EST

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due to a technology snafu party leaders and volunteers found themselves struggling to report their final caucus tallies the candidates were periods the public went to sleep with no clue about the outcome for the democrats it was nothing short of a nightmare scenario and what was this technology snafu that caused this nightmare scenario you may ask well apparently it was a brand new smartphone app that was produced specifically for this primary season by a company called wait for it shadow yes shadow was the name of the company it was designed to help calculate and transmit the caucus results more efficiently and quickly except as an p.r. writes the app ended up reporting and reporting out only partial data because of the coding issue within the reporting system. a coding issue you say well who coded it shadow war what is shadow well according to their website they are quote
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campaign and technology veterans who have built and implemented technology at hillary for america obama for america google kiba c.i.a.o. and the b. and c. . and that they receive money not just from the d.n.c. but according to analysts reviewing federal election commission filings the presidential campaigns of former vice president joe biden and former south bend indiana mayor be booted huge the same people to judge who declared himself the winner late last night with 0 official results released how fascinating so fascinating that i think it's time we start watching me watching the hawks. list and they see you street. there so you like to see that this is the only state i'll see a slice it's great to see dick slaves systemic dissent says the late show but it sure does sound like some big deal. all right welcome everyone to
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watching the harks i robot tour and joining me today to break down the dumpster fire well that was the iowa caucuses are to america correspondent. fair and what is the latest as of 5 pm today we finally got some results we do a tire also if you are people to judge you are hoping praying you can keep the lead but everybody else here hoping that this is just like another elections early voting numbers right now we have just 62 percent of the precincts reporting with people to judge and the lead with 26.9 percent grabbing 10 delegates bernie sanders $25.00 also grabbing 10 delegates elizabeth warren 18.3 percent grabbing 4 delegates joe biden at $15.00 grabbing 0 so far amy club which are at $12.00 and at the very bottom and you're young at one point. one percent and now this entire debacle last night tyrrell embarrassed and infuriated democrats but we all know who took advantage of the situation the republicans of course they were gloating at all
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of this chaos surrounding this major app failure with president trump's campaign manager tweeting out democrat party meltdown they can't even run a caucus and they want to run the government no thank you and president donald trump taking advantage tweeting my approval rating in the republican party is 95 percent a record big iowa win approval rating overall 53 percent a new high with a great economy and other major successes we would be 20 points higher without the phony witch hunts and hoaxes of course now again tyrrell these are just 62 percent of the results no word yet on all $1681.00 precincts when they will all be end but again people are to judge is leading as of this moment no fair and i mentioned there's this shadow or shadows the company that made this up or really or how and how they have built technology for i guess here we clinton's campaign obama has the b m c you've been digging into this all day what did you find out he has here also
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for those bernie sanders supporters in 2016 that went from feeling the burn to getting burned by the democratic party this for lack of a better word looks really shady now the shadow out design and used for the iowa caucuses the baby of these 2 hillary clinton campaign staffers you see here who both started out as the company ground based now they then morphed into shadow and got picked up by the company acronym which was founded by c.e.o. tara mcgowan who is a former digital producer for obama's 2012 campaign now brand new information rolling in after paying tens of thousands of dollars now the nevada demick for democratic party announced it will not use the shadow ink app saying this quote we had already developed a series of back ups and redundant reporting systems and are currently evaluating the best path forward that are on the valid democrats already paid shadow and $58000.00. last year and again we don't know how much they paid this year but it is in the tens of thousands of dollars so it was coding that was up the heart of all
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of the problems what what exactly went wrong with the border we go to break so tyrrell now the absent initial intent was to have more transparency this time around where the state party actually wanted to give more transparency show and show not just the final results but also show each voters and michele and 2nd choices as well big fail you could say it was the perfect storm so 1st the app was engineered and just the past 2 months it was never tested at a state wide scale it was never vetted by the department of homeland security cyber security agency and precinct volunteers they never had any training on it and they could only download it monday and the app basically crashed and some precincts shadow did issue a statement via twitter reading in part we sincerely regret the delay in the reporting of the results of last night's iowa caucuses and the uncertainty it has caused to the candidates their campaigns and democratic caucus goers as the iowa democratic party has confirmed the underlying data collection process via shadows mobile caucus up with sound and accurate but our process to transmit that caucus
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results out a generated via the app to the i.d.p. was not we will apply the lessons learned in the future and have already corrected the underlying technology issue we take these issues very seriously now as you mentioned in your opening tyro according to the federal elections commission filings the presidential campaigns of former vice president joe biden and former south bend indiana mayor people to judge they possibly might have been giving money to this but i'm not saying this is the reason but one could infer let's put the results one more time again again just 62 percent of the precincts reporting people to judge is in the lead possibly given money to this out no one really is suffering right now joe by a risk you're the one that's really suffering right now is joe biden who is coming in 4th also known to give them money now there are some reports right now saying go to judge one the electorate. although it's for iowa where as bernie sanders won the popular vote so tyrrell who they are is tied to could certainly be an opportunity
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for campaigns that didn't do quite well to question the results and raise doubts about them and god forbid we have a situation like florida circa 2000 where we have a recount tyrell well thank you so much that was some fantastic reporting and breaking down of what happened. in the united states thank you so much you're welcome. well joining me now to give us the left right and right perspective of the iowa caucus madness and us president trumps big tuesday night state of the union address rolling forward. what a state we are in my friends is former missouri republican party chairman of martin and political analyst and democratic strategist and we should cross thank you both for coming out and i want to start with you from republican to the respective great thing we're doing in. great stuff what message are the republicans getting and what are they spreading from last night's kind of the bottle with the democrats well you know what they say when when you've got an enemy on fire let it burn you know don't go near him don't put out the fire i think most republicans are stepping back look it sets up perfectly for the president the contrast is for 5 months the democrats
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were getting ready for this and they couldn't run it well the american people are going to pay attention today at 5 o'clock to results it was a disaster last night i was doing live radio at the time we couldn't believe it usually i mean i ran an election board in st louis you may get delayed into the night but you get something and tonight i think going to see the president he really wants to hit home promises made promises kept he's going to do the laundry list he released or i guess he in bar going to release of the guess he's going to have the contrast is going to be a guy leading getting things done and last night it was amateur hour and i think it's going to work perfectly i hope he takes a few jabs at them but he probably won't i better go back so last night made donald actually look like yeah luxuries drop best sad shocking that. i got to ask how are democrats responding and realistically with all of the shenanigans and all the shenanigans we saw in 2000 and. 16 is there any way that anyone's going to trust the results from iowa at this point i think i mean i know they're all saying but realistically though you have to say and i think democrats are rightfully upset not
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only those who are running for the highest office in the land but also strategists also those who have been campaigning for these people on the ground i think that with what happened in iowa it delegitimize a state and through this caucus process there are a lot of democrats who have come out against the caucuses in general and this has been an argument now for at least the past 3 or 4 years this only help to reemphasize why people want to move beyond the caucuses period but i also think that you know as an earlier there were so many issues with this that if any point the i would democratic party could have pulled it could have decided they were not going to utilize it to not have anyone trained on it to not have used it at this type of scale before and own i was arguably biggest night other than that i would state they are. everything goes wrong and i think that for even if people judge comes out on top after all of the precincts are counted this everything is so far tainted right now that it's going to be very hard to really declare that true ok i tell you one thing this expose and the republicans have the same problem there's
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a class of people consultants that make money coming and going and the people who develop the app the scores of consultants republicans do it to iowa is a captive audience for this consultant class to milk the american people and the candidates it is this being exposed as very positive you have to drain that consultants swamp of these political consultants because they don't really bring our voices they just pad their pad their wallets i mean it's going to be hard i think both sides of the aisle and for all the independents out there we don't talk about them too when they sit back and look and say boy these 2 parties do seem to be a mess like when you think the idea is you got to get independent votes because let's not forget that the independents are rank the voting members of both democrats and republicans and they support a good look at all this pretty good economy right now what is the pretty good the economy the trumpet kamel see what will be will see i don't think it looks good for everybody but i want to thank you very much thank you very much i mean sure i was. pleasure having you on good. art is going to break cock watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered our social media and be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast now available to spotify awful music
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and everywhere you listen to your favorite or not so paper podcast you can also start watching the hawks on demand for the brand new portable t.v. app available on smartphones through google play on the apple app store by searching portable t.v. coming up we preserve the 2nd part of our in-depth on the ground look at the current crisis taking place apart from stay for the time tree in mississippi stay tuned for what should. be better. to see you know that.
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i don't always find out oh yeah. we're told it's a total meltdown confusion consumes iowa as official struggle to report voting results are the botched i will caucus is the call to make political metaphor of our time. is a system of.
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then there's the number you know not. all of them ok if the. last non-imaginary echo will lie about who they are only 3 of them could lives that i'm not going to be able to. name the one that having. people people. who give their name not even come on what the how do. you know not those they need the whole corn to go forward. why do men let out a whole lot and i think just more just and i don't see.
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all right welcome back everyone now we bring you the 2nd half of watching mark social media producer journalist covering springer's on the ground look at the crisis taking place apartments state penitentiary in the state of mississippi. the system is work let let's just be clear it's not a broken criminal justice system the criminal justice system is doing what it was designed to do steal kill and destroy. in cage people it's working what needs to happen with the system is tear to system apart every b. that's what needs to happen because if we don't repeal it put some lousy imply we're going to keep this repetitive cycle off. budget only rubio will you bring good from people to the table with different. and there would be mississippi you would always have been the good old boy rule right but i believe this generation
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use clomid look. good. it's not the gang leaders who are feeding them only one meal a day it's not the gang leaders who are not repairing the. plumbing where they can get water i mean more than just one water bottle a day it's not the gang leaders who are leaving trash everywhere i mean this is obviously a problem with the state of mississippi when we think of prisoners we don't think humans we think criminals we think gang members we think murderers rapists we don't think that over half the population in prison are in there for victimless crimes we don't think that these are indeed humans who deserve human rights. we want to think that they're terrible people so whenever the state tells us that they're terrible people we feel like it's ok that they get treated terribly and that's just not the case most prisoners are not in there for any other reason than possibly smoking a plant or doing some other victimless crime harshman for example you have the
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a.a.r.p. process which is called the administrative remedy process and the way it's supposed to work is that they're supposed to be about each unit on each zone needs to hear and they're supposed to be these little forms that you can fill out in the end it has to in you can only bring up one issue at a time and it has to be so specific as to give the m.t.o. 3 reasonable notice in time to fix your problem before you can move on and so it's just that it's a 3 step process you feel that they are p. and you tell them what your complaint is and you put it in the box and you hope to get a response. if you don't get a response within 30 days you move on to the 2nd step and the 2nd step is i did not get a response as they all want to respond. you put that in the box they have 30 days to respond and then and only then if you have gotten no response in 60 days then if you can find somebody to file a lawsuit on your behalf against in the o.c.
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to do so it makes it virtually impossible to file to get any kind of remedy legally for prisoners who don't have any. solutions to the problems at parchment are difficult but they do exist holding elected officials and prison officials accountable is on the lips of everyone i spoke with as well as creative solutions to addressing the issue people that are making decisions about what should happen with prisons. should be preserved have not a clue what's really going on you've got the wrong people at the table you know you need those who play at the table that really care people that are connected to the issue at hand people who have had pamela members behind you know the bars how can you really connect how can you really see what you're willing to see and be human and see people as human if you have not been through the experience one way or the other whether you've been a family member if you had a family member in there or locked up to hold somebody accountable for what's
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happening you almost have to do. because it go back so far it didn't just or. it didn't just happen you just keep getting people in position to not change and it is the problem but in order to deal with hold of somebody accountable you've gotta go way back so was ham you got to actually have legislators and people actually going to the facility actually talking to people like they're people and not just walking me and ignoring them like you're looking at the pain on the wall but actually human as i'm bringing me and you know that day asking them name you know make them human because they can help you solve the problems they can tell you is needed they can fix it guess who gets to light on this not us not any other organization not even the state of mississippi the inmates the
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prisoners all 100 percent in charge 100 percent in show it. out of the media attention has pressurize out the more the abuse the abnormal use behind the walls we live behind the wall and you're going to have offices this going to say oh. yeah relive a yaml today you get channel 3 for fat. guy washington whoever here and guess would they go now and you last shall i will when i say you can shout you go eat when i say you can eat and gas would i say take your reckon take it now that's the reality of it was going on behind the walls in the prison would lock down and in lockdown in this in a state but especially in mississippi is
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a time for dio say out to more to allow staff who are rated been overworked. to have time off. is a lot of. this going now even more pressure rises a pressure situation. we want you to 29. we want any brothers or sisters as inside you know 32 to be our unit 32 we were partially shut down in the interim. immediately what we want is for those brothers and sisters assad to have better food better health care better mental health care we want them to be treated like human beings we want them to be able to have access to their family existed to their representation because these are things that they're being deny right now just the sheer volume of which you have to try and do in this year manage time and the amount of money that it takes to even to file any litigation the bad conditions we can take the alabama department of corrections case as an example that's
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a 6 year lift. you know organizers and have attorneys see to even get it to a point where they can bring alabama department corrections to the table in mississippi. question when he will let the health department last week the reason is the health department as can the them before. but sister time they refuse to allow those brothers access to to the necessary beings and we want people out of there ultimately we want them to immediately reinstate parole for those who have the ability to have access to the roe we want them to mediately release those who have been healed all not in the fences on drug offenses to de casa rate this system also billy and i'll be honest with you to goal is to abolish this system started over you know what i mean like reboot because we've never had a say in this process our brothers this is that it never had a say in this process but this process has always come down on us is very defensive
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. we to me that whatever changes come in a transformative way the the problem of the prison and prison organizing has remained the same over time which is visibility it's how do you draw attention to these dark sites across the country when they're specifically designed to sort of prevent the public from understanding and empathizing in and knowing how to. address the problem so i think a starting point for all of these campaigns is greater connectivity between people outside and inside so we make sure that we are responding to people's needs inside and also aware of the conditions and creating sort of networks. so that when we have these episodes of extreme violence were able to better address the sort of everyday violence as well as it gets more and more attention and we get more and more leaders stepping up who are using their voices and using their their power stepping in their power to create
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a voice for. for the incarcerated we're still trying to be centric on the voices of the actual prisoners i know that they're bringing in celebrities who are taking their own actions and what not but our thing is we're talking directly right now to incarcerated people and to direct family members of people who are incarcerated because when we look at the root cause and the root solutions of what needs to be done these are the people who are closest to the issue and they're going to know what they need done a thing a lot of times people have. to speak almost they didn't have a wall. because they have knowledge or heard someone else speak about it and they feel is deliverable voice booked into you want to march. argue you would know right it's hard to explain to people. you it expert if you went to school to learn criminal justice reform or you went to law school or
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you now been elected june june now this you you want to be the expert you want to have the answers you pay this price of educating yourself to be the expert and then when you have some magic come allow you did time in prison. now tell you what you need this is what you need and that's a lot of why. the criminal justice system in what's happening here in mississippi is happening because we have. our sadness the voices of the people they need to be heard because here we are 30 plus years in the gang and we still haven't been hurt although i hope that we have being heard you heard us your ear. if our state has heard us desta key because we can have people come from all over the world even local give media attention to it but the only way we know that we've been hurt is because chang or the right but it's
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a cause for pride pressure conditions. it's a pressure water. a water pipe if you put too much pressure on it and. everything is happening. right now and disappoint. lives a loss. for no reason. people. supposed to be. good. good is called as is cause and death. prison and you want to go in prison in time. go to prison. but not to disc a pass. this is the worst i've ever heard. brothers in law says. feel your. pain.
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we have a stout from the day. to the current moment and we asked him stand down is strength in the wants back and while dead a week in areas where you can ballast. where you can encourage flow do they just like you would embrace want would love. you if you want. a like you desirable means. and to know that you have people on your work and they waited for you. or a boy powerful powerful stuff for everyone and i want to say keep up the great great great work great peace all right everybody that is our show for you today remember we want to move this world we are told we are love the wall i love you i yeah i
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roll but keep on watching all those hawks out there are great beer in my cupboard. welcome to max kaiser financial survival guide. looking forward to a year that's without. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. watched as a report. thinking of getting a new loan the ones we got in our shows the problem was he didn't know until he was trapped in this tiny little wired coach we're going to need a crate with the wall just. freaking out into the wall when it's pretty much
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anywhere near. breeding dogs or caged in the into lane conditions on puppy foam i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in a cage outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the courtier the rain the snow the funder they have no protection. because you. know it's ok. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in stores even joined a group businesses are involved like agoa mom center there has been a shocking amount of organized opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial rating for so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that had nothing to do with jobs don't buy dog on o.t.
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. stuff and planted them on the front of the eyes to mcdonald's way to go for the food. bank itself movie theater. plaza. we've got to go through hard not to see the mother dismiss the work of the state i was and i don't miss dorothy and i think that. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights in use when. the floor of the town is worthless woody allen you have the ability to put a little of. what i see is this is the fund that is all come from.
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you. over 24 hours of chaos but still no final result in iowa with the church and bernie sanders neck and neck in the 1st round race to be the 2020 west democratic nominee after focusing too much on external threats the vote was actually marred by a new out result counting. ignoring handshakes and ripping up speeches donald trump has his own style of battle with the democratic speaker during his our new address to congress. and transport is walked by scandal has a former figure skater publishes a rape allegations against her coach after 30 years of silence.


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